Let's talk girl stuff. Are there really a lot of dumb women around? You know the kind, falling for jerks and making  BAD MARRIAGES. Dragging young kids thru Hell with some deadbeat male, some violent addicted feckless irresponsible cad who should have remained a bachelor but who fathered the dolt’s baby and in the doing the two of them got everybody's heart broken? Well  there are dummies out there we know that cuz there are still people watching Vampire Movies These weirdly wired women exist by the thousand or million. Weaned on fantasy flicks full of sicko doomed love relationships, a high tolerance to pain as their parents were INDUSTRIAL strength cruel jerks, and without the sense of a turkey to come in from the rain. Right now, you are in a fairly prosperous city with thousands of young, beautiful, stupid women who are dating crocodiles and creating economic and emotional grief, sorrow, poverty, trouble. Some of them have smartened up a tad. After a dozen years of dating reptilian slime --if they stayed single and didn’t get pregnant, ---by now they sure KNOW what they don’t want. They don’t want these wannabe rock stars with a beer can and an IPOD. These guys whom they were dating couldn’t pay the rent, or be faithful or wear a condom. Maybe they were disco hunks, but their loyal gal pals are getting round heels and depression fast, almost as fast as they're wising up. SO BE WONDERWOMAN, be a HERO. Put on your iron bracelets and Save them. And make a million. You have business abilities. START A LOVEAHOLICS ANONYMOUS GROUP, a church basement LOVE seminar and TRAINING or a living room group. Dr. Pat Allen has one in L.A. Calif, well two actually one in Orange County. Fabulously entertaining. 100 women go each week. 5$ a head.( ticket was l0$ in the 80s. ) Start one where you live with a local psychologist gal answering questions from the pulpit.

THERE IS A SECOND KIND OF LOVE GROUP.”HOW TO MARRY A MILLIONAIRE” I taught at one, once. A gal pal, big Hollywood matchmaker got me a job for a night, a seminar. Ten smart gals shared the dais; we taught a class at Learning ANNEX on how to marry a Millionaire. I qualified as I’d been working as a palm reader stargazer for forty years giving love readings to every mistress and wife and show girl and tart and hooker and mud wrestling beauty and a few rock stars & movie stars. Also I regularly worked those BIG HOLLYWOOD parties, telling fortunes to the most beautiful girls in town, all starlets and playgirls, ALL wasting their hours with a lot of hot guys, on the Hollywood merry go round --or so I LEARNED. 

THESE girls were suffering, getting NO RESPECT. Any ONE of those ladies could have married a John F. Kennedy Jr, in Houston or SF they’d have married KINGS but no...They are wasting themselves in Hell-A (L.A.) where they can’t even find modeling or acting jobs. I felt then that someone should take these girls off the street and teach them how to socialize and mate effectively, wealthy men so they could liberate all that money locked in vaults and create new age, do good businesses that feeds thousands of single women, as workers. 

Even if we’re talking artisans in third world countries I’m into groups. I created and ran the L.A. Free Screenwriter’s Co-op, which I started and did in my living room for five years. Then opened a bogus literary agency to rep their scripts as it was sooo hard to get an agent in L.A. Taught writing socially relevant (leftist) screenplays. Well, I love groups, being an Aquarian. I want to create another group when I get back to living in LA. (The valley just doesn’t count). I’d start a $UCCE$$ IN LOVE SEMINAR. 

How does that differ from LOVEAHOLICS ANONYMOUS? the other Success in Love group? The difference is the dollar signs. It’s a course on how to fill your heart with love for all humanity instead of 1 man, and how to move your career into hanging with, working for the super-rich so that you can attract a man who wants to be and CAN be a philanthropist so you can work to alleviate suffering by managing his charity money, doing SEVA or ‘spiritual works.’ Basically it teaches beautiful women to RAISE their rifle sights. 

$UCCE$$ IN LOVE SEMINARS would earn its leaders SOME money for their time, (IT’S NOT TOTALLY A DO-GOOD CHARITY ) you’d charge 5$ a head. Where do you find AUDIENCES? These gorgeous women? Well, some of the women who attend the Love seminars might be both young, smart and GORGEOUS, so you’d hand pick a few ladies out of there, create another, separate and very secret, private group to teach “How To Marry a Millionaire” skills again 5$ a meeting, so these women could attract one of the 200 biggest fortunes on the planet, which takes real social navigation skills, sisterhood, apartment sharing all over USA. The training can be done anywhere there are healthy gals but the pursuing a gadzillionaire can only be done in L.A. NYC, Houston, Palm Beach,! Aspen, and maybe Detroit, Chicago..Pittsburg. In USA. Abroad also.

