The Law of Attraction is an actual PHYSICAL LAW. Some might say it is METAPHYSICAL as the components relate to OUTCOME OF EVENTS. Nobody ever suggested that there were 'head trips' that could create events, but there are. THE LAW of attraction is seen in the physical world but we never correlate it to the world of MIND.  To see it in physical world, note the tuning fork. If you ding a tuning fork in a room full of tuning forks, only the tuning forks on the same wave length as the one you dinged will vibrate. The vibrations created
by your hopes, prayers, desires, mental pictures, daydreams and feelings work exactly the same way. If you feel positive feelings, positive things will be attracted to you. If you feel negative feelings, then you will attract negative things - guaranteed. That should stand as an admonition to you to stay positive, no matter what. So let's call that TIP #1. WHAT YOU KEN FOR YOU WILL GET! The sub subcomponents of this first physical law are harder to prove but worth proving as they are more interesting.

Law of Attraction Tip #2 Using the Law of Attraction is like shopping in a catalogue that literally contains anything in the world that you could possibly want to have. Traditional thinking tells us that we can only have the things that we can afford, or that are appropriate for us to have, or that we deserve. The infinite power of the Universe does not recognize any of these human limitations. No matter how big something
is, or how incredibly small, or how rare, or how unlikely if you can imagine it, and you can feel what it would be like to have it, then the Universe will deliver it to you. However, EACH LAW has a flip side. Kind of like the ancient story where a man wishes for a fortune and his wife gets hit by a car and dies and he gets the insurance policy. The corollary law is what Oscar Wilde said. "Sometimes there's nothing worse than getting what you want." If you head your list of desires with 'being a movie star' a rather vapid desire, and fans make your life impossible, and the fluttering attention-span of fame has you in tears and you turn to drink and die with a swollen liver, then your dearest wish was your worst fate! So be careful of what you fancy!

Law of Attraction Tip #3 You do not have to justify why you want something, or whether or not you deserve it! This is a limitation that has been imposed on us by our social upbringing, and it has absolutely nothing to do with what the Universe can deliver to you. The infinite power of the Universe does not recognize whether you think of yourself as a good person or a bad person. It also does not recognize what your friends, family, or your society think of you. When using the Law of Attraction to attain what you desire, if you feel that you don't deserve something, or you think that you aren't worthy of it, then it is guaranteed that you won't get it!

Law of Attraction Tip #4 Most adults have forgotten how to dream about
what they want, and they usually don't believe that they can have their
desires, even if they do remember to dream. When you truly embrace the
fact that you can literally have anything that you want by using the Law
of Attraction, then you start to experience the emotion connected with
having that thing. THAT is when you truly start to create the high
frequency emotional vibrations that will attract that thing into your

Law of Attraction Tip #5 Laughter is one of the most effective ways to
create true positive vibrations that will attract great things into your
life. Laugh and smile as often as possible, and positive things will
start to happen for you! so watch the good sitcoms in reruns. stay away
from people who complain and scream woe as they can actually bring you
the opposite result. Just give them the glad message then scoot outta

Law of Attraction Tip #6
In order to create the powerful vibrations needed to attract the things into your life that you want, it is not enough to simply think about them. You must figure out the emotional reason WHY you want that thing, and experience the positive emotion of HAVING it while you think about the object of your desire. The more positive emotion that you create by feeling good about having that thing, and the longer you stay in that emotionally positive state, the faster your desires will come to you!

Law of Attraction Tip #7
Think of the Universal power that resides inside each and every human being as a water hose. Any kind of negative emotions that you experience will pinch that hose and slow down or stop the flow of that power from inside of you. Your ability to use that power to get what you want from life will also slow down or stop. On the other hand, when you experience positive, happy emotions, then your hose is full of high pressure Universal energy and you can use it to literally manifest anything in the world that you want!

