Whatís Wrong With Money; What Needs to be Right

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When I was a child, back in the 50's, the salary of one lower class male worker was sufficient to handle a down payment on a house for a non-employed wife and family. In his lifetime, the worker would easily pay it off and he knew he could leave the homestead to his children who'd pay a mere 5% inheritance tax on it. And the interest was deductible on his income taxes.

Today, the labor of a lower Middle class man and his working wife will barely allow them to live in an apartment ---and with their nose just out of debt. If any worker were so lucky as to buy a house and leave an estate to his child, junior would pay 20% up to 40% inheritance tax.

Something went wrong with money just as we hit the Millennium and it's time to analyze what happened. First off,interest rates doubled, inheritance taxes shot from 5% to a cap of 60% ( 40 now) and home prices shot up by a factor of ten and our real income dropped to half the buying power it once had if you account for inflation. So we were all put in a hole by the GOV, IRS, IMF and FEDERAL RESERVE. They are the enemies.

Some wit once said that Mankind always gets the rulers they deserve. What that says is that until we change, the quality of our rulers wonít. Itís not enough to identify this particular villain that we deserved, and attempt to shake him out. We have to deserve a better government and achieve a real economy.

I am moved to ponder these things as I look back on the sufferings of my father and see a man who bought the house for twice its real price if you count bank interest. When he sold that home, he got half the profits he had due, thanks to federal taxes. At age 87, he is facing foreclosure on his second home. He has worked 67 years without stopping yet he was never able to scrounge the surplus cash to pay for one of his 5 children going to college. He will die watching his uneducated children flounder, knowing they face even less prosperous times than he.

Of such stuff tragedy is made. And my Dad is not a single incident. Citizens of the wealthiest, capitalist country in history should not live in highly taxed, INTEREST CHARGING, BANKERS' society, drudging away at slave labor jobs we hate, paying huge rents, or if weíre lucky, buying property that our uneducated children will never inherit as IRS AND SOCIAL SECURITY GRAB it to pay off our NURSING HOME YEARS so that our reward is to die in grief. BERNIE says we need POST OFFICE BANKING for basic Services. I AGREE!

Our students should not have to pay $l00,000 to a state-owned university for an education. As few can pay these fees, or negotiate the straits of student loans, few are educated and few can qualify for jobs or start entrepreneurial businesses that might enrich the community.

Creative workers who accidentally learn a trade and want to start a business and have an idea should be able to borrow start-up money from the government but as the Small Business Administration rarely lends to anyone who has no Ph.D and cash equity, loans donít happen either.

When few can get an education, start a business, get married, buy a home, have a mate, have a child --- THEN HEAL or educate one --- is it any wonder that so many of us have gone stark, raving mad? When I think of all the people I know who have gone totally cuckoo from economic and familial stress and lack of a way out, people who wander the streets, unwashed, babbling, starving and without hope I know somethingís wrong. When I see all the elderly who wander the streets insane, sleeping on grates, homeless, I realize something's very wrong with the weathiest country in the world in the 20th century. 

As I see it the five enemies of the citizen are 1.) wage slavery, 2.) USERY or bank loan interest and no micro-lending to productive citizens even while GOV gives trillion buck cash welfare to dead failed banks, 3.) Federal and state Income taxes 4.) Limited educational subsidies to middle I.Q. kids. And 5) exorbitant licensing fees, DMV, traffic tickets and other penalties for minor infractions by otherwise exemplary drivers. 6.) SALES taxes, StateFed taxes, taxes on Gasoline Taxes, SIN taxes, and fifty MORE. THE TAX INDEX TELLS ALL.

These pocket-picking, greedy systems of the establishment are the five ways the corporations, banks and politicians prove to us that they are after self enrichment, not a happy, well-functioning society. 

Shafting the citizen with these hardships is as unfair to us as indentured labor, slavery, racial prejudice or any other form of mistreatment or discrimination. 

The profiteering of government and banks harms society, impinges upon our spiritual, mental and finally, our bodily health, ending up costing the welfare entitlement and health system millions, yet this could easily be outlawed by an amendment to the constitution called the Golden Rule Clause.

