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Don't laugh off psychics on 900 lines as a bunch of charlatans. Some expert, career stargazers find it a friendly kind of work for long nights when the kiddies are asleep. It’s a great job for a single mother with a lot of children. You get an 800 number from and DO GO TO WIKI on this CONCEPT.....    Also you put daily ads up  at CRAIGS LIST.I would say that LETTING YOUR UNCONSCIOUS MIND, the YIN BRAIN, guide you as you talk to a client, is the way to DEVELOP a budding E.S.P. Read this article at this LIVE LINK, on turning on your E.S.P

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For the student stargazer, hotlines are a good way to become used to dealing with clients. You turn to the client's 'data' in the ephemeris, give them your 'impressions.' A reading might go like this. 'Hmmm, that ARIES SUN, boy I sure see you as a leader. Your trick is not to be such a loner but to head up a team of people, maybe create a business that employs out-of-work, blue collar people that will do work that no one else wants to do anymore, so that it's highly paid. Landscaping, handyman stuff." You feel them out. They give you ideas about what they love, then you bounce that off your experience and give feedback.

Keep it AFFIRMATIVE. Underscore their positives. Find a gentle way to word the tricky stuff as you know what? You may not be square on. So rather than, you have widowhood in the future, say ‘load him up on life insurance as you can always cash it in and travel together later if you want. So get the kind you can cash in. 

There are only two things people want to know about really: love and money. That is the main vice we all have, when we're young. 

You want to affirm to them that there are ways they can attract more love and money to motivate them to transform from primitive to lofty. 'Motivators' and 'Affirmers' are the best kind of fortuneteller. You pronounce that something will happen. You inspire them to believe it can, if they work hard.

I use the verb 'will' a lot. I like to tell phone clients "I see that you will get on a healthfood diet and get perfect health. " "You will go into a moonlighting business and make a lot of money." 'Will do' is an affirming phrase.

If you're nervous about your first night on the phones, use this as a guide. YOU CAN THEN APPLY FOR A JOB AT THE PSYCHIC WORKSHOP.  Or talk to this gentleman, from another PSYCHIC EMPLOYER and for 6$ he sends you instructions, names, addresses of multiple employers. etc. 


ARIES SUN(March 21- April 20th)- ASSERTIVE, the leader type. Advise him not to be such a LONER but to take command of a group built around ideas, perhaps guiding others into some battle, which Aries loves: making demands of the city, demanding potholes be filled, or funding be given to after-school programs. Aries can head up a team of people doing a moonlighting business as a group. Aries is a physical sign so consider careers like roofing, carpet laying, refinishing JUNK FURNITURE INTO ANTIQUES. Buy old white enameled furniture at garage sales, sand half of it, 'til it looks like summer cottage Victoriana. Redwood plank furniture gets stained bright colors. Maybe head up a village SWAP MEET. Get school to donate space in yard Sat/Sun. Booths: antique furniture, artisans, collectors, jewelers, sandwiches fortunetellers. Put ads around town "Swap Meet forming call #" Charge exhibitors 20$ each booth. Public pays $1.00 , kids 50 cents to come in. More if you open drink booth. ARIES can do physical work that turns ugly things into beautiful, like HOUSEPAINTING. Specialty finishes mean twice the fee. Read Jocasta Innes books at bookstore. Do Fresco walls, textured, buffed paste wax on enamel walls, etc. Get a good, posh name like POMPEII PAINTERS LTD. ARIES loves CARS and is mechanical so 'see' them create VINTAGE AUTOS. They go out in the boondocks, find old heaps, fix 'em up, sell to collectors in the city for the huge amounts they now pay. A 76 Caddie Eldo is 25k. 49 Ford same. WHO KNEW? Aries are strong, make great massage therapists so they should study library books on shiatsu, earn 75$ an hour driving around town to visit their own clientele. More money than working at a health salon. Two clients a day and you can live like a king.

