THE PATH TO MILLIONS thru MERCANTILISM, even if you're POOR today..
by or Anita Sands Hernandez

You are interested in creating a business, one that earns really big money, not small sums. You can do it on your own dime or if the idea is novel, your team impressive, you can attract funding from friends, relatives and neighbors. If your idea is really high concept, you'll attract investment from tycoons who like your bio, talent, ideas,  vision or humanitarian vision. Get on the keyboard and play with the details of  a prospectus wherein you describe your team, your dream and a deal memo with profit divvy and you will DISCOVER that out of three people you hand it to, ONE will invest! You set up your manufacturing, your selling to chain stores. You will attract corporate links, more and bigger venture capital, even 'going public' on the stock exchange, things that you never dreamed or thought of, but which are the daily bread of commerce, the stuff the big boys do as easily as they breathe. And hey, THESE things are EASY! Once you know you need a business, have decided what area you know, dress manufacture, lamp manufacture, cafe/cooking/ catering/ food industry, to do it, and give it a full shoulder try. The very first thing you want to do is Find a product that is NOVEL and doesn't exist anywhere else.
THE "BUSY LIFE LAMP LIGHTS YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS.That's what you tell the clients via a TAG that is hanging from the  shade when you sell it. It's got a great gimmick that will make it a best seller all around the country. When you  make a million off it, send me a lamp. I need the success it could give! The Life Lamp has BULLETIN BOARD material on the four sides. It goes on a table that is at a desk worker's elbow, hence it is tall, and its shade is even with the eye level of the desk worker. It illuminates the computer keyboard, work surface, drawers of desk, the perpendicular desk surface (of the table it's set upon). LAMP requires a narrow foot, as there are likely to be many objects on the desk. So it is 8" square. The key point of its design is that it ROTATES upon a base so that its  four sides can be exposed to the worker by turning it. Why?  Because its four sides will be made of bulletin board material that will take PINS. It will be used as a memo board. Stick-ums (those little pieces of  paper people stick on walls ) really don't work. They're unreliable, fall down and get lost, and most of all, you can't stick them on much near  your work area. They simply do not STAY STUCK to most surfaces. Tacks on a bulletin board work, but who has space for a bulletin  board at one's desk/writing/work area? The rotating bulletin board lamp has an acessible surface divided  into four life areas. The wood paneling its surfaces are BULLETIN BOARD CORK!   We give the buyer stickers so he can choose how he wants to label each side. TO DO NOW: CALLS TO RETURN: STUFF TO BUY: CALLS TO MAKE: BIZ CARDS: ERRANDS TO RUN: BILLS PAYABLE or DUE  NOW: GREAT IDEAS: MEMO: etc. You print them up by the thousands, on sticky paper, and cello-wrap 'em and enclose them with the lamp package. PATENT this sucker so no one else can copy it. Make a million.

If your product is novel, inexpensively made and gets FREE PUBLICITY in daily newspapers and magazines, and you have a FABULOUS website, you can easily  raise venture capital to start up even though you think you know ABSOLUTELY nothing about business or capital partners or divvies of profits or the allure of great ideas which attract getting funded. Mrs. Fields (the cookie lady,) did it. Walmart started with one man, so did the Gap and JCREW. They just opened their doors and you can do it, too. You have the taste and you're young, energetic. That's what is required.

Well, there's one more thing. You do need to care about your product or service with emotional intensity as that develops focus. In the field of international trade, you will probably end up wanting to use countries where labor is cheaper where the natives think 5$ a day is a fabulous salary. They dream of that salary only right now they're getting only ONE dollar a day.  There are countries out there that are in the grip of famine, terror and chaos. Your business would sure help that country out. Read the FRUGAL ARTISAN WEBSITE TRAINING. Just scan it for a moment, then come back.

Look at the civil war in Africa, the genocide. Your business could target those geographic areas and stop the genocide. If you wanted to be salaried to live abroad, become an ON SITE REP, an AGENT IN PLACE for a big mercantilist corp. DETAILS OF HOW.

