An historic TIDAL WAVE of events is heading toward us,  like a freight train --car after car smacking into the people on the beach and dragging them into the drink. That's the ENDLESS RECESSION and those drowning people are the jobless workers, soon to be homeless and foodless. The recession started with a scheme of Wall Street BANKERS in collusion, after the workers' LIFE SAVINGS. BUY A HOUSE, no down, LOW MONTHLY PAYMENTS! It started with an idea to GIVE away family homes at normal prices but real low loan interest rates, conditional on variable rates, (time bombs, really) They'd give them to anybody who applied. They KNEW people would be thrown from that bucking bronco mortgage soon as they upped the rates. (LIBOR scandal shows us how easy that was) When everbody and his cousin from Salvador had bought a home, the big boys SOLD ALL THE MORTGAGES to European banks. Then they liborized interest rates. Musical chairs only everybody falls down. The housing industry, millions were homeless. Home values tanked. They couldn’t give those weedy relics away. The banks that had bought those packaged mortgages also collapsed, assassinated by a few banking houses who’d set this game up . Now the BAIL OUT. WALL STREET was back in the moola and bought up all those foreclosed houses to rent them back to homeless at everybody working, four jobs for family. Insider banks did not tumble, they had paid into the last three presidents' campaigns to line up the legislation so they could drain the economy. Remember, all this started with the reversal of a few key laws in Reagan's time and no taxes for the rich. Then the NASDAQ meltdown in April 2000, then GATT/ NAFTA FREE TRADE legislation on Clinton's watch. That moved all the JOBS & corporations to 3rd world. Then the Bush #1 campaign donator, Ken Lay and his Enron rip off Debacle, a PHD in stealing the wealth out of the corp BY the corp, then the Oil Corps taking down the economy with gas prices, they made 123 billion dollar profits, Food and shipping prices doubling. But the explosive last KICK was the subprime Mortgage Market collapsing which threw millions of American families into sleeping in their cars as well as pulling the entire real estate market into Wall Street's hands, read REO TO RENTAL .

So analyze the pattern: Variable rates, anybody qualifies. Suddenly Our homes' values are halved, monthly payments doubled. FORECLOSURE VILLE. Simultaneously US DEBT soars to 11 trillion, the DOLLAR tumbled to half the EURO... The loan market CLOSED down. Though housing prices halved, nobody except WALL STREET could buy them. No lending's going on. All our biz/real estate land, corporations began to seem garage sale cheap to European/Asian buyers who invaded with suitcases of money shouldering up against Wall Streeters to buy for cash only. Cheap to them, not to us as the dollar was anemic overnight.  Consumers stopped buying, Stores began closing. Banks that lent to defaulting homebuyers before 2008…  themselves started tumbling. The Obama money men stepped in and gave cronies on Wall street trillions of dollars of tax payer money and these banksters rewarded the American people by taking jets to the Caribbean, giving themselves bonuses.

When Bush exited the White House 3.6 million people were jobless. Double the figures today only they hide it calling the jobless ‘marginally attached to the job market.” Americans were left facing THE GREATEST Depression ever. Here you and I stand with our children, shocked, vulnerable, uneducated, jobless, homeless, on the beach  in that eerie quiet when the first tsunami wave goes all the way out and that silent vast desert of a beach stares you in the eye and then suddenly a TOWERING TIDAL WAVE swings back at you. 2018 figures https://www.deptofnumbers.com/unemployment/us/


THE CAPITALISM 101 STUDY GROUP will be as FUN as a NEIGHBORHOOD block PARTY ... done as a POTLUCK MEETING, BYOB, music, networking. The meeting is monthly. It's a classroom, too, exposing you to all the WILD BIZ ideas out there, and meetings are free, and the GROUP WILL  facilitate FUNDING of good ideas and LINKAGE. AVOID this TSUNAMI which would bring chaos and Mob Rule. Let us observe these events in  sequence and ponder THE FIX THAT OBAMA CAN DO! WHAT LAWS  does WALL STREET need to  REIN THEM IN? Cuz  they and the BUSH cronies and now the OBAMA idiots are DRIVING THIS TRAIN WRECK! POLITICIANS do it everywhere it turns out, all the time. They are deliberately filling their pockets with the palace silver!