TAURUS (April 21st-May 22nd). Tell bulls that if they make an effort, they can easily earn more $ than anyone in their family ever did, own land, real estate. They should study those books on "Creating Wealth" or "How I turned $5 into a Million." Taurus loves good food, will be known for gourmet talents so if they rent in a business area, they can turn a cottage into a cafe. They love NATURE, SO they might FARM. Rent a 3 acre place. Get roomies to pay the rent. Turn the whole lawn upside down with autumn leaves, organic compost it. Grow high cash crops, string beans, strawberries, melons, designer lettuce, arugula, sell to fawncy cafes in the city. Make PIES, PICKLES, JAM. Get neighbors to make them. Make pies out of local fruit. Take to the city one day a week. Bulls are into the groaning board (table) so learn to COOK New Age, exotic and teach cooking classes at a 'Learning Annex, Portable University' business. Teach cooking classes to private groups. Cater parties, 5000$ ON A SINGLE NIGHT! Supply bakeries. BAKE PIES for fine restaurants, cafes. Create an ONLINE 'country cooking' newsletter and put on the Internet. IN a HOME KITCHEN, make tofu/tempeh/ vegie meatloaf Healthfood sandwiches to carry to offices in a basket at lunchtime. Do TURKEY for meat eaters, but add lots of dark green. Call it: HEALTHY DELECTIBLES. Start a communal Food Co-Op, sell wholesale groceries, etc. Deliver once a week produce to home-subscribers. 

GEMINI (May 22nd- June 21st) Many interests, spread very thin, encyclopedic minds, can learn anything. Should be involved in classes, seminars which they organize such as "Success in Love" groups, (where a shrink lectures for two hours and the guests get to ask their love lorn questions. Shrink does it free as they want clients. Producer hires a church basement for the night makes the 500$ gate.) Singles groups, classes on any subject. 5$ a head can turn into 500 under the table every night. That's not bad. Gemini should always learn to touch type. Then take a computer class at adult High nite school, (15$ A SEMESTER.) Gem can teach others at home, write for cash, type for students. Buy used 486 (50$) w. hard disk from a Pentium owner dumping older models. Learn to assemble them, add modems. Buy used, soup them up, sell for 300$. Then, start writing articles for magazines about travel in rural areas near you. Write about people who do interesting careers in your area, people who START their own business and how they did it. INSPIRE others to get into self owned businesses. You're a born student so give a class on any subject, then expand it into a LEARNING ANNEX with diverse seminar groups. Gemini's handy, has deft fingers, so GET INTO ARTISANRY. Love seashells, lapidary, geologics, crystals? Buy a drill, make jewelry, mount specimens on wooden blocks. MAKE PAINTED CANVAS CARPETS. Paint with stencils on canvas squares, then varnish or wax. Decorators love 'em. Galleries, antique stores love them. YOU ARE A BORN WORD PERSON so PUBLISH. Create a RECYCLER newspaper, free classified ads to all, sell paper for l$. Ads by merchants cost! Make a million first year. PUBLISH pamphlet/books "HOW TO's" Mail order SELL them. Write articles. Submit to mags as articles earning 500$ each. Writer's Digest tells you how. National Literary Marketplace, a reference book at Library is a fountain of ideas, markets, places to sell. Learn to use a computer at adult high school. ($15 a semester!) Research different subjects at library. Do travel articles on local tourist sites/sights. Take good photos. Big $ for those articles. 

MOONCHILD-(June 21st-July 22nd) Affirm that they'll be glad they were parents, are born babysitters. They should do DAYCARE for KIDS, an easy license to get. They're naturally family oriented, want to leave grandkids with beaucoup property so should be into real estate, taking old houses, fixing them up and renting them. Get library books on REAL ESTATE and aim for many houses they can fix up and sell. Into the TUMMY BIGTIME so COOKING works for them. Like TAURUS, they can teach cooking classes, cater parties, supply baked goods to cafes. Adjust decor of homes according to principles of Feng Shui. Become a highly paid decor consultant. The special gift of Moonchild is psychology so get a card 'Professional Kid Dialoguer and Listener, Interventions, Mediation, 20$ hr. Parents of problem kids hire you to come befriend their kid, take him out for ice cream once a week, create a dialogue finally. As this biz grows super fast, you soon have to find old people who have this intuition and book them for this too. Based on an idea from writer Carlos Castaneda who told me that kids couldn't talk to their own parents. A very old person should be brought in as an intervention to 'wake them up.'