When you live abroad, don't run around sportin' the fact that you're an American. Blend in. Remember that people who have nothing to live for find causes to die for, reasons to battle, steal, mug and kill. Let this humanitarian impulse ignite your PASSION but not fire you up so much that you're talking to the whole world in the taverna about the fact you're funded to create a big business there for the locals.

Privately, the concept that you're there to create dozens of factories, pay off the natives every Friday night, sell the merchandise in big cities and bring the cash back as libraries, schools, wells and generators which are GIFTED to the villages where you manufacture. You're there to be ONE OF THE NEW HEROES that Robert Redford talked about in his documentary about helping the third world.

Now, privately, you can let yourself be fueled by a certain capitalist fever. Remember the film WALL STREET where Gordon Gecko added the phrase "GREED IS GOOD" to our vocabularies. Well, isn't that what makes a good capitalist? A sense that MONEY could add something to our lives? So get that passion, that seed of a thrombosis idea, ---some idea that is really on fire in your mind and blowing smoke up and out of your chimney with every breath and take it to some hungry corner of the world which will cooperate with you to mutual gain.

So go ahead, in your meditations, dream of having a WALMART sized business in your hands. You're driving it. You're targeting starving villages and helping thousands of people in wrecked economies get up on their feet. You have MONEY,  and pretty soon, if you're selling a product that everyone needs, you're making BIG MONEY. Often it's other people's money, inherited money coming our way, or venture capital through partnerships where we work together and share the revenues.

At the BAZAAR FOLKLORICO FREE TRAINING, you will buff up on the products that are popular, on the various countries, their artisanry, what they make by hand or can create with cotton, linen, beads, crochet, on looms, with metal or clay in dishes or sculptures, stones set in metalworking. And your knowledge and designs will attract you first a few friends who want to do this business with you, then a funder, a rich business partner.

BEAUTIFUL SINGLE GIRLS have another route they can go.  I was a film TV actress once, starred in a film "Diary of a High School Bride" and I am well aquainted with girls in show biz so I created another free seminar and training at the website LUCK IN LOVE DOT COM which teaches beauties, wannabe movie stars,  how to get the gumption to quit show biz, (it's so trivial!) and learn how to enter high society and MARRY A BILLIONAIRE and then, get funded and do this mercantilist business as an international UNESCO BAZAAR type charity. Gals, I say to them, don't stay in Show business and try to make it in life with a bikini and cleavage, do it with MERCANTILISM!

A mini age of TRADE BY THE LITTLE GUYS is starting, one that you can participate in! The reason it's starting is that people need alternative products, utilitarian items, high concept and they need them as cheap as Wal-Mart, but a lot more tasteful. My favorite invention is the NEARLY NAKED DRESS LINE. Put three seamstresses in your basement 8 hrs a day and go to hustling this high concept dress line to big department stores! I knew a guy, Abe Cohen, came here from Israel, not a dime, opened a tiny one room factory with three Mexican girls and three sewing machines. He was a millionaire in a few months, his wife Ruthie became my astrology client. Loved that girl! The very economic SLUMP that has generated joblessness will push you and a few pals to start a back up biz that produces things people really need.

Right now ponder (by that I mean BRAINSTORM UP) some career where you can design an object that can be marketed or a marketing concept for unique Merchandise or unique SERVICES --and idea that is so good that you can get it funded by venture capital. And that can mean nothing more than pals and pals of pals and relatives and friends of your parents deciding on a wholesale concept, designing a website. Once you've got a dozen big corporate clients, open a  retail outlet with a spiffy look. You might find the elements of a fascinating store in a gentrified side street of your city, rather than in a sterile mall.That street might even be in a low rent BARRIO. It might be a cute store someone else has down in the barrio and might involve a dynamic PRODUCT these inner city young people already manufacture. Your bringing it to the corporate big boys gets you a cut, if its inventor is ok with that. Your dynamic sales ability can bring you into the biz.

