Too bad my heart beats at over 140 if I get near grass because it was a good psychdelic, a subway to the feeling center that Art Janov talked about, (Primal  Scream which is an EMOTIONAL RELEASE method to expunge the blues..) Of course FREUD DUG a well of insight but that took y ears of therapy whereas with grass, one puff and the insights began to pile on. ALL ANSWERS to issues Plus on some of the 'trips' simple Nirvana bliss of the Buddhists, but if you knocked, the God Door opened and you stepped right through that portal. But not to worry. After a few YOGA CLASSES, some of that same mojo was around all day and night. No two hours and then crash. So Yoga was a more reasonable form, really.. But high consciousness is the target, the shmaltz, the vision, the perceptions, the quick clicking of the synapses, the continual ‘GETTING IT.’ The AHA!’s as the Master Jules called them. I think maybe he got that from WERNER.

WISDOM in any dose, big full time or small, occasional doses, is welcome. Wisdom is like a message from the heavenly Compass, saying NORTH Is that way; adjust your heading accordingly. Nowadays I am too lazy for all that yoga shmoga stuff so I trip with books which may seem strange, but there actually are books that trigger psychic or transcendent episodes in one.Almost as good as an hour of KUNDALINI YOGA and some chanting and some meditation. And a book can always lead you to the real stuff. So, let’s speak of one BOOK that firsthand, I saw do its magic. It can trigger psychic phenomena in you.

I just read the best COLIN WILSON non-fiction book,PSYCHIC DETECTIVES! As you read stories of ARCHAEOLOGISTS who are able to have psychic takes on pot shards, on ancient man, or MEDIUMS who find criminals, bodies, you get this deep feeling of rising amazement: WOW THIS E.S.P stuff, these detectives solving crimes, these little English psychics, paranormal researchers, investigators are the real deal.

Well, that combo of fascination, faith and excitement somehow TRIGGERED a psychic state in this reader. I'm not kidding. It inspired me to be psychic, to have a psychic experience after reading it. I put the book down and as I started to doze, I instantly was inundated by voices murmuring phrases, fragments of audible sentences! 

THIS NEVER happened to me ever! Well once. I heard a voice once, (I was mindlessly washing dishes,) it was saying, "There will be a BIG earthquake". I put the collectible CHINA on the floor, warned my kids and a few astrology clients and voila, the BIG L.A QUAKE!

But this is the first time a book ever triggered psychic abilities. The writer is a famous guy in OCCULT circles. I remember, back in the mid50's when Colin Wilson was first discovered, called a genius, I read his first book. At age 25, he wrote a book called "The Outsider" England went nuts over him. Most unique was the man was self-educated; he had researched the theme (great artists who are bizarre or going the opposite way of society,) in the reading rooms of the London museum and library. Though interesting, THE OUTSIDER is not his best book. THE NEXT FIFTY BOOKS WERE! It's just that the sober, serious subject made his fame. (Famous authors who were outsiders, I guess like the odd looking Mr. Wilson.

After the OUTSIDER, Wilson began a lifetime of psychic investigation-- I hear BEYOND THE OCCULT is one of his best.. He wrote science fiction briefly, MIND PARASITES was one of my faves, SPACE VAMPIRES very good, was made into a scary TOBE HOOPER movie. One SCI FI novel was it Mind parasites? was about ways to trigger SUPER INTELLECT. So he was writing about himself. Probably written before GINGKO brain FORMULAS got popular! So I wonder what he was using.

I remember being in LONDON once and just going into every used book store looking for old COLIN WILSON BOOKS. What else besides used bookstoress that is good there, Fish and Chips and INDIAN IMPORTS! Liberty for Fabrics and BOOTS CHEMISTS for their own brand of Familia granola and all their skin creams.

ANYWAY, the book I read that triggered E.S.P was PSYCHIC DETECTIVES, about the great English and European psychics, some MEDIUMS (like the TV SHOW the MEDIUM with Ms Arquette) some researchers. In it, he recounts all the DIFFERENT ways that the great psychics do their stuff. FOR INSTANCE, there are psychics who walk among archaeological digs, touch pot shards and can tell by psychometry how Ancient Man lived, made love, thousands of years ago, how they dressed, ate, cooked and who neanderthals were as opposed to Cro Magnons, (YIN BRAINED, he claims,) while CRO MAGNONS were YANG BRAINED!....

This book recounts the feats of psychics who touch the murdered person's bed linens, like in a room where they once lived.....and then, they can tell exactly where the body is located!

Well, I put book down, lay down in bed, fell into some kind of demi-stupor and instantly had two psychic experiences! Each more bizarre than the other, involving voices, words, confessions given to me!