LEO (July 23rd-Aug 22nd) Leo loves parties, holidays, recreation, games, sports and romance, can DO IT ALL at PARTIES, balloons, arrangements, food, games. Might give community parties for cash, creating a Singles Group at church or at a local cafe with an extra room on a week night, 6PM- 9+p.m. Charge 10$ at door, walk around making formal introductions, finding out what each client wants. Almost like matchmaking. They can make $1000 per nite. Leo LOVES dramatic ENTERTAINMENT, show biz, so they might start a small theater company, using storefront, attract huge Cash Grants. Use actors to Shoot commercials for local businesses or videos of travel spots in the area for TV stations around state. Create the LOCAL FILM BOARD inviting studios to shoot there, and provide extras and bit actors. Especially good if you're in a 'right to work' state where unions don't have a grip. Studios LOVE that! Also, 'RAVE PARTIES at impromtu clubs with or without bar. Find a DJ with good record collection, pal to be ticket seller at the door of the club, do flyers, charge $10 at door Fri/Sat nites only.

VIRGO (Aug 23rd-Sept 23rd) gains via the job market yet changes job often with ease as they're a mutable sign. Eventually will learn everything about the workplace. Can do businesses related to PERSONNEL or job finder SERVICES. Can organize lives and with a carpenter partner could build home organizers, fix closets, shelves, storage. Especially now, 2007-2009 while SATURN IS IN THEIR sign, and SATURN rules their solar fifth house of creativity! So they become CEOs. A Virgo or virgo rising native also can do Feng Shui home organization. A natural HOLISTIC healer. Can be a nature healer, Rx herbs, give massage, diagnose with iridology. Read up on herbs, shiatsu massage, iridology, power foods, specific, healing diets, nutrition. Just massage alone is $30 to 75 an hour. Visit old age homes and do the oldsters for a discount rate. Read every book on the 612/ 613 shelf at library, read books at healthfood store. Put INFO on a PC disc to share w. clients. Female Virgos can turn a room in their home into dress shop, buy wholesale, collect vintage clothing. Can seat dozens of people once a day in their living room cafe, for a meal, if it's unusual enough food. Reservations required.

LIBRA(Sept 23-Oct 20th)- Gains thru partnership. Easily attracts venture capital for the other signs with their distinct businesses. Talk to pals, pick biz the group can do. Raise the money for a business by creating a prospectus, (attracts funding) so can do ambitious projects. LIBRA is social, elegant, loves the ARTS so get into ARTISANRY. Example: like seashells, lapidary, geologics, crystals? Buy a drill, make jewelry, mount specimens on wooden blocks. Love BOHEMIA? Find 50 artists to share rent on an Artisanry /gallery,sandwich, tea shop, waffles combine with boutique, decor, duds, books, psychic readings, massage in a big old house zoned for biz district. Several artists share each room. Big Tourist attraction week-ends. Mariachis. Call it BAZAAR FOLKLORICO. Or, start art class: ceramics, painting. Tell them to get out sketch book and do that daily hour of sketching from life which enables one to lay a sketch on canvas, and do a painting, even easy NAIVE painting like Rousseau or easy impressionism like MONET. Can sell canvases for 200$ &up. Tell 'em to be influenced by the work of Gauguin, Van Gogh, getting books on them at the library. IMPRESSIONISM means 1) painting from nature, 2) painting the impression not the exactitude i.e. looser brush strokes, sloppy paint thrown on, attempting to duplicate the 'light' on objects. Get a book on Seeing with your 'Right Brain', so you are more receptive to visuals. Sell the art in mall parking lot for big $.

SCORPIO-(Oct 20-Nov 22) Loves antiques, garage sales, fixing up old homes and furniture, selling stuff for l0x what they paid. BORN PSYCHICS and psychiatrists, so Learn Tarot reading, get Eden Gray book, Ryder Waite deck, get job with you, at psychic hot line giving advice, or entertain as a gypsy at parties. Do 'LAY LISTENING' where neighborhood kids are sent to you by Mom. You talk to them for l0$ an hour. After the kid trusts you, you add parent, open up a dialogue. Scorp can do physical work that turns ugly things into beautiful, so do FURNITURE OR HOUSEPAINTING- Specialty finishes mean 2x the fee. Read Jocasta Innes books at bookstore. Do Fresco walls, textured, buffed paste wax on enamel walls, etc. POMPEII PAINTERS LTD. a good posh name.