Last week or two, I have been doing research about TYCOONS who are among the ONE THOUSAND BILLIONAIRES existing on our planet today. Many started in their garage. Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Bill Gates. Many started single RETAIL outlets and --in their lifetime --- ran it up into billions. Victoria's Secret's Gap& J Crew's LESLIE WEXNER, & Walmart's SAM WALTON all started with a single little store and in one lifetime, built it into CHAINS.....chain stores. Leslie's aunt lent him $5,000 back in the seventies, he opened a single mall ladies wear store. Posh name, posh logo. SAM had a little hardware store.

Look at (Google up,) the lives of just these two retailers and ponder how easy it is to make not a million but a BILLION in some hitherto unthought of merchandising field. Google Sandra Kurtzig, Anita Roddick. Very similar careers. They started from nowhere. From a chain of dress stores, Leslie Wexner went on to buy VICTORIA'S SECRET lingerie store, JCrew and the GAP stores and MANY other big name, famous logo chains. Then, HE started 'flipping' chains. What if you opened the first lingerie or Gap store with a hot logo and a lot of kids buying. Banana Republic or that first JCrew or even a product, that first PET ROCK or some FOOD MARKETING SENSATION, Birds Eye frozen foods or MRS FIELDS COOKIES? Or maybe it can be * IMPORT/ EXPORT. (* clickable url)

banana republic old catalog adASK YOURSELF, what artisans do I know? Making clothes, home decor. WHAT little barrio boutiques do I know? Places where the superrich never go, but artists who have superb stuff. What small time manufacturers do I know? Who imports odd ball stuff from Exotic ports? Who has a unique design or object or even a SERVICE. Marin County couple, the Zieglers loved traveling Africa and Spain in the 70's, found hundreds of ARMY SURPLUS stores abroad and bought up shorts and shirts, 1500$ worth, opened a cute shop in MILL VALLEY California as SAFARI SURPLUS, renamed themselves BANANA REPUBLIC. Sold to the GAP in 83 for hundreds of millions.

Think of MALL FRONT PSYCHOLOGY or even CAPITALISM 101 classes, ENTREPRENEUR 101 CIRCLES. YOu hold them at your storefront, coffee and cookies. 5$ a head. Or Hold in your living room now, just to assemble a team of pals who want to work on creating the next MALL FRONT LIFE ORGANIZER a Walmart or GAP. Or Bazaar Sabado.

You prob don't know that last one. I used to live in Mexico City where the BAZAAR SABADO was the hottest place in town on weekends. Still is, thirty years later. It was an ancient Cortes era Hacienda in San Angel suburb. Not a mile from where FRIDA KAHLO lived. EVERY patio, balcony or ROOM  had ten to twenty little artisan stalls with MUSEUM CRAFTS for sale. Clothes, jewels, folklore, paintings, Toys. ALL THOSE artisans paid rent to the Bazaar. The main patio had a cafe. The caterers paid rent. There were Mariachis, music, GREAT food!. A HUGE amazing PLACE. You do that in some city in America, you'll make bank. Every city has its BOHEMIAN artist/ artisan population.

I saw that Bazaar, returned to California with this place in my mind's eye and opened the BAZAAR FOLKLORICO on the Sunset strip, (just no food or music!) Brought in MEXICAN IMPORTS. It was a major hit, my first client was Steve Mc Queen who bought a Oaxaca ceramic life sized FOOT like a vase to put flowers in.. Got me off on the right foot.

My partner, JULES BUCCIERI loved the biz. He and his wife were in L.A. full time, I had moved to Mexico to buy and ship.), He was with me a few years, then went off and started his own store and became a multi millionaire. BY then I'd had four babies (one every l8 months,) so I closed my doors and stayed with my Mexican husband.  Years later,  I would return to LA with the four kids, penniless and start a SERVICE career, astrology. Kept my nose out of water with that and some welfare.

