MARRIED TO A CHEATING MAN? You're STUCK if you have kids but not dead in the water

Dorothy Parker, a 1920's  wit, wrote:

"Woman wants monogamy
man delights in novelty
love is woman's moon and sun
man has other forms of fun
woman lives but in her lord
count to ten and man is bored
With this the gist and sum of it,
what earthly good can come of it??"

Way I see it, earth puts us here in matter, we are soulular spirit, atomic essence of God, free, perfect, uncontaminated and authentic. But down HERE on earth, EDEN or Maya or the PHYSICAL DOMAIN  is dualistic, animal magnetism lords over us. Woman is tempted to buy into a flashy plumage man. Man is tempted TO MOVE ALL OVER. Maya pollenizing as he goes wandering. Marriage is not his style. Hello goodbye IS.

Some women nail a naive guy but after marriage, woman gets comfy and believes her own press notices. Sits around on her duff. She sinks into the goose down in even the most fragile, negligible relationship! Man finds lacks, he goes after thrills on the outside of the marriage like a man wandering the desert in thirst.

Humans succumb to the need for drink: sensation, physical temptation. Livelier thrills. The hungry mind cooperates. The wisdom within may sense danger. The woman seeing a bored husband is trapped as the cave is warm. The children are protected so there's the temptation to just sit. To stay in a relationship with hairline fractures. STUCK! Self medicate with some new habit. For women, shopping and TV. Boring cafe provokes MEN to hunt down younger partners.

                             He doesn't love me the way I love him.

If this has happened to you, WHAT is required is just the ability to see. NOT TO DO. BUT TO SEE. See what's going on. Without ego, without 'reacting.' Stay calm. Instinctual wisdom  will kick in and you will start to build thinking based on what you SEE. No need to scream, no need to try to reform him, or threaten him or get angry, or fight or do irrational divorces, stranding the kids in a bad school district with no chance of college. Build on  what you have. Be grateful for what you 'attracted' as that's what is the sum total of your past.  You picked him for a lesson.  Now you are in school. That home, that marriage, your behavior is school. Here you will learn something that gives mastery so be upbeat and try to ENVISION a new better tomorrow and God will BUILD you  a new tomorrow. Maybe today.

And hey, as you see that a lot of women are STUCK, picked the wrong dude,  the husband's a dud, lots of children depend on this dud dude and Mommy of course has no career or not get INTO  a relationship with hairline fractures in the first place. Life is made of choices. Each choice has built into it, obvious signs of HARMONY or DISHARMONY. When I'm at a party and I see an antique chair that's barely standing? I don't know about you but I don't sit down in it!

facing divorce when there are children? A
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