So don't give them more tax dollars. Take your business underground at first, until it's up and running strong. PONDER: what business you can do out of your home office will give you and your family the mostest profits?  Suggestions you might have should be shared fast with PALS at your lst meeting.  BUILD A CHUMCLUSTER BUSINESS. USE THE THOUSAND FILES BY WRITER ANITA SANDS, GUERILLA CAPITALISM 101 to come up with ideas for  your first meeting. Doesn't  matter how wild!  The man who painted PET ROCKS made millions.  GET YOUR INVENTIONS IN LINE. Here are MINE.  ACTIVISM is also the answer. http://www.masterjules.net/activeindex.htm  TO COME UP WITH THE FIX, STUDY WHAT CAUSED THE first part of the PROBLEM!  http://www.masterjules.net/enronwebpage.htm  THEN THE SECOND PART, the MELTDOWN. But you know this, an ENTREPRENEURIAL "YOU" is the FIX. Other countries that had their currency devalued had up to 10,000% inflation and crime waves. People murdered for food.
Read: HOW TO AVOID chaos and Mob Rule. and INFLATION.   Set yourself up as an expert. With a website and some articles posted, you are AN INFO GIVER, A NET GURU. (Websites are so easy to make and post that a 12 yr old can do it, however many six year olds do and can, so follow websites for dummies training pageand you can easily BE a PUNDIT. Then, DO YOUR OWN INTERNET HYPE! Make your name and fame. If you do YOUR P.R well, next step is that you will attract newspaper reporters. Learn to  PROMOTE YOURSELF at SMART MERCHANDISING TIPS.

                                                WHEN JOBS DISAPPEAR

Joblessness is an increasing reality in America. During the 80's and 90's, mergers, corporate downsizing, GATT and NAFTA predictably sending union jobs to non union cheap-labor foreign countries...those "no more borders" policies and the resulting, runaway manufacturing --- millions of capable, educated people have been THROWN out of their jobs. Then the Enron Wall Street debacle, the bottom falling out of the stock market, then the mortgage meltdown..

What the resulting Recession produced is a terrifying urban landscape: white collar executives  working as waiters in restaurants they once dined in. Blue collar workers losing their factory jobs and turning to welfare. That avenue wasn't open to undocumented aliens who have been closed out of the workplace entirely, and now hide in cellars as the INS has been instructed to find them and send them back to Latin America.

There have been great sufferings in America, but the happy results of the current job market catastrophe is that many white collar, educated lawyers, accountants, computer specialists will be forced to turn to home-based jobs and those businesses will do very well and create a resurgence of capitalism.

Smart workers who used to earn entry level wages will now have cottage industries which offer services or merchandise at competitive rates and which will give their creators the possibility of being Millennium Millionaires which no routine job could ever have given them.

Many of us think, 'I have a pension, I own my own home, I have a savings account and a job, I'm safe'. Think again. In a TIGHT LABOR MARKET, in a RECESSION, all gains can be wiped out in a few weeks. The saying is, "all of us are two paychecks away from homelessness." We need a non-corporative job, perhaps out of our own home office. Something you can run evenings and Saturdays, just in case it all goes SPLATTT!

Over the entire country, people are losing homes that were all mortgage and no equity yet because of fluctuating interest rates, the payments doubled. Many were foreclosed on and became homeless overnight and were thrown into living in their car. They couldn't afford costly house rentals, didn't qualify, nor could they qualify for an apartment. They hadn't created a home business which gave them a solid back up position. Which is something you can do right now. And if the day comes that the corporation you're with disappears, who needs a corporative job? The perks simply aren't there. Their HMOS' are all payback. You pay the first thousand, so every doctor visit is in your lap. Corporations have dumped pensions and corporative IRA and ROTH participation. So cross to the other side! The Underground!

Make a list of your own reasons or motives to start a second business, to moonlight. It might be the need to create a larger savings account, one that would take you through any unexpected job changes, so you don't lose the home or eat up your I.R.A's and savings or lose the home equity and become homeless overnight.

Higher cash flow is always a good thing so even if you have that teriffic job and there are no high house payments or costly rentals, start that second 'moonlighting' business now, and run it on week-ends if you must, run it with relatives if you can, but create that safety net at all costs.

If you want to turn the page, may I remind you that there is a denial factor at work. Many of us have 40 hour a week jobs and tenure of some kind and choose to feel safe. But look at this. Salaries have not kept up with inflation so perhaps we might be motivated to make extra money moonlighting just to keep our nose out of water.