My employee in the Bazaar Folklorico was the MASTER JULES who stayed a multi millionaire and expanded to import from Europe and Asia and to teach the lessons of how to succeed in business ONLINE.  I was raising kids, a single Momma. JULES was also a major mystic, who gave me forty years of the secrets of prosperity & had me transcribing his lectures, which became the MASTER JULES files,  or the  Metaphysics of Money training Secrets of attracting LARGE sums of cash via Business. ALL his classes are online. FREE. (Click on above URLs.) I was doing stars for rockstars so never went back to MERCANTILISM. Decades later, when JULES died, I started typing up his his Spoken MOTIVATIONAL SEMINAR tapes for his website (URL ABOVE) and I'm putting them all out on the web now, free. The entire book, "THE RUTHLESS RULES" which is what he called them. Read that for some fine tuning on PROSPERITY METAPHYSICS. Always good to ADJUST your head trip about your own possibilities of building a BOWL for manna to fall into, and attracting the BIG MONEY!

So meditate on the world tragedies, earth quakes in  Japan, China, Afghanistan, tsunamis in the Indonesian ocean & Asia, Genocide in Rwanda & Darfur, Iraq unable to rebuild, a tidal wave of horrors that have given us victims on every continent lately.

Start with a power meditation, then create some power talismans for your altar. They focus the mind wonderfully. Use geologic stones, pendants for POWER (Hindus say it must be forty karats to hit the chakra and many semi precious stones would qualify, so it's MAKING GEOLOGIC pretties to hang at heart chakra height. That site has a great deal on American suppliers but you can try a wholesale jeweler in INDIA,* BHAVANI, who can supply 40 karat stones at 50c each. Scout down your own suppliers as I found him, in ROCK AND GEM magazine. More were USA based but I saw from my 15 yr old mag that he'd been in biz and advertising in USA mags among a small community of buyers....for more than a dozen years, that meant honest to me! Get them on hangers, as POWER PENDANTS to sell thru Department stores!(Hang at heart level.)

I know that I understand trade and mercantilism and manufacturing in the third world. I created BAZAAR FOLKLORICO IMPORTS store and found this genius, the MASTER JULES to run it on the Sunset Strip. In the intervening years, raising working for YOGI BHAJAN and CARLOS CASTANEDA I tended to forget about trade, but now, both men have left us, I am ready to share all my trade and business secrets as did my teacher, the MASTER JULES. I've written articles on trade that EDIFY, teach and expand. The expansion is through trade, whether it's fashion, textiles, carvings, furniture, paintings, JEWELRY importing -- semi precious stones. If you want to raise your own start up money, I teach that. I also teach HOLISTIC HEALING, al in free seminars, how to your services at l00$ an hour with no college education, start earning in less than a week! Learn how to do  FREUDIAN PSYCHIATRY without a shingle as *TANTRUM YOGA. or *PRIMAL SCREAM or GESTALT all processes you can run without a license, if you call it EMOTIONAL CLEARING. In L.A. these people earn 100$ an hour under the table, and there, you don't need a maiden aunt to lend you start up money for your new MALL FRONT swack at the GAP or JCREW.

Fund raising can be done easily with a YOGA CLASS. Take a few classes, then pass it on. L.A's number one celeb yoga teacher, GURUMUKH started teaching in her living room, did it for TEN YEARS. Wrote a hit book, has all the movie stars studying with her at GOLDEN BRIDGE classroom. *MENTORING is a great granny skill, and nowadays when SOC SECURITY won't give granny dental coverage, eyeglass coverage, these ole gals will WORK FOR PEANUTS! WIth a phone you sit taking orders for mentors. HIRE OUT the GRANNIES. "GRANNIES ARE US". Become trainers, to train SERVANTS. TRAIN wealthy *families' servants to be NEW age cooks, organic, teach upstairs maids to do a massage on her boss. Rich people will call in your trainer in a flash! Bill them at l00$ the hour.There has to be love of the lowly, peasant healers, servants so put that together with your personable charm, local HEALERS, ORGANIC NEW AGE folks you find clerking at healthfood stores, Stir in  the SUPER RICH, one could start a personnel agency with servants. *MAIDS ARE US.

