Colin Wilson first came on the scene with his bestseller "The Outsider" (a treatise on famous outsider writers) back when he himself was an outsider, before fame hit --when he was 25. He went on to become an enormously prolific writer with some 80 major works  to his credit which deal with a wide variety of subjects: existential philosophy, religion, occult and supernatural phenomena, music, sex, archaeology, astronomy, and cosmology. Wilson regards himself primarily as a philosopher concerned with the meaning of human existence. He cites these as “MY BEST WORKS.”Unlike many ‘existentialists’, his outlook is basically optimistic. His most recent book is "The Atlantis Blueprint: Unlocking The Ancient Mysteries Of A Long-Lost Civilization" with Rand Flem-Ath. Two other recent international best-selling works by Wilson, receiving rave reviews, are "Alien Dawn: An Investigation Into the Contact Experience" and "From Atlantis To The Sphinx: Recovering the Lost Wisdom of the Ancient World." The "Atlantis Blueprint" is a spellbinding blend of history and science, scholarship and speculation. This landmark work presents startling new evidence that traces archaeology's most enduring mysteries back to the lost civilization of Atlantis. The Great Pyramid. Stonehenge. Machu Picchu. For centuries, these and other sacred sites have inspired wonder among those who ponder their origins. Conventional science tells us they were constructed by local peoples working with the primitive tools of a fledgling civilization. But these megaliths nonetheless continue to attract pilgrims, scholars, and adventurers drawn by the possibility that their true spiritual and technological secrets remain hidden. Who could have built these elaborate monuments? How did they do it? And what were their incomprehensible efforts and sacrifices designed to accomplish? Colin Wilson opens up a Pandora's box of ancient mysteries, lost worlds, and millennial riddles. His “PSYCHIC DETECTIVES: opened doors for me. I was having PSYCHIC EXPERIENCES when I set it down. Read ARTICLE ON THIS EXPERIENCE.


EDMUND WILSON was an American blueblood. He wrote “To The FINLAND STATION” Wilson was a 20th century American poet who edited at Vanity Fair, great social connections in NYC, who must have been a superb researcher as he dug into the biographies of a few dozen of the great liberal GANDHI types, the MLK types of the last 500 years

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Readers Catalogue says:" Edmund Wilson's magnum opus, To the Finland Station, is a stirring account of revolutionary politics, people, and ideas from the French Revolution to the Bolshevik seizure of power in 1917. It is a work of history on a grand scale, at once sweeping and detailed that succeeds in painting an unforgettable picture—alive with conspirators and philosophers, utopians and nihilists—of the making of the modern world."… And the characters! An inexhaustible cast of brilliant, exciting, driven, beautiful, heroic, demonic people—Marx and Engels, Lenin and Trotsky, Bakunin, Michelet, Saint Simon, Proudhonne and many more. And not only the great figures, but minor characters as well—dozens of them, wives and children, friends, enemies, lovers, rivals—nearly very one a real individual, drawn with exquisite sensitivity and care. 

The idea that binds all these people in all these times and places together, that animates this book and gives it an organic unity, is the great romantic dream of EVOLUTION via Revolution. . . In an age of historical amnesia, To the Finland Station can remind us that our history is alive and open and rich with excitement and promise." My feeling is that it’s just too bad Someone didn’t append a bio on Stalin, who ground all those above people's efforts to a bloody stop!


TUESDAY LOBSANG RAMPA – The Third Eye, Doctor from Llasha, Chapters of Life. And a dozen more. These books make you get psychic. I don’t know how it works, but especially his instructions for ASTRAL TRAVEL in CHAPTERS OF LIFE stimulate E.S.P. You just do it! ABE BOOKS has them for a dollar. These were published in BRITAIN in the sixties. Treasures. Get every single one you can find!


BARTLETT’s QUOTATIONS – Available used at abebooks. Has everything important that anybody ever said, going back to thousands of years before Christ! You read some brilliant thoughts out of say, one guy and you want to leap from the bed and drive to the library and get his collected works. This is good. LITERARY equivalent of FOREPLAY!


Frederick Forsyth – Anything he ever wrote. Read ODESSA FILE, you read last chapters turning pages and screaming. Or FIST OF GOD TWO DOZEN OTHERS. Great novels, very convincing. Very well researched. He obviously has ties to the Mossad, CIA, M15 He has downloaded huge files of info from them and has meticulous way of delivering it payload at a time. “DAY OF THE JACKYL”



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