Week-ending is a valid way to start a business and can even make us sufficient cash and independence to quit a boring job. That's how Steve Jobs, founder of Apple Computer did it. He hobby moonlighted with computers in his garage, on weekends, but sales led him to create Apple Computers.

So 'weekend it' at first. Take it easy. Don't get panicky as you start up. Do it in the spirit of play. If you are ever faced with sudden unemployment, joblessness won't be a disaster. In fact, it could be the path to unbelievable riches and independence.

This whole project is going to be a piece of cake. It's easy. All that's necessary is that you create a CAREER---not employment but self-employment, and get started on this project if only ideationally, today.

First, we want to ponder the big picture, get all possibilities into our mind. There are many ways to go. You have to see which way is right for you.

It may be that clues to your future career are in what you do now. One big tycoon, and author, Sandra Kurtzig, worked for Hewlett Packard who showed her all the software banking services the big guys were doing. There, she discovered a niche that the small guy could do better than the big guy. She bought a mainframe, set it up in her garage, and did the banking service on her own, making 22 million dollars her first year. At that point, she smartly chose to go public. Her stock was offered on the New York Stock Exchange. When the corporation shot up to a half billion dollar value, she sold it for that price. Read her book, "CEO". (HOW TO ORDER buck a book) TIPS for being a FRUGAL book junkie.

In other words, don't think that the job you're doing now is a total loss. If you've learned something there, it may not be. In fact, nothing in your life now is or was a waste of time. Wherever you're going, you're going from HERE, so here must be o.k.

Look at your friends and relatives. Ponder what hidden talents they have that might manifest as cottage industries, home businesses, products, services or seminars. Sit with a notebook, think of all your pals who might go partners with you, either in a business they do already, or in a new one. Make lists of possible partnerships you could start. Ponder the idea of seminars that teach people skills, and help others up the survival ladder with inexpensive classes. List teams of friends who can manufacture products or render services or teach trades that people in the community need.

The best way to get into your unconscious is to create a neat 'BRAINSTORMING PAGE' in a notebook. On it must go the heading: "My Resources for Moonlighting". Under this, create seven headings.

1.) TEACHABLE JOB SKILLS (a friend's or your own). We are talking about skills you or your friends could teach to small classes of less than 50 people, at 5$ a head, fun concepts like Chinese cooking, or motor-repair  Rock laying in garden walls. The public will also pay to learn ways to moonlight. It doesn't matter if it's sewing, roof repair, fence building, house cleaning, baby-sitting, baking for restaurants, in-home senior care. Whatever it is, it can be taught to others. SHARE what you know, whether it's astrology, knitting or carpentry, baking or catering. Teach a motivational 'do my career' class. Instruct the less clever via inexpensive seminars. It gets you networking so that you can move up a notch to the next business idea with a TEAM of admiring young people.

2.) THE TEAM: People you know who can work with you. These will be your CO-WORKERS. Thinking of whom you know that you can depend on, who's available, who has some free time is all part of SELECTING THE TEAM. Who do you know who hates their job, or doesn't have one? Know any retired people, long and talent and time, short on money? Want to work with your best friend from school, your sibling? Create the team then invite them to a party where this matter will be initiated and discussed over chips and dip. Expand your team with meetings. Potluck Parties.The team is like a field that suggests what it wants planted in it. BUILD THE FIELD the CROP WILL COME

3.) VENUES: Places where groups can meet. The space you want already exists, and costs you nothing or is next to free. THe most unlikely places can be your spot. An unrented building can hold seminars. Of course, study groups can be held anywhere. Imagine a writers' circle in your living room, or a cooking class held week-night evenings in your neighbor's huge kitchen or a SUCCESS IN LOVE SEMINAR in a local church where a local psychologist answers questions for a few hours, to an audience that pays 5$ a head. Most local congregations like to make a little extra money renting space to high tone groups. Or not so high toned. How about a Singles Party held at a local cafe.  Imagine organizing a weekend swap meet, and charging every collector and antiquarian that wants to sell antiques for a space in the high school parking lot. Then you find the root beer vendors, fortunetellers, games and food.