Do click on the MENTORING IDEA. (Url above,) Put that service under the same roof as a service that the LIFE ORGANIZER SHOP offers.....perhaps in a storefront or if rental prices go down with continued recession, at that mall. Offer resume writing and MONSTER.COM help. Offer old monitors and PC's (used,) as well as PC classes for kids. INTERNET 101. Have one volunteer tekkie who takes GIVEAWAY pcs from industry, does DISK WIPE and decides, should a kid pay 25$ or 50$. Does it have ETHERNET plugs to go online? That might be a 75$ pc. How many gigs. My PC pal has industry give him dozens when he goes to fix their machines. People like that can fill that function, on a monthly retainer so the kids can get used PC's. I wrote up all these ideas at  THE COTTAGE INDUSTRY  Website which gives thousands of ideas that are unique.

AM I GOING TO CHARGE HUGE PRICES FOR MERCHANDISE? Well face it, MARK UP is the secret of a good business. Walmart will buy cheap, pay poorly but sell huge volume ---that's generally the secret of mercantilism. You are going to find workers in countries that will work all day for a dollar. I'd say you can afford to pay them 5$ a day or 20$ and not lose money. They'll think you are a saint, and that's what's important.

There are many other secrets of mercantilism that are undiscovered. Wetting your feet in the field and getting a conversance with goods, prodicts, manufacturers, trends, then gives you the ability to shuffle the variations and come up with new combos. For instance: Who is in your boutique row on your GENTRIFIED street nearby who has built a good name, a logo, who perhaps could go internat'l. IF YOU SENT THE RIGHT FORTUNE 500 EXECS to their door. It might be that little soap shop, that hippie bakery, that perfumier a store front that already has the invention, the manufacturing set up even.

A VENTURE CAPITAL partner is the man who moves the funding. You connect funder and small boutique and instantly you have a new product. The BEN & JERRY's of the SOAP world. So drive around and see who's in your village. IF YOU FIND a ghetto manufacturer of something that the posh set would buy and they are paying 5$ an hour to factory labor and you can get the product wholesale to POSH BOUTIQUE ROW, or the BIG DEPARTMENT STORE BUYER....and move that product into mass production, INTRODUCE yourself to that small merchant! VOLUNTEER to do it, but if you score, you want it on paper that you get a cut of the action. Say: " I do for you, you do for me. One hand washes the other. I will carry your little corner store into malls across America." Your word is your fiat. When you read the Master Jules, you'll learn what he says about languaging being very powerful. LIke a vow. Click on that URL, it's a short look into one of the POWER PHILOSOPHIES OF PROSPERITY.

 When you vow to do X, Y, and Z for the small time manufacturer you will represent, he hears that vow in your voice. YOUR INTEGRITY, your WORD, known only to you, is your fiat, your power.  So, take the whole project to MR DYNAMIC DEEP POCKET S CAPITALIST and you hitch 'em up. NEXT, BROWSE THE BACKSTREET ARTISANS! UNDISCOVERED artists. Every barrio has a little row of sweet boutiques. There are the designers of the future. Who knows? The next BATH AND BOUTIQUE, the next ANITA RODDICK PERFUME SOAP LADY or THE next J CREW, the next VICTORIA's SECRET, the next person with a MALL IDEA, the MRS FIELDS COOKIE could be that little shop you find in a storefront in the ghetto: JUAN's candle shop. MARIA's MAGICAL BATH SOAPS, PILLOWS AND BOUTIQUE JACKETS, velvet tie dyed BATHROBES, with a whole workshop of phenomally talented tie dyers in the back room. Or  walk over next door to the popular TORTILLA KITCHEN which could be the RED ONION of tomorrow. And that small corner designer seamstress could be the DIANE VON FUSTENBERG of tomorrow. Who knows?. SOME caterer with a shop front baking GOODIES that are the MRS FIELDS of tomorrow. Or that little boutique with hand made teddies, the LINGERIE QUEEN of tomorrow. The PET ROCK publicity grabbing wearable, home-decoratable, kitchen or food item that nobody can live without! IF YOU SHOW the merchandise to MR RICH GUY, he might fund that shop going MALL.