Ok? As long as we're dreaming about a stress free Utopia where men are educated for and work in their chosen field, and hoping that dreaming aloud will help make it real, let's start with the first thing do unto others that must come and the first shaft that must go. The first ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE, --- the SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. SBA they call it, S.O.B Administration they SHOULD call it and it's an entirely bogus deal. Who do you know who's ever had a leg up from it? Ever heard of anyone?

We deserve the SBA of our DREAMS! We citizens can make it real, by demanding it appear. If a million black men can march on Washington and announce they're STILL not going to ride in the back of the bus and have it make a difference, I know that you and I can organize around, imagine (and then create) a group that reforms the SBA and gives us a world where your daughter and my son could get interest-free start-up cash for their biz from the government. 

After all, this is the government that today out of nowhere has a twenty trillion dollar budget surplus. Where did Uncle Sam get that cash? While Iím suspicious, I say Ďif he's got it, he can damn well lend it so that our children can do the business that they dream of doingí. 

Happy workers make big profits. My son the electrician and your daughter the Computer Graphics designer, /website maker could be very happy in a little cottage industry (if our government hadnít outlawed them!) and create a heckuva tax base for Uncle Sam if they didn't have to work at Walmart or flip burgers at McDonalds. What if Thomas Edison and Henry Ford had been denied their garage workshops? HUH?

So, Uncle Sam, lend them the money to start their business, damnit! MICROLENDING is required. Knowing it is, go to the SMALL BUSINESS ASSOCIATION (a gov bureau) and demand your share, an interest free loan! (Let me know what happens so I can write up the result, eh?)

I need to know as one of my three burly sons wants to do an urban business he dreamed up which is a real lightbulb. It's called AIR REPAIR and it's where he goes into your home and turns your ordinary air conditioner into a HEPA filter so your babies don't inhale one particle of smog. It actually costs very little to do for people. Then, he returns yearly to clean the filters for you. He's someone with good ideas. Uncle Sam should be there for him. Instead, he's flipping burgers and his wife left him and heís a moment away from being a depresso drunk.

The painful path of dismal, wage slavery, determined to be sooo productive by short sighted, private sector IMF BANKERS who rule over the planetary TAX BASE like farmers sucking blood over a rabbit hutch, will eventually deprive all our children of their dreams. Private Bankers running countries can be the death rattle of a planet, a plague that should be taken seriously. What is needed is a true, U.S. bank, run by national level financial genius bureaucrats who see to the welfare of that countryís citizens and who do lending inside the country via city and village banks.

When a European Banking consortium of 14 gadzillionaires runs international finance for their own profit, and controls countries through the IMF, all the individual country will end up with is a lot of burger flippers and we all lose, including banks and industry.. The low level of the work forces' earnings as well as their decaying mental and body health, and the increasing weakening of the consumer base, eventually will bankrupt every corporation on the planet and cause every government to fall. And so it is that governments and corporations have a vested interest in wresting control away from those who lend to them and doing so as hastily as possible, because obviously, very soon, there will be no one who can afford a Ford because there will be no more middle level employees left in the first world. We will all become junk techs, learn to fix old refrigerators, old clothing, old PCís and old Fords and those manufacturers won't be able to unload new Fords here. They sure canít sell them to China. They'll go broke. 

You think not? Factories have stopped wanting to bust trade unions to dust, which they used to when there were sassy, demanding union workers up in Michigan. The bosses infiltrated unions and turned us into a meek, mostly non-union work force. Now, they are abandoning their un-enfranchised workers entirely and exporting manufacturing to third world countries. They tell us they had to do it, to make the huge profits Ford Inc. Stockholders demand. Bull. I donít know a Ford stockholder whoís made a whole lot anyway lately. Not while the CEO has got to earn that l billion a year salary and can't make do on less, Lear jets costing what they do.

So Ford just had to move to Brazil. Poor Flint Michigan. Their workers lived in dismal apartments when they had jobs. What will they do now when they don't? Turn the old factory into condos? Iím talking about post 70's and 80's and 90's workers. For a brief moment during the heyday of the great society, back in the union 50's, auto workers WERE able to afford a home with a garden where they could grow food, have chickens for eggs, goats for milk. That was a luxurious time and I remember it well. Having something to contrast today with, Iím mad enough to scream for fifteen minutes, go blind on rewrites and publish on e-zines where thereís no money for the effort, because what I see sickens me. 

