FIVE MINUTE COURSE (BASICALLY THE RUTHLESS RULES OF LIFE) which when practiced, lead you to BEING VERY RICH, VERY POWERFUL, HAPPY AND TRANQUIL. (send to anyone U-know who's depressed; this is the fast path out of it!)
THE FIRST RULE OF A MAHA-ATMA or great SOUL is to be in contact with THE GOD WITHIN. That's achieved by actually talking to your inner God daily. You can think them or if you're alone, speak your words and He will hear as He is there and hears everything. When you're washing dishes, cleaning house, driving, bathing, walking in the garden, these are all good times to tell God the latest news. Now the converse side of this is, when you're bitching to yourself about scruffy betraying people you know, DO NOT MAKE GOD LISTEN TO THAT! He is NOT entertained by complaining and will turn away from you if you make that a habit. So lose that habit.

USE An altar,photos of loved ones, flowers, a candle.. WHEN you finish talking with your higher self or GOD, jot a note to leave in your GOD BOX as a reminder to HIM and to yourself.  Keep your GOD BOX on or near your altar.

PRACTICE THE  RULES of the POWERFUL MIND. When you slip, and find yourself ranting with irritation, just go back to doing it right.

STUDY with the Masters. The writings of the great consciousness teachers are online. Be willing to read and thusly become a disciple. That means you practice the disciplines. There are a good fifty chapters written by the MASTER JULES a Catholic boy who moved on to study with all the great Hindu Gurus for six decades and who passed it on by speaking it. I transcribed those tapes.

I'll show you a chapter on how to tell the voice of SELF from the VOICE of GOD. Did you take a glance at it? Great! Now you only have 99 more chapters to read! ASK. I do not mind sending them!

Understand why YOGA speeds your progress toward wealth, power, clarity --- up...

Do a minute or two of these YOGA EXERCISES when you think of it.


CREATE PARADISE NOW. That means what it says. Every second you build a NEW PARADISE. When you get a day with a thousand paradise moments strung together, THE GODS ABOVE take notice and the KARMA assisters are with you! Refuse to bore them, make them turn away from you when you are negative, fussy, fearful. Be brave and hearty. Fake it til you make it. Assume the pose.

INVITE CHANGE, LEARN TO SEE. Once you master the trick, it's permanent.

Last, Try a higher vitality diet...UPGRADE THE WHOLE FOOD THING.

Anita Sands Hernandez is a Hollywood astrologer called GURU to the GURUS, and she also works for lots of movie stars. Anita can read your palm (xerox) or horoscope over the telephone or by Email. Send your HOROSCOPE GRAPHIC (make it in two minutes at "HOW TO CAST CHART" birthdate, hour and CITY, you will get the StarPower Map of the Month Hourly dailies emailed to your each Sunday nite, 7 days at a time. Plus a natal quickie reading.