Law of Attraction Tip #8
A simple and powerful way to use the Law of Attraction is called "Intending". By making a conscious effort to "intend" to do something, you call upon the resources that will be required to make that thing happen. Start out small with this method to learn how it works. Say that you "intend" to make it to work on time today.
"Intend" to have a smile for everyone that you see today. Say that you "intend" to be very productive today. By consistently "intending" to do things - even small things - you are constantly building up the positive emotional vibration of Self-confidence. As you get more and more proficient at this, you will be amazed at how much your confidence soars, and how you can literally "intend" for anything to happen - and it will!

Law of Attraction Tip #9
You have to stop focusing on the negative things in your life right now! Remember, the Law of Attraction works both ways. Whether you focus on something negative, or something positive, you will receive something out of that attraction - whether you want it or not. So, if you focus on something negative in your life - work, family, health, whatever - you are guaranteed to attract more of it!

Law of Attraction Tip #10
Our "reality" today is nothing more than the result of how we have been flowing our energy up to this point by using our feelings. Good, bad, or indifferent - YOU are the only one responsible for where your life is right now. The great news is that it doesn't MATTER where your life is right now! By flowing your energy differently from now on and only feeling positive emotions, you can literally create your tomorrow to be whatever you want it to be!

Law of Attraction Tip #11
Focus on what you want in life as if you already had it. Do whatever it takes to create the positive emotional state that you will experience when you actually have whatever it is that you desire. Do this as opposed to focusing on what you DON'T want! For example: If you want to lose weight, don't say "I want to lose weight". All that does is remind you that you think you weigh too much! Instead, picture in your mind how you will look when you get to your goal weight, and imagine how great that will make you feel. This creates positive energy flow, rather than the habitual negative energy flow that automatically comes forth when you say "I want to lose weight". No matter what it is that you desire, you must create the positive emotional energy associated with already having that thing, which will ultimately attract that thing right to you!

Law of Attraction Tip #12
Never ever worry about HOW you are going to get what you want! This one misconception is responsible for a large portion of the failure that exists in our society today. The idea behind the Law of Attraction is that you flow positive energy out into the Universe by having feelings of success, happiness, and fulfillment when you visualize the things that you want to get out of life. The Universe will provide the things that you "feel" about, but it will not work if you worry about how it is all going to happen, or even IF it is going to happen. Doubt breeds insecurity and lack of focus. KNOW that you will get what you want, and leave the details of HOW it is going to happen to the power of the Universe!

Law of Attraction Tip #13
Don't be afraid to "tender talk" yourself. By telling yourself in a soothing manner that everything is going to be okay, you immediately start producing positive energy. Talking out loud radically increases the effectiveness of this technique and you will be amazed at how quickly you start to feel better.

Law of Attraction Tip #14
Always remember that negative energy is created by your reaction to something. No matter how justified you may be in getting angry or upset about something, your justification means nothing to the Universe. You will create damaging negativity that directly affects you in a negative manner - no matter how justified you were for getting upset in the first place.

Law of Attraction Tip #15
Feel good even when you don't FEEL like feeling good. In fact, the more you don't want to be positive, the greater the need for you to BE positive! When life has you down and all you want to do is curl into a ball and hide - that is when you need positive energy the most. Even if you have to take baby steps to work your
way back into the light - DO IT!  Assume the pose. Fake it til you make it.

Law of Attraction Tip #16
Focus intense emotional happiness and positive vibrations on your true desires in life as often as you can. The Law of Attraction works on a cumulative scale. The more you vibrate in a truly positive manner, the faster you get what you want. There are no "rules" that say how often or for how long you should undertake these activities, but it is clear that the more often you do it, the better. It is not possible to feel positive TOO often!
At least 15 continuous, uninterrupted minutes per day is recommended, and more than that is even better.

Law of Attraction Tip #17
Don't jump to "take action" every time something doesn't go your way in life. That's letting the dark side MOVE us, make us act. Call that 'being  reactive.' Our habits have been formed in such a way that  we think the only way to "fix" something is to take massive action against it. Not true! By taking massive action, all we are  doing is continuing to convince ourselves that the problem must be huge.  Instead, focus on the positive opposite of that  problem, and a solution will present itself - without you continuing to create negative energy by taking massive action against that thing.

