You've been on the net how many years izzit now and you still don't belong to a LIST? I can hear you excusing yourself by saying I do not know what lists are.

OK, WHAT ARE LISTS?" They are chatrooms but where you cannot be approached by other participants if you don't want. Unlike the old chatrooms. They are hobby groups. SPECIAL INTEREST groups. Like the old BULLETIN BOARDS. They are not unlike FACEBOOK but they're more specific. This is how you build your OWN GROUP OF FRIENDS.

See: CLICK there and you'll know. That's a Yahoo tutorial on lists. THEY ARE "VIRTUAL" CLASSROOMS. Discussion groups. Everyone gets to talk. Everyone can send in apropros comments, or files. You can send msgs, questions or files to be read/ shared even if you are NOT the teacher or head of the list.

Of course, if you have your own list you can send files OUT to readers who contacted you, whom you put on a LIST of your OWN. That's what I've been doing for 15 years, but it's real slow growth industry doing it my way with personally compiled lists of net chums... compared to using YAHOO for an already amassed group list.

When you choose a subject you see all groups on that subject. You see exact memberships, one thousand, two thousand, I've seen lists ten yrs old with over five thousand members. The choices sit like ripe fruit and hang in the PUBLIC's eye on top of this large YAHOO tree and people can select their own list by theme. Me, I'd like a novelist's list or screenwriter's Well they exist. You join in about twenty seconds of filling in a form. I did. Now I get a dozen emails a day on my fave subject. I may answer one of them (those who know me remember I have about l00 articles on film/ novels/ mysteries/ writing both at my websites and on my hard drive!).

A list is something written, full of ideas, news that is sent out regularly and to a specific group. YAHOO sets the group by letting the public in. It's like YAHOO fills our theatre with five thousand people. Every time you shoot a file out, it lands at a thousand or up to 5,000 desks as an email. That's if you contribute. Now, you can be a lurker. Lurking is good. That means that you are a STUDENT and a file/ email or letter comes to your browser from this Yahoo group or from a friend. I have many friends who have an informal list habit. They send me the best stuff they find surfing the web. usually progresive leftist, ecological in nature. With a little radical revolution thrown in.Stuff that I really  want to hear discussed. I can't get this really progressive slant from CBS or CNN either.

I belong to a half dozen politically progressive lists. Each was created by a person like you or me who had a browser that could make a collection of chums' names and call it a list. I have never asked how many chums they've collected for this list. I often pass it on to my own list.

I call my progressive political list PTA PARENTS and about l00 folks get the info that my lister chums sent me. Myself, I do lists on about ten  subjects, and if you'll click you can see all ten. As clickable ICONS. Anyone can ask to be on any list. I add 'em.

My chums who have the lists which I SUBSCRIBE to had enquiring minds. They read, studied and became ready to pass on information. Nothing simpler. Maybe they had read metaphysical books an hour a day or news stories an hour a day. Or non-fiction political analysis an hour a day. They themselves were on lists and read the take PROGRESSIVE WEB PUNDITS had on situations, issues. Say it's Global warming. They read all the pundits on both sides. They sent me copies of the pundits' writings. That's a list. They didn't have to be experts but they forwarded information. Some Pundits are experts, some just forward information they find rings a bell.

I'll bet that you are ALMOST an ourtight expert on something. Pie making, growing pears, Yoga, raising Poultry. making Cookies, shiatsu Massage, Veganism, Holism, carburators, Country living, --something. I dunno, sex, drugs, rock and roll. Whatever. And that's a great thing but if you don't make a list and share your technology, to me that's like being a guy in a hut out in the wild. Out on the desert. Who has buried his talents. What is the sound of a ripe apple dropping in the forest if there's no one to hear it? zILCH. So the idea wrap a WEB PRESENCE around yourself and launch yourself onto the fast moving Ganges river, or the SILK ROAD of TRADE or on the main thoroughfare where everybody sees your NEON SIGN. Blink Blink FAME. Blink RED NEON. HOT! SIZZLE. IDEAS. EXCITEMENT, FORWARDING THE ACTION. SPREADING THE INFO like manure on the land, Growing wisdom, BANISHING IGNORANCE!! EVOLUTION AND REVOLUTION 24/7! Blink Blink.

And in this moment, you are just a typed word (go online for free 'touch typing' lesson software,) away from this experience. You are a NEON ELECTRIC PLUG away from some real JAZZ in your life.

True, maybe today you have no take on global warming, no take on Afghanistan or perhaps no product, no service, no price tag, no merchandise, NO SERVICE to offer but if you BRAINSTORM you will find that you have connections, ideas, passions, talents ---stuff to share which will 'forward the action.' 

Those talents are what you use to. LAUNCH yourself. YOU EXIST BECAUSE YOU HAVE SCRIBBLINGS on your area of expertise and because there are other monkeys way further down the tree who have only IGNORANCE. Not your knowledge of poultry, fig growing,  alternative ecological living. So you wanna YAHOO.

Either you're a head RAM and you wanna Call the sheep to the classroom or you're just a sheep and you wanna hear from others about the stuff you like. Either way go there. Sure there's junk there; Sex and rock and roll and celebs but there's also holistic diet, healing, farming tips and Global Warming truly can be said:. I teach ergo I am.

