By Anita Sands Hernandez 

A gal pal I knew in my teens, (now sixty like me) said, 'I sure wish we could go back to a condition of youth, be eighteen yet know what we know now." I emailed her back, 'That's automatic. You will go back! You get a new body every few hundred years or so! Reincarnation EXISTS!' Read HOW I KNOW (ARTICLE)

I told her that if she wanted to be reborn ---but with all the wisdom she had now, --- she'd better engrave stuff deeply on her soul cuz brains end up powdered rose food! Souls are what carry the message from one life to the next. And the way to engrave the message on a soul with a steel awl is to teach whatever lesson you learned this time around to somebody else! Teach it repeatedly. Confide it, write it out, share it, talk it, tell it to the four winds! Even if you're indicting YOURSELF.

Having soul wisdom when you're young and tempt-able is what itís all about. Most of us bang willy-nilly against the laws of life. We react without thinking. We know right from wrong but keep trying the wrong, hoping it wonít screw us up again. And it always does.

Instinctual insight combined with WILL power would be a great start on a list of items that might well be endowed us in this life, in a bank account we can access in the next life. Insight and will would give us the soul wisdom to endure bodily death and continue as a wiser soul into a gladder future.

The ability to make sound choices on every matter, food, love, homes, careersóas we instinctively sense the disharmony that the wrong choice would create ---would be a good talent to grab on to while you're young. If you're older, it's hard to prove how untemptable you are. Ice cream gives you gall bladder pain, the opposite sex doesn't tempt you. How can you exhibit that grace, that will power, that ability to resist binging on ice cream or sweethearts at age fifteen or twenty? Next lifetime around? That is the real proof of your wisdom. When the ancient toothless wolf becomes a vegetarian by default, what standard of greatness in the face of temptation has he met? There's no rabbit that can't outrun him! His gums cannot pierce rabbit hide! Oh, valient, Vegan WOLF! (NOT!)

So it falls to us in this lifetime, wherever we can, as adults or seniors, to work on our nobility. We want to exercise our will power occasionally, practice gentleness instead of automatic chronic mind dance, reactive response, irritation, curt speech.

Will combined with heart has the power to slow down the rampant mind, the body's appetites, the distraction of the pulse and the pace ... and slow us into more insightful, kinder treatment of others.

Smarts won't help you as you near the end of the race. Most of us donít ever reach down to soul levels with our smarts, so they are just that. Surface smarts, not deep, soul wisdom. That may be because few of us really adore ourselves enough to dare be truthful (face to mirror, you with your higher self) and if we can't listen to our higher self, we can't forgive ourself or be good to ourself.

The people who practice avoidance almost always recklessly stick their head in front of the oncoming freight train. They succumb to hurry, their appetites, their automaticity, their addictions, time and time again, whether shallow relationships, junk food, junk passtimes or junk sweethearts. Each time these restless, empty pursuits make us feel terrible, sick, weak, despairing or worse, feel like NOTHING.

Each time we fall out of love with ourselves and life, we nose dive. It can take a long time to get strong again and then we make the same irrational decision all over again and nose dive. So our spiral is up down, up down, maybe each up is a little higher than the one before it, but as old age overcomes us, this spiraling upwards fades slowly into a fog and who can keep score?. The death of the machine.

Few of us learn right use of intuition, wisdom, emotion and will power, fewer learn it so well that we can focus on what we believe, know and could even possibly teach.

Teaching is mentioned not only because it embeds lessons in our own memory but because it creates a a condition of relating to another, in a caring mood of helpfulness and that in turn creates self love and self love cretes good karma. KARMA is the invisible magic ingredient. The unseen yin to life's yang. Good karma is vey real. If we actually find a good student and save them from some disaster, thereís that good karma on your slate, right there..

When we pass a lesson ON, as well as maybe affecting anotherís life--- we engrave a carbon copy into our own bible, hidden deep in the pages of our own soul so that WE ARE better prepared when duncedom strikes again, i.e. our next set of teens! Yes, when our teens roll around again! Next lifetime.

This life is but a dream and dreams vaporize. We wake up in heaven. We get re-assigned a body and guess what? SLEEP occludes your brain once more. Youíre a little bushy-tailed, cocky animal, full of desires. Again. Youíre programmed by culture to value trashy things, again. You go after them, you lean out for the golden ring on the carousel ride, you lunge at it, spend all your time lunging. You win a few, you lose a few and then you wake up to whatís really important. The real, golden ring youíd have reached for if you KNEW the laws of life. Not the bogus tinsel one hanging by the carousel.

Now, how do you remember that next time? By saying it again and again, by TEACHING it. By teaching it with all the ardor of your soul to the guy behind you in line.