Nowadays, besides enduring huge rents, inflated utility companies, (probably the 6th horseman, really, which also should be attacked) the modern worker must pay enormous prices for the food he is unable to produce himself. Unripe Oranges $1.49 a pound? Gimmea break! The 7th horseman and all of them sent by the System.

We have become uncreative wage slaves kept in cages all our short lives and forced to buy unripe fruit and over-priced Weberís junk bread from the company store. Many of you don't recall that the coalmines of the l9th century and early 20th required workers to shop at management's hugely overpriced store where lousy groceries finished the job that coal minerís black lung started. So Iím reminding you. Same deal today. Government has colluded with industry and created a world where a toothbrush is 3$, almost an hour of labor for a burger flipper, and the Tooth paste is another hour of labor and the Dept of Water and Power is a solid week of Ďdo you want fries with that?" 

So mankind has clean teeth and a glass of flouridated water and a McMadCow but who can save for a fertile acre of land, a vegetable and fruit garden that would make us smile with those beautiful teeth?

A very few of us, by virtue the accident of birth, education and then salary, may scrimp and find a way to save and buy a small home. But city codes warn us we may keep no milk-goat or egg-chickens. The legal codes allow to grow a zucchini. That's the only pleasant thing about a city property. But you canít have fresh milk, eggs, meat and grain so you are condemned to be a slave to the super market. Thatís only part of the conspiracy to part you from your meagre earnings. City codes also do not allow you to open your Computer Fixing service in your home, have clients visit you there or earn money under the table and bank in your mattress and later buy a home with that money. All of that has been made highly illegal because the gov canít squeeze a business dry if it canít see the cash register and get its big paw in it. The gov canít drain your profits dry as income tax either. So forget a cottage business.

Squeezing is the name of their game. You think not? Say you buy a $180,000 house from the bank at 7% interest; you really end up paying $452,000 for it. The interest and bank costs alone costs $273,097 which the bank drains from your vein, steals from the sweat of your productive brow and that makes you a sucker, or a slave. Or both.

Modern man is a dupe who's been programmed to say, 'aw, shucks, that's o.k. Interest is deductible. I can deduct that ten grand a year interest from whatever income taxes I pay.' Examine the frailty of that logic.  People in our bracket don't pay much taxes. Only a rich man needs the 'interest break.' Workers pay every cent of interest that the bank gets from them over 25 years. The house costs Joe Smallguy a full $452,000.00 smackolas.

Say Joe got the house. He worked and sweated and paid all that money to a banker who has five wives in five palatial mansions, who flies a Lear between houses with his bejeweled mistress in the back seat. Joe lives in this garden-free box with no chickens or goats, his wife has to pay 4$ a gallon for milk, 3$ for eggs, 6$ for a chicken so that this single meal costs him two hours of labor and yet heís been programmed to believe that he has personal freedom and is participating in the economic boons of the Great Society. Joe will live in this glorified apartment and not protest because...hereís the other lie they give you. That you can sell the house for a hefty profit when it appreciates. Total MYTH! 

Twenty five years later, true, the house appreciates. You get to sell the house you bought for $452k but guess what, you can only sell it for 400K. (That's if youíre lucky because plenty of people bought in l989 and had to LOSE IT TO THE BANK in 1996 because the house had halved in value!) But let's say you get lucky and it appreciated, --- well, the thieving IRS taxes you as if you'd paid 180k, and sold it for 400k and as if you had made 220k profit which you really didn't! On the back end, you don't come out with anything! Nor will your kids get the next house you buy because when you die the government confiscates the house to repay Med-i-Care and your Old Age home bills at the rate of $263 per day!!! And if you die in your own bed, the government can still get most of your house via inheritance taxes!

Mind you, you risked your money in a home, saved and scrimped to pay it off, hoping selflessly to just be able to leave something to your children but the bankers and the government are not going to let you do it. When you sell that house, you will end up with minus 5 digit profits (what we call losses) yet you have to share those profits that you really didn't make anyway, with Uncle Sam who risked nothing. Go figure. 