To teach and be somebody, you want to study what MERCHANDISING systems one could use that involve either your OWN lists, or YAHOO LISTS which are bigger and really work bigtime bcause these "lists" have l000 to 5000 people each. Ya don't believe me? CLICK ON ^ YAHOO UP ABOVE. Now you don't have a biz now, but list for a while, receive list news, messages, chatter for a while, then when you GET a website and identity place a single message with an URL (live link) as MY WEBSITE DOT COM you will instantly start to get readers

I just joined a POULTRY LIST TODAY and wrote up  a chicken IDEA today. For a chicken list. What is an astrologer doing at a chicken list? Oh, I dunno...maybe after we go into a big discussion on moulting, I will then surprise everyone with THAT CHICKEN enchilada recipe or my lightbulb on how to turn an 8000 square lot into a complete farm even if there's a HOUSE on it. Now I post at facebooks or twitter, maybe a dozen read it.) Post at YAHOO and 5000 read it. Yahoo is massive. How do I know that? A pal said 'oh I showed your webpage on how modern girls are suicidal to my yahoo group.' so many people visited the page, then wrote me that earthlink my server shut my page down for 15 days. They do that. Over a million hits, they close it til first of NEXT month cuz they want you to pay for deluxe service package not mini-hit  ten different websites they give subscribers, FREE but not up to a tsunami from Yahoo. so click on MERCHANDISE ^ URL and tour the grounds. Next, study how to do your own WEBSITE design with just MICROSOFT WORD which is in your PC NOW.  Create a website, get a 15$ a year to have a domain name. POULTRY PRODUCTS INC. or ROOSTER COOKIES. That's for international sales and if you have a product, you can monetarize your website real easily! If you need to visit people's homes and just work in one city, ---like you're a foodscaper in BOSTON, you think, why would I want to publish articles on landscaping with fruit, nut, vegies...all over the entire internet, I just want to attract clients among families here in BOSTON. Don't let the fame in other parts of the world bother you. You'll be changing other peoples lives for the better and still be seen in Boston. But some publisher in London might one day say 'give me a book, photographs, let's publish you. I think the Karma for that to happen might just come from your publishing your webinars all over creation.

Now, a lot of people have talents but are stuck in the hinterlands like a caveman on a parched, lifeless shore by the Dead Sea. They have dreams, hopes, ideas, they have studied many subjects, are good at many things, they have passions, interests but they are just not fired up to go and create a capitalist enterprise. The Recessionary Tsunami will scoop them off that beach and drag them out to sea and they will not have the will or ability to compose themselves sufficiently for self rescue at that point. If you have relatives who love you, get going on this project now by starting to read the SUCCESS methods given at the AMBITION INDEX PAGE

A lot of people have HOLES in their inspiration. Others have holes in their education. The two usually go together. I know a person who managed a corporative franchise of an international corporation, they had offices in every city of the world. She ran an entire office full of people during the 90's. A decade of the most involved work, long hours. Well, I just found out that this person does not know how to take this article, save it to cache as an htm file and send it to a friend as an attachment, Hasn't a clue and nobody ever told her these words, "Save as htm", "email a file", "make an attachment". If I were by her side, I could show her all of that in under a minute. Eight-year olds in every big city can do it. I love that Microsoft TV commercial where an 8 year old chinese girl shows camera how easy it is to stick a graphic in an article and email it to her granny.  But 'the very word 'insert a graphic?' --any of this would be like speaking Greek to this person who mind you, ran an entire business involving multiple employees and multiple computers for an international corporation. I said, 'here's a file for you, free, has maybe 40 classrooms on it:. WEB TECH FOR DUMMIES. She got insulted and hung up on me.

So I suddenly realized, how many DUMMIES are out there who don't know basic PC TECH and could not pass on information in ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM.  They aren't in love with wisdom, or let's say it the other way, they aren't INTERESTED in banishing ignorance!  They don't care about their brothers and sisters one bit. Our main job as souls on earth is to forward the action. The oligarchs have only been able to squish us like this because we were ignorant. They killed JFK our only truly liberal president because they knew they COULD. We were so dumb -- they knew we wouldn't do a thing. They ran genocidal wars in Vietnam and Iraq and now Afghanistan, all for OIL. They ran Wall Street into the ground, feeding their faces pigs at the trough as they thought we'd never notice. They sucked the blood out of the planet's economy, thought we'd just tolerate being dirt poor and jobless while they ENRONIZED everything. (That is the original bacillus type that destroyed the SYSTEM the Great Ones put in place. Graft between the WHITE HOUSE and its campaign donators who were CEOS. Listen for that Gnawing sound.) Learning causes, recognizing symptoms of this syndrome, passing on tips info and wising up and not being an ignoramus is important.  CITIZEN VIGILANTES need to have a LIST where you share what you know  is also important. Brick by brick folks learn and awaken and demand honesty. ENRON was doubling its utility prices to the public the day their patsy W. was elected.

That shows that the chinks in our rudimentary education must be patched. Every time I write a new article for a website I send a copy to my chums, as I had HOME MADE LISTS in my browser, for the last 15 yrs. But now I have a twitter list and a facebook list, and THIS WEEK, a yahoo list or two, and I hope these people know how to cut and paste, save to hard drive, append or attach, forward, and things like that there so that they too can save and share infomational files but also they can create a list. Now the question is, Do YOU know all those things? You'll need these basic skills --if you want to Merchandise yourself and float like a cork in a huge swarm of drowning, jobless people all around you, a horror which the continuing Recession will certainly bring. In fact, you might think of starting a 'Recession Rescue' business. I did only it's totally FREE to the RESCUED. It's this single file that you just read. Pass it on to your list.