The Modern Mistress
When I was a single mother of four children, with no way to date, no man who'd even consider me even for friendship (!) I became the mistress of a married hollywood screenwriter. Rich, two oscars brilliant, personable, an alpha male. For the next thirty years, it was like being a barrel going over a waterfall. Regular break ups, years apart, sorrow, yearning, missing him, getting back together for a new honeymoon, afternoons chez moi, then the final sonata where he's on a death bed which I cannot visit. So I feel I know what's up in 'mistress world.' DEFINITION of mistress is 'sleeping with a married man regularly." Another, more jocular one: "What goes on between a married mister and a mattress is a mistress. It's a non union job but women like me will take it. -- I take that back, it's not exactly a JOB when the chemistry is right! And it's not NON union cuz there's a lotta UNION goin' on. (Groucho smirk, cigar tap and Raised eyebrows)

Mistressing is about love, passion, romance, loyalty....just not to the wife who's left out of the quotient. Only two professional, talented liars can pulls this off. If you two are really feeling LOVE FEELINGS, this is a kind of HONEYMOON. It can have a lifespan of a few years, even. IF conditions are pleasant, romance-supporting i.e. trysts, "dates" whatever you call them, a delightful dinner, talk then romancing. Weekend getaways. That mindless delight can go on for years. Two, three, even four or five. HOWEVER the enemy is MIND. What scientologists call BANKY MIND. Everyone has issues. They start to collect injustices. Those most likely to arise in the female's MIND, I think and are "SHORT SHRIFT-related." IN other words, the deal I got cut --- SUCKS!

She realizes that other girls have a home with the man, rent paid, babies,
and are settling down into FAMILY LIFE. She sees that other girls are starting
to own a home. Other girls can GARDEN with their mate, COOK with their mate.
Go to Disneyworld with their mate or even go to Paris.

And if she knows anything about law, that OTHER girls will get THEIR man's
pension so they will have a safety net when they are 60 plus and can't work.
(in USA, if you are married at least l0 yrs, no matter how many times he
replaces you, you get a SOC SECURITY pension. Meaning he can have ten other
subsequent wives, you still have protection in old age.

The intricacies of widow's pensions should be studied. It's enuf to go
make a gal find a guy w. high blood pressure and give him ten fun years
and as they get to year nine, serve him salted popcorn a lot.
Microwaved, with those transfats.


                                               ODE TO A KEPT GIRL

When heaven gave out choices.
the girls all stood in line
for men who'd observe vows,
of yours ours and mine.

But LUCY WISE was not too bright.
though named so, loud and clear.
She went to the wrong damn line.
where drunken, married guys would leer.

They'd call out her shapely features
they'd promise her a ride.
and boy that's what she got.
Time lost and n'er a bride!

I've been in that line, too.
Rue choices that I made.
In my old age I warn girls.
rebellion gets you PLAYED!

*    *        *