First you become absolutely beautiful, you must become a Goddess. When the soul is happy to be using that body, the face changes. The eye opens up like an innocent child’s eye and there is a radiance or light which comes off the forehead which any higher type man can see. It is called an ARC LINE. Women without it have to work just a tiny bit to get it. The way to get an ARC LINE is here in this article. The files below (practiced,) will accomplish the radiance that you need. They will change the way you look. You read them, but more importantly, practice the body-spirit connection work, and you just become startlingly different looking. It is SPIRIT coming into a purified body and mind.


AFTER a while of practicing the simple lessons below, the RULES FOR SPIRIT LINKING TO BODY, you then select a community where your target male is having his daily LATTE. TO do that, use the STARBUCKS TEST. You go into every Starbucks in every community within fifty miles of your house. If the guests in STARBUCKS #1 are geezers, over 90, that community is great for you. Not for men but for its older women who you will befriend. And grat for shops, markets, and very safe for walking the streets and looking in shop windows. YOU MAY want a moonlighting job so you can quit your job. Say you want to do massages for 100$ an hour and never work a dull job again. Then STARBUCKS #1 area is perfect. I teach how to do massages for a living without a license, without training, at my PRIMARY website which is ANITA’s ASTROLOGY site. One look at the article, you can start instantly!


Back to the STARBUCKS litmus test. IF you go in to STARBUCKS # 2 which is in a POSH BOUTIQUE area of town, like MELROSE AVE in L.A>, look around and see that all the men are gay, or at least feminine men. That community is where you get your hair done, find a boutique, find escorts, even boychums, ( but not roomies. That does NOT work, contrary to WILL AND GRACE SHOW. You are not looking for sophistication which that lifestyle has too much of, you want purity. So not for close close pals or roomies.)


If Starbucks #3 is in the BURBS probably all the guests are young WOMEN with babies and toddlers. This is a fun place and useful to pick up married women as they pull you into their social group, introduce you to eligible men. MAKE friends there. MOST young married women are paranoid about single girls, so it really could be that STARBUCKS #1 with geezer women is a better hunting ground for entrée into closed off social enclaves. Old women probably don't fear your taking their old wrinkled hubby. YOUNG ONES? MEBBE DO.

How to marry a billionaire, MEET MEN at
                      STARBUCKS or the YACHT CLUB
If all the men in STARBUCKS #4 are stud muffins, you probably are in a sports recreation area, close to a beach where boats are tied up. Now you’re getting close to OZ. Note how these men are quickly noting the lack of a ring on your finger, and perking up. They’re restlessly churning in their chairs. Now, you’re in the right zone --- if you just want to marry an ordinary guy that is. You could find a yachtsman who belongs to the CLUB as that is where the yatches are tied up. Boats aren’t yatches. Or yachts. Boats are boats. But yatches are in a special tied off area outside the YACHTING CLUB and that is OZ. But how to get in? EASY. WALK IN. See the huge ante room outside dining room, filled with GOLD CUPS, TROPHIES? Just memorize a name. Say it’s HOGDON ELLIS THE THIRD and the cup reads “1949”.

They give you any lip in the dining room, frown and say “I’m Hogdon Ellis’ grand daughter. I’m meeting my father here. Slightly snotty. If the guy freezes, HOGDON ELLIS THE THIRD? QUESTION MARK? The maitre’d may know that HOGDON croaked a decade ago, but he will snap to and give you a table by the bay! Order a salad and eat it slowly. IN YOUR MIND think “my wonderful FATHER GOD is going to come down from heaven and eat with me at this vacant seat”. IF a man approaches you to talk, tell him you’re expecting your Father but chat with him easily.

AT NO TIME LATER when your friendship is starting, can you tell this man, “oh I meant my father is GOD and I don’t belong to the yachtclub nor does any man in my family. You must later simply say “My dad didn’t show.” Not a lie. And “NO I’m not a member, but it looked like a great place to have lunch.” He’ll assume you were not accosted by the check system. It is important to do as little lying as possible as they wreck the aura so bad!

