Funny that just as life got mega expensive, same time as the economy tanked, jobs disappeared and everyone got foreclosed. That's as mysterious as everybody buying a big S.U.V. just before gas shot to 4$ a gallon. What is GOING ON?  Get with the program. It is a designer economy. It's designed to separate the naive wage slaves from the Big Boys. No more egalitarian nuttin' ! Either you are a college Grad, PhD or Lawyer, Doctor or you are being asked to leave the lifeboat. No more Mr. Inbetween.

That's the designer's plan. But it isn't ours. We are going to devise a way to live real life without these NEW filchy NORMS buzzing around our hair like wasps. To do that, we are going to prove that the recession and meltdown was a deliberate act by the big guys, designed, (again that word,) to kill off half of humanity. To prove it, let's line up the clues.Let's be mathematical and precise in our formulas.

Inflation and recession correlate somehow. They go together the spinning carousel and the wood horse. Or like milk and cereal. You can't have one without the other. You know what inflation is -- It's when prices go up. When homes double in cost, and you bought this costly palace and you're paying huge payments, mortgaged to the hilt, the cheapo VARIABLE rate they sold you on and suddenly RECESSION strikes and the home loses its value overnight. But those variable payments VARY UPWARDS.

That's the horse bucking to kick you off. Someone poked him on a flank deliberately to toss you off. That's the subtle back flank kick of recession. You now not only have impossibly high house payments but now heating oil doubles in cost, right?  (THE ENRON SYNDROME, when a crony of the new president gets elected.) And gasoline and  bread, and lumber at the Home Depot. (ALL OF WHICH has doubled in a two year period. )

SO what hit you? Which came first? Recession or inflation? They both seem to have hit at the same time. Does INFLATION correspond with a RECESSIONARY PERIOD where nobody's employed and nobody's buying, like the one we have now? Note that there's been a radical DROP in sales. Christmas after Christmas from 2008 on, nobody's shopping. Factories are closing right and left, big chain stores too. We have consumers backing off, not spending. Nobody wants ANYTHING --- yet go figure, PRICES continue to go up! Wood to build houses has doubled. Wheat for bread has quadrupled. (good thing, who needs gluten?) SALARIES didn't go up. The competition for jobs and the panic has salaries HALVED!

So we have joblessness,  panic, recession, inflation and with each PULSE of the process, we get a FURTHER lack of sales, and that causes mass firings, jobs lost.. Consumers pockets get emptier than usual due to bosses, jobs disappearing and the big boss, the GOV not spending on 'works' or jobs, salaries not keeping pace with rising cost of living, and bingo INFLATION & RECESSION COMBINED.

Have you noticed oil and other basic necessities getting jacked up in price, like the OIL CORPS went MAD and we can barely afford to get to work and we're all stuck with these gas eater cars? Yes, that has happened to us lately. That's a definite cause of soaring prices at the supermarket. TRANSIT of products costs more.

WHAT other events are entailed in a RECESSION? Well, the biggie always is a costly WAR done as an investment by TYCOONS at OIL CORPORATIONS who pay POLITICIANS' campaign costs, get them elected so that they can steal some more THIRD WORLD resources. They pirate their way onto some new beach, rape and plunder. That costs big bucks. It makes sense that a twenty trillion dollar war TWICE IN IRAQ and TWICE IN AFGHANISTAN (as we ran the earlier Afghani war thru a surrogate named OSAMA BIN LADIN) --All that makes the Government's coffers get a little low. Gov can no longer spend, hire. Can't give you SSI disability. They're cutting it back 20% in 2016. So it's like a body that has gangrene. They lop off a leg, an arm, then another arm, then the last leg, and when you're on the last leg..or off it, it's not long before the torso goes.

So here we have a very sick puppy. The planet Earth. HUGE amounts of  citizens are jobless, many foreclosed, homeless.   TWO double wars at behest of OLIGARCHS did all this damge, inflation, high prices. That alone would leave consumers high and dry and Manufacturers with product unsold collapsing right and left. And into this chaos you throw the derivatives market which was empty paper, based on home prices staying high and the real estate market staying sweet, which ...in a MELTDOWN it doesn't. Well, at that point the recession basically becomes a train wreck.

