The basics of using your PC to MERCHANDISE YOURSELF  ONLINE would be mastery of a text editor, a good file manager, some htm software, knowing how to get forty miles a gallon out of your browser, being really good with EMAIL for posting. That depends on managing your email address book and its 'lists'. Then, you want to learn to FTP to your site, --FILE TRANSFER PROTOCOL .. how you transfer htm files to the internet. Take you about an hour with any amateur to learn all of it.

NEXT: Easy  management of your 'trees' or directories is a good start. File managers 'handle' that. Get ZTREE. IT IS FABULOUS.

NEXT: GETTING GRAPHICS FOR FREE: I found that graphic above online thru GOOGLE IMAGES. Searching for.....then downloading graphics from online is a great talent. Rename them and learn to insert them in your writings.

This blue page above is what ZTREE a FILE MANAGER looks like when you use it. You can scroll through your TREE. It is a DOS EDITOR/ a FILE MANAGER and I use it to add stuff to the META TEXT to create search engine status. Its name is ZTREE! Go download a little million byte program right now. Take you one minute and you can play with it for a month then give the guy twenty if you like it.  You'll love it.

Now back to GETTING GRAPHICS.   You are not charging money for your webages, you write to inform, (as did woman in this URL just above,) so unless you own Rolls Royces, take the pictures you need. The art is FINDING exactly the one that sells your article. I GOOGLE SEARCH for a zappy GIF or JPG file. Does one choose WEEPING BABY.GIF or CRYBABY.GIF? I dunno, so I try both. Learn 'saving' graphics and resizing them,  (IRAFANVIEW is a terrific, free DOWNLOADABLE IMAGE SOFTWARE you can GET in 1MINUTE.) You can then use images borrowed from the internet or those you shot yourself.)   Then saving or extracting the text from emails and dumping all that extraneous NET coding. REAL USEFUL would be the art of editing those emails so they can be stashed on an appropriate DIRECTORY or subdirectory as text. STORAGE of files as an issue brings up the art of managing DIRECTORIES. Which is knowing how to NAME directories and store stuff in the TREE. My tree looks like:

and so on, they're alphabetized all the way down to Z where C:\ZTREE is...and VOILA, one can SCROLL down one's tree, or sideways into subdirectories and do searches for old writings as ZTREE collates by Date, size, name. VERY HANDY!

The tree is a visual of the entire hard drive. Trees are rooted down in the basement of your PC in DOS. YOu have to know what DOS is and how to get in there so you can yourself make appropriate directories, as after all, would you live in a house where you couldn't get down in the basement ever?  If someone showed you your DOS it would take twenty seconds for you to understand it, what it is, where to find it, how to get in there and manage it. TWENTY SECONDS. That's why you gotta get a tekkie pal IN THE HOUSE with you. Showies are better than READIES.

STASHING GRAPHICS is also about changing colors, resizing, fixing them. Again, before you forget, you want to download IRFANVIEW a simple resizer color enhancer, many functions. Then you don't stash --- say the HOROSCOPE of the new baby KING which I'll send you if you have a directory called  C:\ASTROLOGY made, ready to receive don't stash that on same directory as the GRAPHICS from your family picnic. That might go in C:\FAMILY directory. And you have to learn how to INSERT a graphic into an HTM article like this one here.

 I searched for the term "PC GURU" and in one second, found the graphic which is way at top, the meditating PC MASTER  and inserted it here in this htm file. Two seconds. It is that easy.

But to get an HTM file, you have to know how to write. That you learned in School. Then maybe shoot an email to a pal in PLAIN TEXT and send a copy to yourself. That's how I write everything. Of an 'ex' EMAIL. Then you want to edit that text file which when stored on your directory looks like this: c:\FAMILY\letterstudent.txt
The Graphics can be store there: C:\WEBSCHOOL\pcguru.jpg

You need a directory for your own pesonal stuff:   C:\MYWRITINGS\newnovel.htm

To manage TEXT DOWNLOAD a free text editor by searching for same "in quotes" on GOOGLE. A text editor is similar to ZTREE but more specifically for cleaning up text.

THEN LEARN to use HTM software. Nobody hand codes it any more <P>OVER WITH. <P>
Now your software does that automatically. is a great classroom, free too.