That's just one of the many unfair shell games the government has going, so wise up. Don't be a rabbit in their hutch one second longer! GET OUT OF THE money jungle run by the IRS, IMF, World Banks and the American Government. Get out, once and for all. Run for the Hills! Subtract yourself from the machine where you are being JUICED like an orange. Enter the world of GUERILLA CAPITALISM, make it a religion, and urge all businesses to join you, right up to and including GM and FORD and AT&T.

I can hear you frowning right now. Only not at them, at ME. I understand. We have all programmed to believe that we'd best be good little boyscouts and a good boy valiently gives part of his money (itís such a little PART, right? ) to his nice father figure government so that the nice government Daddy Man can build bridges and roads. And you get brownie stripes in heaven, right?

MYTH PART DEUX. You're still a squeezed ORANGE! And a fool for believing the politicians who have been mouthing these platitudes since the day of Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton, back when our government was first strongarmed into purchasing its money supply from a foreign, world bank. Our entire Congress was forced into swallowing this NOTION of paying interest on a borrowed principle. We could have printed our own money, hired our own Alan Greenspan (of that day) and run our own money supply but oh no, somebody said, let's let this European banker do it. He wants to. His ancestors have been banking since 1415. Heís volunteering.

Today, guess what, we still owe that banker the interest and the accumulated interest on the FIRST dollar we borrowed in l776! PAYBACK can NEVER be ACHIEVED! What is more, our government gets none of this foamy, churning money sea its workers dredge up from their labor, not a drop. It all goes to the Renaissance Bankers that slipped us this Trust note concept 200 years ago, this Federal Reserve idea early in our own century and then created the IMF and Bretton Woods and a lot of other bankersí consortiums that hold the reins to the stallions of humanity making us pull their profitable cart 24 hrs a day with every calorie in our straining gallop.

Get the full Cinerama picture. The IRS takes half to sixty percent of your profits from your house sale, and takes the rest when you're in an old age home, or when your kids inherit. It's not particular but it isn't just squeezing ONE valorous citizen to death, it's squeezing 250 million of us. Strangling us for every drop of WAGE SLAVING BACK BREAKING SWEAT that's in us. But here's the capper. The same government gives all the INCOME TAXES on our so called "earnings" or in the case of real estate so-called "profits", and gives this money to the Federal Reserve, which is a FOREIGN BANK. Which is really and truly ONE a handful of old banking families and a few oligarchs that were able to buy their way into this good old boyís banking club.

Don't believe it when they try to tell you and your fellow rabbits that the FED is a U.S. government institution, it is anything BUT! MYTH NUMERO THREE!

Look on the back of your tax check from last April. See? It's endorsed by the "FEDERAL RESERVE." Do a search on these words on the Internet. The Fedís real identity is covered on many sites. All your taxes went to a foreign bank ---to the world bank --- to pay for the MONEY supply which the USA borrowed from these shadowy billionaires in Europe over the last two hundred years. 

America wasn't allowed to print its own money when it entered the world economy. Alexander Hamilton's rich, European banking chums, who had been banking since the 14th century and knew about incremental interest, said 'LET US run your money supply'.

Every president since who has tried to shake free of the world bank has been assasinated before he could make the FED ILLEGAL. Lincoln was one. JFK another and Reagan, well, him too. Sort of. 

Back when Hamilton created the U.S money system based on borrowing money from banks and having Federal Reserve notes, a politician of that day, named JACKSON, cited cities all over Europe that had gone down in steaming piles of debt when they'd tried the bank's incremental debt ponzei scheme thing. He said, letís do it ourselves. No, Hamilton said. We need professional bankers to Ďget it right.í 

Oh, the Bank got it RIGHT, alright. Permanent incremental DEBT, rampant USURY, compounding INTEREST, and compounding principles, the incremental piling up of %' points, and THE Magician with all the pidgeons in his sleeves, trust notes, the "FEDERAL RESERVE" and then the IRS were all tricks created by that group of European bankers, --- frauds perpetuated and allowed by "bought" politicians (as in, "the best politicians money can buy!"). These duped politicos were assured that THIS was a viable banking system which it IS NOT. 

The exponential nature of the PERCENTAGE POINT PRINCIPLE of debt or interest will bankrupt ANY who borrow. 

