ACTIVATED CHARCOAL- For ingested toxins, poisons or wounds.  I read this owner's tale online "I use activated charcoal in powder form (available in capsules) for an upset stomach or toxic bowel. I mix 1 tsp with 1/2 to 1 c of water.  I first rinse my mouth with it and it cleans my teeth at the same time.  When my son was little he would have an upset stomach from well water.  Charcoal cured it immediately.  I used 1/2 tsp when he was 4-5 yrs old.

Last summer my indoor/outdoor cat got into a fight and had a bump on his stomach.  The next day it got bigger and by the third day it was a size of an egg.  I took a cotton ball, got it wet sprinkled charcoal on it.  Placed it on the bump, put paper towel over it and wrapped it with 2 pcs of masking tape.  Did that for a few days and the bump was gone.  I then kept a dry paper towel over it till the sore closed up.

BOILS, LARGE WOUNDS. The cat makes a ball the size of an egg if there's pus within the body. It is a boil in the making, it is white blood cells being eliminated. The pus can come from within and have nothing to do with skin cuts. Whatever the cause, help the ELIMINATION of pus along. Fill a basin with very HOT WATER straight from the faucet, and soak a rag in it. Immediately put on the area, a COMPRESS, held for one minute. That is like steaming a pimple. After a few days of this steaming, you will notice the boil coming to a real head. The skin changes in color. At any moment pressing the two sides lightly will cause all the pus to eliminate. use clean paper napkins for that, then Apply Calendula infusion to the wound. NEOSPORIN also would be good.

THE BEST TOPICAL remedy for DRAINING HOLES, BIG WOUNDS, CUTS  especially where you want skin to close CALENDULA PETALS.  I mash the petals in olive oil, add a shot of whisky, let it soak in fridge in tupperwear. Grab a wet wad, put on the cat's wound. Many times a day.  This flower will GROW SKIN where there is no skin. The stump of an amputated tail (Gangrene required quick action with pruning shears) the cat's stump healed perfectly meaning SKIN wrapped around the edges of stump and closed in the middle. Never saw the like. We should have pulled back the skin and amputated bone leaving a lot of extra skin to seam but we were tyros. Just a week of calendula skin growing infusions on site and that tom, "STUMPY" lived on for years in perfect health. Who needs a tail to wag? NOT HIM!

Found online: "When my children were little I used warm extra virgin olive oil and put 3-4 drops of it in the ear.  They laid there for 15 min.  Than I put a dry wash cloth over the ear and they turned to the other side so that the excess oil will drain out, laid there for about 15 min. more.  Never had to take them to the Dr. for an ear infection.


We use eucalyptus oil for upper respiratory infections, like cold.  We take a few sniffs of it and it clears the airways and we can breath again. When a human has a sinus infection I put a piece of cotton ball in the ear on the side of the face that I have discomfort.  In 3 days the sinus infection is gone.  Keep tucking the cotton ball in and change it daily.

MYCOPLASMA - This spore exists in the entire animal kingdom. Cats frequently manifest it as congested lungs, a mucusy lung, nose and eye. This is contagious to humans so take care not to have cat sneeze in your face. Warn children away from that sick cat. But generally mycoplasma pneumonia can be easily treated with tetracycline type medications, in particular Minocycline. The hard thing is getting a vet to agree with you and RX it. Go see MYCO CAT REMEDIES. But a little EUCALYPTUS oil rubbed on his muzzle would be good. The myco spores go into eyes, give conjunctivitus, so you have to treat eyes separately. Lemon/ water on a cotton ball to wipe the eye, then a small wad of NEOSPORIN ORIGINAL FORMULA Inserted into the eye socket. Close eye and rub in a circle.

Another way to cure sinus infections is ONION slivers, inserted in nose over a really big steaming pot of boiling water. This requires utmost care as you could tumble pot on your chest. Infants should not be subjected to this. Unless pot is in sink, steaming upwards and child is well on the other side of the RIM of sink. The steam carries onion vapors up into sinus bones in forehead. So you sniff in... and start sneeze-expectorating with a real KICK, immediately. Very cleansing. Also, onion is gemicidal.

TEA TREE OIL kills bugs anywhere it's used. GOOGLE that word and read up on it. In particular, mites in the cats' ears succumb to it. THE TRICK: TEA TREE must be diluted, not watered down so much as oiled down. Straight, it causes cancerous tumors at site of application. l part tea tree to 50 parts plain oil, salad oil, glycerine, whatever you have on hand. I wrap tip of a hyacinth stick, (avail for staking glads and hyacinths, garden dept.) with cotton..getting a double size QTIP. dip in this mix, clean cats' ears with it. When no more black shows on the various q tips you've made, (that's mite poop,) then you can quit. Do it a month later, maybe.