Bring these ideas to both corporations and rich old people. A lot of famous or very wealthy people will be leaving their wealth to a group of folks who do not really run big corporations. So it's time for KNOWLEDGEABLE business people like your family, friends, kids, students, your listeners, audiences if you seek out or develop GREAT products or PROJECTS for the nouvelle riche to invest their discretionary income in and then find NOBLE elders who are interested in this kind of project.

YOUR LOVE OF ALL PEOPLE is the key to opening this door. You have to care about PEASANTS, whether starving in the quake zone of Kashmir and Pakistan, or the  TSUNAMI zone of Asia, or New Orleans. Or the quake zone of Afghanistan. Or the genocide in Darfur.

Those tragedies will advance CEOS of NEW AGE corporations that are proactive, pro bono, & create designs for stricken areas and the talents, like looms, metalworking, carving..

Also, landlords will cut you a deal with  mall store rentals. Your kind of shop could lift a BARRIO STREET BIZ into making beaucoup bucks by moving it to the MOST COSTLY real estate MALL. You get landlords to cut them a deal as it's a tax exempt non profit foundation. I do not recommend you announce that say, the MADRAS SHIRT STORE or the LIFE ORGANIZER SHOP is really a banding together of a GHETTO CHURCH pastors, ghetto artists and ghetto boutiques and that it is a FEED THE POOR CONCEPT.

No, --a MALL requires an ELEGANT TONE. So keep it very Abercrombie and Fitch in tone. Make it a chic OUTLET for PC/ RESUMES/ LIFE ORGANIZERS, OFFICE ORGANIZERS, BOOKS on finance , HOME OFFICE, COTTAGE INDUSTRIES but also cheaper PAMPHLETS on how to create a COTTAGE INDUSTRY"

This is an idea SEED, no bigger than a foxglove seed, (smallest I've ever seen,) which can grow into a ten foot flower and spread like a wild flower meadow of ten foot tall flowers. I've seen the foxglove do that.

So PONDER: who are the people in power who could help? THE GATES foundation? There are hundreds of other foundations with deep pockets. You want to locate them, meet the gatekeepers that you need to open your magic career doors, INCREASING YOUR POWER to help the community.

Now here's an offbeat idea for a business. One you could do from your home or as a SERVICE to the community Imagine a LIFE ORGANIZER SHOP called "LO AND BEHOLD" IN EVERY MALL in the USA. It would be a free PERSONNEL AGENCY to connect poor people willing to work with jobs.  Each shop readies people for mercantilism, for finding jobs,writing resumes, organizing a home office. Imagine TEN PC's in your L.O. shop, with kids spending an hour there. A tutor walks around answering questions. Moms park their kids there while they shop. NO MORE VIDEO games for kids. The MOM says sit here, PC around, let the coach show you, no adult  websites cuz puters are blocked....and mom leaves kid there with a signature on his ticket, and kid is prohibited from leaving. BABY SITTING costs mom 5$ and kid gets a l00$ class.  MOM can stay there too, fixing her resume, registering for FREE JOB FINDING! MONSTER DOT COM stuff. Maybe you show folks who want jobs how to register there. LIFE ORGANIZERS are US. And you teach a philosophy of action.Run CAPITALISM 101 groups, Teach folks to write their own three part *PROSPECTUS.  Put little dollar pamphlets around the shop, giveaways, "SUCCESS IS EASY" Tell them in the pamphlet that they must KNOW WHAT their main talent or calling is. Is it cooking. There are people who sell their chocolate walnut fudge at EBAY for 10$ a pound! Is it sewing? Is it typing? Know what your talent is, so make a list of what your destiny might be having that talent. BUT THEN, the real new age trick is BRAINSTORMING! This is when you walk around cleaning the house, only you've instructed your brain to come up with new gestalts, New combinations. So when you pick up the catbox, you recall that you could do CAT SITTING. It's wild and weird but PUT IT ON YOUR LIST!

