Horror combined with compassion create activism. After my child got smacked
around by a school teacher, I created C.H.E.R.I.S.H. (Children have Every Right to
Immunity from Sadistic Headmasters," wrote Sacramento and got charitable tax
exempt foundation status with State of California, gave a concert and raised money,
though the Concert cost much more than I raised. But the event made it into the pages
of the L.A. Times with the issue and abuse amply described so charities do more than
raise cash, they raise awareness.  We didn't have the NET back then, so newspaper attention was important.

After the Xmas TSUNAMI in ASIA, I did a few months of a SOLO Public Relations internet blitz using the INTERNET to seek out ADOPTIVE PARENTS for the thousands of babies orphaned by the OCEAN. In the middle of all my noise making, I realized that the various countries wouldn't let Americans even come in the door much less adopt.

I wrote up the " ORPHANS TRAPPED BY THEIR OWN GOVERNMENTS" story. I felt it would move the whole process along. I waited for people like ANGELINA JOLIE or MIA FARROW to step into the limelight and honk that horn too. There's nothing like the in person presence of a beautiful woman on television, at CEO's offices, conducting press conferences,etc. Well, no beauties showed up and the Indonesians --especially --were intractable. NO Muslim BABIES are leaving our torn up beaches and our  famished, disease ridden SHORES! They die they die INDONESIAN! Same people who murdered over a million of their own when CIA asked them to a few decades ago.

I love to tell American girls, BEAUTY IN A WOMAN is like WEALTH IN A MAN. Pretty women would do very well to VOLUNTEER for the red CROSS or CATHOLIC RELIEF as a fundraiser, then start doing community outreach for them but also mentioning the ORPHAN ADOPTION ISSUE wherever you go!

If the big guys won't let you raise cash for them, start your own charity with Secretary of State in your State capital. Then  go knocking on office doors, on boardrooms, to meet all the ON TOP CEO's and young, eligible Vice Presidents in every HUGE CORPORATION IN TOWN! Tell them to write the check to CATHOLIC RELIEF ORG. You come off looking like GANDHI in skirts which is so excellent for your 'dating outreach.' Good for raising money for the charity but you also get a chance to plant in powerful brains the fact that ASIA won't let the babies go because they make photogenic MERCHANDISE! So you get powerful men to JOIN the CLAMOR to get CNN to do shows on this subject. You get Reporters to do stories on it! You function as a PR girl getting the CEO the reporters to come in and photograph him shouting with outrage in a PHOTO OPP cause ASIA gets billions but won't cough up the starving grieving traumatized babies transferring them to decent homes, alleging we CUT THEM UP FOR ORGANS!

When you get older and face the last third of your life, you start looking for meaningful things to do, to fill time, do gooder projects that arouse one's passion. Just TO KEEP you breathing! To keep you away from the FRIDGE! Away from WANDERING the streets OR WATCHING TELEVISION! Seniors like me could be conscripted to be your phone gals, charity workers. When you give parties, they'd take money, give change, give "Hi, I'm X" buttons proving guests PAID!

The TSUNAMI ORPHAN ISSUE was a fabulous antidote to old age, my primary passion for a while until I realized MUSLIMS wouldn't give a single kid to an American adoption service as they watch about five minutes of DEGENERATE WIVES, Sunday nights and vomit. They think we're all pedophiles! Sex crazed.

So I've gone on thinking about what would be a good charity. I come up with ideas all the time. Here's one you could do with your idiot Nephew.--KARS-4-KIDS! People donate used cars to you. That would employ two full time, talented mechanics to take those donation cars, cherry them up, re-sell them, and with profits, you create scholarships for latch key kids at DAYCARES around town. The concept is so unique it would get you a ton of newspaper publicity. The mechanics make some moola, too. Your nephew experience, later can go to other auto fixer shops. You have too many cars given you, so can YOU!  Win Win for everybody. You give CAR- PARTIES. Car races, Car AUCTIONS. Get the autorama dome to lend you their circuit some Saturday morning, charge for the CHERRY VINTAGE AUTO RACES. Take it where it will go. Or as they say in the biz, take this on the road, see how it flies.

Now  I must confess RUNNING CHARITIES IN MY IMAGINATION is kind of my second OLD AGE hobby. My first is writing down all good ideas of any sort. I watch what people do to make money, write it up. I watch how a beauty moves from small town poverty to a mansion on the hill, write it up.

