If you have toxidity, slow body functions (like constipation) with resulting bad breath, if you have acne or if you have used anti-biotics, have low body energy, if your digestion tasks your mental crispness, meaning you zone out after lunch... if you have any incipient disease, like aching joints, or have a frequent, white coated tongue or headaches when you exercise, you have to clean out the colon and get it nice and healthy again! Guess what? You can do the cleansing with a juice fast, without hunger!

Start easy, in a pleasant, no hassle manner. Do a good cleansing diet where you can eat as much as you want of certain power healthfoods that are also body cleansers. Do this for five days a week, a gentle healthfood diet.

On week-ends, go on a juice fast. You don't work Sat/Sun, right? Get to Wal-mart with 29$ and get the bargain basement juicer they offer. It works as well as the 300$ juicer! Weekdays do the healthfood diet below, not a fast but still very cleansing! Or if there are specific needs, I have the SOLAR WEIGHT LOSS DIET, ARTHRITIS DIET, many others, ask me about these. I'll email them to you --no problem. On weekends, mix raw juices with psyllium and that's the fasting part.

FIVE DAYS A WEEK:All the salads, vegies, fruits, vegetarian proteins like raw, soaked peeled almonds...tofu burgers, that you want. Grains are eaten separately, fruits separately, proteins separately. Combining is important. Eat vegies/salads with grains. Or eat proteins with greens/vegies, nothing else like grains, sugars. Eat FRUITS alone. Desserts are eaten alone, a few hours before a meal, not after. At bottom of page i give you two recipes for a protein meal, one is TOFUBURGERS, the others is CHINESE TOFU W. VEGIES.

WEEKENDS: YOU CAN REALLY GO COMPLETELY WITHOUT FOOD on weekends. No action is expected of you. Coccoon watching TV or videos. My California healthfood friends would do forty days on grapes or raw fruits, an occasional raw salad....and one very normal, not fat friend went forty days on water only. It can be done.

BREAKFAST- Have an all fruit juice smoothie, fresh squeezed, grape, pear, apple. Stir in psyllium or unflavored Metamucil. Or PSYLLIUM plus herbs, available at healthfood store under many different names. Brunch is the same -- juice w. psyllium stirred in, like 1 tbsp for a large glass. PROTEIN BREAKFAST: Four culture yogurt, meaning from healthfood store or PERSIAN market, with a few raw egg yolks, with a big chunk of raw pineapple which combines with protein...not cooked, pineapple must be raw! Blend into a smoothie.

LUNCH - green juice, salads of all kinds wi. celery, smal pc beet, carrots, greens like collards, spinach. psyllium or metamucil unflavored. A half hour later, a big salad w. seeds, sprouts.

SNACK- avocado mashed into a tomato, onion, cilantro, jalapeno juice, to make a liquid guacamole. CHEW THIS DRINK or it won't digest, and you'll burp.Or have it as a guacamole dip.

PROTEIN MEAL- Soak a half cup of raw almonds in water four hours until peel can be taken off with fingers. Don't eat the peel, it's astringent. Masticate these live protein nuts carefully for full assimilation.

NIGHT, raw green juices with a glob of healthfood store four strains of culture in the yogurt only if you can't sleep for munchies I.E. chronic low blood sugar. Use Mountain High original flavor, not the small fat-free cups. Mountain High is one that's available in super market which has four strains of culture. Most others only have acidophilus, it's not enuf. Healthfood stores always have at least one really fine yogurt with multiple strains, bifidus, acidophillus and others. I've seen up to four. The quart container is about 2$.

GO TO BED on the juice w. yogurt mix. Acid fruits mix well with yogurt, not sweet fruits. Put a few oranges or slice pineapple thru your Wal-mart juicer, --- if citrus, you can add some of the peel --- then add yogurt to what comes out. The yogurt has calcium which relaxes, the protein deepens sleep.

WHEN JUICING, TAKE ALL SLUSH from juicer and put on a compost pile, or in a bucket to put on the pile next day. Rinse machine, put upside down to dry in air. Don't put it away on shelf. Leave them on dry rack, ready to use. The easier  and more hygienic we can make this the better.

Read up at an expert's website
Another take, JOHN MC KAY's fast.

Back to eating? Break fast with easy delicious vegan burgers.


TOFU BURGER RECIPE. INGRED: l lb tofu firm or soft, two stalks
celery, small white or yellow onion, green or red bell pepper,
water chestnuts (l small can), l can
creamed corn,
l0 mushrooms, 1/2 cup bread crumbs, celery seeds, (whole
or powdered) thyme, sage, salt, garlic cloves, 1/2 to 1 full cup soaked,
peeled almonds, ground or chopped. l small 33c. Box Cornbread mix.

HOW: SAUTE onions, garlic, celery, add bell pepper, tofu in crumbles or
sml squares, chopped 'shrooms, then add crumbs and corn (l beaten egg is
optional and so is a box of cornbread mix. I actually use HALF the box
of cornbread mix, with a little egg, tbsp of milk. These are little boxes, 33c in the
market. ) Add spices, chopped water chestnuts. Set aside. Get clean
frying pan, put in some oil and clarified butter either mixed or use one
and not the other. But you cannot FRY in butter that has diary in it.
You must pre clarify. (Heat, skim). Shape batter, dredge in crumbs or
flour, or I use more cornbread mix. Then fry each pattie or ball
lightly, finish in oven 325 for l0 min min, 20 is ok. COOL, wrap each
ball in saran wrap, freeze. But leave a half doz. in fridge for next


ANOTHER NIGHT, make CHINESE TOFU- Called Tofu in brown sauce with
shitake. First, make brown rice, takes 45 min. Next, you're going to
make the MAIN dish that will go OVER the rice as Chinese serve it.
Gravy and then the protein in the gravy.

Make a gravy pre-mixture of soy sauce*, cornstarch, mushroom soy sauce,
if you can find it, and some lobster sauce, which looks like soy sauce,
is sold in good supermarkets and oriental grocery stores. Stir it up,
set this aside, cold, uncooked.

Toast 2 tbsp of sesame seeds lightly golden brown, by setting in iron
frying pan. Set aside.

Soak 6-8 shitake mushrooms in water. Set aside and this takes 15 minutes
to 1/2 hr. to soften up.

In any good oil, (sesame, peanut) saute your vegetables lightly: onions,
garlic, eggplant, few scraps meat if you want it, but it's not
necessary. In 20 seconds, add cubed tofu, up to an lb. Stir well, add
vegies like broccoli, snow peas or plain peas. Saute another few secs.
Now, add the gravy mix, shitakes with liquid, stir as you fry. It
thickens. In these 2 minutes of cooking, the vegies finish cooking. Add
sesame seeds, a few slashes of chile sesame oil if you want, beansprouts
spinach get added at this point, as you want them semi raw. Serve over
brown rice.

* Read soy sauce labels. Many have Monosodium glutamate. At oriental
stores, there's always one with SOY BEANS as only ingredient, and
no MSG. Get that one. MSG gives headaches, disturbs brain.