I saw this idea work in HOLLYWOOD CALIFORNIA. . George somebody, a clever man on the fringes of the counseling community found a likeable shrink, a JUNGIAN -- Dr. Pat Allen, a family counselor, a peppy older woman with a great rap about love.

He created a LOVEAHOLICS ANONYMOUS group in a church basement but it was created for and around her talents. Every meeting, and I believe there were two a month, l00 women came, two nites a month in LA and TWO NITES in ORANGE COUNTY, four meetings total in good times, l0$ a head, in recession, 5$ a head.

They made a million first year. Not just from the receipts at the group, but also from sale of tapes made at the meeting the week before….or from way earlier meetings. And then by showing the tapes, they got a Radio show on radio KIEV, DR. PAT ALLEN….then launched a best seller book "GETTING TO 'I DO' "

THE GROUP basically targeted women loveaholics though I never heard that word used --WOMEN who were addicted to unhealthy love affairs. Turns out 99% of the women felt that THEY had that syndrome. Myself included!

This is an idea whose TIME has come. Time for young women to get clear on goals related to LOVE, Marriage and CHILDREN vs. time-consuming, painful, go-nowhere sexual affairs.

Some variety of the "Luck in Love Seminars/ Training" could be started in every city of the world, by YOU, in a church basement for no money at all…..hand made flyers. THE KEY is to find a peppy family counselor to answer questions at group nite. Questions are placed in basket by ech guest.

THEN you need a church basement, a VENUE. With that, you can attract $5 a head at the door. They did it in L.A. launched Dr. Pat Allen as a popular personality and that IS A LIVE LINK, CLICK on it, go to her website. She's back to l0$ a meeting now..

Mind you, she went along for this ride giving GEORGE half the profits. In the beginning, he got all of them, as she got the customers/ clients in PRIVATES at 200$ an hour. She did the seminars for him  free. A shrink needs to drum up biz, her consulting with privates  made HER the money.

Her seminar Producer, George, got her the deal with radio show, and catapulted THAT into a best-seller book deal…."GETTING TO I DO" and all of it produced by a pal who wasn’t even a shrink. That guy got the gate at the seminars and did the P.R. (easy if you type) and rode the wave to the top.

Study the possibilities as a ‘future seminar producer’ even as you STUDY THE RUTHLESS RULES OF LOVE...HOW NOT to be a LOVEAHOLIC! at Start the group in a church basement in your town, you need no degrees.....licenses, nothing. The shrink you use will have the degree. She gets clients from the group so she doesn’t get the gate revenues, the receipts. THE GROUP/ radio show and your share of her book can make you a million a year, save young women from lives of difficulties but also create a new generation of babies being born to happy families that want them. Start with us, in cyberspace, studying the RULES OF LOVE, then start your own, profitable group. No costs. This is FREE. It is an idea looking for heads, nothing more.

If you think you could find a pastor who'd give you the room two nites a month, put out flyers. Find a shrink in your town. We will glady give your at no cost to you, both our website, our curriculem. We'll help you get started. We are the LUCK IN LOVE FOUNDATION in L.A. You do not have to use our teachings, but you may. You can use them in your own website, even. Anita Sands Hernandez ASTROLOGY at earth link net.