I've done a dozen INTERNET website SEMINARS and run LISTS where people get the articles before they're published. There's a charming, sexy little X-rated WEBSITE called "HOW TO BE LUCKY IN LOVE and marry a BILLIONAIRE" Fifty chapters of lessons on how to NAIL A MAN not get loved and left! Not get Seduced and abandoned! LOVEAHOLIC Stuff I REALLY know about.

Click on Flip over there, check out its main page. Read just a few of the 50 articles on how to SNAG a husband,how not to get jacked around. LUCK IN LOVE SITE teaches girls how to DATE effectively, not have affairs and get dumped. ANd it asks the really beautiful girls to volunteer to marry a billionaire and channel the money into import /export with starving villages in the third world. (My Old business when I had the millionaire hubby and the BAZAAR FOLKLORICO shop on the Sunset strip in L.A.)

Having that LUCK IN LOVE website helped me BUILD A LIST OF girl MEMBERS, INTERESTED GALS, 160 names in just the first few weeks and a few reporters among them, so I saw what happens when you have a COMPASSIONATE CONCEPT and work it at CRAIGS LIST ... reporters spot you, tv show people spot you and invite you to come on. All of this happened just from putting ads up.

So use craigs to publicize, gain readers for your website, attract members to your charitable club.  Not all my lists are for GIRLS. I do the CONSPIRACY THEORY WEBSITE, with the JERRY's REFRIGERATOR list of CONSPIRACY THEORIES and the TIN FOIL HAT list. The FOIL THE FUZZ SECURITY TRAINING.

And in the line of charities, I've done THE VULTURE SANDWICH "HOW TO CREATE YOUR OWN CHARITY AND GET SALARIED" WEBSITE. The name came from a famous photo of a vulture hopping toward an infant it was about to eat. The parents had died in the African famine.

Read those sites then come back and say, my life hasn't taken wings yet. I'm just treading water (to mix metaphors.) Why don't I at least let these ideas reside in my head. I don't have to DO anything about them, just expose my brain and soul to some new possibilities.

I guarantee you, pretty soon you will be out networking and discuss the ideas, and find the team, boys and girls with energy like your own, interests, like your own, and you may do GROUP NITE PARTIES, speakers, lecturers, potluck dinner, do the NEW HEROES DOCUMENTARY party,  or all take the FREE "IMPORT EXPORT MERCANTILISM TRAINING that is full of big money ideas. It's a hundred and fifty chapter curriculum but more come from time to time and you sign up for a free LIST & get a twice monthly  email from us with NEW ARTICLES before they're published, also making sure they remember their goals & KEEP UP at this job of creating massive wealth.

I REMIND readers to read, send them the superb bibliographies,  i.e. book titles to get USED for a buck at as I say, no brains no studies no good men!

In the case of young women, we have the LOVEAHOLICS ANONYMOUS articles to warn women not to let PASSION BLOOM like a red rose too quickly! To rein in the HORSES!. To shun hotties, disco hunks and go for MEN WITH SOULS, WISDOM, WIT and even ELITISTS. There is a training in how to start an import/export biz with starving villages in the third world with hubby's money. Stuff like that.

Here is a moment in time that you could not have imagined would come to you,  THE MOMENT when you can seize a huge opportunity to launch yourself in high society as the wife of a philanthropist. This gateway involves A SPIRITUAL test. Do you have the discipline, responsibility, intensity and compassion to pass the BILLIONAIRE'S WIFE CLUB QUALIFICATION EXAM?

The test involves doing something charitable. Not TSUNAMI ORPHAN ADOPTIONS as Muslims won't cooperate, but PICK A kindly ACTION-forwarding idea which is more like you. THEN GIVE FUNDRAISING PARTIES.  Somewhere I have the MEDIA GOLD LIST of 2,000 names of broadcasters ad journalists. That helps you in two ways: a.) to advertise your parties, get newspaper publicity and b.) as you learn how easy it is to send out a PRESS RELEASE BY FAX, you realize that you can make a living doing Public Relations.. Why not seize the opportunity to practice on a good cause. DAYCARE SCHOLARSHIPS for LATCH KEY KIDS is one. CEOS will open their door to you. It gets them publicity too.