4.) PRODUCTS: items I can 'deal,' or manufacture. HOME MADE PRODUCTS ARE BEAUTIFUL AND USEFUL FLOOR CANVAS RUGS, DÉCOR, ARTISANRY,PILLOWS, OR MAKE LUMBAR CUCUMBERS.. What is it? Well,  I used to keep a rolled-up beach towel behind my painful lower back when I drove a car or sat in a chair, kept forgetting it in theaters--- my pal designed, named and sewed up the Lumbar Cucumber prototype, a little sausage shaped, green pillow with a Velcro belt. I give you the idea. So what was that product you or your cousin invented? Make a list of your INVENTIONS. I did. Just in case, it could be something big.Or maybe you can get lucky and sell “AIR”

5.) SERVICES:something public needs. Put on your thinking cap. GARDEN STUFF? One high school drop out had worked for a garden corporation, ritzy landscapers. He soon discovered that Mexicans were more likely to get ahead. The work was physically stunningly horrific. Jackhammers, Field clearing. The Mex weren't bothered. They sat down to eat beans at midday and continued til nightfall. He couldn't move after 4 pm. So he scratched his head to find a second career and quickly discovered that most businesses need fast deliveries done in the city, on a moment's notice, didn't want to pay Fed Ex prices so this KID decided to fill this need and soon had a dozen deliveries a day, regular subscribers and posh ones, world famous corporations and all it cost him was a 5$ a month pager. I knew an older woman who made dozens of sandwiches every morning, and took them to offices in a basket. She'd take the elevator to first the l0th floor, all the offices, then the llth floor, and so on up the building til the sandwiches were gone. A young man who loved bikes created HAWG WASH, to wash Harleys and expanded to detailing cars. He drove up and down streets with his painted truck loaded with hoses and soaps and waxes, ad on both sides and a big, easy to remember phone number. Then he bought L-ladders and began doing Cessnas at local small airports.That was big money. He'd be at the airport all day, all the flyers came up to him and hired him.

6) POTENTIAL INVESTORS:Some of the career ideas may take a little cash for equipment. So there's one more heading in your workbook. To get the start up cash to do that biz, write a PROSPECTUS to show to INVESTORS, acquaintances who have venture capital and want to earn an annual interest on it.  That's four sheets of paper: One with your bio/ talents/history. Your biz idea. Your budget and potential returns, Then a deal memo promising what percentage of profits will be divided between each shareholder and for how long. Shares in a limited partnership mean you can get up to 35 partners without the SEC needing to come in. Out of every 3 you send your prospectus, one will invest.

7.) HOT IDEAS YOU MIGHT LIKE:Money making schemes that have worked for others. You're looking for wild ideas that have made other people money. I have done entire websites full of great cottage industry products or services I've seen work, the oddball ones. THE GUERILLA CAPITALISM INDEX PAGE has them. It leads to other portals, so it's a ONE GETS YOU ALL page. Also,: Check out the brainstorms that I list below:




1. SINGLES PARTIES at a local cafe. Charge at door. $1000 per nite. Take Singles Trips together, get special rates from airlines, hotels. Do matchmaking. Collect digital photos of beauties. Rich men pay $l000 for ten dates. Girls can turn the guy down from photo. My girlfriend did this, bought a mansion, gave parties there, then turned the mansion into an hotel! GUEST SUITES she calls it. She advertises all over the world, on CRAIGS LIST, for free!

2. SIGMUND FRIEND? Create a weekly Loveaholics Anonymous therapygroup . Or 'Success in Love' Seminars'. Build it around a local psychologist who does it for free as she gets private clientele. You get the 5$ a head 'gate.' Produce her tapes, radio show. MENTORING is also a possibility. INVESTIGATE PRIMAL and GESTALT as you can do both without a degree if you're simply a good listener. Do PAST LIFE REGRESSIONS, a huge favorite.

3. GROUPWORK- Start Special interest group like 'Vegetarian's Group,' YOGA Circle' or 'POET'S Circle'. SCREENWRITING or NOVEL WRITING. Expand it into a 'Learning Annex' TYPE MEETING, BUT STARTING AT YOUR HOUSE. Call it a NEW AGE GROUP. As you find different teachers with different skills move it off into various private homes or rented rooms, a smorgasbord of classes in cooking, computers, POTLUCK and SOCIAL GAMES like playing TRUTH, amusements, really but in an age when TV is bad and CABLE AND FLICKS COSTLY, amusement, networking for SINGLES to meet other smart singles, that can work! Don't underestimate LIVING ROOM GROUPS but you can run freebie seminars on stock investment,andreal estate investment,and BUY ENSEMBLE! INVEST ENSEMBLE. Do groups on human relationships, negotiation, SELF HELP, MOTIVATION, TRANSFORMATION. Seminars, lectures can be sold to venues that want them: resorts, cruises, hotels. Living room groups can lead to ENTREPRENEURIAL type MOVEABLE FEAST CLASSROOMS.TUTORIAL living rooms. THE DETAILS OF HOW YOU DO IT ARE HERE.