Law of Attraction Tip #18
One of the simplest and most effective ways to turn a negative situation around is to simply SMILE. We're not talking about smiling at the situation, although that may also be appropriate. Instead, we are talking about putting together a list of things for
you to think about that simply bring a true heartfelt smile to your face. Whenever you are feeling down or unable to control  your negative feelings, just consult your list and smile when you think of one or more of the things on the list. You can choose things like envisioning two kittens tumbling all over each other as they play; maybe a puppy barking at the TV because he sees another animal there; perhaps a cherished memory of a child, a family member, or a loved one. The better the vision or the memory, the more powerful the smile will be!

Law of Attraction Tip #19
A simple and silly - but very effective - way to get positive energy flowing when you least feel like it is to simply focus on flowing positive energy. Choose a person, an inanimate object, a tree - anything. Just stare at the thing you have chosen and simply imagine overflowing it with love! Picture waves of goodness and positive vibrations emanating from you and being swallowed up by the object of your attention. Not only does this have the affect of stopping your negative energy flow simply
because you have something else to focus on, but you get the humor factor going, too. If concentrating on how much you love a street sign, a dust bunny, or your shoelace doesn't bring a silly grin to your face, then nothing will!

Law of Attraction Tip #20
Dance & Sing! Every one of us has songs that simply make us feel good. In fact, sometimes when we are relishing in a bath of (seemingly) well-deserved negativity, we WON'T listen to that song because we are enjoying the chance to wallow in self-pity. Rubbish! Negativity will get you nowhere, so turn that song on and sing! If you are not driving, then dance, too! The worse your singing voice is and the more you can't dance, the better you will feel for belting out the effort anyway!

Law of Attraction Tip #21
When your "Inner Self" sends you a message, listen to it! The more we vibrate positive emotions, the closer we become to who we TRULY are. Flashes of intuition and inspired ideas are a direct result of us gaining a closer relationship with our all-powerful inner selves. Human instincts teach us to survive. Human intuition, on the other hand, teaches us to be happy. If you want to be happy, then learn how to respond when clues and answers are given to you.

Law of Attraction Tip #22
Focus intense emotional happiness and positive vibrations on your true desires in life as often as you can. The Law of Attraction works on a cumulative scale. The more you vibrate in a truly positive manner, the faster you get what you want. There are no "rules" that say how often or for how long you should undertake these activities, but it is clear that the more often you do it, the better. It is not possible to feel positive TOO often! At least 15 continuous, uninterrupted minutes per day is recommended, and more than that is even better.

Law of Attraction Tip #23
If you and another person are both focusing on the same positive outcome, then you amplify the effects of the Law of Attraction. If a group of people can focus on the same thing, then the effect is even greater. The uses for this type of amplification at home or in the workplace are truly staggering.

Law of Attraction Tip #24
Do whatever you can to understand what it will feel like to possess the things that you are working to manifest with the Law of Attraction. Go visit the type of house that you want to live in. Test-drive the car that you want to buy. Vacation on the island that you want to retire on. Remember, though - the point of this exercise is NOT to remind yourself that you don't already have these things, but rather to FEEL what it is like to have them. The more intensely and the more often you focus on that feeling afterwards, the sooner the object of your desire will come into your life!

Law of Attraction Tip #25
Before you enter into a potentially negative situation, put up your own emotional shields by sending positive vibrations in advance of you actually getting there. Envision the best possible outcome, and think of how easy the whole thing will be because you have such a great attitude about it. By sending positive vibrations in ahead of you, then at the very least, YOUR head will be in the right place, and it is possible that you will displace
some other negative energy as well.