You may find some other, more interesting theme. Art equipment for the junior high when Schools run out of money. A one legged beauty named Heather did PROSTHETIC LEGS for explosive MINE victims and Paul Mc Cartney married her. Whatever you choose, you will get broadcasters, reporters, average citizens in your town to SUPPORT the idea and attend your gatherings. Eventually OPRAH will put you on  her show.

So try these things and what's more, you get 'A' in the billionaire's wives club training! YOU NOW are allowed by the universe to move forward and claim one of these thousand billionaires on the planet for your hubby!

So here's the riff. Why couldn't you find a local charity THAT HAS A legal state charter, Secretary of State okayed them --their group paid the 80$ fee, got their CHARITABLE LICENSE, and propose that you will WORK FOR THEM AS A VOLUNTEER, (when you walk in the door in a great suit, suede pumps, pearl earrings and look like a society girl, (which we teach at our free training,) looking like a young EVITA (she married the PRESIDENT and created orphanages for Argentina.) Tell the owner of the CHARITY that you will personally knock on doors of CEO's of local corporations and RAISE a few million for THEM and volunteer to be on the BOARD of any fundraisers, (that word means PARTY in their language!!) etc, and even find them a celeb or star, someone like MIA FARROW to be their MASTHEAD MASCOT! Then write them some grants. Just now I was looking at BUILDING 19, a famous Discount store chain, this corporation's owners, two guys, made 100 million each and so now they give cash to charitable orgs. See:
You come up with one of those grants, that charity will put you on the board!

ALWAYS when languaging, load the scale with what YOU WILL DO. Put five or six things there which YOU WILL do, make those vows...followed by your asking them for what you want or need. (i.e. that they really spring into action doing DAYCARE SCHOLARSHIPS for Latch key Children for instance. As TSUNAMI CHILDREN ADOPTIONS simply isn't happening! Or get the cops and firemen in your city to BE ON THE LOOK OUT for the increasing trend of tent cities full of homeless, jobless parents and children. Locate the head priest who's running it or nun. Raise money for his church kitchen. Always scout down the rabbis in temples, priests and orphanages.

In foreign countries, if you ever get to one, determine which orphanages exist that will work with AMERICA and set up a beaverline for quickie adoptions to suitable two parent homes. On this end, I'd imagine there are agencies many like CATHOLIC RELIEF SERVICES INC (I hear it is the very best in USA as it only takes .04% of each buck raised) ...... and they are on line so just click on it, bookmark it, they are in your city are other KEY orgs!

For instance, ADOPTION LAWYERS are the guys to contact as they know every single adoption related org in your city.... or maybe the CHURCH's own OFFICES ...who is the SENIOR clergy in your town? The Cardinal?

Then, there but maybe other religions than just Catholic church, which you could liason with now that famine and recession are engulfing the third world, and many families would send their babies to America. Put out feelers through the church which has liason in every country of the world, as they can carry you to extant orphan organizations, to meet and know religious figures abroad, to visit all kinds of support groups both in Europe, Latin America and HERE, stateside and CANADIAN ones which could figure out how to liason with sister villages over there. Mother Teresa's group is in Calcutta very near those Tsunami beaches. Indians are a little more likely to let children be adopted perhaps. That's one area MIA FARROW would espec. like to work with. Create a WEBSITE, costs 5$ a month or a little need to pay for domaine name. Webhosts GIVE THEM FREE! DRAK.NET my favorite webhost is 3$ a month or less. Three websites and domain names are 5$ a month. READ "HOW TO DO YOUR OWN WEBSITE, EASY METHOD" and Read "HOW TO START YOUR OWN CHARITY"

I did a model website back after the TSUNAMI  but when I realized MUSLIMS wouldn't play ball, I just did one on HOMELESS/ starving kids & fund raising to feed them, no adoption mentioned and a web design (I didn't do the domain name, ) NOT having to do with the TSUNAMI. IT's all about doing charities, salarying yourself, fund raising. It's "VULTURE SANDWICH.ORG."

Read it, because it has as many lessons as does the 150 lessons over at the free training at LUCK IN LOVE.COM  I know you read those chapters where I mention that you must really run with the blue bloods! Well, consider this, if you daily are GOING to visit PHILANTHROPISTS in their offices to speak of charitable matters. THIS is your gateway to getting out of shlock show biz, dating hot guys who  have empty skulls and into marrying a billionaire guy with brains, ambition, clarity. At this moment we are nearly 200 girls across USA and Canada who are processing this very thought as sisters, cuz I wrote it to you all last nite when I HAD idea. BUT I want to go one step further today.

