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The ideal diet would be vegies, fruits nuts. Eat that for lunch and dinner, there'd be no cancer, no constipation, no acid PH in the body, no wrinkles, great skin color, you'd look age ten forever.  Don't know about you BUT...I cannot work up a froth for salad and broccoli as a meal. Just those two items UNLESS....I use minute parts of the PIG. YEP. I'm hot for pigs.  FARMER JOHN makes a great 'hot' sausage, frequently on a half off coupon. If you use one tiny weeny flavorful sausage for your bowl of broccoli, you will SURE WANT  TO EAT BROCCOLI! Trust me on that, especially if you use MY RECIPE, (below.)

If you use a half slice of bacon toasted crisp for that SPINACH SALAD you can sure wolf down a lot of greens with no sense of deprivation. Those are my good diet, power food 'stay young' tips. PIGS ARE US! And you VEGANS who won't eat pig cuz it's the smartest animal of all, yeah but if she lacks potassium in her diet, the sow will eat her own babies! Pig farmer & famed author Saul Bellow reports this in HENDERSON the RAIN KING, Doubt it's fiction. Well, it IS fiction, technically......but you know what I mean.

So knowing that momma pigs deserve what they get, I set up a lotta pig in the freezer ready to help me eat greens! I freeze my bacon HALF piece by piece. Each half piece goes on foil, turn the pck. Add another half pc, TURN IT, Two, three turns, you've got a lot of bacon in there. FREEZE. Then do another package til the whole pound of bacon is frozen in flat strips. EASY TO RETRIEVE. Flat little silver things staring at you out of the freezer I don't even have a light in my freezer and I can see 'em!

So, say you're starving. FRY THE BACON and the sausage. The half pc crisp bacon, (fat dried off) goes on your salad. House dressing, maybe a few walnuts, toasted sesame seeds. YUMMIE!

As for the BROCCOLI. FRY THE SAUSAGE, breaking into six pcs. DRAIN that bunch of pieces on paper towel and then  USE A PAPER TOWEL TO CLEAN ALL FAT out of frying pan. Add slosh olive oil. Squeeze clove of garlic in there, Add your  drained, hot broccoli, still green, not cooked gray... (!) add chopped tomato, cook slightly, tossing. Re-add your sausage which was drained of all fat on towel.

NOW, SALAD AND MAIN COURSE. Problem solved. 5 minutes work! And MEATY ENOUGH FOR anyone except A VEGAN. A healthfoodie would approve as you've just used the meat as a 'seasoning agent.'

 BEAN DISHES. I Love ham hocks. However they give me a headache unless I boil the saltpeter and nitrates out of them. So I do. Simmer for an hour. Throw away water. THEN use them with your beans. Always simmer beans the minimum and at low temps. They give less gas that way.