SUPER SIZE ME!!!!! by anita sands hernandezclimb pyramid

Dear Anita...I took  the online, free LUCK IN LOVE seminar. "How to Marry Well." You advise us to marry, not to bother with dinky little careers as a teller at a bank, a clerk in a store and you even laugh at the concept of being a model, actress or rock star but I don't think I'm the stay at home mom type... not now anyway. I don't dream about weddings or babies... if they come ---they come. I can only imagine myself staying at home if I have a home studio and I'm doing something other than taking care of babies full time... painting, sewing... something. To be an Oprah and do works of charity sounds pretty good. I like Oprah. I think she's a role model for us all. It's important for the woman to have her own income... don't you think? And then, how about those girls that married seemingly ordinary men that became millionaires AFTER marriage? signed, SOPHIE.

Dear Sophie, though you're wandering a little I think I know what you're saying. You want kind of talk about the recommendations you found at the LUCK IN LOVE website (PAGE TWO) where I say don't do anything ordinary with your life. Do extraordinary things and better men will want to marry you, Smarter, More entertaining, wealthier and with the talent you have plus a lot of his millions, you can make important changes in the world. Because that's what that website teaches you to do.  And you're also saying that if you have to stay home and raise babies, you want to stay do art to while away the baby's nap time. Otherwise, no babies, thank you.

I think most girls feel the same way at your young stage. I once didn't want children. I wasn't emphatically down on the concept, I just wasn't interested. But Nature GETS us in the palm of her hand. Once a man is adored by you, you obey those subtle signals which dictate to you staying IN A HOME and not socializing much. There are rewards. Raising his babies. And babies are like potato chips. Have just one, you want more. And then you start caring about all the babies on the planet and the headlines begin to speak to you. It just hasn't happened to you yet, but it will.

As for working hard and paying your own rent, hey, you don't have to! You can marry a mid-income guy and sit home and do art, have your rent paid. That's OK. But we're talking about supersizing your life, your consciousness, your abilities. Most girls do that by designing an audacious big city career. They get caught up in wardrobe and work. They make superficial marriages as they're kind of trophy wives. No real content. No juice.

The great women make marriage a profession. Read the biography of Pamela Harriman, called THE LIFE OF THE PARTY. A buck used at ABEBOOKS. She married Churchill, she was Gianni (FIAT CARS) Agnelli's mistress for five years, she married Brooke Hayward's father, Leland, very big in NYC then married Averill Harriman --once the richest man in America. The BUSH family's boss.  She lived for love. Not art, Not a career. She found it important to love great men. Now jewelry was important. She apparantly collected about l00 lbs of gems in settings. So she was not 100% on target. She forgot. Just as EVITA forgot. Built one orphanage and then forgot. But you will not. You want to concentrate on supersizing your SOUL as well as your jewel box.

So the main discipline is.. to start a group that attracts all the sensitive vegetarian, spiritual, yoga student, liberal people in your town to give PARTIES to HELP the latch key kids get scholarships for DAYCARE. Escale to parties for CIVIL WAR TORN COUNTRIES with GENOCIDE. Believe me these activities will have you combing thru the most super wealthy men in your town, the brains, the real opinon makers. Giving such fund raising parties, even on a sloppy hippie level at first, will finally get you get into the local society columns if not the headlines and TV news, a little. Investigate how easy it is to give  FUND RAISING parties for a charity. And when it's your OWN CHARITY you can salary yourself 2k a month cuz you're running something the world needs. So look into getting your Tax-exempt foundation certificate at the local Secretary of State to raise funds for daycares or DARFUR where millions of Sudanese in flight are starving to death and getting trapped, attacked and genocided by the HORRID ATROCIOUS president of SUDAN this killer "ALI. BASHIR". Just google the story or click here above ^  to get the picture. This man was just declared an international war criminal, the president of the country, as he killed so many millions of his own people. Give DARFUR parties. Salary yourself for the bother. You're entitled to. Read up on HOW TO RUN A CHARITY. You don't have to be a career girl and make it big  to do Oprah-sized charitable works. There's nothing to it but to do it. This unlikely, Utopian path is the kind of road that leads to meeting every super rich guy in your town and having your pick of interesting, kind men for husband/father material. Though, if you appeal to billionaires for contributions you meet this list:

Out of l00 girls who grind away at careers, even imposing careers, like working at the Newspaper or TV NEWS, none will make it to the OPRAH level.. Out of l00 thousand, or l00 million, not one will do anything important for a group of people.  Out of 300 Million, maybe ONE girl WILL. Actually two actresses work hard for charities, Angelina Jolie who's new at it, and Mia Farrow who's been doing it for decades. Those are the only two women in the USA who really go on the road for the starving, genocided. Oddly both are MASSIVE MOMMIES, total Baby collectors. And career girls, I guess you could say. So just two besides Oprah. Out of 300 million people here in the USA. So I'm saying, don't accidentally BUMP into the cosmic life, supersize yourself right now. Tomorrow call the Secretary of State in your capital city and ask, 'what does it take to do a Darfur charity?'

Now, as you want to discuss marriage, let's look at marriage and marriage only. Mc Calls and Good Housekeeping magazine statistics tell us that out of l00 women who date regular guys, fifty will marry. Fifty will stay spinsters.

There is a wild card. Out of l00 girls who marry great but regular guys, one will have a hubby who can eventually make a million bucks a year. Not enough to do much good on the planet. But they'll live happily enough on that salary.  Now, on the other side of the street --- Out of l00 dazzling beauties who follow the rules we have mapped out..... & follow them totally and who don't date 'regular' guys, at all, and who do distinguish themselves with spiritual callings, dharmic careers, charity work, of that group, all one hundred will penetrate the blue blood world  of the super rich and will have ---if NOT their pick of these men, will find that out of l00 men they date, of this category, sooner or later, one of these brainy, daring, lucky, smart, ludicrously wealthy men will want to marry this ...beautiful, .more focused angelic girl.  Statistics could probably be worked out on which of these two groups will do an OPRAH charity first: gals who marry regular guys versus gals who marry supersized men.

I'm betting l00 out of l00 of the beauties pursuing the focused line of thinking would get to the altar of a multi millionaire, a few to a billionaire --then land in some unfortunate country like Haiti, Central America, South East Asia, Tsunami country or Africa and open a school like Oprah or fund an orphanage or refugee camp.

I am also betting that not a single regular guy's wife will open anything but a tin can or a quart of milk or pop a box of detergent for the rest of her life. And that's OK if she raises great kids and there's a vibe of love in their house. I think feminine girls are fabulous. But Mia Farrow and Angelina Jolie are quite fabulous too, and Maria Shriver.  And Oprah. Princess Diana. And especially the women on the HEROES INDEX PAGE. We should keep track of women in America who have supersized themselves this way ... who are mothers, wives, career girls and who also work hard for the less fortunate.

If you're an artist now, and forced to get a job to pay rent, then create a living room group to do some spiritual charitable work. I think latch key children in our own cities need daycare.  To raise the funds for a scholarship for a child for a year at a local daycare, a great thing. Start small. Also, run a loveaholics anonymous group to get girls off the street. Find the local beauties, bring them to our free l00 chapter seminar  to study..learn, focus....while they're YOUNG, before they make mistakes and marry idiot hotties.

That might be a kind of INVISIBLE charity but Heaven would notice. Supersize your ambitions, your abilities, your focus, your caring and magic. The Universe will return your magic to you a thousand fold. And that will certainly get you married to an amazing man.