When you understand  the basic laws, handle all the basic conditions of being a really conscious being, with awake habits and pass them on, it is said that you will have more chance of having an awake parent next time you get a body. If you donít teach the danger of nitrates to the brain, how hotdogs can cause brain damage, and you donít teach about hot dogs, canola oil, aspartame and all the rest, this lifetime, you might wake up next lifetime with a Mother who fries hotdogs with canola oil and serves them to you with a diet coke!

And you might not remember from this lifetime that aspartame gave you Parkinsons and hamburger gave you madcow disease and the married sweetheart gave you a broken heart and utter poverty so either you learn that lesson and repent or pray that some people are out there in 2120 (when you return) who know the ropes and can convince you not to make that mistake twice.

The Tibetan Buddhists say that most of us evaporate when we pass on, like spray on a hot sidewalk. Few keep  personality and memory intact. Only very conscious, heart-centered people pass on to the next level able to remember wisdom, law. But those who do develop that much are said to have certain powers. They can come back in vapor form and appear to relatives and talk to them, haunt them, advise them, throw their voice even, save them from trouble even.

ONE good  habit that you want to acquire is to talk to your nephews and grandchildren often while youíre ALIVE so that you can be their fairy godmother while alive, and then be their fairy godmother from the astral during your ghost phase. Think of it. You can give them hints. "That boyfriend is really a creep." or "You should get a health check up." Or, don't drive tonight.

Be the Ďvoice for someone you care about. You ever watch the "Crossing Over" show? That Edwards fellow is hearing the voices of passed on beings.

We can all develop that talent. You gotta hear them first. This lifetime. Next lifetime you can throw your own voice. I once heard a voice. A real voice just like radio inside my head. It told me eight words. "There is going to be a big earthquake."  I told a lot of people the warning that I heard, told them that I had never ever heard a voice before. Now, in L.A. talk quake, folks listen! I even listened. I took my antique china collection off the shelves overhead, put them on shelves at floor level where Iíd never store showy artware pottery and china!

A few weeks later, THE big NORTHRIDGE quake  HITóan 8 pointer plus a few notches. ALL Los Angeles was in cataclysm. FREEWAYs fell down. My valuable collectible china was unruffled down there on the bottom shelf. My daughter was calling me saying ĎMOM, you were right! How did you do that?í Not me. How did whomever it was, my granny, my auntie. How did they do it!?

The final bottom line about VOICES is we all gotta prepare to be one. To be an angelic SUPPORTER of others, a RESCUER of grieving, depressed, troubled, questioning people, every moment of this life and do it so deeply that you fuse your heart and mind together on the soul level and when the brain dries to powder, the helpful, kindly part of you endures. Have faith and practice, first on this side. Later, you will easily do it on the other side.

HOW to prepare for death? Be a mentor. Be your brotherís keeper. Show interest. Encourage long walks and talks. Offer hints without opining, bring up questions that they can answer, motivate them to  study the laws of life, the laws of action, the laws of solving problems, of achieving unity, will, cohesive choosing. Be a source of questions and answers, problem recognition and problem solution. Most important, affirm good things when thereís no logical reason to believe good things could come.

Take the time, real spacey timeless time --- to listen to the people around you, friends and relatives, old and new ones --- happy and blue ones and really BE THERE. In present time, Not in a hurry. Donít just drop quickie advise en passant and then out the door to the movies or dinner.

Set up shop in your heart. Leave the door wide open until everyone knows it. Be a patsy. Open your heart to the family and their friends and your friends and their families. And do it from the heart. Donít get ĎAí in quick, witty answers. Donít give PAT answers. Donít give epigrams and book-learning. Thatís a head trip. Head wonít endure on the other side. The intuition born of heart will.

Listen to your people with your third eye and your third ear and see where that takes you and then, offer what arises in your heart. None of that memorized stuff, those facile or automatic answers! And no doing it for money and money only. Moneyís okay but if your heart isnít in it, all bets are off. Theyíve got a special room in Hell for teachers, gurus, shrinks and fortunetellers who have no heart just accountants.

Last, to keep the intent going, support it with a longer old age than most of us have. Do Yoga and eat Healthfoods, which gives a slight edge to your energy. Gives longevity, clarity. No hanging on the ropes eyes crossed. So maybe you should get two library books. One on yoga, One on healthfoods. And remember. SET UP SHOP. In your heart. Find a mission to blog, to give VOICE to these lessons you learned, a sharing born in your heart. Teaching is more than a start! It's what you will take with you when you go. ALL THAT YOU WILL TAKE on to your next lifetime, to your next family to your next babies.
by Anita who is astrology @