CONVERSATIONAL AMMO: YOU LOVE fishing. Have always wanted to fish for stacks of freezer filler fish. You gotta know the primo fish in that part of OCEAN. Blues, Tarpon, Halibut called butts. So YOU MUST do your homework. Go often to fishing shops to learn. Number one question for your freshly caught man, ‘do you have a bait tank?’ said with a winsome, nakedly greedy smile. This absolutely enchants seamen! WHILE the YACHT CLUB is a good way to meet a millionaire on weekends there is a better one for week days. WALL STREET! THE FINANCE DISTRICT. But troll for a guy with his own yatch. Errr. yacht. WITH a BAIT TANK!


If you want to marry a millionaire, or BILLIONAIRE, we have to move on to the STARBUCKS #5 that is in the city in the financial or corporative zone. It is filled with young perky women in elegant, subdued WORK dress. That means tycoons are in the penthouses of the skyscrapers around you. The TYCOONS do not come downstairs. They have expresso makers in their corporate dining room. Their limos pick them up at 5 to 8 p.m. Those limos carry them to FINE restaurants. You really have to be waiting with a taxi to see what restaurants they go to or have read the GOURMET column of the local magazine, or to have spoken to the local FOOD EDITOR at paper who can tell you which is the PRIMO bistro café in your area. THAT is where you must dine at 8 pm some night. 


NEXT: Ever wonder why no relationship lasts? The reason might be that you’re slightly unpleasant, at times. Your ‘issues’ may show. Even your best friend won’t tell you when your vibration stinks. (Don’t be offended, there are all levels of vibrational bad odor, from slightly acrid to hugely dungpilish. But not to worry. You can clean up your vibration, BE A SAINT and NAIL A loving SWEETHEART by tuning into THE MAGICAL CLASSES OF GODDESS101, the classroom that makes you INSTANTLY DIVINE !


THE FIRST RULE OF A GOOD GODDESS, (which means to fly around in the air all the time on your PINK CLOUD, totally joyful, with a fabulous vibration and no fears, guilt, lies, nervousness or worse, issues showing, but being sparkly always and attracting people -- is to be all powerful, able to throw unconditional love on anyone you meet and thusly, quasi-witchlike, cast love spells, enchantments and make events occur because you say they will occur ) is to be in contact with THE DIVINE GODDESS WITHIN. IF YOU ARE OPERATING out of GOD within, and these PEOPLE who are going to be enchanted by you, ( the geezers, the suburban ladies, the working girls, the studmuffins and the tycoons) are not VICTIMS but are your beloved team, who will only help this goddess FURTHER THE ACTION of God’s will on earth i.e. REVOLUTION leading to EVOLUTION ---- and if you seek not one iota of money, jewels, banal travel, consumerism, clothing, admiration or sex and temporal love for yourself…..but are working for a super goal called HELPING THE STARVING PEOPLE of THIRD WORLD AND INNER CITY, you will see that all doors open for you. IF any door does not open, know that you haven’t self purified enough. So these are the ways to self purifty, BELOW and they must be practiced. They make doors open

  How to get to the highest part of your SOUL and connect THAT center to the thinking brain just below it, i.e. not only TALKING TO GODHEAD but also LISTENING to it ANSWER you.


WHEN you finish talking with your higher self or inner GODHEAD, write down a note and

leave it in your GOD BOX as a reminder to HIM and to yourself. Set God Box on a bedroom altar.




PRACTICE THE RULES FOR LIVING all the time. When you slip, just go back to

Doing it right. Practice makes perfect. Go to

Prepare all the people around you, friends, family, children by teaching them the basic rules, similar ones, so they can enter the same clear minded, peaceful, happy lifestyle.


STUDY with the Masters. Read Yogananda’s book,read TUESDAY LOBSANG RAMPA. GOOGLE the SUBJECT of BEST TITLES rather than GOING to the SUPER COSTLY NEW AGE Metaphysical book store. Read the l00 chapters written by The Master JULES. Dozens of chapters in cyberspace ===> THE MASTER JULES SITE.I also append one below which is on how to tell the voice of SELF from the VOICE of GOD surely a Great and powerful start! 

           Why a minutes of YOGA a day MIGHT speed things up.


AND THEN DO this simple little yoga set. A minute now and then.



it's in the middle and is on achieving a relaxed powerful mind.


CREATE PARADISE NOW. Refuse to be fussy, fearful, negative, strident, controlling



Last, Try a higher vitality will change your face from ORDINARY to superb


IF it is a SWEETHEART that you want, try this article on the


There will be more lessons in consciousness found at THE MASTER JULES' METAPHYSICS SITE and the ACTIVISTS SITE