4. MOTHER TERESA? Starting a DAYCARE Co-op for kids takes six months I na city classroom. BETTER, easier, do a skid row "PARA LOS NINOS" CHARITY to fund scholarships for EXTANT daycares. That way, latchkey kids can have preschool paid for by TYCOONS who donate. You just create a tax exempt fund raising charity Get government grants. CREATE this SCHOLARSHIP FUNDING CHARITY which lets you do PARTIES FOR A LIVING. Get in with the blue bloods who will fund you, get tax write offs. A beautiful woman could parlay this business into a dozen beaux in the Fortune 500.

5. HEALER/HERB DEALER-Read up on herbs, shiatsu massage, iridology, power foods, specific-healing diets, be a holistic healer. You can Earn 800 thousand a yr. How? Charge 35$ a half hour, sell each client 200$ of herbs. Many vitamin/herb companies wholesale to you. NATURE'S SUNSHINE in UTAH the best. READ magazines at your healthfood store then GOOGLE THE INFO not paying 5$ a mag !

Lately, in California many bright young people are learning to be holistic healers, herbologists, iridologists and massage therapists via  lectures and seminars. AND ONLINE WEBSITES with FREE SEMINARS. Not only do such alternative therapies prevent disease and aging, but they represent low-cost healing for people who do not have health insurance. These careers do not require college degrees. It's legal to call yourself a 'nature healer' or 'herb person' after doing a lot of library reading and seminars. Herb companies welcome your wholesale account and allow you to distribute retail.The community welcomes an older woman who will MENTOR. No license is required for that and it pays well, and pays cash. S.S.I will not let an SSI recipient earn a dime. Yet THEIR DOLE pays about 3/4 of normal rent. This way you can get a little food to go with that roof.

6. PARTY ENTERTAINMENT, ASTROLOGY, WITCHCRAFT- Get hired to read at parties, (tarot, astrology, palmistry,) the rich pay 300-800$ a night when you read their GUESTS. Easy to Learn horoscopes, Stars, online, (URLS BELOW) or easier, is PALMs. Tarot reading takes two hours to learn. (Get Eden Gray book, Ryder Waite deck). Learn astrology, palmistry from books at library. Get your astrodice from a metaphysical book shop. Get a job at psychic hotline (l9$ an hour) giving advice, entertain at parties, 300$ a night. See private clients, 50$ a reading. Perfect for older women. I do this, did it for forty years to raise four kids as a single mother. I learned that it only takes three good clients who are bigtime psychic junkies, to pay for rent and food. The good thing about this job is that you are the pension.The older you get, the more demand you'll be in. Hobble in at eighty, star pasted on your forehead, they love you. STUDY THIS FOR FREE: http://www.masterjules.net/lesson.htm



7. HOUSEPAINTING- (*live link) Specialty finishes mean 2x the fee. Read Jocasta Innes books at bookstore or get them used at abebooks.com. Do Fresco walls, FAUX FINISHES, textured, buffed paste wax on enamel walls, etc. POMPEII PAINTERS LTD. a good posh name. Painted, gilded, antiqued cache pots and urns (terracotta underneath, that look like they were 'Stolen from the Vatican' are popular with decorators.

8. EXOTIC DECOR. Adjust decor of homes according to principles of Feng shui. Become a highly paid decor consultant. DESIGN and manufacture a single LAMP that everyone will want.

9. FEED THE WORLD: Start a communal Food Co-Op, sell wholesale groceries, etc. Deliver once a week produce to home-subscribers. Undersell all markets in the area.

10. SELL ARTISANRY: Find 50 artists to share rent on an Artisanry Shop and gallery. Find a big old house zoned for biz district. Several artists share space in each room. Big Tourist attraction week-ends. Have mariachis with guitars.

11. TEA FOR TWO? Do a luxurious Tea Room, healthfood cafe combined with gallery. Seek investors as kitchen equipment even used, is costly. It's half a boutique where you sell decor, duds, books, psychic readings, massage treatments while in another room, people dine. Give classes there mornings when cafe is closed.

12. SVENGALI VIBES? Learn hypnosis from library book; do emotional release work or past life regressions. (READ "I SAW PAST LIVES" article  for tips how.) Hypnotize people into will power for dieting, substance abuse. Help Pillheads get off downers, with daily massage, hot tubs with 2 cups apple cider vinegar in it, raw juices.

