MHZ WORLD VIEW, a Great Channel exists full of International mysteries, with subtitles. Sometimes on DIGITAL TV WAVES.

Can't afford cable? Want superior mysteries, cop procedurals? I have a digital converter box at northern edge of Los Angeles and for a while, I could receive PBS KCET  and watch new mysteries nightly on their 'fourth' channel. 28.4

MHz may still be available to the DIGITAL CONVERTER BOX user, who
does not have cable, on some PBS stations. In LA it was KCET Ch 4.
MHZ is also on satellite, on DirecTV national channel 2183. You can
also watch online at their MHZ website. Though I have no idea how that is done.

The above URL has the newest cop shows from Italy plus mentions the many
others Swedish/ French, Aussie, German, on MHZ International Mystery channel.

DON MATTEO features this Italo-German APOLLO of sixty years, TERENCE HILL as
a priest who sleuths. His expression is soulular, tender,  kindly, concerned and
more than a little piquant and cherubic in happy moments. He is very winning. Proof?
I have even DREAMT of him.

The God Apollo reborn as a kindly village priest but also, an intuitive SLEUTH!
Terence Hills is absolutely DELICIOUS But this is like a Candy shop!

Inspector NARDONE's actor is such a ringer for Giancarlo Giannini, big star in
the 70's that I'm looking for Lina Wertmuller!

Very dishy star, fascinating post WWII setting (1947) to the show. Really into CRITICIZING MUSSOLINI AND THE FASCISTS. Ripping ITALY a new one for that period of history. The WRITING is WISE, so the two brothers who wrote this show up as UNUSUALLY POLITICAL. Mostly BOZOS write those Italian scripts as compared to the SWEDES and ENGLISH with intricate plot and a High reality quotient. Italians get a little zany. Or sticky bun sweet at times

Then there's Inspector Coliandro, an out and out major clown. He's a handsome enough young man but has a Chaplinesque or Buster Keaton side. They wrote him as a schlepper. And it works.  He's an over the top schlepper, impulse driven, not afraid to make a fool of himself. Which is right for one night a week when you need that kind of a man around.

But then there's the heavy artillery: The two male stars of "LA PIOVRA", (translation, "The Octupus") On this show, valiant Italian Justice system fights the Mafia doing so on many fronts, some in the courts, but mostly in the streets.
Filmed in the 80's when big shoulders on women were in style so all the women look nuts but the writing... wow, icicle gripping. Like M15, the British spy drama, the producers are NOT afraid to kill off their stars. First five years of this Italian show, MICHELE PLACIDO starred. After a dozen episodes, He got taken down in a hail of machine gun bullets. Italy went crazy with grief.

See, Michele? That's what you get for never once laughing during FIVE years of PIOVRA.

They instantly replaced him with the Italian Charles Bronson, Vittorio Mezzogiorno

Their Mafia banker Tano Cariddi (below)was so sexy they had to enlarge his part, making him a star
Remo Girone his real name. Became a NOVA in Italy from this show.

So if you think the best thing ITALY has to offer is named Ferrari or Chianti, check again!

PIOVRA also has a murderous hitman who takes a woman's baby to get her to shut up about the murder she witnessed.. She is blamed for the murder and has to confess to it or her baby will get killed, they tell her, but the very brilliant thing the writers did, they have the hitman take the baby home and become the perfect nanny then FATHER for a while. That deserves its own FILM!

I was fuming about this toddler Francesca having to live with me
but now I'm the perfect Daddy! She's my little bambina!

Great writers for all these shows. My point is, this channel beats CBS or NBC!

And there's more. Inspector Brunetti's show is ostensibly a Venetian cop (authoress Donna Leone is a Venezia dwelling American woman who wrote the series of highly cultured novels) but the actors, language, producers all German.  They love to take over another country's most artistic things or cities, They just adored the setting of Venice, it's a wonder Hitler never invaded.  The hero/ the actor was caught jailed for a year in East Germany, his home country for trying to get into the West before Brandenberg Gate fall. He is a very sympathetic actor. In the interviews, documentaries that follow the drama, we meet him. He is obviously the sweetest most sensitive guy ever. A Gentle man. Background in 'theatre.'

Back to ITALY. There's this over the top, peppy adorable gladiator Salvo Montealbano

Almost as gorgeous, the southern coast of SICILY. Blue beaches, Beautiful scenery, sun baked parched land where you couldn't believe they could grow even a tomato.

FOG AND DARKNESS starring hunk SONERI is serious. This serious series is gripping

All of the inspectores are gorgeous hunks. Coliando is the cop clown. Slapstick, Self depricating. Closest to  Chaplin or Benigni. *(LIFE IS WONDERFUL oscar winner.) RUFUS SEWELL stars in one. Can't recall if english or subtitles. could be more
gripping if the gorgeous lawyer would not be such a dogooder. Diabetics
can't watch this show.

After a year of watching different Italian series,
I note a new one has shown up: Inspector VIVALDI has
a handsome, sensitive son who to please Dad, has gone onto the force.

All the above come from RAI (Ex Pres Berlesconi owns it) and all are produced by girls,
each producer is a different, beautiful woman! Oh that Berlesconi

FRANCE offers  the classic Simenon hero, MAIGRET  with Bruno Cremer portraying the Paris Cop sleuth. If you google, you'll find that in last half century  a dozen actors have portrayed him, including Jean Gabin.

Now, MHZ does not offer the many ENGLISH mysteries, cop procedurals, George Grantley is great.  Inspector LEWIS .. theOxford mysteries, terrific. They are the most complex in the tradotopma;. Agatha Christie truly maze-like plot way. The Brit mind is convoluted. And of course Masterpiece Theatre has done beaucoup Agatha and Sherlock. MHZ has no deals with the Brits. Cuz the Pound is too strong against the dollar, I guess. Brits anyway, that's a PBS thing, traditionally but MHZ kicks back as they offer the NORDIC SLEUTHS and the SWEDES, GERMANS, TURKISH. Finns SWEDES and Danish do the scariest murders. Hard edged, weird criminals, way way more plotted, complex thinking than the Italian screenwriters.

 My favorite was the one year series entitled "Anno 1790" set a year after the French Revolution when seeds of sedition were threatening the repressive Swedish King, two centuries ago. Etches itself in your mind. Very intense. Stockholm cop in this refrigerator climate but the thinking of that century is even more dangerously chilly. Anno 1790 is ravishing in spite of snowy shack village. plots, actors, the TIME.

Another Swedish show comes from the novels of Henning Mankell, -- the books that have become WALLANDER   Kenneth Branagh did the third series, shot by Brits. There have been many Wallanders though. MHZ has had earlier ones. PBS has the last one.

Modern day "BECK is a Stockholm cop who MHZ offers. He has several associates who also star, a Hunk cop an an efficient girl cop.

MHZ has two other girl cops, MARIA VARN a  widowed cop middle age gal: and Detective Irene Huss Jujitsu cop, married with two brat daughters, real pains in the ass.

Van Veeteren likeable senior cop, end of series he's retired, owns a book store but still is helping the force solve crimes. Great show.

And Stieg Larsson,Dragon Tattoo famous,   you want to check him out..
but the books are better, longer so why waste time on film unless it's free. Which so far for me, a digital converter box user, they are!