Law of Attraction Tip #26
Practice the life that you want before you get it! No matter if your goals are health, wealth, personal happiness, or whatever else you want to attain - pretend you already have it. Visualize going out and spending your money, or strutting around in your picture-perfect body, or curling up in a perpetually happy ball of contentment. It doesn't matter what you want. All that matters is that you see the life that you want as if you already have it, and you FEEL accordingly!

Law of Attraction Tip #27
Allow no excuses! If you think that you can't get what you want because you don't have enough time or education, or because some "circumstance" just won't allow you to have it, then that is the energy that you will flow, and that EXACTLY what you will get!

Law of Attraction Tip #28
If you feel that your personal or family relationships are in trouble - or worse, are completely hopeless - then you are absolutely right! By feeling that way, you are absolutely guaranteeing that what you feel will happen is going to come to pass. It is imperative that you remember that you can only control your feelings
and your reactions to the people in your life. If those feelings and reactions are angry, hostile, or hopeless, then those relationships are doomed by your own hand. Also,
remember that just because you manage to keep up a positive energy flow, that does not guarantee that the people you care about will do the same. Some people are doomed to misery because they can't break free from their negative ways. All you can do is remain positive, visualize the best possible outcome, and trust that the Universe - your Inner Self - will guide YOU down the right path.

Law of Attraction Tip #29
Never blame anyone for anything. Even if they were 100% in the wrong, by blaming them, all you do is create more negative energy. Instead, appreciate whatever it is that is good about that person or the situation, and flow positive energy instead.

Law of Attraction Tip #30
Forgiveness is something that we do for ourselves. By continuing to be upset about something that someone has done in the past, all we are doing is continually recreating the negative energy associated with that memory. In order to forgive, you truly must forget. Otherwise, your "forgiveness" is just a show, and neither you nor the other person is going to receive any positive energy from it.

Law of Attraction Tip #31
If you truly want to help someone in your life who is going through a rough time, then stop focusing on their issues! Whether you are talking about medical conditions, financial woes, or personal problems, you must not dwell on the negative aspects of their lives. By focusing on that person's problems, or talking about those problems, you are reinforcing the negative strength of their issues. Instead, just focus on the positive opposite of their negative issue, and encourage them to do the same.

Law of Attraction Tip #32
When a relationship does not go your way, the only way that you can expect to attract a better relationship - or to fix the one that you are in - is to let go of the negative feelings that you have about that person or that relationship. Instead, focus on a positive mental picture of the type of relationship that you want, or on the positive aspects of the relationship that you are in.

Law of Attraction Tip #33
If your family life is in turmoil, you must remember that it is up to YOU to create the positive environment that will fix it. By continuing to do nothing but respond in a negative manner to whatever the problems are, you will do nothing but perpetuate
the problems, and they will never go away!

Law of Attraction Tip #34
Your mind and your body are linked on every conceivable level, so it stands to reason that if you think you are sick and you focus on that, then you most certainly will be. On the flip side, if you focus on being healthy and strong, then your body will respond by BEING healthy and strong. You can literally heal your body of injury and illness by flowing positive energy. However, if you focus on any illness - from the common cold all the way up through cancer - you are guaranteed to make that condition worse!

Law of Attraction Tip #35
Your natural state is one of happiness, health, and unlimited power! The less you believe that, the less happiness, health, and power you will have. On the other hand, when you truly believe that you are both the creator and the recipient of a truly fulfilling existence, then the sky is the limit as far as what you can have, what you can become, and what you can experience!

Law of Attraction Tip #36
The past is exactly that - the past! You do not have to "deal with it", "come to terms with it", or any similar nonsense. You are the architect of your future, and your future has not been written yet! It has absolutely nothing to do with who you used to be, what you think you have done wrong in the past, or how you were raised. Every day - indeed, every MOMENT - is another chance for you to make your life whatever you want it to be. Make it a good one!

Law of Attraction Tip #37
You can never have anything if you have an energetic "resistance" to attracting that thing into your life. If you don't BELIEVE you can have it, you never will have it!