13. PUBLIC  RELATIONS- So many businesses need an expert on P.R.  Every local business has ad needs, tv. commercial needs. Help attract them clients, develop their 'out of state' client mailing list. With the biz owner's help, create a mail-out for a tour package to your area, B & B's, hotels, complete with fishing tours. Hotel owners, Chamber of Commerce will kiss your feet. If you have a gang, or belong to the ACTORS' CO-OP, with lots of freebie actors, do Video Commercials, color photos for ads, create a web presence for them, Get a camera and do their Print Work.

14. PARTY HEARTY! Learn to cook New Age, exotic or Macrobiotic, teach private cooking classes, supply bakeries, chic cafes. Do THE MOVEABLE FEAST, catering to office buildings at lunch hour, with just a beautiful blonde carrying a basket, and wearing a red hood like red riding hood. Make tofu/tempeh/ vegie meatloaf Healthfood sandwiches for local offices at lunch hour. Have girls carry them up into buildings in baskets. Make preserves. Get your neighbors to make them. Make pies out of local fruit. Take to local cafes, bakeries. Imagine your 'country' jam and pies in pricey, city 'food boutiques.' Learn to COOK LIKE NOBODY ELSE i.e. New Age, exotic or Macrobiotic, teach cooking classes, cater parties with the help of pals. 5,000$ can be made a NIGHT if some rich guy has fifty folks over for dinner.

15. BILL GATES WANNABE? Take computer class at adult High, 15$ A SEMESTER. Learn WordPerfect for DOS, for WINDOWS and learn WORD for WINDOWS. All these are the basic word processing programs. Learn WEBSITE Design. and FTP (*file transfer protocol that you use to send your finished pages to the website, I could teach all of the above in an hour, and you have pals right now who could teach yo for free. ) Then, buy a used  PC,  (I can get l7 gigs  for 150$ complete with monitor, printer) from my COMPUTER FIXER SHOP GUY, BHANU the HINDOOO  cuz he collects them and diskwipes them then sticks fab fab software in it free. Why so cheap -- BIG BUSINESSES dump six month old models complete with printer, modems, monitor, software and tutorial books. Say 'Bhanu, get these outta here!" He does. WANT 79 gigs? All you have to do is learn to add a few 15$ memory chips to the RAM, add a modem for DSL, (a ten year old could do that, too,) then sell the souped up machine for 600$ thru freebie newspaper ad. Next, teach your new 'client' how to get on the INTERNET. Learn about HTML (simple code that your program creates automatically, to build websites) and then,  you can create  web sites. I know a girl who paid a thousand for her website, while guy who built mine does same work for 50$ and I watched, and I did all my other webpages solo and wrote up what I learned for BEGINNERS.   So, you don't need to be rich to start. There's a lot of negotiation room here. Another computer related idea is to create your own 'ONLINE' business, (36$ a year or 3$ a month is the HOSTING fee for your website at least at my favorite, DRAK.NET, an all gal Texas outfit,) Maybe you create a country cooking' newsletter or blog. Put a few free recipes on the web-site, offer a hundred more in a pamphlet for 5$ sent to you by mail. Pretty soon money is arriving daily.

16. ENTERTAINMENT:Start a  FREE ACTORS' CO-OP, for directors, writers, actors and VIDEO DP's. Then from that group, a small theater company, using a storefront at first. Attract not only the town's unknown CARY GRANTS, and HUGH GRANTS, but maybe some sizeable Cash Grants! Make the free ACTORS' CO-OP the starting point as it will attract directors, and you need video DP's (or film photography) to video tape the class improvs, give your students 'film on themselves.'. Use your actors to shoot commercials for local businesses or videos of local nature spots, historical areas for TV stations around the state. Get help from Inns, B & B's, chamber of commerce. Do commercials for everyone, which means you are in the ADVERTISING industry. Big bucks there. Rerun THIRTY SOMETHING where the male leads worked in advertising thinking up ad campaigns. That's the game.

17. ARTISTIC MYSTICO: Adjust decor of homes according to principles of Feng shui. Become a highly paid decor consultant. Be an artist. STUDY NEW AGE FOR REAL.