How could sentient leaders have done this? Well, here's a thought -- Maybe their aims had nothing to do with money. Maybe it's the actual will and intent of the Masters of the Universe, the Oligarchs to collapse everything to get the ants off the picnic table?

 If you really believe in a secret cabal of aristocratic, hidden gadzilionaires conspiring against the slave class, to keep us frightened and oppressed --- (AND I DO)  ---maybe ---whenever the people start getting organized in progressive movements,  fueled by anger over low salaries, high interest rates, anger at not being able to educate children or buy homes, maybe at that exact juncture, sensing a Spartacus rebellion, --the oligarchs pull the ole chair out from under the whining masses, give 'em something to really weep and snivel over.  Endemic firings.joblessness, Foreclosure, HOMELESSNESS.

In other words, are there perhaps 'designer recessions', Lab-grown recessions? Whatever they are and wherever they came from nothing like the word DEPRESSION to scare the poor into groveling fear and  silence gratefully taking all pennies thrown their way. Instantly they forget about unity and dissent, rainbow coalitions in a nad scramble to see to their own butts. And that makes the oligarch happy. He can rest in peace. No hippies will come pillaging at his Estate.

The chart below shows the historical average Annual Inflation rate (red line) compared to the time periods where the country was in recession (blue shaded areas).

SEE IT QUADRUPLE SIZE AT http://inflationdata.com/inflation/images/charts/Annual_Inflation/inflation_and_recession_chart.htm

Since 1914 there have been eight recessions. Three lasted for a single year, (in 1953, 1957 and again in 1990). The longest recession was actually the "Great Depression" which lasted ten years from 1929 to 1939.

Well guess what. THE PROGRESSIVE MARXIST movement was going fast and furious in the earlier two, LENINISM so in style, that it took TWO BIG ONES to shake the people into terror.

TIMELINE on progressive movements, their growth 'spurts' and valleys:
A 19th century TIMELINE

And a MORE MODERN TIME LINE:  http://www.sonoma.edu/users/w/wallsd/progressive-movement.shtml

Now, you might say, "RIGGED RECESSIONS" Nah...  it's the ole PRICE INDEX that does it and as inflationary PRICES SURGE,  costs would be getting higher  so people would be unable to afford goods and the merchandise would collect dust and the factories would close just like GM and CADILLAC and  TOYOTA and all of those guys are closing up shop today. That's gotta HURT somebody! So if they're engineering failure, they're stepping on their own feet. But wait a minute. Not unless they own TOYOTA and not when somebody in GOV is giving them bailout money, and clunker subsidies.

Marx who said, you gotta take the consumer with you or you aren't going to sell what you make didn't forsee that GOVERNMENTS would pay the factory owners twice, in subsidies and clunker gifts. That wasn't in his crystal ball. These are AMERICANSKI RUNNING WILD.

So back to the theory that OLIGARCHS do a lot of things behind the curtain. Ferinstance, RIGHT after we were forced out of the BIG OIL WAR, IN VIETNAM, (more oil under the ocean there than anywhere! Rocks wanted that oil. Kennedy wouldn't go, they shot him, JOHNSON was TEXAN hung with oil-o-garchs so he played ball) but then we LOSE that war & the OIL BOYS gave us a huge pistol whipping OIL PRICE SURGE, remember we had to wait in line to get OIL ? You may not. I DO. Dead Cars littered the sides of all freeways..Tuesdays you could get gas if you had an EVEN number on your license plate! That was almost certainly a weird kind of engineered DEPRESSION we had during the 1973 Oil crisis.  OPEC (read BRIT and ROCK OIL,) squeezed our jugular good,  resulting in a recession which lasted two years from 1973 through 1975.  Basically, as OPEC drastically raised oil prices it put a drain on the economy which resulted in an inflationary recession.

But this CEO SNIT type of provoked depression over a single kind of merchandise (i.e. oil,) is not always the norm. Looking at the post World War 1 recession from 1918 - 1921 we see a sharp drop in inflation from +20% to -10% during the three year recession. That was the economic exhaustion of the GREAT WAR, WWI, the usual POST WAR EXPENDITURE depression that really can be a nation finisher. Same thing happened to France 120 years earlier. French Aristocrats and posh traders wishing to obliterate Britain's monopoloy on world trade, helped our 13 colonies RISE UP against GEORGE III to the tune of millions  francs and the Marquis de Lafayette a total Aristo leading their boats, soldies over here... and just as we finally won, poor France went bankrupt.  Their friendship with us caused them great monetary loss and the French peasants rose up and ate them alive.

