HELP! I'm trapped inside a body, stuck within a babbling mind!

OK. We will help you get out. It's kinda like being stuck in a DeLorean, where you do not know where the handle is. But feel around doing the MIND EXERCISE below, and you'll find the handle inside, you'll lift the nutty little trap door above your head and you'll just STEP right OUT of your mind. Do the 'getting out' exercise when stressed, or when you remember that you want to practice being a star system voyager instead of an earthbound entity. Do it  as a kind of five finger exericse. Mental practice will make you more cosmic. Just stop focusing on your life, the scenery & turn your MIND INWARD. Go deep in. Who's there? I AM THERE. Note that when your focus is TURNED INWARD, it's quiet, peaceful. Turn your mind OUTWARD on the world your MIND becomes dyed all the colors of the world, it gets sucked into the vivid, noisy soap opera of our passions, our career, family, sweetheart and friends.  OUR drama of 'not enough-ness' Their drama drama of work, job, poverty, salary, love affairs. The misery of all that.

From this perpetual engagement in 'the out there', the mind gets pained and stained with the colors of this world. Life's bombastic fusillade drenches us, is aimed at us and you do what any victim of a shooting does. Your mind goes into scorekeeping and other ego concerns: "I'm a loser." This is the mind going right into ego, saying 'I want to be a winner." OR "why me, God?"

Instead say "WHY DOESN'T MATTER. NEVER DID. I created this, I can stop it. Play this music:
The Great Bell Chant (The End of Suffering)

Listen to the bells and chanting while you affirm that you are the PURE WHITE LIGHT and will stop the addiction to affirming WOES. No more saying 'Shoot, what grief, this is awful, this is suffering ---that person whom I depend on, boss, parent, brother or lover ---my family, are NOT saluting me or obeying my will. They are frustrating me." But here's the antidote: turn the mind back on the immortal self, within --saying under your breath "I AM this eternal quiet space. I am the fountain from which all this soap opera emerged. While I can't put the ocean back in the bottle, I can make all future waters run pure. I AM the eternal ME.  I am not of this mind or this body.' Or, shorten it to just "I AM" once you got the basic concept. Do that and you can turn off the insanity at will. You will always be blissful, ever free from pain and the lead-heavy MIND and its always open toll booth. You get yourself out of traffic into the FLYING ZONE. You extract yourself from the drama. You get to be PURE GOD.  HEALTHY, blissful, creative if you want to be. Free from negative mind. Like Lord Krshna who was incarnated as the Indian saint, BABAJI.

I was so relaxed, I lived hundreds of years.
Yogananda wrote about seeing me in
Autobiography of a Yogi

Babaji taught that the entire movie show if life is nothing but a very real hallucination, A  fantasy soap opera, like being in a HOLOGRAM called 'the YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS." You are a God like Babaji, but instead you got all absorbed in the plot,  squnching up your nervous system, acting like what you THOUGHT you were, a suffering, put-upon human. Reverse that decision. Practice I AM and know that you ARE primal energy, pure, white light.

Say to yourself whenever you want freedom: "I am THAT pure white light.   I AM all. I alone EXIST and I am God and I dreamed ALL THIS. Hold on to that one perception, the feeling of I-ness. Note that the world fades a little into the periphery and you start to experience a glowing inner feeling of joy, confidence. Singularity. REALIZE that that entire soap opera with its cast of thousands, the one you were watching and called LIFE... came out of you. Like a spider creates a web, you create this dream. Babaji taught extrication from the UNHOLY and retreating into the HOLY.

This website for FREE tells you about this theory of extrication. Moving from agitation to bliss. See, if you buy into THE DREAM which seems so real, you're a stressed being.. The proof? You get mad regularly. Sad regularly. You can NOT feel compassion. You don't really feel love for all, just for that 'hottie' you like who's as bad as can be. And once you live through enough scars, experience of 'stranger danger', the older you get, the less you're able to trust and love. Suddenly one day you get very old, die and then you wake up and realize oh my -- that was a baaad dream. But by then, you're sewn into this coccoon of negativity and there is a place for that on the other side and it's full of Demons. And you stay there a very long time with your guilts and angers, sorting things out. So you don't want to die while you're tied in bitter knots! The alternative is extrication from the world and suffering. No more painful reincarnations.

So try some extrication exercises. One way to do your exercise is to upgrade the colors that you're projecting on the screen of your life. Stare at SIRIUS the Wonder Star that CHANGES COLORS. Sirius is the dog star which follows along behind ORION in the WINTER sky. The bright one. In fact, the brighest up there.

See the actual colors SIRIUS turns. You can see it in the sky doing that.:

SIRIUS changes colors ever microsecond. It's really pure white but it flutters in and out of drama like our rainbow creating minds. If we could create pretty lights and colors like the above, it wouldn't be all that bad. But our minds send us into DARK RED PASSION SNITS of 'OH they don't love me enough, oh they are insulting me, they are not respecting me, they don't need me. I'm going to be alone, living in my car!" And the more upset and needy we are, the more they think we're needy stalkers and fail us, the madder we become and the more we create an ugly brown drama of tears, breakups, battle, hatred. That is the kind of stuff that makes really bent people. So we have to stop the rainbow dog machine from going crazy.


They'd dance their way into that star's energy. That's another way out of your mind. But it's a little agitated.
Better is to dance your way back into the white light through the Babaji Portal.

Go back to white. The "I AM" button. The human mind is a prism. It lets white light enter in the front door,  adds salt and pepper and turns it into multi-hued SOAP OPERA, DRAMA, THOUGHTs, WORDS, FIGHTS, more like the RED passions of possession, jealousy, sex, rage..wound, anger.

We want to stop that. So go outside, look at the great job SIRIUS is doing as the Oscar Winning screenwriter of heaven. Turning pure white light into rainbows. But stopping with the reactive mind and ignoring the triggered, uglier colors.

Here is a picture of Sirius' pure white self:

Remember, when we look at it, from EARTH, it's all rainbow-y but the star as you see above is WHITE LIGHT.. Scientists say it's low in the sky and our dirty atmosphere acts as a prism. OK. It's dust but even that part of the metaphor holds as likewise, the dust in our MIND turns the pure white light into some beautiful colors. Think of the writing of your favorite great author. LIFE's simple light can FILTER through your mind and turn into a dramatic HORROR MOVIE that often has and loved ones  as its target. If your mind is left on all the time, it whispers diabolic things to the ego which then tells us that we were insulted, we were not honored. We get mad. We get scared. We buy into endangerment and all the ugliness and stress terminates loving feelings. Over the years, we get dead-ish; we trust no one. We get no happiness except with 'our mind numbing addictions.' Endless repetion of banal activities.. Which age us. So that's what we are working against. Death. We work against it with the plain white light.


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