18. IDAHO IDEAS: Grow high cash crops: stringbeans, strawberries, melons, designer lettuce, arugula, sell in the city at fancy Farmers' Markets and food boutiques. Collect free pots, make soil out of compost, take cuttings of every flower, bush, tree, duplicating each plant into l00 clones of itself, SELL plants! Ask me for free seeds!

19. JOBS ARE US! Create a low fee employment agency for bonded temps, janitors, maids, nannies. Can be done out of your home with only an answering machine. Employers pay the l00$ fee, which is SO CHEAP compared to what it costs nowadays. Go to YOGA classes to find students who do these jobs. Reason? They don't steal!

20. PUBLISH - Create a PENNY RECYCLER full of freebie ADs, a booklet, or newspaper, free classified ad to all, Sell ads to businesses, and finally when it's up, sell the newspaper for l$. Lucrative PAID ads come in from local merchants. Do a restaurant guide, 4star system, to attract cafe ads. Make a Million$ lst year. Just don't do it in L.A. where the RECYCLER rules!

21. FAIRE THEE WELL-With help of university English Dept., farmers in your area, create summer RENAISSANCE FAIRE: artisans, theaters, food, actors, games, fortunetellers. GOOGLE "RENAISSANCE faire" and see how it's done. Again, Los Angeles has one, so does Frisco.

22. HEY PICASSO! Learn to OIL-Paint easy NAIVE painting like Rousseau or easy impressionism. You can sell canvases for 200$ or more. Rent art to corporations for their office walls. Rent Palm trees, plants, exchanging when jaundiced. PAINT QUAINT on wood or balsa or canvases, doing 'primitive art.' And last, pain up  OLD JUNK FURNITURE.

23. DO AS I DO: Write stupid articles. Submit to mags. They tell you up to 500$ each but I've written for DELL HOROSCOPE and I think 150$ was my top pay check.. Research the mags you love on the Internet and at library. Magazines' addresses are on their masthead. Writer's Digest Magazine tells you how to write to sell. How to query editors. Use a computer. Send mags your disc and your hard copy. Write articles ABOUT your success with these career ideas which will motivate others to find wealth.

24. BE MARTHA STEWART: REFINISH JUNK INTO ANTIQUES. Buy old white enameled furniture at garage sales, sand half of it, til it looks like summer cottage stuff, sell at swap meets. Redwood plank furniture gets stained bright colors. Collectibles, American 20's pottery found at garage sales can be sold privately to collectors, dealers. Love ARTISANRY, seashells, lapidary, geologics, crystals? Buy a drill, make jewelry, mount specimens on wooden blocks. Turquoise prices have dropped to 15$ for an l8" string of huge chunks. Visit Flea Market in Santa Fe, load up and make necklaces, rings.

25. CREATE A SWAP MEET. Rent space at local schoolyard Sundays, create a village swap meet for antique furniture, artisans, collectors, jewelers, food booths, fortunetellers. Put ad around town "Swap Meet forming call #" Charge exhibitors 20$ each booth. Public pays $1.00, kids 50 cents to come in. Make a thousand per day. More if you own the soda booth. To create that booth full of nostalgia, vintage antiques, get yourself two kids and a truck and do ATTIC CLEANING for geriatrics. Read up on it at THE PIRATE BOOTY file. That'll gives you antiques galore, valuable ones took so start watching those ANTIQUE ROADSHOW hour long TV SHOWS to get au courant.

26. CHERRY VINTAGE AUTOS. Any mechanical skills? Go out in the boondocks, find old heaps, fix 'em up, sell to collectors in the city for the huge amounts they now pay. Use Craigs list org online to place your ads. And hey, while you run around the boonies, seek out farmers who’ll sell the back forty to THIS GENTLEMAN FARMERyou know, they need cash these days. They’ll sell a few acres of their big farm.

27. MAGIC CARPETS- Paint with stencils or freehand on large canvas squares. Back with burlap. Decorators love 'em.

28. IMPORT/EXPORT- Take a truck to Mexico or Guatemala. Buy carved furniture, pottery, glass, cotton textiles. Ship everything you can by RAIL to your CUSTOMS AGENT in Border town. He transships to your city. WHOLESALE the stuff to decorators. What costs a dollar in Mexico is worth a hundred in USA. You do good for impoverished artisans abroad, too.

