Schwarzenegger's budget deals blows to the poor

"I'm puttin' an end to all that low hanging fruit, '
Exact words of California's Nazi Governor Ahnold

AHNOLD wanted to Freeze funding for local schools, Eliminate CalWorks, the state's main welfare program which trains poor to find jobs, end all kinds of child care for the poor, daycare for working poor and at home care for seniors and crippled children. He's putting it all on the backs of the near starving, near homeless. Isn't that special.

Nazi Bastard could have put a tax on cigarettes, alcohol, luxury cars. He could have upped house taxes on mansions worth more than 2 million.  He could eliminate all the Big Business subsidies... He could have not given cost of living increases to city politicians.  He could have cut the city council to half. Six can vote as good as twelve.

By Shane Goldmacher, Los Angeles Times (additions by

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger shows the state’s revenue fluctuation at a news conference where he presented his $83.4-billion budget plan.

Reporting from Sacramento-- Proposing a budget that would eliminate the state's welfare-to-work program and most child care for the poor, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Friday outlined a stark vision of a California that would sharply limit aid to some of its poorest and neediest citizens.

His $83.4-billion plan would also freeze funding for local schools, further cut state workers' pay and take away 60% of state money for local mental health programs. State parks and higher education are among the few areas the governor's proposal would spare.

The proposal, which would not raise taxes, also relies on $3.4 billion in help from Washington — roughly half of what the governor sought earlier this year — to help close a budget gap now estimated at $19.1 billion. Billions more would be saved through accounting moves and fund shifts.

"California no longer has low-hanging fruits," said Schwarzenegger at an afternoon news conference in Sacramento. "I now have no choice but to … call for elimination of some very important programs."

Elimination of CalWorks, the state's main welfare program, would affect 1.3 million people, including about 1 million children. The program, which requires recipients to eventually have jobs, gives families an average $500 a month. Ending those payments would save the state $1.6 billion, the administration said. It would also make California the only state not to offer a welfare-to-work program for low-income families with children.

Lawmakers rejected previous attempts by the governor to eliminate the program. CALIFORNIA IS THE FIRST STATE TO DO THIS. Let's pray Assembly in SACRAMENTO vetos this one and it not spread to any other state or it's the beginning of the Revolution.

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