PEASANT REVOLTS really scare oligarchs. They have meetings all the time to take our core temperature and discuss strategies. Put aluminum in our toothpaste so we're stupid, flouride in the water by law, creating chemical lobotomies then chips and dip so we're clogged. More Bilderberger meetings, more strategies, use the IMF and Fed to strangle us into anoxia..

ANYTHING so we don't pull a  RUSSIAN REVOLUTION like in 1917, mobs, Kent State guns shooting into crowds, children dead.  Lenin's triumph caught the world by surprise. EVEN MARX predicted only a sophisticated industrialized society like GERMANY could go for that high falootin Marxist dogma and form RED Revolt ORGS. No way Peasant RUSSIA would be the first. Yet it was! We Americans were busy fighting WWI and bingo, there goes the Czar. PING! So OK, maybe LENIN and a bad winter caused one of those depressions there but CNN wasn't around so nobody knows how it happened. The Oligarchs trembled & anticipated we'd all follow. And oddly AMERICA had a huge progressive movement in USA first decade of the 20th century, 1905, stretching from Europe to New York and to the pen of John Dos Passos and Upton Sinclair. .That movement started in 1872 - If one had to pick a time that it infected America, it would probably be when Karl Marx moved his First International to New York in 1872. It was this party and its offspring that was the intellectual driving force behind the Progressive Movement, so the Oligarchs  cinched our oxygen tubes.

The Great Depression of 1929 was a ten year deal, synonymous with deflation or falling prices. During the first half  of it, prices fell 10% a year by the end prices were rising in the 2-3% a year range but then in 1938 prices lost 2-3% again. The progressive movement was huge. Somebody should take the core temperature of RADICAL PASSION and map it. Plot its growth as a trend. Look at 1900 to 1914 you see this big RED ROSE BLOOMING! And it kept growing branches & vines, spreading across America manifesting in the UNION MOVEMENT. Right up thru the THIRTIES when our intellectuals joined Hemingway and went to Spain to fight alongside commies in the Civil War. Then Hitler created a TIME OUT. Everybody got lean and mean, America became a war Machine.

THEY'RE BACK! After WWII, we had the communists and socialists and progressives surging again, this time not just in New York  but out west in the film industry where supposedly nobody had a brain.. OLIGARCH TACTIC: an engineered DEPRESSION. During the 1953 recession prices were falling very slightly with inflation moving from slightly above 0% to slightly below. Well, who shows up but Joe Mc Carthy and the RED HEARINGS which finished the Progressive movement in America.  There were no more real recessions.

 The 1957 recession saw slightly declining inflation rates but the inflation rate didn't turn into actual falling prices. All that happened was that the rate of inflation fell slightly from around 3% to around 2%.

Viet Nam was America's progressive heyday. A bonfire lit itself under the youth. ( 1968 thru 1972) That had never happened. A COMPASSIONATE QUAKER mood in all the kids provokes GANDHI like non violent pickets? Oligarchs pulled wires and this period was immediately followed by an ugly, scary OIL RECESSION. No doubt the oilmen were sorely disappointed that they could not capture the lush, offshore oil fields in Vietnam (today they are raking in the yen,) so they pulled the noose in a personal vendetta on car drivers.  Paddy Chayefsky wrote "NETWORK" 1976, giving us the lines "If we don't go wage these dirty wars to get you people your oil, you're going DOWN." .

In the 1980 - 1982 recession inflation fell very sharply from around 13% to under 4%.

And in the 1990 - 1991 recession inflation fell about 2 points from just above 5%.  And finally in the 2001 - 2003 recession inflation was relatively flat hovering around 3%. As if the oligarchs didn't want to pull any big switches on the people. Wary of another MASS PICKET like VIETNAM produced. Not about starving Asians but about starving US!

So based on these time periods most recessions saw falling (or negative) inflation rates. But does that mean that falling prices cause recessions. No not at all.

Generally, stable or gradually decreasing prices and interest rates too, are good for the economy but other than the "Great Depression" what we see are high inflation rates prior to the recession which are "wrung" out of the economy by a recession.