SAGITTARIUS- (Nov 23rd-Dec 21) MONEY: Can teach seminars, create any kind of a class, workshop. A weekly Loveaholics Anonymous therapy group for young people, w. local psychologist answering questions from a basket. She doesn't get $, she gets profits. Tape each meeting, sell tapes. Later, take the show on the radio. Special interest groups like 'POET'S Circle', cooking class, sewing class. Build it up into a LEARNING ANNEX. Loves CULTURE, so Find 50 artists to share rent on an Artisanry Shop/gallery. Find a big old house zoned for biz district. Several artists share space in each room. Big Tourist attraction week-ends. You love to travel, so IMPORT/EXPORT- Take a truck to Mexico or Guatemala, (Africa if black) Buy stuff we don't have in US: carved furniture, pottery, glass, cotton textiles. Ship everything you can by RAIL, the rest you carry with you on your journey, parking in yard with guards only, or sleeping in tent next to truck. Ship by air or if Mexico, by rail to your CUSTOMS AGENT in Texas Border town. He tranships to your area. WHOLESALE to decorators' district. What costs a dollar in Mexico sells for $100 in USA. Even so, will do good for impoverished 3rd world artisans. Sag need to preach and teach attracts them devotees, can start a spiritual group easily. 

CAPRICORN-(Dec. 22-Jan 20) Cappie must own their own biz, can't easily work for others but they are so conservative that often DO WORK for big companies rather than strike out on their own. Must lose those fears. They can usually copy-cat any corporation they work for and end up with a billion dollar empire, publically traded. Read CEO by Sandra Kurtzig. She did that. Started in her garage. It went public at 422 million IPO funding. Easily runs for office in the city.As their solar ruler SATURN is now in VIRGO in their own 9th house, they can teach business systems, organize closets, offices, learn holism.

AQUARIUS- (Jan 21 -Feb 19) They adore groups, COMMUNAL ACTIVITIES, SAY A FESTIVAL OF SOME SORT. With Help of Farmers in their area, they could create a summer RECREATION FAIRE, a RENAISSANCE FAIRE maybe, with artisans, theaters, food, actors, games. Every city wants a once a year ARTISANRY FAIRE in the park. AQUARIUS is into new age self help MIND methodologies, so might do MEDIATING for parents and kids, get them to dialogue, which doesn't require a counseling degree. This is a generous sign so they'd create an affordable price for clients who can't afford PSYCHOLOGISTS. They can run special interest groups, do SINGLE parties, or PERSONALIZED INTRODUCTION PARTIES. How about a Singles Group at church, Charge at door. Or, do it at posh cafes, After work, 6-9 PM l0$ at door. CAN EASILY open a boarding house, so rent an old, l0 room house. Gregarious Aquarius can work on Psychic Hotline. Aquarius needs help with the rent, not being the most high energy body in the zodiac, so think rent 8 bedroom house and run a commune or boarding house. In the case of AQUARIUS RISING ( a very rare rising sign,)with their solar ruler URANUS in PISCES, and NEPTUNE in THEIR sign, Aquarius, Mutual reception, they can do almost anything in the line of CHARITIES now.

PISCES- (Feb 20th March 20th) So sensitive they could do a wonderful pre-school DAYCARE for KIDS, an easy license to get. They love photography, painting, healing, mysticism, working on psychic hotlines, have the soul of a priest or nun. When anybody causes injury, PISCES should always SUE because they gain more from courts than any other sign. SUN OF GAIN in PISCES of victimization. Their tendency is to forgive, so help them to remember insurance companies are cash holding tanks for the super rich, and they're the payers. Also makes a super dialoguer for parents with troubled teens, a 'lay listener.'With NEPTUNE their solar ruler (especially in the case of PISCES RISING,) in AQUARIUS….they can do anything in the line of CHARITIES now. Read THIS FILE.

All of the above ideas have made HUGE money for people who did them. They work out of their home, tend kids, have relaxed lives, work when they want, and slow build up a business that can make them rich. 

Tell them that their EVENTUAL GOAL IS REAL ESTATE: When they're rich, they can call you back for their natal horoscope and give them your e-mail address so they can. 

TELL CLIENT: The kind of teacher I am is for the material world as well as the spiritual. AFFIRM TO CLIENT: I want you to be VERY rich. YOU have to work harder, more creatively and get on a POWER DIET TO DO IT. They should go to a healthfood store and ask clerks what is entailed. 