I give the idea to you. PRETEND to all the above people that it came from your own, pretty little head! YEP! At parties tonight, talk it up. ON THE PHONE next week, talk it up to editors, journalists, church heads, priests, Catholic agency heads, I want you to TOTALLY CLAIM it as your own. THIS IS your passport to the bigtime. I PUT it in your hands, asking you to look at the news until you are in TUNE with what a lot of work it is, but also in tune with the FEVER WITHIN that makes you want to do this.

And change your life from what it is today to what it could be. Look at where you're really headed now. The reality not the dream. We are not getting any younger!

IF YOU HAVE ONE arrow to throw, and the target is the size of a tinsy little wedding ring across the room, do you think you can get that arrow thru that ring? WHAT IF GOD gives you only one arrow. It is called "YOUR YOUTH AND BEAUTY."

ARE YOU SURE your youth and beauty can take you into MADONNA's earnings or JLO's earnings, and in next few years? Both worked ten hours a day at dance class to get where they were. JLO's success depended on beating out thousands of girls in line for the SERENA movie. I was on Calle Olvera in downtown LA the day they auditioned there and saw them in line. THOUSANDS!

For many it's not singing it's a career in beauty related biz, meaning modelling, etc. But how long can that be made to last? AND WILL it put that single arrow thru the wedding ring at five hundred yards?

NO, probably not but this one this idea will. This idea will put you now while you're young and beautiful, in the offices of every CEO in your town! CLAIM THE ENTIRE IDEA as your own. I GIVE it to you. MOVE on it as you see fit. LET YOUR FINGERS do the walking. Get the yellow pages right now. Phone up the local radio stations. Get the emails of the top broadcasters And go to adoption lawyers, as they're online and in the phone book. Then relief agencies.

ONCE You are in firm liason to A REAL CHARITY, only then can you start raising cash from CEOS. NOBODY can raise cash on their own. YOU MUST be a volunteer for a legitimate, state sanctioned RELIEF ORGANIZATION. YOU ride under their umbrella. CHECKS WILL READ "TO CHARITY" not to "BABE!"
Every time you go into an office, talk with a CEO, get his email. Then go online, paw around among the rubble, see what jewels turn up. PICTURES of weeping mothers, or babies with no mothers. Throw the URL into an email to the CEO. REMEMBER, you can cut and paste any WEBPAGE or any typed text whether online or even in your mail box, using the EDIT button at top of screen. FIRST HIGHLIGHT, then do CONTROL C to copy and CONTROL V to place it inside an email Read  THE WEBSITE FOR DUMMIES TRAINING.

THE words of my letter to you can be cut out, put in an email to friends, or take the URLS, send them out. Take the above seminar and you'll know how to do all that.  BY THE WAY, better not send any CEO to this website. This is for members only. VERY SOON YOU WILL CREATE a real "FUND RAISING PARTIES for DAYCARE SCHOLARSHIPS or HAITIAN ORPHAN" SITE that YOU can share with CEO's and RICH GUYS. Meanwhile cull my text, take out any reference to marrying a billionaire! A lot of the pages you can send to relief agencies. NOT THIS FILE .

"A HUNDRED YEARS FROM NOW, it will not matter what my bank acount was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove but the world may be different because I was important in the life of a CHILD."

YEP! This morning I poured my coffee into a cup with writing on it which was given to me in a box a long time ago by one of my teachers, the MASTER JUDITH. She is a trip. This girl was so gorgeously beautiful, had been a foster child all of her life, then she modeled in NYC then she went to a charity ball, met a man and married him. Well her husband died last OCTOBER. He was worth 800 million when he passed.

Anyway, I'm down to the dregs in the cup. Any last ideas in my ancient brain? YES. ONE. Send this letter or url or page to any beautiful l8-30 year old babes you know! THE real FOXES can get into any hen house. Tell them to let their beauty do its work. And if you're not a fox, but a slightly older hen .....put on some mascara as even HENS can really make OLD FOXES salivate. Also, always make friends with OLDER WOMEN and treat them with great respect. They make things happen! signed, Anita Sands Hernandez in L.A. California

*     *       *     *     *      *      *        *       *      *      *      *     *       *