Once a cat I was leaning close to sneezed. Droplets went flying and  I felt one hit me right in the eye. Hours later I had a sore throat and descended into a month of walking pneumonia (mycoplasma) which penicillin cannot cure. It's a tetracycline, monocycline, doxicillin disease. A spore not a bacterium. Soft shell not hard. So garlic works bigtime on this bug. Squeeze a clove or two (multiple felines) of fresh garlic thru a hand press, add a little liquid, then drop that into their bowl of meat. Stir well. The garlic will eat through the spore's shell, deep in the bloodstream and lungs. Do this every single meal so the spores get no respite.

This disease became resident in ME. When my immune system went down, I caught it. But recently a tsunami of mycoplasma went through my city, everyone infected their coworkers and kin and I caught it that way.

Now, I feared GIVING it to my cats. I Instinctively  felt that ANY BAD MOVE and I could pass this possibly fatal disease to a  cat, maybe with my kleenex dirtied hands fixing their dinner; (I pull all chicken meat off boiled, cooled birds which is a little too up close and personal! (I  feed bones and half the skin to my outdoor possums, no waste as I consider possums to be WWIII emergency cat food meat on the hoof.)

Fearing that maybe holding, petting, talking to, breathing on any of my darling cats, they'd get this horrible bug.  Having seen how sick cats get with mycoplasma,    (their eyes pustulent and mucusy, noses running, fevers  raging, and the sound of raspy breathing,)  I didn't want to take any chance. I began washing my hands thoroughly before preparing their meals, in case I'd pass my mycoplasma to them......(My cooking is meat, greens and a lot of handling and pulling). And I stopped handling the cats and going ooky snooky in their faces.

I have read that the MYCOPLASMA disease can become resident, in cats and humans. What that means is, your immune system gets low, you don't need contact with anybody (furry or pink,) to get it. All you have to be is RUN DOWN and THE RESIDENT MYCO takes over. Read the research.