Pride goeth before a fall. I was showing off for my father who comes for dinner, is sitting immobile,  a trapped audience, as he's too old to cook or shop, so he's dependent on me for the food. And he's too old to walk around the house, so he's trapped in that armchair just behind my shoulder where I am tapping away flashily at the PC.

I now have this total TECHNO RUBE trying to watch a TV show JUST AS I'm showing him (me all larky) how his brilliant daughter is sending out a great piece of primitive wood cut graphic of the 'GODDESS' cribbed from the National Review of Literature I think it was, some article ON THE GODDESS, and I'm sending it out with a Xmas card greeting , (I LOATHE those virtual xmas cards people send me, where I have to go to some SITE, and push buttons and remember CODES to get this card? HELLO! There are graphics everywhere, go pick one up and stick it in your PICTURE DIRECTORY! AND JUST SEND A SIMPLE EMAIL WITH A GRAPHIC attachment IN IT. (That is your homework assignment). Then stick it in an HTM FILE, a pome you wrote, mebbe, (Let me misspell I think it's funny). And you have a freebie card, no postage req'd.

Anyway, as I'm showing all this off to Albert TechnoRube I realize that I am suddenly missing one mailing list out of my NETSCAPE ADDRESS BOOK, with 50 names inside it, that I've somehow hit a button and erased it, while I WAS INSIDE COMMUNICATOR ADDRESS BOOK, REALeasy to do BTW with Netscape Vers 4.7, an oldie but goodie that I stick to feeling NSA has all the codes to NEWER versions. Well, having been coached that they do!

So, hard luck has instructed me to always make backups of my netscape address book with ZTREE. Put the back up on a floppy! I run, spill discs out by the hundred, find it! Then, it takes me a few minutes to see that EVEN THIS IS A THREE WEEK OLD latest back up of my address book, I see that I DO NOT WANT TO OVER-WRITE on today's address book as THAT BACK UP is three weeks OLD and there are new names since then. I JUST WANT THE NAMES IN THAT ONE LIST, one list of a dozen. WHY ERASE the other eleven lists or overwrite them, (same thing) just to get the names in that one list!?

So I BOOT UP THE SECOND COMPUTER in the other room which has a year old ADDRESS BOOK IN IT, and I LOAD this 'fairly recent' BACK UP of 3 week old address book ONTO its hard drive, off the FLOPPY in the A DRIVE.

THEN, after I INSTALL the latest BACK UP, you know how Netscape is, it automatically self loads when you boot, so you can't expect to SEE WHAT YOU JUST LOADED! NO, you must TURN OFF MACHINE. COMPLETEMUNDO. Then re-boot so the NEW ADDRESS BOOK WILL LOAD. Now I go into communicator, into address book, see all the names on this ONE "LIST" and shades of the l9th century, I have to make a HAND WRITTEN list of fifty names on a piece of paper.

I then take the written list, go to my main machine and ONE BY ONE reinsert the fifty names onto the LIST in my main PC. Sweating bullets. It is absolutely necessary to have ZTREE and to have two PCS. You can't do a partial LIST LOAD with EXPLORER FOR WINDOWS, you really need Ztree. Go download it for free at It's better than explorer, I kid you not. And any questions, you write the guy, Uncle Kim Henkle and he runs you thru stuff, free!

I would have ERASED my BRAND NEW address book in main PC if I OVERWROTE it with a file from three weeks ago, (when I did my last backup.) OTHER new names would have been erased by that super-imposure! So go to and do a free, twenty second download on this miraculous file manager software. Kim is always there and will help you!

Remember, you can't have it both ways. If you want to reinstall a three week old back up you are going to erase the current version of ADDRESS BOOK which is the newest version on your main machine. You don't want to do that. So go find your second most recent LIST, which  can be found either on another PC or in a backup and boot it up and look at the names written in each list. I have ten lists. Astrolist, new star, horoscope, good clients, etc. Write down just those names in that LIST that disappeared, and re-enter them onto your PC that had the erasure, one by one.

IF I COULD MAKE YOU UNDERSTAND that, my lucidity in language component is getting better. OK class, anyone understand that? If not, print this out, give it to a tekkie pal and have him show you how it breaks down into hands on keys tapping, menu picking thru, list making, downloading software free, all that dial twirling on your PC.

How to get a tekkie to your house? I always offer posh free dinner of roast beef or steak, all the trimmings, including caesar salad, mashed potatoes cherry pie and my tekkie pals rush to come to my house and chow down on such fare. Then, mellow on an excellent vintage, Red California burgundy, zinfandel, Merlot or cabernet, -- they show me their tricks, easy stuff when someone relaxed on red wine shows it to you!

I sober them up on black Columbian coffee and they get their homemade cherry pie, home made cheese cake, whatever they asked for, and they're in total Ecstasy! Then I send them home and believe me, they're just HOPING I need some help again. So search out those competent folks at schools, among friends, in the bldg where you live, in tekkie shops, though those guys seem to want more than beef!