IRRATE READER of my "MARRY WELL" website CALLS the STUDENTS seeking to marry Billionaires "WHORES!"

THE LUCK IN LOVE WEBSITE sends a simple message to students: 'SURF THE info-mational URLS (politics, activism, science, history, culture,) and get educated, then marry a billionaire. I send out the LIST OF BEST and most educational WEBSITES to lovely ladies in all cities across USA and EUROPE, girls who need to MOVE AWAY FROM FOOLISH JOBS, FOOLISH MEN, foolish love affairs and dates where the guy's plastic is no good and the girl has to pay 200$ for dinner and still get jumped.

I say 'don't go out shopping every weekend....stay home and surf the web and learn stuff you can use in conversations." RATICAL ORG has a main page, but click on the mouse to get to the WHISTLEBLOWER PAGES.

I do all this work to get girls smart and married to opinionmaker men, and there's always one reader who has an attitude about my take on life, who gets her knickers in a twist. CHURCH lady just wrote me saying 'you are  teaching girls to be WHORES!" (LETTER POSTED BELOW)

The MAIL OUT that provoked this was: Girls, I want to reiterate our MISSION STATEMENT: THE SUCCESS IN LOVE training is about really young and beautiful girls who haven't paid attention, who were coasting on their looks, but who now are going to STUDY and become as smart as KISSINGER!

YOU SHOULD see some of our members. BEYOND MARILYN MONROE. Sadly, many have slacked off on studies. One or two are DUMB as ditch carp, getting kept by sleazeball bozo guys, so they're virtually tied to a bed, unable to circulate freely. And they're doing that for RENT MONEY! And some are in that deal only they call it marriage.

We encouraged such prisoners of love to walk out and find a fellow list member as a roomie and live frugally until REAL LOVE walks in. One did.  She left an abusive musician and now she works in a BEVERLY HILLS BANK and hopefully getting started on learning the ASIAN STOCK MARKET...and now, instead of BILLY ROCKER, she dates tycoons! WHOOPEEE! But ladies who choose to get kept? HOW CAN THEY DATE if they're Kept? KEPT lasts a year or two, then you're old and beat up and cynical. WE ARE THIS LIST are aiming at WEDDING RINGS! You don't get it if you don't aim at it.

THen there are some of our list girls who work for those strip clubs or ESCORT services. How do you hold your head up dating Mr. Blue Blood at his family's country club when you do that? When day in, day out you lie to your friends and parents about how you can rent that three bedroom home.

That will also prevent a gal's meeting and marrying so I work hard to get them to think twice and aim for head high & the country club. I urge them to FORGET their shortsighted 'grab the dollar' wanton ways and go learn typing or like Princess Diana, work in a daycare. Or do bookkeeping. Or learn about real estate. One client of mine, tired of being beat up in HOLLYWOOD, took a few weeks of a real estate course, got hired by big office, just sold a 1.7 million dollar building. She sells commercial real estate. Is about to get her commission! You could do that or learn about daytrading ...also you meet such great men in the UNIVERSITY EXENSION COURSE ON SOCK TRADING. Could be there's a job in it later. Imagine Marilyn Monroe in a Wall Street banking office. She'd marry the top CEO! Actually these corps pay you to be trained on job site and use you as brokers. I once knew a Chinese girl driving her own ROLLS ROYCE who was trained to know the internat'l stock and bond market. They trained her because of her looks. So raving beauties do more than the 'WORKING GIRL" flick (MY FAVE) with Melanie Griffith showed.

A SUCCESS IN LOVE girl is pretrained at the factory to do import/export with the starving third world, impressing her hubby and his friends with her charisma. He marries MONROE but gets Mother Teresa. MEN get very proud about that. They will put a lot of money in that woman's hands. So I sent a reminder:

 LADIES be sure to visit the FORBES MAGAZINE SITE MILLIONAIRE LIST, nowadays of course, it's a billionaire list. 

