*SUN/ BACCHUS Mars/ Neptune and MOON were in a T SQUARE with fixed star REGALUS, the 'star of kings'  Thursday May 20th..2010. Such a huge t square with SO MANY planets is the sign of a BIG BAD EVENT.  You get many malefics together, you have trouble.  NEPTUNE can be a malefic, so can Mars. BACCHUS is just greed. (Bacchus or Transpluto it's called also, doesn't show up on many online star maps as few stargazers USE Bacchus. doesn't believe Bacchus is out there beyond PLUTO. I DO.

SUN/Nep Bach on the high side creates conmen but after very ritzy booty. Sun/Nep is big time theft.  Neptune in Aquarius these days is  toxins, poisons around, like the air contamination of the Iceland volcano  costing air corps hugamungus money.  Nep Bach in any link rules conmen. NEPTUNE also, oddly, rules oil and oil producers and we saw what that's doing these days.  But BACCHUS is the key to this. It is exactly conjunct FIXED STAR REGALUS which rules KINGS and Bacchus rules opulent treasures! So when MOON LINKD with Mars, Neptune, Bacchus,  Regalus, Moon and SUN... the very day, and you get 5 Braque/Picasso/ Modigliani paintings worth from 123 million to some experts say, a half billion --  stolen in PARIS, as master thieves entered the Modern Art Museum near the Eiffel tower in the wee hours I'm guessing burglar think, perhaps around 3 am . Throwing a chart for that moment places NEPTUNE on the RISING POINT, so we must be right!

Such an array --at worst is theft, -- can be scandal. This configuration is subtle, sneaky too. It can space you out or do magic for you. Sun 28 Taur squa. Nep 28 AQUAR. NEPTUNE can be  altruistic, humanitarian and radical or just blurred, toxic. WIth this aspect, we find Lots of allergies in play now as it's pollen season. Aquar is air born toxins. Volcano dust in air plane motors. Neptune is God of the ocean, and we all know how toxic he is these days. So this is a major planetary crisis in 28 degrees of fixed signs.

Sun is in penultimate degree of TAURUS square Neptune last degree AQUARIUS so there's a lesson or two to be learned. One is, when your alarm system is in le shoppe, put le flic in the musee!

Wall Street's birthday is l7 MAY smack under this t square so so there's all kinds of stock market drama on the planet now. NYSE seems to have lost 10% of her value in just one month.  But on the other side, Neptune is in airy fairy Aquarius so the highside is that ideals rule,and same day as art theft,  the Demos got a finance reform bill thru Congress.

The presence of REGALUS conjunct BACCHUS is the KINGS OF IMPRESSIONISM, Modigliani, Picasso. And then, some really FAMOUS painters!

Some saudi King or bankster pirate no doubt ordered the theft, for his private viewing pleasure. And that means these works will never be seen again.


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