THE TEMPEST WITHIN, the one that destroys LOVE by Anita Sands, part of the “LOVE 101” SUCCESS IN LOVE ONLINE COURSE

The greatest teacher from India, Ramakrishna, a l9th century contemporary of Abe Lincoln, said "beware of only two things, love of the opposite sex and love of money." Both of these items are highly crazy-making to us. Your negative thoughts on these two items, money and love, get too intense, carry you along into the treacherous tide of the passions and can drive you nuts and make you do things you later regret.

And if you make a lot of mistakes, in school, in courtship, in job and marriage choices, and if your mind is still going like Niagara Falls, full of rushing thoughts, inner jammer, a torrent of thought-pain about what you had, what you lost, great love, a great future, some great man ---jeez lady, you better not have children because the vibration you bring into your home will make them very psycho, very fast.

The first thing to do is clean up your mind. Learn to GET OFF IT, at will. If you missed Harry Jeff or JOE in this lifetime, another lifetime, God may give him to you. If you’re over fifty and alone, don’t worry. Sooner or later, God will give you the perfect mate, or even that ex-sweetie or ex-hubby or that college sweetheart you pine for. Next lifetime you’ll have it and why? Because this lifetime you learned that behavioral lesson. That you are responsible for being loveable or not, for whether a man misuses you or not, leaves or stays, marries or cheats. You are the sole author of events in your Universe. 

DID YOU EVER CONSIDER that maybe it was your fault he left and his departure was appropriate from the cosmic standpoint? Did you ever consider that maybe your mind is like a slamming, banging door open in a house in winter with a GALE blowing through the house all the time and you and your driving hurricane passions were driving him wacky and he had to get out?? And that maybe there are some habits of essential beingness you'd better work on in what's left of THIS lifetime?

Don't take this as unkindness. SOMEBODY has to make you see that you have bad habits. Your habits have made and MIGHT continue to make life rigorous for others. Little nervous tics. 

Do you have a sad expression on your face of unmet needs? Do you look like a dog who’s been beaten so many times that you expect people to kick you ever time? Do you even yammer on about your needs? 

The worst tic women have is trying to get MORE LOVE or more of his time. THOSE TWO requests come from an essential, basic neediness. YOU PROBABLY CANNOT HIDE these things and if you did, all your energy would be dedicated to HIDING them so you have to work on achieving inner peace in spite of outer lacks. Learn to see the cup as half full. Be grateful for all that you have. Add to that list of gratitude-making stuff hourly. Doing so creates inner peace. Live the rest of this life in that peace. Then, when you're up in heaven picking your next mother, you'll pick a giver for a mother, a lady who breast feeds, gives you a sense of being loved, a lady with a happy marriage so that you can grow up serene and adored by Daddy instead of all nervous, edgy and hungry and prodding some guy all the time for assurance.

There is a popular thought diet going around in my town, Hollywood, where a lot of new age gurus teach thousand year old Hindu techniques? Its a total mind fast. Not a gram of this kind of 'woulda coulda shoulda' junk should be running around inside your skull. MAKE YOUR head a garden of silent flowers, ever-blooming serene gratitude. 

IF ANY thought comes, make it gratitude that a tempestuous mess lady like you has a bath tub, hot water, a TV, a pretty face and figure, parents, siblings, friends. YOU WANT anguish? Try being a Palestinian in the desert, thrown out of your country. Try being a widow with children prostituting herself in the street in countries where women are shot for that. YOU really have to get a gripYour universe is pretty damn good!

For that reason, read:" GRIEF COMES IN ALL SIZES! It’s your homework. You’re on a growth odyssey involving retraining your brain neurons and eliminating bad mental habits. If you do the homework, you will actually be able to stop unacceptable behavior. We are giving you the Free Online course in Love 101. As soon as you finish, you will attract great relationships that last.