And my email continued, "don't forget! The worlds' wealthiest men are indeed out there. CLICK on that URL and you'll see them, but DON'T THINK ABOUT THEM specifically, only in a generic sense. Think about the unknowns Billionaires of the FUTURE on their way up in KEY INDUSTRIES. Information, manufacturing. Retailing, POLITICS. Technology.

Then in all my writings I tell beauties to think of abandoning show biz and especially getting out of the stripping industry, GETTING OUT of dancing, acting, entertainment and the beauty /cosmetic "GIRLIE WORLD'' and moving INTO the SKYSCRAPER world where THESE guys are busy making billions. BIG BUSINESS.

See, SHOW BIZ is limited, short time jobs, low pay and then the men throw you out as they sense you're a narcissist. They date narcissists for a while to USE them but then move on to the new, younger girls. So these careers attract morally defunct males. You're maybe good til age 30 tops, and at that point it is SAYONARA and so degenerating to the inner you. It is also exploitative at best, meaning age l8-30 it's a DUMP! WHY ARE YOU SMILING? ALSO, Get out of the "girlie" world, i.e. lady's retail, make up, show biz, modelling, even fashion.

HOW DO YOU ENTER BIG BUSINESS? Take one course in touch typing, or get free TOUCH TYPE CLASS software online, MAVIS BEACON, google that name, + software, + free online. It's SHARE WARE. That means you can download it into your pc in seconds. ONE HOUR LATER YOU ARE TOUCH TYPING! Practice for a week until you hit l00 words an hour. Then work at huge corps, and quit if there are no interesting men there. Find another big corp. Keep moving.

NEXT study the way PC's work, either thru tekkie pals or trade school. Master all the MICROSOFT WORD/ OFFICE secrets! For that I went to adult high school, their office is at a high school, opens 6 pm, 15$ a semester. They use the kids' PC's in the classrooms, usually 7-9PM. I adored adult high school! Went there for many subjects leaving the four kids at home watching TV while I was at the nearby high school they attended in the daytime!

THEN you want to get a peachy job in the REAL WORLD. See THE JOB INDEX. This last URL  is the "Compleat job market" URL & you want to bookmark! (In Ancient English they spelled compleat that way, so don't fuss).

SO I am so earnst and such a professional mother to all and I post this letter and WHAT DO I GET BACK by return EMAIL? AN APPLE FOR THE TEACHER?? NAHHhhh, there's always one girl clinging to her loose screw who puts a rotten egg on teacher's chair. Read:

Dear Anita: Kindly do not tell me that I am worthless after 30, as I am already 35
and have found far more fulfillment as an artists' model, fine artist,
and performance artist than I ever did in the corporate world.

(I agree, You are in a great world. But you are not the girl I speak to. YOU ARE AN ARTIST
on the LEFT BANK, not a stripper! You, even as a model in the painter's world
can achieve marriage and children with a billionaire. But as a loose flower, stripper, starlet, hooker, only
a cop  would marry you. ) Though ONE call girl did marry a billionaire. ( BIO OF HEATHER, BEATLE WIFE)

She goes on: "Typing and computer courses just made me another hungry rat in the race. Now
that I have left it, I might have less money, but I am no longer a
slave, nor am I whorring (sic) out my soul to companies who do things that I
find morally abhorrent (which is most of corporate America these days).

Nor do I wish to partner myself with one of these psychically destitute
souls climbing his way up the corporate ladder, just so I can feed the
world on his blood, sweat, and tears. I and others like me will save
the world on our own merits, thank you, preferably without selling our
souls to Mammon to do it. signed  Miss Duke!.

                                                                            How to
                  Marry a Billionaire, a free online seminar for

                                                                    Did she just call us WHORES?

Dear Miss Duke: At 35 you are too old to marry a billionaire. You may be angry about that. Don't be. You can find a satisfying role in life. Teach the young, new girls NOT TO GIVE themselves away to hot jocks but to instead, marry billionaires and create third world trade. Become a trainer like me. I give it away free but you can charge. I have tons of articles posted at the LOVE SITE on how to do these groups and make a million a year.