FOR WOMEN with LOVE PROBLEMS-Tell client how many things women do in romance---that bring tragedy: picking 'hot guys', GIVING to men instead of being given to, picking ineligible men where there's DISTANCE built into the relationship. There's a way to be lucky in love and never suffer. Rule Number One is, TAKE NO misbehavior FROM ANY MAN. Be a princess; get treated like one. Always remember that YOU ARE a GODDESS. Act, do as A GODDESS would do at every moment. If anything lame comes your way, take yourself off the market. Disappear. Say adios. I know it takes will power, but pray for will. Teach them to CHOOSE PEACE and harmony GOING IN... by PRE-TESTING men before getting involved. Create situations where we ask them to do things our way. If they do what we ask and indulge the whim of the woman & show that they are givers, not obsessive macho slobs, we continue to see them. IF NOT, they failed the test & WE BREAK IT OFF. Example. "I only date new friends at lunch." If he goes along the friendship ripens in a wholesome way. Lunch dates are a good move. Girls SHINE in the daytime, as they're unafraid; they are cautious at night when a guy buys the girl dinner and thinks he owns you. But the important thing is, that when a man agrees to take you out to lunch he's proven he indulges your whims. This is VERY important. Successful marriages happen when the man is inspired to be chivalrous, cherishes you, considers you HIS BABY GIRL. Not when he's on some control trip and "who rules" is the issue. To see if a man has this indulgent feeling, TAKE YOUR TIME! at least 3 or 4 LUNCH dates BEFORE a dinner date give us time to examine the guy with a clear head. Another thing. You want to see if a man has the ability to REALLY connect with the person you really are. To see if he's genuinely friendly or merely a predator. A lot of men just talk about themselves, and when you show sparks for them, leap on your bones, and never are really there for you or aware of you as an individual. There's a tendency in 90'S WOMEN to forgive a cute guy his shallowness, the DISTANCE he chooses in relationships. WOMEN lose BIGTIME when they settle for this. Sometimes they lose YEARS. QUIT picking men who exhibit symptoms of being self-involved, uninterested in YOUR INNER PERSON or who need distance, for THEN all we attract is TAKERS who would make lousy fathers for the children we will ONE DAY HAVE! FORGIVING by itself is a very feminine & good habit and this trait enables MOM to forgive crying children, misbehavior by children, and go on loving her KIDS. But this extra dose of forgivingness was not intended by nature to extend to forgiving shallow, ungiving, troublesome MEN because you'll 'tie in with' a man who would make a terrible father to your KIDS. DO NOT DO THIS TO YOUR CHILDREN even if they aren't born yet. Especially if they're not. Even if you don't want kids, don't set yourself up for getting abandoned when you're too old to find another husband. Pray to GOD for this addictiveness to cute guys to leave you as if it were an addiction to drugs. DO NOT FORGIVE MEN who do not do right by you. This PAIN SEEKING trait women have can be exploited, by a woman's own self destructiveness to addict her not only to a man, but to the hopes that the man will one day 'be interested in her and be theirs,' when there isn't a realistic CLUE that he would be, from past evidence. In other words, the man is NOT indulgent of your whims, interested in the inner you, when he's distant, does not cherish their feelings, is not loyal or monogamous. When he's at parties, he's staring at other women. This man is planning on SEEING other women and lying about it. He doesn't COMMIT. Other things women tolerate: a man who like emotional distance. That is neurotic and it comes from your having a distant father. It will make an unhappy marriage. Or a man who doesn't GIVE generously to her. If a man doesn't WANT YOU above anything else, doesn't pursue you devotedly, want to spend his money on making you happy, he will NEVER value you and will never make a decent father to any child you had. And he won't stay around long. But our ego lies to us, and our 'id' (Freud termed it) i.e., our sexual /romantic nature --is damned if it's going to lose this thing which occasionally makes us feel good. So selfishly, we overlook and we forgive. Hey, that's easy for us. We're women. The hormone estrogen helps us forgive, have fantasy, love, hope. We fool ourselves. Sometimes we even 'catch' or get back a man who doesn't really love us, who is just using us for temporary sex, or as a housekeeper to give him kids, while he pursues his tomcat ways. Don't do this to the unborn children you will one day have. PICK BETTER. Go rent a movie called "Peggy Sue Got Married." Find "new age" books "Getting the Love you Want" by Hendricks, "How to Break your addiction to a Person" by Howard Halpern and "Men Who Can't Love" by Carter & Sokol. Your librarian can find you these titles, order them from main library, plus other books on self-esteem, love, relationships. Start a Loveaholics Anonymous group in your area by getting a local psychologist to talk for free to a 5$ a head group. You can make 500$ a nite. Then, teach them how to work on the relationship, how to phone the guy up on the astral plane and talk it over. Never PHONE the man you love. Men despise women who reach out for them or ask them for more time or love. Don't do it. Men view women who ask for time or love as contemptible. They only value what THEY have to go after, what other men want and find desirable, what they have to chase, phone, woo and win, and what's HARD to win. But, you can 'go after him' in a subtle way, on the astral plane. Do some yoga. Long, slow breathing with painful stretches. Then, when your body and brain are fully oxygenated and the third eye is open, ENVISUALIZE yourself dressed beautifully as he comes into the room. Ask 'the dream him' a simple question. HEAR his answer. "Do you really love me?" "Are you seeing someone else?" He'll answer the TRUTH as you're talking to his soul. Really, this thing works. You can find out things; ALSO you can 'get agreements,' LIKE--"Will you call me tomorrow after work?" Be specific about time. If he says yes in the astral dream, he will leave work tomorrow then somehow 'remember' that promise--and feel he has to call you. USE METAPHYSICS to make love work. And if it won't work, have the will power to cut it dead. If you don't have the will power, get abstinent in other ways: alcohol, tobacco, chocolate, and to diet and do your DAILY yoga, then pray to God to take the desire for him out of your heart so U-can be a good mother to your kids years BEFORE they're born! (hopefully with ANOTHER, BETTER MAN!) Remember, she who has lost a cheating lover and a nickel---has lost a nickel. Now, pray for strength to work on yourself. Remember, you can't work on a man. They won't change. Men and women always make a mistake in the mating game. He marries her thinking she'll never change. She marries him thinking he WILL change. BOTH are disappointed. So if he's a louse, say goodbye. You'll be surprised how every time you're pining and insane for the guy, and all bent out of shape because he's not with you, when you pray to God for PEACE your mood changes to upbeat and joyous. You are freed up to go do creative work that makes your life work. THEN, you are attractive to higher type guys. Inner freedom gives luck. Inner obsession gives bad luck. That's the power of the universe. The only thing love-pain is good for is to teach you that God absolutely exists & he's driving the ship. God CAN give you a GOOD mate. You do not deserve less. They say you gotta date l00 frogs to find a prince. I say out of l00 men you date for lunch, you'll find l0 you can date for dinner. Date those l0 for a while and you'll probably only find ONE you would want to see AFTER dinner. Use this kind of caution & discrimination & you'll end up with a winner. 