Caveat Numero Uno for such a group is that if a LADY wants to marry a gadzillionaire just to have Armani suits, jewels, Mercedes, or just to get money, she WON’T be able to pull the full scope of this idea off because God won’t help you. The idea is, to be able to put a billion dollars into circulation for the aid of the neediest segment of society. This idea will only work for a woman who IS very beautiful inside and out, totally on healthfoods, very pure, very stylish and STANDOUT and very determined. We would use each other for teachers, to teach the skills WE know, and when we have the videos of our classes filmed, and cards printed, maybe we could start local chapters all over USA with the franchise being FREE! The thing we teach ladies is to stay away from 2nd rate Lotharios, poor, cute men, IGNORANT UNCARING MEN,  freeloaders, users, idiots, uneducated lower classes and disco dreck.

 Loads of discrimination is required because just imagine, when you start being super beautiful, every hot guy is going to come after you. That is a very tempting state of affairs. To lay the groundwork for a technology of speed and direction, some meetings we’d just discuss love FAILURES, temptations, FALLING! Like an AA meeting where everyone contributes their addiction stories, i.e. how this boyfriend or the other took up l0 years of my life and walked out on me for a encourage women not to go on making those mistakes. 

WHAT are the mistakes? Giving to takers. A good woman IS a taker. But not for herself. For the planet. All members get a framed painting of Mother Teresa, I’ll xerox color painting of her I have. 1976 TIME MAGAZINE cover. Put it on an altar at home and pray “Dear God, I want to do something for the planet, may the Spirit that guides Mother Teresa come guide my unconscious.” 

We would learn to do Yoga and meditation at meetings. At other meetings we’d have a health & fitness guru, because girls today are very ignorant of the aging qualities of certain ordinary foods. . Let me send you the files I wrote up from the teachings of California’s HOLISTIC HEALING movement. Also, start charity fund raising parties for the Chinese Homeless from the Quake or Burma’s homeless. Or India or Haiti. Or George Clooney’s Darfur group. INFO ON THIS.

The woman who wants to serve the needy in such an ambitious, pure way cannot be chowing down on burgers and steaks full of uric acid that make her need to sleep l0 hrs a day. YOU CAN eat meat but with a huge spinach salad to get it thru the body fast. And alkaline spinach balances acidic meat. So get real smart about HOLISM, and double your body energy. 


HOW TO PRODUCE A LOVE TEACHING GROUP in your TOWN, make a million a year! 


REMEMBER, SUCCESS IN LOVE GROUPS,  is how to do it. LEARN AND TEACH young women to get their nose out of water, marry well. THE TEACHINGS OF DR. PAT ALLEN are in her book, "GETTING TO I DO" Find it at the USED BOOK STORE ONLINE "ABE BOOKS."


There is one group I haven’t mentioned here, but you’ll come across it at the above URLS. HOW TO MARRY A BILLIONAIRE, for BEAUTIES only. Always CULL the super beauties and teach that class separately. These girls you frequently find in YOGA CLASSES as a Gal CONTENDER for HAVING A BILLION BUCKS cannot be a 2nd or even 3rd chakra MANIAC absorbed in taking in. She has to eat like a butterfly, and work from the 4th chakra, the heart. 

This holiday season you'll go to several parties a month. Hand out the   “SUCCESS IN LOVE” SEMINAR cards, and create a 1st meeting date, AUDIO tape the meetings/ lessons and give these to SISTERS in another CITY who might want to start franchises or chapters there. Start these other franchises yourself. Make it l00% Free to be a SUCCESS IN LOVE franchise. Just keep the MARRY MONEY idea quiet. It would cause a furor. You should see the hate letters I get. But if you want instant publicity, just let the newspaper reporter at the CITY desk know you’re alive and what you’re doing.

The full CONCEPT of this idea can only go to potential older women-organizers at this point. Flyers & phone pole posters are easy to do at xerox, FREE publicity editorials in paper, small ads on bulletin boards at colleges bring girls, Word of mouth takes over for 2nd, 3rd meeting. 

Imagine a poster on phone poles, “SUCCESS IN LOVE SEMINARS” 5$ + fone #. A message machine. At night you return phone calls. Then you merchandise your group, yahoo, twitter, facebook. If Fish Taco wagons can Tweet their location, so can you. You’d have a few meetings of the first group, using a local lady family psychologist, (shrink I call them,) to talk or better yet, just answer questions out of a basket. Then as you see beauties attending, you’d start hand picking a second, secret group. Has to be cuz the publicity would absolutely KILL the scheme. Guys would become wary and the ‘tricks’ used in meeting billionaires would become recognizable. It’ would all end up in PEOPLE Mag embarrassing us all. But done correctly, the training would aim beauties at Aspen, London, shoot them into space like guided missiles. Whaddya think?? 

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