We found him here like this, officer. No electricity, no television
no heat. Rumor has it he was once a big kahuna in this state...

A disabled senior clued me that HEAP, a federal program was dropping seniors from utility-aid with tricks like sending '7 day deadline' to 'appeal' the turndown letters that were already expired the day they were received. A month later, this headline appeared:

This researcher/ writer & senior applied for help with utilities and received a HEAP LETTER demanding notarizations , many xeroxed papers, some not even on hand any more, (W-2's had gone to IRS) Their HEAP LETTER was dated Sept 30th, postmark indicated it was mailed nite of Oct 5th, she got it a few days later and the 7-day deadline was already up. They took me off senior/disabled/poverty line utility reduction. I currently am back to 150$ a month electric/ water and 20$ gas bills.  Full rate. But I'm not sure. Maybe this is the reduced rate and I don't know as HEAP NEVER TELLS you if you aare on or off the charity program and there's no way to get thru to ask anyone.

Worse, these bullies at HEAP are also asking seniors for repeated passports, drivers' licenses, SSAdmin. paperwork when seniors have neither cars nor family nor friends to carry them to S.S. offices or to xerox or post office. When such paperwork 'proof' of poverty was already sent to HEAP a few months earlier. (HEAP obviously doesn't keep the proof, they just toss it in spite of appeals to please mail documents back to us.) Very necessary for a cheese giveaway or anything that comes along. Seniors are told to send "NO EMPLOYMENT proof " like EMPTY W-2's and then these precious papers are not returned.  Worse, HEAP then demands the same paperwork again six months later. They also demand notarized statements! A senior with disability has no way to walk around city looking for notaries (which cost more than a week of food money, anyway,) they have no food stamps if they're disabled. You can't get both. (They'd be the same amount anyway) There's no money to spend on notaries, no way to locate one by walking, no way to ask a neighbor to get there. It took me months to apply for City Ride multiple visits to remote places. I QUALIFIED. And then they demand 5$ any time we need a car ride. MEALS ON WHEELS feeds seniors/disabled but wants 8$ per meal. That's a week of food for me. When my son became schizophenic, mentally ill, 20 years ago, the famed Dede Hirsh charity Clinic wanted 150$ an hour and that was their poor rate and the even more famous movie-star driven Thalians charity wanted 75$ an hour over at Cedars Sinai. So I deduce that there are no services for the poor. The so called services are bogus charities for society girls like THALIANS with its famous movie star chorus line at fundraisers...or they are boondoggles for the federal gov. that keep bureaucrats  in the skyscrapers employed with high five figure salaries, drain the federal government and do nothing at all for the poor except torment them with chances. I spent weeks trying to get the CITY RIDE, federally funded. Qualified, too after med tests, long drives to faraway govm' bldgs. TO FIND they want 5$ a ride???

The phone number that the HEAP office used to give on its 'sorry you have been turned down' letter ( for San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, 818  891 4148 ) will not be answered EVER and message machine there says so. Latest turndown I got their stationery no longer carries a phone #. That means there is no way to get thru. Today I talked to Sacramento and they said ' we cannot control anything that the various sub-state regional offices do."

I asked for their head office in Washington DC, the phone, she wouldn't give it to me, Their address. Sacramento or Washington? No way, Jose. They  tell caller to fax them -What senior has a fax? DEDUCTION: They don't want you to complain as they'd shut down the HEAP boondoggle and they'd all lose their jobs.

Perhaps someone who knows a newspaper reporter could FAX this letter to the Supervisor at your local state HEAP office or to a Congressman.

This abuse by a federal grant-receiving office is also killing seniors. Every time I go thru this rigamarole I get stress despair, panic, anxiety, sudden onset high blood pressure! This in the very people these clunkers are instructed to help. We all know UTILITIES have gone double on us. Senior who told me about this has been made ill --high blood pressure, ringing in the ears, a feeling of being blown up like a balloon about to burst, steel band- muscles, heart pumping too fast, anxiety, waking panicky unable to go back to sleep

HEAP is giving a HEAP of stress to the people who least can take it. Let's ponder what we can do here. Maybe find a whistleblower employee who will confess that LOSING the POOR and DISAPPEARING the SENIORS may just be exactly what their agenda is. That would make a great story. Then a class action suit against the Government. And civil suits for damages when families burn themselves down with a coal stove in the house, or freeze to death. The Office told me the word COMMUNITY should be in front of their group which spells CHEAP an acronym they richly deserve.