Remember the Arabic tale of the servant girl who said she'd sell the wealthiest Sultan in the world the world's smartest secret? She only wanted to be paid with a penny the first day, two cents the next? Four cents the third day and so on until he couldn't pay her, and then if he went broke, she'd own the palace? He said "hey, a penny's cheap. I'll pay that. If it's the world's greatest secret, it's worth it." And he had promised in front of the whole court so she told him the world's greatest secret. "EXPONENTIAL ACCUMULATION OF INTEREST CAN BUST even YOU, SULTAN." He laughed and thought nothing of it. A year later the Sultan was broke and she owned the palace.

That is the nature of the percentile point. It is the accumulating principal principle and the basis for all banking. Anyone who goes near it is dumb first, ditched second and dead third.

Now, You may have believed the bribes, lies, boy scout heroic sacrifice myths and that makes you a civilian dummie --- but the BANKERS that lent you money and charged you for it and the government that passed its debt onto the backs of the citizenry -- and the corporations that bank with these thugs are professional sized dumb and dumber. 

USURY is a CAVE MAN SOLUTION to mankind's FISCAL CHALLENGE and the whole system loses when theyíre done. Such solutions are for Neanderthals. They won't solve today's problems anymore than an ox cart could get on a freeway.

Banks are as bad as Credit cards with interest payments --- modern aberration, like breathing car exhaust smog for air, or drinking extracts of burnt black beans for a morning beverage, or putting 50 cancer-causing pesticides on an apple to kill bugs because tiny nicks displease the future cancer patient. Credit card interest is not deductible. Using plastic is your way of showing us that youíre a jerk. These bogus solutions shouldn't exist, nor should bank loan interest. 

We have 7 1/2 %-solutioned our way into a DEBTOR Hell. The governments of the planet are in hock to a few planetary bankers who revel in opulence, wander about, addicted idiots, causing inflation to all, and unwittingly pass debt onto the little people's backs until one half the world is starving and dying and diseased and the other half is continuallly borrowing from Peter to pay Paul like a hamster in a treadmill until we drop dead, never having spent a creative day of joy in our life. Their system doesn't WORK. But guess what. We can abolish it because we are many, they are one. Not in a bloody revolt, but in a quiet motion sliding you into Guerilla capitalism and urging the captains of industry, the major corporations to follow you.

The Federal reserve should NOT manage OUR cash. The people of a country should manage their cash. Period. Banks should serve us by holding the cash safely, not stealing it blindly.

Banks should do interest free macro-lending to people with good track records, good ideas and strong legs who vow to work, want to work and can attract associates and implement ideas that better life with products or services. PERIOD.

PUBLIC DEBT has skyrocketed since the late 50's. On a graph the line goes straight up, vertically. A fundamental change must occur with the cash system because today, 3 billion of the 5 billion people on this planet have to be made obsolete, as they, are not needed by that system. In fact, they endanger it.

Among intellectuals and prescient thinkers with their fingers on the pulse of the body economic, it is whispered that the SYSTEM has been forced to and is planning to make 3 billion of Earth's PEOPLE vaporize. They may already have done so with engineered plagues which are emptying the third world as we speak.

Their next thought can be charted by watching what they are doing right now: building huge amounts of prisons. Emptying military barracks and bases and building prisons, concentration camps. Their next thought is obvious, even now: NO debt at ALL! Little plastic "DEBIT cards" combined with outlawing cash entirely. It's scheduled to arrive a few years from now, we've been warned. 

Well, NO CASH IN HAND would outlaw the underground economy. You got no job? Your plastic card doesnít work? Goodbye house, utilities, phone, job resume and goodbye FOOD. You stop existing.

When 3/5ths of us are homeless and starving, and wandering the streets, naturally the next thought after that is Ďdon't come in my garden and go after my apples. If you do, prison for you, prison for those who steal food for their babies.í 

And then, next thought: Ďthe workers in all those prisons which have been built canít languish there like Club Fed. They should make license plates and be REAL SLAVES. But sweetheart, as we're all wage slaves already, what's the dif? Why fight what is?

The painful economic REALITY that we endure now and the inevitable future described here, was created by a few American politicos who were bamboozled by some very savvy bankers. It is the backlash of what was already an unnatural contortion. Add the passing of a little time and you get a whipping motion at the back of the tail that is more severe than the original tilt. Like a tsunami is worse than the quake..