The best way to learn ALL these computer basics is have a WRITER / researcher come for dinner,  not a tekkie. Folks like me write and research on the themes of holism and activism, want to 'forward the action' and will work for dinner. Find a chum who doesn't charge money. Writers/ researchers have the FREEBIE MENTALTIY you want rather than a PC tekkie, who's got this attitude that he's worth eighty an hour. Have chum come over to your house, deal is, you make a feast of his IDEAL dinner feast, (like last time I did it, the petition was roast beef and cherry pie. I sure struggled on that one. You give a meal, you GET an hour of training! But serve black coffee after dinner, trust me, it'll go three hours. Two coffees, it'll go FOUR.

The whole thing, all you need to know to get your footing as a WRITER,
POSTER, RESEARCHER and cataloguer of researches probably takes ONE or
TWO hours to transmit. Why you need a warm body is cuz SEEING is doing.
READING is not necessarily DOING unless you're Einstein.

SO for reading lessons skip the roast beef and cherry pie, You can go to:

But see, THERE, you have to focus, read. Have a cup of coffee and some
cookies while you read. That'll settle you into ENJOYING a reading bout not
getting restless.

The thing with having a instructor chum with you is that SHOW AND TELL
is faster than READ AND DEDUCE. And both of you have the coffee and
cookies. And it's all gemutlich.

YOU LEARN best in person although during WWII Army did a test on learning absorption, books, manuals, personal lecturers vs. training films and training films won. No wonder Ronnie Reagan used to give lectures boring everyone there stiff. (My BF worked in propaganda at Fort Wacky Hal Roach studios, and told me so.) A 'coach' at your shoulder both of you on the PC is fastest way.  A video or CD film of a computer screen is hard to follow unless you have BIG SCREEN and big BRAIN FOCUS.

If you don't know 'trees' directories, text managers, text EDITORS,
editing in DOS, managing DIRECTORIES, how to format HTM, take text and
TURN it into HTM .. if you don't know what HTM IS... kiddo? You are not
even in kindergarten. You are in ignoramus ville, time to get into PRE

FIND a pal who writes, researches and stashes info. Then ask for CHAPTER
II. Bookmarking. Managing bookmarks. ADDRESS BOOKS and management of


Then learn SEARCH ENGINES so you can appear in them as a SOMEBODY

If you want to earn a living, you want to get a good google. Ferinstance, I google my name, "anita sands hernandez" and find 69,000 mentions. mostly articles that i posted or other sites picked up and posted.

Each page you write has to have a quick ENTRY to you, your email, website URL...That's important too but I'm not talking about merchandising today. Just writing and publishing. You want to achieve a good google stat.

YES because you know stuff, you are a contender. And writing and publishing gets you that.

TWO HOURS from the green salad before the roast beef, you will have mastered webpage design and just think, BY DINNER
TIME TONIGHT you will be able to heal anybody, cure them of disease, save family members, neighbors, friends. Earn a living, have a life in a world made ill and sucked dry by Oligarchs, bought politicians and Wall Street.

Of course, one more thing you must master TOUCH TYPING. Takes a few hours and one of those books that sits up by itself with spiral pages that turn. Going thru it is easy. You are teaching the limbic system to find  a T KEY in the dark


THERE ARE OTHER SKILLS: Refinements might be to "use the most easily and commonly viewed fonts" (I AM USING CENTURY GOTHIC RIGHT NOW. Am trying to eliminate all my files in "TIMES" as on a big stretched out page, it's hard to read! Check with:

CLEANING your directories is another skill. Not the kind where you unscrew panel and use a brush. The keeping files tidy.

URL CHECKING must be done when you have tons of articles or FILES published online. AS LIVE LINKS DIE and robot spiders reject you when that happens. Rewrite, editing out deadlinks, republish, ftp it again.

Use this starter kit to master your PC then start merchandising yourself, get a five buck a month website, monetize your website by getting a PAYPAL account. I know you have a net worthy skill. A WORLD WEBSKILL, one that can surf the globe. By example,  I mean that a plumber is confined to a hard brick store, and to his city. HIS WEBSITE reaches to POLAND but his plumber truck reaches to ANAHEIM.  But a world WEBSKILL is something you can do FOR POLAND. Horoscopes, Trainings, Inspirational, motivational classrooms.

WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH THE REST OF TODAY IS THIS. Plain and simple. Cancel the shopping expedition, these simple skills will make you several million over a lifetime. MONETIZE your WEBSITE like the lady who created DOOCE.COM who makes 40k a month in ads. So...Click on the URLS above, read them, that's all --read them.

signed, ANITA SANDS HERNANDEZ. Click on Anita's LIFE 101 SEMINAR ---BLISS AND WEALTH TECH, A portal to a seminar easily one THOUSAND FILES LONG and all of it totally free, instantly, no registering ever.