Years ago I watched while a man who had no energy, no talents and not much brains and no profession at all…..made a million dollars. Here is what he did.

He printed up flyers for the WORLD FAMOUS PSYCHIATRIST gives "SUCCESS IN LOVE" SEMINAR" and he instantly created 100 people coming to a meeting in a local church basement, which was led by a real, Jungian therapist, with the aim of teaching women how to be LUCKY IN LOVE. And he got 5$ a head and did it weekly for years, is still doing it. It went up to $l0 in the eighties, but the depression brought it down again.

This man had no college degrees (only charisma, street smarts and a desire to 'forward the action' so that people had happier lives). He didn't know Carl Jung from Karl Marx so he knew he couldn't do it alone. No, he got a local therapist, a peppy, witty gal named Dr. Pat Allen, a Jungian psychologist, --- to lecture at his meetings for free. (She was interested in drumming up a clientele so she did it for no cut of the gate.)

Once a week he held the meeting at a local church and he got "the gate", in meeting/show biz parlance, that is the money. One hundred women and ten men (I counted the house) came to the meeting, paid 5$ in bad times, l0$ in good times.  Meetings were held in churches -- and then when they got too popular, in the convention room of a big hotel.  Four meetings a month in one city, four meetings a month in the other nearby city. Just figure that out on a hand calculator. 110 attendees times five or ten is 4 to 8k a month.  SHEER NET PROFITS because he doesn't need to spend money on FLYERS any more, the group is so famous!

The reason why a LOVE group succeeds is that Love is not easy. It is almost guaranteed that love, courtship or marriage problems will fall in all of our laps sooner or later, due to the deep, basic differences between the sexes. Both men and women would do well to learn about/understand the quirks of the other. Young women, more than men, need to learn about intelligent selection of a mate. Because women CAN learn and are motivated to, hence a love group is not only needed by the community, but when they are started are popular, well attended and make a great deal of money. We all know that businesses that cater to the l8 to 30 group do better than any other kind. That's another reason why this business works.

To start such a group one has only to find a local female psychologist who is a good enough lecturer to grab attention with her wit and wisdom, hence hold together a weekly LOVEAHOLICS ANONYMOUS group, which will segue into a radio show, book sales and recorded tapes of her lectures, all produced by YOU!

How would one go about it? Easy. Get a phone book. Phone up shrinks, say you're thinking of starting the group, would she give one free lecture which will get her CLIENTS. You can't pay her but there's no work for her, no preparing a speech, just answering questions from the girls for two hours. And questions are collected in a basket so the girls don't embarrass themselves. Pen and pencils at desk.

Jungian therapists are an excellent choice as they are very pro Masculine men, feminine women, which 'works' when it comes to love. At first, don't tell the love doctor your full agenda, about regular lectures, radio show. Simply tell her it will be ONE lecture, and that it's good P.R. and will get her plenty of clients, that your job is getting the CUSTOMERS in, and getting her the publicity, and getting ads and newspapers in on it… so you can't possibly PAY her. She'll do it, as she needs more clients. They all do.

USE different psychologists every week until you find that one, born love doctor who has true magic, deep wisdom, spark, charisma and humor who could do a few years of this kind of work and never burn out. A star, not a comet. When you find THAT one, tell her that you will 'produce' lectures, tapes, later a radio show, and "make her a star" so it's important you get a written contract for 50% of the financial action, BEFOREHAND.

You may let her think the work you do is hard, but it's easy to produce a church meeting or a tape of her talk or even a radio show. Then you just give a tape of her lecture to various stations, tell them you will arrange for sponsors, and they will bid for your show. Take the top offer, let them broadcast it for you. Go to local businesses to find sponsors to cover the 500$ fee for the air space. You'll put it together and learn the radio business too.

Women NEED to have Love Gurus. They need to study the ideas that the great lineages have. The Freudian, the Jungian, the Adlerian. There are professionals in your area, in this field, who only need the podium. You will make it available.

A DESCRIPTION OF THE GROUP: Generally 90% of the audience will be women, but l0% men always show up. The psychologist has a basket near podium for written questions, and answers as many as she can. She has a mike and her talk is taped and sold the subsequent week. Homemade posters go on phone poles saying "Love-Aholics Anonymous Group" or "SUCCESS IN LOVE SEMINARS" and a phone number. Get a 4$ a month phone mailbox from phone Co. and record a message on it. "Hello, this week' s meeting is at the Baptist Church, Route 5."

Use flyers on college bulletin boards. I saw an ad, 75$ for 5,000 flyers. Not bad. Don't do mail outs, it's too costly. Simply stick them in every magazine on local racks, in every café, every school. Of course, if you buy a 40$ paid newspaper ad you'll get free plugs in the editorial part of paper. Free "This Week's Activities" columns in newspapers and word of mouth will also bring audiences. Your income is from a 5-10$ charge for attending the group and as well, those sales of the tapes of the previous meeting. When you have l00 people a week you go to all the local radio stations and propose the show to them. Have photos of her well-attended lectures and the psychologist herself to promote the show to station. Get local magazines, papers to interview her for features that will double your attendance.

Next, see if your shrink’s got it in her to write a book. Say she writes "How to Get Lucky at Love" --- Get a list of 'small presses' from the library, submit the MS and sell it. You get the ten percent agent fee when you do this, you know. When the book is out, tour the country putting it on shelves of bookstores. Get to list it. Get her on every t.v. talk show by getting a list of talk shows, their producers' fax numbers from me.

Get your pop guru and her book on talk shows. The book(s) will become best sellers. Then get a list of BIG publishing companies from the National Literary Marketplace, a reference book at the library. Now the big NYC companies will publish her as she's already a proven writer.

By then you'll be rich and famous yourself, traveling the country, meeting interesting people and having a great life as the Mother Teresa of Love. (Or, as the person BEHIND Mother Teresa!)

Who knows what other groups you could lead, that this could lead to? You could do JUST this and make money or you could create a LIVING ROOM UNIVERSITY. (Ask me for THAT file!)

Start talking to psychologists in your area. Don't just give it a try, --no, try is the wrong word. Decide you want to do this and JUST DO IT. Trying is for jerks. DOING is what smarties like you would do.

A man called George did this for Dr. Pat Allen exactly as I describe and her radio show is a fixture of L.A. radio, her book "GETTING TO I DO" is a top seller and she's on all the T.V. talk shows in America which is publicity for her shows and books!

You can be involved in this type of activity for no start up capital, yet make a fortune, without being the principal, or the psychologist. Or if you want, do it as a living room group, you be the moderator, and have group input. No shrink present, but women share their common sense. Or you, as an adult survivor of terrible marriage your folks had, or bad loves YOU had, moderate the group. You give your 'take' on the question, then invite group input.

So if you want to use a psychologist, get out the yellow pages and talk to every shrink in town. Put the idea out to them. You'll run it, you just need them to come once a week. There is a power formula for languaging, to get what you want from anyone. Tell them a long list of things you're going to do for them, first. I'm going to make you famous, run your radio show, do all the creating work for your own private seminar or group, all you have to do is show up. I need that from you. Show up.

Find your Local Love Doctor. Get a local church to take chump change for holding the meeting there. Launch your FAMED LOVE DOCTOR on your town, and in the big cities in your state, and eventually on the whole country!