A jazz fan and I were having a conversation. I said "Frank Zappa once said 'jazz isn't dead, it just smells funny.' "Zappa's one of my gods", he said. I lifted my eyebrows as he sure wasn't one of mine.

That wasn't much of a conversation but that's what happens when  two people listen to Jazz. People just mellow out and almost slide off their chairs. This is not so cool for party conversation but it's great for romance. Jazz is the best music for a dinner for two as it has an eerie ability to get you in the Zone, stoned, Alphawaved.

I didn't think to do it that night but later I emailed my pal to ask him to send me a list of the great ones. I am bringing this up as I think you should play jazz next time you have a man over. Ever play jazz for a date? No?Then don't knock it. It makes a very peculiar aura come into the room. Relaxed, sincere, no BS.

The great ones very simply are: Charles Mingus? Miles Davis, Hank Mobley, Herbie Hancock, Keith Jarrett, etc.

The best record ever is an old Miles Davis record which you can buy online, and one of its ten songs is "it never entered my mind" is the best jazz ever recorded; totally relaxed, maybe you could call it 'heroined out.' Fabulous music. Transcendent, poppy music.  You buy that record you don't need sleeping pills; any other composers who could do that feat? Ya think? Listen to it at any of the sites that serve up MP3's.
My PC is 20 yrs old and when I get to a site it's blank. So you google it.
You'll be glad you did if you can get that into your life.

Miles & Gil Evans turned out a LOT of good sleepy-bye sides, so did Gabor
Szabo, Bill Evans, the MJQ, etc. Recently,The Necks put out a very righteous
"long adagio", called *Sex*. Vangelis (progrocker) turned out *L'Apocalypse
Des Animaux*, which is a bunch of VERY Ravel / Satie-esque slow songs.
Beautiful! I have a LOT of dream music,  intelligent mood music."

"One of my all-time fave Miles gigs is the *Milestones* LP. but the one
above all is 'WORKIN' with the lead tune, "It never entered my mind." Buy
it; Listen to it right now:$1303

Google up a story on a Coltrane Monk 5- year old missing tape they just found. I wonder  what it sounds like. Rare doesn't make it good.

Coltrane and Monk were so abstract that I still have LOTS of trouble
*really* understanding their work. I hope, in later years, I can get
properly into it...which will give me new fields to explore in music.
But MILES you will understand! No wonder CECILY TYSON
married him.

Cut a CD with these guys on it. Then invite someone in for a very
relaxed dinner. Then afterwards, sit around on the couch with lights
low, a brandy and Miles on. That guy will get so stoned off you, he'll propose
right away!