29. MERCURY MESSENGER- A pager or a cellular phone, a set of good tires and you can whip around town all day delivering packages. Photo labs, architects, ad agencies want text and art delivered fast, stuff can't be faxed well, and they pay extra for fast. LUCRATIVE, perfect for BOYS. A 17 yr old with a learner's permit can do a couple hundred bucks a day! Enough to pay for college if he worked all summer long and had a PAL do it in rest of year when HE was in school. And paid the kid off the subscribers' constant sending.And do it under the table so it wouldn’t interfere with scholarships and Pell grants.

30. DR. DETAIL or HAWG WASH. Wash cars. In your truck, carry pressure hoses, wax, chrome polish, polishing compound, do airplanes for the big bucks!

31. FOUNTAINS ARE US: STONE FENCES, too. Collect boulders in the countryside, build terraced gardens, fences, walls, lily pools, waterfalls with a small pump and some plastic tarps.

32. CASH FREE SOCIETY, FRUGAL LIVING GROUPS, FIELD TRIPS DUMPSTER DIVING, BARTER BANKS- Create a small neighborhood barter bank based on citizen-coupons. Joe does five lawn mowings at 5$ each, collects coupons (he has to enlist those five lawn owners into your bank to do it!), then he has 25$ credit at a dentist who's a member. Ithaca N.Y. did it. You can find a lot of information on it on the Internet.Google 'ithaca dollars.' Then, join the local FREEGANS group and learn where the great dumpsters are, become FRECYCLERS (online giveaways 20x a day, used TVS, shelves, washers,) and do LIFE FOR FREE TRAININGS for something minimal, like 4$ a head at high school auditoriums, church basements complete with field trips.


33. REAL ESTATE-When your business really takes off, you'll be ready to be wealthy.  First is home ownership. Buy a starter property with a 3% FANNIE MAE, a nice 4-unit bldg with 3 other friends, perhaps with a relative who co-signs. Use that equity to leverage other purchases of homes that you will rent out. See yourself buying rural property, subdividing a farm near city for a dozen VACATION VILLAS on a single ten acre parcel with common orchards creating profitable agrarian products. Do it with Shares in a Limited Partnership, (up to 35 shares), you be the General Partner. START the FOUR CHUMS BUY 4 UNIT INVESTING Group, make a mil!

34. BOOK DEALING - Every day in some part of your town, a book spotter finds a first edition for a dollar that he turns around and sells for five thousand. DAILY --in Europe and the USA. But nobody knows about this. I lived in a book reading family and never knew about book spotting. You have ripe fields of wealth around you. In your town, all the geriatrics have tons of old books on their shelves. How to get to them is the question. Some men could start ATTIC CLEANERS as a biz, UNDERCUT the other attic cleaners. Or a lady could just BEFRIEND SENIORS with a house cleaning biz or massage biz and ask to buy a few books every week. YOu learn at USED BOOK STORES, or as these guys don't want you honing in on their turf, you may learn better reading the BOOK SPOTTER SEMINAR.

35. GROUP NITES - This is like a party only people pay a few dollars or bring food. Box wine, hummos and pitas, all home made. PARTY FOOD. This migrates into a CHUMCLUSTER COMMUNAL BUSINESS real fast.

36-AGENT IN PLACE. Want to travel the third world? A few of you do this for some big dress corporation that needs to set up a factory in AFRICA

37.CLUTTER COACH. 100$ a day and you can book others to do it, then sit home and take messages on the phone. Train your own team.

                    *        * 
  *           *          *           *         *     *
All of the above ideas have made HUGE money for people who did them. These people work out of their home, tend kids, have relaxed lives, work when they want, and are slowly building successful business. They have been able to buy real estate and achieve abundance and so can you.

THE FAME AND FORTUNE FACTOR:Once you create your group, and start up the business, don't be shy, call the newspapers, as they will give you free publicity by writing up this exciting HIGH CONCEPT group. It isn't weird, it's FUN, glam! Share news of your fun, glam groups with VIPS you meet socially. Often you can attract cash 'grants' from local corporations, state, federal agencies or private funding, even franchise development. DEVELOP a WEB PRESENCE!You get that mainly with a catchy name.  GOOGLE.COM was so inspired!
The universe will smile on your business because it involves guiding and teaching. You are going to create failure-proof, community-sustaining businesses in novel areas where there's no competition, offer products and services at super low prices and leave your children running these businesses into the next century. You're going to do the ordinary but with a New Age Millennium Magic spin on it. Besdies making a million, there's another sure thing; it's going to be an E-ticket ride.

*   *     *     *     *      *   *     * *     *      *   *     * *     *      *   *     * *     *      *   *     *     *     *

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