The FEDERAL RESERVE WAS STAGE ONE, the IRS was Stage II, permitted by Woodrow Wilson who later said it was the worst thing he had ever done. The third and fourth stages just followed like the tail of a dragon. And itís about to whip our society into the dust.To kill the dragon, we must go for the eye. The Federal Reserve, IRS and IMF.

The one good thing about getting rid of the HELL where GOLD has become GOD is that there's only one guy at bottom, one guy in the dragon suit. Satan. A veritable Wizard of Oz shaking behind a curtain. Only he's some super rich banker somewhere in Paris or Bern. And heís not the devil, he's a man of flesh like us and he cried at Bambi and Dumbo like you and I did and if we tell him weíre dying and all ask him politely to stop, he will. If the entire world turns on him and circulates his home address!

It would be impolite of us to say, "Satan, you're useless ballast. Die." We don't have to do that. Satan was useful, for a few centuries. Like a bad first husband, he teaches you what you don't want in a man. 

We just ask the head banker to take his winnings from the table and leave. We'll print our own money, and using the rules of capitalism, learn to create our own wealth thank you very much. A Debt Free society. Microlending in some way, (meaning a local bank, like the Van Nuys National Bank writes up those scholarships for Van Nuys students.)

WITH MICROLENDING in many life areas, the PEOPLE will not hate Uncle Sam & we wonít shaft him like weíve been shafting the Uncle Sam weíve got now. (Well do you pay all  your taxes?)

In an ideal world, there will be no income taxes for the lower class, no federal taxes, no land or house taxes. How will the government make out? PEOPLE infat jobs will be taxed for a quarter of their income. How did OUR GOV get a twenty trillion surplus before 1913 when they donít get one cent of income tax? Theyíll do what ever it was they did. Except that governments selling arms to tyrants will be made illegal. Thatís a bad way to make money: KILLING PEOPLE. 

However, the  DEATH CENTURY was perfect. FATE is perfect in the sense that what we got was what we needed to learn. WHAT we endure, or what IS --- is an exact response of the universe to dumb thought patterns of the past. Want better? We must see whatís wrong, learn the lesson, wake up, all of us, to the l00th monkey. We must see how easy it is to get what we need, smile and ask for it. We must energize ourselves and get productive and ready to create money. We must go the SBA and demand and make noise if they turn away. We must say to the IRS, you are illegal. We must learn to take charge of our lives. We must strangle the banks dead. Take our money out of them. Start popular banks. Heroic dead guys will leave their estates to Popular banks. Buy for cash, Start Ithaca dollars, coupon/ credit barter system. Ask for no credit cards. No loans. No checks, no interest. NOTHING. Get off the power grid, go solar. And get land with food growing on it. Thereís plenty of land. Ever see those empty spaces at the edge of town? What is this myth about land scarcity thatís driving the price of rural land and lately homes up?

Offer the man who's selling you his acre and his house a real deal. "Sir, YOU can earn the interest, not the bank. Why should you pay huge taxes on this money? Take a smaller amount over more years. I will pay you an extra l0% of your home's value. I'll pay it off month by month. 2k a month the first few years, a 7% increase as a cost of living rise each year, until it's paid. Let's KEEP THE BANK OUT OF IT. " That's an offer he can't refuse. And no, itís not called renting. Itís called a land contract, and a separate file on it, is appended. Using it, the seller is safe. If a buyer fails to make payments, the seller can get his house back in a flash, and keep the equity, so the seller can't loose. In fact, some people sell their house twenty times this way.

Land contracts are a fool proof, safe way to take the financial reins into our own hands. We will make money doing it and be able to share our profits with our fellow man, not some jerk in a Rolls Royce in London who doesnít need it.

This kind of generous spirit will soon enter into all that we do. We will be removing the middle man, hence saving cash. We'll be happy and productive, hence creating an abundance for our kids. And last, we'll be sharing our wealth with workers everywhere. I want baskets and wind chimes from the Phillippines in my lanai. I want pots from Mexico, hence I'm causing planetary abundance when I shop handmade! Where is a cottage industry that can give me unusual, ethnic goods?