We see this prior to 1918 when inflation rates were 20%  and in 1980 they were over 13%.  So how do we explain the other examples that weren't so high?

The "Great Depression" was actually an example of fiscal mismanagement as the government clamped down on the money supply too tightly in an attempt at fiscal responsibility.

The 1953 recession was once again caused by the government clamping down on the money supply in an effort to wring the almost 6% inflation out of the economy. Unfortunately they over did it a bit which resulted in the one year recession.

Monetary policy was tightened during the two years preceding 1957, followed by an easing of policy at the end of 1957.

The 1980 recession was closely related to the 1973 Oil embargo recession because the Iranian Revolution sharply increased the price of oil around the world in 1979, causing the 1979 energy crisis. This sucked capital out of the system causing both recessions.

  On "Black Monday" of October 1987 a stock collapse lopped 22.6 percent off the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The collapse which was larger than that of 1929, drastically decreased the money supply and although the economy quickly began to recover it was hit by the one-two punch of the savings and loans collapse which sent the economy into a tailspin.

So this was once again a result of a collapse of liquidity in the system.

The 2001 - 2003 recession was similarly caused by a contraction of liquidity after a stock market bubble this time the result of excess liquidity created by the FED flowing into the new "DotCom" stocks. When this bubble burst it drastically reduced liquidity once again sending the economy into a tailspin.

But actually recessions although painful serve a useful purpose by wringing out excess liquidity out of the system and returning the economy to a more stable footing.

The key of course for individuals is to not get caught up in the excesses that precede the recession so they can weather the storm once it arrives.

So does high inflation cause a recession? In a way yes, but it precedes the recession.  Usually, high inflation corresponds with liquidity creation and a booming economy.  But after a while the party balloon can get no bigger and it  eventually bursts.  Liquidity contracts, inflation falls and the economy contracts into a recession.

That is exactly what we are seeing now.  The money supply is beginning to contract and the economy is sinking into recession.

Bernie Madoff gave back everything he had left but weirdly it's only a thousandth of what he stole. SO far nobody can account for the man's spending habits. A little yacht, a home here and there? Where do the rich people stick their money? I wonder if they could even tell us. It just goes. So they have to economize. ON what? On US!

OK what's our tactic to be? Go progressive so they whip us with poverty? I don't think so. Mao told us the revolutionary fish should swim in the sea with the other fishes and quietly incite revolution and not try to walk on the river banks. Besides TYRANNY loves being OPPOSED. When they can put a few heads on sticks outside the gate and throw terror into people, they just love it. So we don't give them a reason to do that.

Insidious penetration of the government worked for Mao in China. Gandhi turned British rule into a horror show. Made a world spectacle of the Brits and they capsized, but Indians are smarter, more wily than we are, much harder working. In the West, we need progressives to not only walk on the river bank but to haul carts! To become CEOS of big corps and to become lawyers, and SUE the current band of CEOS, sue the transnationals with ruinous class action suits, alleging that GM SEEDS and pharm PIRATES and war lobbies and war toys and all their DEATH INDUSTRIES have got to be prosecuted and pay up for the damage. There's a price tag for profiteering on dead bodies. We need Flouride and Aluminum toothpaste lawsuits, we need ecology LAWSUITS. MINE WORKERS death  lawsuits. HMO lawsuits. And last and best, we need Progressive LAWYERS to really walk on the river banks and BECOME CANDIDATES and not get corrupted by politics.

When you can't beat them, you become them. You get student loans utnil you are a GRISHAM kind of street lawyer. A rainmaker, A class action suit maker. You penetrate THE FIRM and become a whistleblower. Your beautiful daughters marry ancient oligarchs and breed their last litters and teach your kids to unlock the billions from bank vaults and the mother and son always remember where they really came from and never let wealth corrupt them as it did the pater familias who gave them the key to the vault.

You do not oppose them in revolutions. That worked when there were a few armed men on horses with swords battling a crowd of thousands who hadn't eaten that morning, who left a hut with dying children. But it does not work with crowds armed with pistols and cop snipers on buildings picking the armed men off.


Proles can't revolt with  no rice.
Gotta scramble for a farthing
Now way they can come and HARM me!

I'm a bankster, I"m connected
Rig the rates and I'm protected!
UP here in my fine high penthouse
People below look like MOUSE!

Cunning shrewd
I run the SHOW!



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