Make another list of who you already know who might help you find a job. Make lists. That's an artform. Hang them on the wall. Make a list of what you need --- a sofa, a bed? A desk for your kid? A used PC? Create a barrio FIND IT with internet, website, or emails to big corporations that dump old desks and pc's daily!

YES, FIND what you need to put it out there---then start not being lazy about TALKING UP THAT IDEA....or meeting those people. Success is mostly putting your feet on the street, with no interference from your ENEMY: 'banky, reactive' mind, GOING OUT OF PRESENT MOMENT INTO past or future which stimulates fears & emotions. Put that in your pamphlet. Fear and sloth are usually attributeable to "Banky Mind" (scientology calls it,) which is a kind of involuntary brake to your FORWARD-GO power seeking gas pedal mode.

Today start a course of regular Therapy on that nutsy "JUMPITY", unstable part of you. The brain. Stay attentive to the job at hand. We find our emotional TARGETS. THINGS you might care about doing. Building houses for the poor in the barrio, or bringing orphans from the Tsunami zone. If you were as rich as Gates, what would you do?

So now, we wait for LIFE to zap us with BRAINSTORMING lightning bolts. We go places, see what we didn't see before, in a new way, we start to select things that attract us while we're in the CLEAR, BILL GATES part of our 'former mind.' Stuff we want, These become BULLS EYE TARGETS. "THIS GOAL" THAT NETWORKING goal. "Meeting this person" WHICH gets us back to the light your way to success lamp which each of your mall stores in every city of USA should carry. ANd will by the time you get thru!

WHEN YOU FULFILL the terms of your love of the humble man, by forgoing all those celebrity shows. They over and over recite to your mind, they are great, you aren't like them ergo you are nothing.

Replace the chaos in your home with scouring on hands and knees, going through drawers, boxes, do pamphlets that instill that love of cleaning and life organizing. You fulfill the terms of YOUR GREATNESS when you are organized. Clean. That brings us to pamphlets on the ENERGY DIET. Note that chips, sodas, white bread, sugar aren't in that pamphlet. Turn every visitor to your MALL store into a  holistic fruit and nut fan.

OFFER ANOTHER PRODUCT FOR HOME OFFICE: I pick up all the boxes at supermarket that are five inches by five inches. Gravy, enchilada powder, every kind of POWDER sold has envelopes which are sold in market with gravy box holders. WIth say two dozen envelopes in them. They are thrown away when they open a new box of gravy. I TAKE a few boxes off shelves, only if they're nearly empty, stuff the rest into the other box on the shelf, throw the box into bottom part of my shopping cart. In parking lot, don't forget to remove it! I papier mache it. LIving in MEXICO I saw how easy this was at Gemma Tacogna's cottage factory. Or Jeanne Valentine's, both of which I visited. I go home, cover them with squnched up bumpy, wet newspaper torn and CRUMPLED big time, (write me at, I'll give you recipe,) let dry, then stretched out a bit and pasted on, DRY, I vinyl house paint first coat, then do colors/ designs then varnish them. Then I rub in antiquing, rub it off, It looks like a RENAISSANCE artifact. Or I DO NEWSPAPER COMIC STRIPS, or witty POLITICAL CARTOONS from the Editor's page. ALways let  dry, then a day later, varnish. My PC FLOPPIES go in them! MY ORGANIZER BOXES are pre built for me by LAWRY's ENCHILADA MIX! AT THE FACTORY.

If I were selling them to an "COTTAGE INDUSTRY HOME OFFICE LIFE ORGANIZER STORE" AT THE MALL, I could paper mache up a dozen a day. I might be a barrio mother with four kids on the floor, no welfare as welfare stopped but I could make a product for MY LOCAL LIFE ORGANIZER STORE. MAYBE I MAKE THE LAMPS, glue on the cork board. OR both lamps and organizer boxes.