AIM at being a Tycoon's wife doing import export. THE CONCEPT of going to the villages where suffering natives now starve. 30,000 babies die every single day of hunger. You can start creating trade, and exporting the designs which you give them (as artisanry) to Paris, London. NYC, Houston, Switzerland and sending money back to the third world is something I talked about in the FREE ONLINE COURSE IN HOW TO MARRY A BILLIONAIRE

YOU MAY BE HAPPY doing strip and sit, i.e. as an artist's model but my dear, with your wisdom, think about training the girls of the future not to spend their first 35 yrs dawdling. OR MODELING which is the same thing. And to get on with the business of meeting the moguls. OUT OF l00 moguls you date, you find one you love. SO it's not WHORING. Or as you spell it, "whorring."

Not just from your spelling do I see that YOU do not study and you certainly don't read. If you had read the free 50 chapter (more now, nearly sixty chapter,) SUCCESS IN LOVE TRAINING you wouldn't be screaming at me about my teaching girls to go WHORRING. I teach GORGEOUS YOUNG WOMEN to work jobs in the world where billionaires are, to heal elderly women who are very rich, entering new age healing jobs, and I train them for free in doing that. I teach them to party with royalty, date brains, flirt with the wittiest men in the world and to LEARN from them, learn to have GRADE A CONVERSATIONS, and study and read so they can do so.

I teach girls to use their EXTREME BEAUTY and have confidence in its POWER and to turn on that POWER MOTOR.... then to hit the RACES at DEAUVILLE, THE KENTUCKY DERBY where all the posh drips go, travel the entire planet, and obsess, --but never obsess about MEN  as they do now --- but obsess about doing import export as a STARVATION  RIDDING charity, and getting other people excited about the work, too!

OUR HORSE CAME IN. Let's put the $ in a
Or the Congo rape victims? Or the mutilations,
and circumcision victims. Do they still kill
girl babies in China? Your LORDSHIP?


Men fall for women who care, charismatic girls. It may be that you don't want to get involved with the OPRAH WORLD of mistreatment of women, rape, maquilladora murders, (just south of the border,) Muslim world/ African  circumcision MESS and INDIAN incest, child brides and Father-in Laws and Mother in laws who abuse the bride, (SEE DOCUMENTARY "PINK SARIS" but Ms DUKE, I DID NOT SAY YOU WERE WORTHLESS!!??  I said that young girls, (and I expected you WERE one of the young ones, sorry I pulled your sore pigtail there,)  might be wasting time in show biz. That you were making an ecstatic living 'Strip sitting' wouldn't have occurred to me! (Artist's modeling, as you call it. )

Most of the lovelies on this list are l8-25...we have 250 members, so that was sent to all, had no idea you were over 30! I'd have never sent it to YOU had I an idea you were neo-geriatric! It was a LIST mail out! Miss Duke?  WHERE'D YOU GO?

SO Miss Duke wherever you went, Can't you think twice? If you're too old to do it, then TEACH, I SAY! Why not run the Luck in LOVE franchise in your city. It's free. Start in a church basement! SUCCESS IN LOVE SEMINAR 5$ a head. In my town, the guy who did it got a lady psychologist to go up to the podium...he sold her book to BIG NYC publishing co. He sold her radio show on the air here. Made her a star. He owns ten percent maybe more of a baby OPRAH! I am always citing Dr Pat Allen's book as a great one. "GETTING TO I DO." Unfort, her info is only in book; her website gives you NOTHING FREE... but I took all of her teaching and put it at LUCK IN LOVE WEBSITE. She does the Teaching, at her meetings in LA...I guess that's the real job. Ticket costs 10$ a meeting. Los Angeles group pulls in 100 people, 5% are men, oddly enough.