I also want ethnic workers. When hiring workers, we can FIND pleasant street people to do the work, gardening, painting, getting the house ready for a party. There are street immigrants found just outside the parking lot at HOME DEPOT in any city, who will gladly do a 40$ workday on your property. Feed them a good meal. Let their children play with yours. Just have them sign a waiver, Ďif I turn my ankle I can't sue.í (As if they knew about suing!) Get a pal who knows about brick laying, or plumbing to supervise. Help the needy to find work, to learn new work. Create friendship feelings in these workers, for they are your students. Inspire them to learn creative work, love the work you teach them. Create career and ambition. Help those poor wetbacks hiding in the underground from the INS. These poor people have been made unemployable, uneducatable by the latest INS and Welfare laws. They need to survive and become Americans as your ancestors did. Help them with a job, in your business, avoiding the colonial mentality which exploits the untutored. Give as much as you receive as a way of being. It reduces to that. The Golden Rule Economy, Not the Golden Bull.

Men of morality and ethics have til now, foresworn the professions of accountant, financier, stock broker and banker because they have been the antithesis of goodness. Money was not a way to educate, care for, and lift up oneís fellow man. 

This can change. When banking is opened to do-gooders, hug-a tree, non-profit types will force themselves to learn to crunch numbers. They will staff the Peopleís banks. Weíll be ushering Alan Greenspan out to the back pasture and putting a rabbi or priest with aPHD in international finance into Greenspanís chair to run the Money game in our country. But NOT for the IMF and FEDERAL RESERVE. No. All payments to the world banks will be abrogated. Interest payments will cease entirely. We will very kindly make payments on the principal that is owed them but only as we are able to, and do so for the rest of time, but only as convenient. Governments and corporations everywhere wil shun the world banking system that charges interest and instead find that if they put their cash deposits into a ĎFree leg up to the Deservingí Bank , the riches of an industrious mankind will soon multiply those deposits a thousand fold making available the larger amounts of capital that corporations and governments need.


EVEN Fabulous wage earners often spend every cent to live. They don't have down payments and they get gooseflesh if you mention loans and some bank getting interest. Many of us who have cottage industries bank in the back of our car. Some of us are quite wealthy. We run cash businesses, have high cash flow. We don't pay much taxes and don't need deductions thank you very much. We'd like to make home buying a person to person thing and leave the corner bank and the World bank OUT OF IT. And now, when home owners are desperate to unload their house, you can scoop up a property at bottom dollar using this LAND CONTRACT METHOD.

The answer is to look for a house which has been on the market for more than a year, something a real estate agent can spot on the computer. (BUT, I warn you, these agents wonít cooperate. They lose out and loathe the entire concept, will warn you itís wobbly. )   So locate houses that are not selling, thatís 99% of the houses at this time due to the mortgage crisis. Now, ask the owner if you can buy the place with a 'land contract.' It's a kind of installment plan only the bank is left out of it. And so are all those piles of interest that double the price of every house. The old owner retains title to the house until you've paid every drop. His property taxes stay the same (and that's nice as you're paying them). You see, there's been no transfer. You, the new owner, get a quit claim deed which will become valid when you pay off a given sum, --- say his asking price. (You don't lowball a man who's going to give you his home, friend.) 

There's no transfer of title until it's paid off, so the old owner doesn't get a huge lump sum of capital gains on which he must pay income taxes which is so sweet because it leaves the GOVERNMENT out of it! 

You pay whatever monthly sum you can afford, maybe in cash that this owner might not even fully declare on his income taxes. That would really confound the gov. You do this on a monthly basis. If the OLD OWNER were to die while you were paying the house off, you wouldn't have anything so what you do is, buy a term policy life insurance payable to his heirs. If he dies, it pays a huge amount to his heirs and you get the house because that's stipulated in a contract that he signed to you. 

But here's the so hot bonus for him; his heirs do not have to pay any taxes on life insurance. They would have to pay it on any house they inherited. But not on this trade. Show them they will get the sale price of the house via insurance, youíll have that family eating out of your hand! So you see, as is true throughout nature, the most beautiful is the most economic and vice versa. Use your brains, gang. Find a realtor who understands this. 

A paralegal with brain impairment could make up the deal memo contract on one page. Wheel this baby out on the streets, you'll see it flies!

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