A new kind of living room group for us to do


Today a wealthy woman, a beautiful widow who can't watch TV as it upsets her,
wrote me: "People are bored, apathetic. Does that contribute to the common good?"
I answered "No, they're wasting their life but it tells us WHY they are in the quandry they're
in. Why we ALL ARE... with a runaway oligarchy impoverishing us yet we're
twiddling our thumbs all day and nite. In the good old days they had LECTURES,
GROUPS, DISCUSSIONS." ----"What good Old days?" she asked.

"Well, I'm reading G.Bernard Shaw's Autobiography ..articles written by him after he
was famous. He writes about his age 20-40 yrs old period when he hadn't yet  written
his witty & famous THEATRICAL plays (which were the rage of England for fifty
years). Shaw didn't start WRITING PLAYS until he was over 40. In his twenties
and thirties he could live with his mother, was a bachelor, vegetarian, so he went to
these lively groups that London offered, to study two things: What was WRONG with
the economic political set-up that existed: horrendous DICKENSIAN poverty really--
beyond what America had at the time, or any city except Calcutta has EVER had ...
& studying what economic, political changes should occur for the common good.

Those groups were called Socialist/ Marxist or Fabian -- many names, and those are
not all, there were MORE! (I intend to pick them out and google each name and find
the teachings they left us! Will send if Uwish!) He names the luminaries around him, his
friends, William Morris (artist/wallpaper/ fabric/ furniture) and Annie
Besant, who Shaw sez was best public speaker / teacher / mind of his day. He modeled
himself on the activist giants Sidney Webb, Sydney Olivier. There were many more he admired.
Karl Marx's daughter, Eleanor, people who knew 'the material.' Their photos are in this book.
I intend to GOOGLE them, see if they wrote books I can get at abebooks
for a buck. http://home.earthlink.net/~anitaastrologer/howtoorder.htm
(my secret bon marche ordering method)

Besides standing out at LEARNING the material and in group discussion,
SHAW was drawn to carrying the wisdom &its arousing effect, out into the
entire city and even the country. He became a public speaker doing four
or five lectures a week himself. No pay whatsoever. Maybe a ticket paid
to another city. Lecturing on that subject: activism and waking to a
state of political awareness-- both. He recounts his nervousness at
first, he knew the material very well, yet had to learn EQUANIM & how
many lectures it took to learn to do it well, involving sharpness of
speech, every consonant pronounced, (which he later depicted in MY FAIR
LADY play "PYGMALION". One of the few plays that was not political. Most
of his heroes were closer to himself. http://www.masterjules.net/gbs.htm

You have to admire a culture that attracted so many groups. There was no
TV radio. You came home from work, if you were single, you'd LOVE going
to a free lecture or a sixpence some charged. Meeting people,
networking. SOCIALISM did take root in UK due to this decade, 80's 90's
and soon there was gov-help/aid for workers. And Socialism has thrived
in UK ever SINCE! 100 yrs. Thanks to GEORGE BERNARD SHAW who wrote MY
FAIR LADY/PYGMALION and hundreds of other books and plays.

OH! Annie Besant switched to theosophy due to Shaw's worst mistake. He
was given a thick book by Madame Blavatsky to review, for a few bucks.
He knew Blavatsky was a phony, charlatan. Annie needed money, Shaw
passed it to her. ANNIE BECAME ENRAPTURED with the concept of ANGELS and
HEAVEN. (typical case of activist burn out!?) And the mind he most
admired, the best activist, the brightest switched to LaLa land, never
returning to activism. SHAW was despondent over this! Hit your local
library and find "SHAW an autobiography" assembled by Stanley Weintraub.

There is a chance popular ideas could become reality with a liberal president who says
he intends to have online TOWN HALLS. So it's easy to see what's wrong with America
today. What's needed is popular consensus on the FIX. People are uninformed/ bored. No
activists creating the groups or using the public channel cable tv shows. It's so easy to get
Or a discussion group in a church bsement. OR BOTH! VIDEO FILM YOUR BASEMENT
GROUP! In the UK, in 188's, these groups honed the mind, networked smart loners into
huge groups of activist pals. I can forsee us even profiting in other ways, media projects, etc,
from creating the basic seed groups. I once did a public access cable channel freebie tv show
WOMAN's WORLD for an entire season. Oprah type show. It's easy. We have Craigs list as
a resource. WOW! WE ARE LUCKY compared to LONDON in 1880..but we just
aren't using the things at hand! Like my super rich astrology client, we sit twiddling our thumbs,
alone, bored. Zoning on food and stupid, reality show TV. (Go to RT, a news show from Russia
and watch the world as it is.) We have to SUBTRACT those banal distractions, force
ourselves into GROUP FORCE, then let it carry US and SOCIETY UPWARDS.