Now, this must be my week for such stuff. An ODD SYNCHRONICITY: Not a week ago I had gone to bed, it was about dawn, or 7 am, I was not quite asleep. When a PSYCHIC PROMPTING HIT ME, --the feeling that I MUST get up and take some CO ENZYME Q 10.  I never had such a strong feeling hit me and I have two dozen vitamins in the house, why that one?  STILL I was in bed so I didn't and I couldn't imagine what made me have such a thought! Next day my most sensitive and psychic child, out of four, called and he said "this morning, I was thinking about your health, you need CO ENZYME Q TEN!...this pill, this vitamin" I had gone to bed at dawn as usual. SO our thought beams HAD VECTORED! I mean, SOME FORCE of NATURE made me want to get out of bed and go get some WEIRD SUBSTANCE off the shelf! I MEAN it was like being in the grip of your MOTHER IN LAW, that forceful. PS now I take it twice a day. Good as gold.

I have other stories that prove to me that psychic things exist. But take a look at "THE PSYCHIC DETECTIVES by Colin Wilson, "SOLVING crimes by ESP, Astonishing true cases of psychic phenomena" it says on its cover. Do a search on ABE BOOKSyou'll find many COLIN WILSON BOOKS, including many of this one, for a dollar. They have JEFFREY GOODMAN's PSYCHIC ARCHEOLOGY.THE BACK OF WILSON's book has a LIST of titles you can get used.  I always order 2 different books at same time so the S&H is cheaper. Then I  send the book vendor garden seeds so they cut me deals thereafter!They remember me via my hollyhocks and rainbow warty gourds!

Check up on this guy, make him part of your daily reading! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colin_Wilson

ONLY ONE other author has sent me into these astral dimensions. I had another incidence of wild astral events back in 1967 after reading one of TUESDAY LOBSANG RAMPA's best books. "CHAPTERS OF LIFE" and “You Forever.” He also wrote DOCTOR FROM LLASHA, THE THIRD EYE and a dozen others...After reading Rampa's lesson on astral travelling, OFF I WENT.  INTO THE WILD BLUE YONDER! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lobsang_Rampa

SO, take a moment, try a little LIFESTYLE CHANGE,  a little RX TO TONE UP your PSYCHIC POWERS, besides reading these inspiring books which will enable you to DEVELOP your ASTRAL MIND.

A.) Give up all YANG BRAIN STIMULANTS. Coffee, tea, sodas.You want more liver clogging LATTEs OR E.S.P? You CHOOSE which you want. YIN BRAIN is the seat of all the SIDDHIS, (magic powers.).

B.) Zone out from time to time during the day. Zoning is good. It's when the INTERESTING stuff happens. Your YIN brain flips thru unexpected thoughts, impressions, finds an enlarged SEEING potential (compared to YANG brain.) Coffee won’t let you do it ya know.

C.) Do YOGA basics so you can learn how to throw body energy up to third eye, lift it out of lower chakras. Yoga directs electric currents to areas in brain which have psychic ability. How many psychics got that way with a blow to the head? MOST!

d.) Lift your mind out of lower chakras all the time. You can't live in JERSEY and SWITZERLAND at the same time! DESIRE has to go.

e.) Practice. Send messages to friends. ODDBALL THINGS like 'lay's potato chips' to a pal on a diet. or 'call me,' to the sweetie who won't talk to you. Or 'vision of SEAN CONNERY naked" to that PTA prude. YEAH
that'll work ! When they're good and tormented, you call them and say, have you been craving Sean Connery in a bed of Lay's chips?

f.) Talk to animals. PRACTICE sending by sending pictures or thoughts that are NOT VERBAL....like animal sized messages. Practice sending from third eye region, -- reassuring pictures, you holding them, always taking care of them, or food pictures. You feeding them. And little pink hearts. Or send them BIRDS impressions of BIRDS flying by their head. See if they look around! And when you get real good, LISTEN to animals. Some meows are scared, some are depressed, some are needy, some just say hello.

g.) read these URLS that I found by googling "Evidence that psychic phenomena exists" You can google up any combination of words. "PSYCHIC PHENOMENA" and find   great files.

LAST, if you can, take a toque of grass or a few mikes of acid or mescaline or peyote or morninglory seeds but not those sprayed at the factory. Grind in blender after you let seeds sit in water overnight.

SEARCH for the best books/ writers used at used book shops & at ABEBOOKS.com


“Third Eye” “Dr. from Llasha,” all a buck or two tops if you use MY METHOD TO ORDER BOOKS at ABE BOOKS.
“You Forever” “Chapters of Life” or ANYTHING by author TUESDAY LOBSANG RAMPA, as they INSPIRE your E.S.P

ALAN WATTS,Robert Anton Wilson,SRI AUOBINDO who was writing l00 yrs ago. A LOT. Tons of titles. Abe him.

Dr. DICK ALPERTBABA RAM DAS, his other name).

Anything by Brit COLIN WILSON! His “Psychic Detectives” inspires your own E.S..P MIND PARASITES a good one. His CRIMINOLOGY series are not as ‘inspiring.’ But maybe instructional.USE ABE BOOKS to find all his occult titles but avoid his fascination in serial killers. ABEBOOKS and how to USE THEM

PALM READING: Charlotte Wolf “HUMAN HAND” (hands of loonies and retards)

CHEIRO’s many books on palmistry.

Soul of the Universe by Stromberg where he proves that God exists and can be proven with PHYSICS. Guy was a physics PH.d.