THE PASTOR RUNS the store as a tax exempt non profit so he puts one church goer in the store 9-5 and it is also a JOB FINDER AGENCY, job training, resume writing, all the things people need to survive. Maybe over in the corner ON A PC, the assistant helps the visitor to mall make his own resume. Print it out. Etc. So you need a lotta desk organizers, a PC, or a string of them, maybe kids get INTERNET 101 classes there. So you have a way to salary a lot of workers, teens who just learned how to INTERNET, and want after school earnings.

So what do you need? A pastor with a parish,  a lotta of poor parishioners with artisanry talents, some who make lamps.....and the pastor has to organize hundreds of home workers among his parishoners and he's free. He does it cuz that's what he's about. AND A MALL landlord who cuts you a deal. And you of course, to rave and rant at everybody, to motivate and help everyone keep up until the LIFE ORGANIZER mall SHOP opens its doors and the local newspapers all come and write you up those rave reviews and you go on OPRAH!

ALSO,WHY NOT A SAINTLY Deep pockets PARTNER? Write a PROSPECTUS, SUBMIT IT TO UBERWEALTHY of your town, who all are your clients for EMOTIONAL CLEARING...or MASSAGE or some HOLISTIC COTTAGE INDUSTRY.......Or submit prospectus TO THE CARDINAL/ THE BISHOP in THE CHURCH, getting pastors involved, priests, using their main room as a VENUE. Or submit a LIFE ORGANIZER concept with Pc's for kids, etc, to BILL GATES? Pisces is charitable foundations, there are millions just looking for good ideas, SO locate FOUNDATIONs run by industry. Get entire city to donate used PC's to 'the kids' . Good lookin? Go Meet the corporate BILLIONAIREs and there are one thousand of 'em now says Forbes mag, so girls, put on a white suit, white pumps and LOOKIN' GOOD, hit the pavement with a LIFE ORGANIZER MALL SHOP CONCEPT! ANd don't forget to do that GRANT WRITING. GOOGLE that up. Study books on it found for a DOLLAR EACH USED at

I know, there are things you want, money, cars, trips, freedom. Don't chase after them. DO THE GOOD DEED first and let GOD BRING YOU THE GOODIES!. Now, most folks don't have their hearts filled with sublime dogooder-ness and get very bored (*yawn) at concept of going to priests and saying sir, would you and your parish be interested in joining us in a life organization classroom, starting in your main room. Later, as we get volunteers, we can rent a REAL MALL space. But there's great charm in old side streets of the urban areas opening to gentrification. You can adorn all floors of the building to make your shop look good. URBAN renewal areas lend themselves to this PARISIAN sort of rococco design cuz they have all kind of old rococco design features which look great under several oddball choices of colored paint!

Then, take color JPGS of it, put them in CRAIGS LIST and give them to every reporter in COMMUNITY section of local newspapers. Do your own press campaign.

Maybe a couple of years on the barrio street, then when your act is together, move to the MALL. Get enough local churches providing extraordinary products, charming workers, that semi vacant mall landlord is gonna welcome you with open arms, cut you a deal, but you may find that you PREFER the prospect of going nation wide in these gentrified urban areas! It worked for Anita Roddick, the BODY SHOP, and hey, it worked for all of the back streets of PARIS, France, so why couldn't it work for you?

Retail sounds SO UNGLAM. We all want chocolate cake. We want fame, lovers, big money. But guess what, it couldn't hurt to try doing the right thing. A huge business and then a CHARITY FOUNDATION with some of your merchandise being sold the way PAUL NEWMAN sells things, to fund-raise. It's a waste of time to succumb and say "I want chocolate cake". Say "I love people". That gets you invited to great parties. They usually have great chocolate cake at parties! Love the people you work with. You will employ dozens if not hundreds. You will change the political future of foreign lands. And eventually sell the whole thing to Procter & Gamble for nine hundred million dollars! Go for it!