When looking for your hotline job, don't expect to get hired by dialing the 900 number and talking to a psychic at 4$ a minute. You're better off looking at the ads in astrology magazines and figuring out where the home office is. 

These hotlines will hire people all over the country so you can live in the sticks, stay home with children and make money on the phone. Most hotlines will let you work the hours you want. You get a client, instantly ask DOB/HOUR/CITY and click over to ASTRO.COM and learn to do the chart THE RIGHT WAY, as there are many different horoscopes there, but this TURQUOISE BLUE, "CHART DRAWING" method you see right here below as a GIF file graphic, is the one astro com offers that you want. SO it looks like THIS. You can get it in one minute, while you rap to the woman, and then you start interpreting, speaking to her --reading the chart, 

YOU AFFIRM her gifts; just that, you could see the good that you'll be doing for your clients. You are a real asset to people. But transits are the next thing to learn, that's PREDICTION of events. The whole ASTROLOGY THING IS AMAZINGLY REAL. I do NOT know how GOD DID it but the stars/planets are some kind of software formula. You can feel good about what you're doing if you're doing palms and stars. If you can do a chart ONLINE in ten minutes, poor lady, she pays about 30 bucks at current rates on 800 numbers. But IF YOU CAN DO AN HOUR in person, chez toi, for 40$, that is way more effective than online with those PSYCHIC HOTLINES,  40$ is cheap these days. You'd still be cheaper than the top stargazer in L.A back in the 70's. who had the chutzpah to charge $750 for the first reading! (Not me, MONTE LANDIS! I’m 25$ an hour.)  I don't work at psychic hotlines anymore, charging welfare mothers 40$! --highway robbery for ten minutes. Well not me CHARGING, but the 800# corporation does.....My bosses did. BUT REAL ASTROLOGY? REAL TRANSITS and predictions, in person, you and them at your desk? THIS REALLY TOTALLY is the true deal and stars WORK EXACTLY. You call me some day I'll give you TRUE STORES of astrological 'miracles' of prediction. Palmistry stories too. 818 774-1939