How to leave CUTIE PIE with a college education, property and no need to take care of you ever.



Right now, look DEEP into the future? Your children grown, you old. How will you be able to leave  Cutie Pie any legacy at all? At the speed you're going they'll be letting YOU sleep on their couch in their SLUM studio apartment and that's you guys' only date with destiny.. This depressed condition needs fixing RIGHT NOW.

The free SEMINAR that'll fix it is worth millions but you have my promise, it's totally FREE as it's air, words, ideas. WHY CHARGE FOR THAT if you're the motherly type and I AM!

I love children and I love yours and do not want YOU to be poor with them one day. The right IDEAS can help you sidestep THAT SAD ENDING. The right words are at this  Legacy Web site which we CALL THE GUERILLA CAPITALISM WEB SITE. It is a free seminar consisting of a PORTAL to a very secret TUNNEL that goes UNDERGROUND and leads to a SECRET MAZE of a thousand and one subterranean caves, where GUERILLA CAPITALISTS LIVE and teach in secret classrooms which create others who will be able to RISE out of the darkness with wealth.

THE MANY PAGES HIDDEN UNDER in this underground world are excellent places to go study when you've got a moment, when you're tired of making your boss rich while your nose is under water.

Here you will learn why it is necessary to start a cottage industry right now and save cash by banking under the rose bushes. Next, why you have to get CUTIE PIE through school and trade school without STUDENT LOANS. Worse than a mortgage by far! SHUN THEM! Next, co-sign for their FIRST CONDO when they have graduated trade tech and can earn enough to pay the down payment (or part of it,) and use their first salary to pay that property OFF while working, without too much parental help.

Each child will get a garden level condo apartment as USE OF GARDEN gives fruit, jams, grapes, tomatos, salads for years on end, for free and gives muscles, health and esthetic joy.

If you do and teach all th above, children are never a worry or liability. The little cusses can increase their own wealth from the GITGO, learn a trade, pay property off, then, as each child marries, he can flip the condo and buy a first house. You gave that child THAT START? Wow, a terrific beginning --fulfilling the meaning of the word 'LEGACY' and then some.

If you wish you could strangle the guy who hired you then fired you --as he's used you with no dental or health care, no annual paid vacations and then left you jobless, despondent and your kids hungry, then evicted, then living in a car --- perhaps you will come to LEGACY site to re-tool -- with an hour or two of STUDYINGfree files that will inspire, fire you up, teach you some internet, fast  job finding  methods, lay out for you  some quick money makers, some of which can even be done living in a car! There are many new, easy-to-enter trades, avenues for MERCHANDISING. We will give you first person narratives of folks who went before you into dharmic cottage industries. Entrepreneurs. And now TYCOONS. My Spiritual commune pals made YOGI TEA in a garage and went to every healthfood store, recently sold the biz for 131 million dollars. Hippies no more. 

Maybe you're lively and well educated have a degree, had a big posh job but the workplace has died out from under you, leaving you with a noose around your neck and no chair. At the time of writing this, the unemployment rate for the month jumped to 6.4 % ---well, that's the unemployment figure that they tell us!  Gad knows what they don’t say! That 20 million job seekers succumbed to depression and aren't actively able to pick up the newspaper.

We researchers hear the under ground rumor that, in truth, it's more like 20% unemployed, worse for ethnics, 33% would like work, hold out no hope.. Unemployment levels climbing made it harder and harder to get an interview. I know capable people who are filling out resumes by the hundred, submitting them and attending a few interviews but ending up jobless.

What can you do? The answer is, join with your friends in creating jobs for all of us. HOW? Well, in  NEW AGE DHARMIC CAREERS, that is careers that do good. Buddha used that word. He always said, 'make certain that your profession is dharmic,' meaning it brings God's energy into play; it forwards the evolutionary action. It bans ignorance and suffering.

In Hollywood, NEW YORK, HOUSTON, SAN FRANCISCO and DENVER, my generation of sixties hippies decided to do just that. They abandoned the dollar-based workplace and moved to the burbs where they created cottage farms and health retreats. They taught Yoga classes in their living room. They gave free LIVING ROOM UNIVERSITIES and trained one another in their arcane but fabulous healing therapies, launching a generation of APPRENTICES. Some  of my chums created YOGI TEA and 20 yrs later, sold it to Hearthside Foods for a cool 70 million one of the biggest food corps in America owns what a few hippies created.

Today when the WISE ones come to the city, they make a hundred to 200$ an hour. True, --they service the rich and that's odious but it's clean and evolutionary work. Often they give pro bono classes in their career and that’s what you want to look for in those NEW AGE magazines they give away at healthfood stores. Courses in Massage therapy, organic garden, holistic healing, emotional release work, feng shui, even natural product house cleaning. With a smattering of information, you could create a business where you go into the mansions, train the staff to do holistic cooking, organic gardening. Train the maid to give her mistress a massage for a little cash tip, saving the mistress from ordering up a hundred buck masseuse!

So if you’re tired of calling companies for interviews, enter the new age. Tired of sending resume and cover letter? Enter the new age. Tired of paying for all those stamps and traveling to all those interviews and having your heart broken? Don’t leave it behind but let your free hours be used to enter the New Age. Retool. Get a second ,moonlighting career up and ready. 

CREATING a COTTAGE INDUSTRY is the way to say ADIOS to all that bother. It's a perfect time to start your own cottage industry, a new age business. We will send you an URL (a website http addie …) which will help you set up your own, local business. All we do is give you the training. We give it to you. We do not charge. When one of our training articles mentions another subject, and URL isn’t given. ASK for it. We send you only the specific files you ask for, free, files on how to organize, depending on which biz you choose. Read below. 

These following are benefits for occasional study at the LEGACY WEB SITE.

More flexible hours. Locations. Work from anywhere you want. You can spend more time with your family, actually end up in the “postcard”, have memories of the kids’ childhoods. You can work in the garden, grow fruit and veggies then go inside for ten minutes and see what your ad on CRAIGSLIST brought in the way of clients.

WHAT comes IN UNDER THE TABLE goes out the same way. Be financially free -- start planning your dream vacation, home and car. Why pay for millions to die in Iraq and Afghanistan?

BE A WINNER! Regain your self-confidence after being rejected in fruitless job search, finding clients who need your services and will pay for them.

Join the trillion dollar NEW AGE INTERNET based COTTAGE industry workplace. Don't enrich landlords who over charge for a brick and mortar store.

WHAT WE ARE NOT!THE LEGACY website is no commie, pinko weirdnik Bohemian Post Psychdelic bunch of tripped out phony PROSPERITY GURUS. It is is a compendium of the writings of tycoons, entrepreneurs, new age healers, teachers, new age millionaires, and often GURUS, men who have wits but who DO NOT HAVE the habit of CHARGING for tips, good information. Charging or monetizing their scribblings. No 50$ exploit-the-rubes seminar weekends. Only real, first-person life stories to share.

We feature the writings of liberal activists who seek to direct the flow of the HISTORICAL TENDENCIES for wealth to collect in the hands of the few, misery and enslavement fall to the many….and with carefully selected activism, redirect that flow along lines that the great teachers of history recommended. And it is the writings of successful maverick capitalists.

We are a CAPITALIST SELF-HELP ASSOCIATION bringing EDUCATION, TRAINING and inspiration to TALENTED folks who want to LEAVE A LEGACY TO THEIR CHILDREN and pay it forward, teach others to do the same. Just in case the economy falls in, your job vaporizes and your kids still demand to eat!