Many clients ask me for astrological investment tips. I have a few. First, READ THE SUZE ORMAN FILE cuz her tips are mine, too.

After you have followed those basic rules, next, buy a cheap, fixer upper home. That will force you to be a Do it Yourselfer Handyman with basic skills, force you to stay away from expensive vacations on weekends, force you to quit the gym as you do more than enough hard work building stone walls, roofing a home or pruning trees.

When you own your own home, if the nation is NOT in an OVERVALUED REAL ESTATE market, buy a second house an even more grizzly fixer upper, to gut, paint, plant then lease to another family. After you have one of these paying for itself,  buy a third rental home and so on. Each time you want to sell, so as not to pay taxes, live in it for two years, then when you sell it, it's not a primary home, you won't pay any taxes on the profits. Read this file, it's called POOF!)

Then, put all those homes in a trust so it goes to your children without any taxes being passed on at your death. They will have to collect the rents, so we hope they're not too ritzy to go to some middle class neighborhood and knock on a door. By then the bank will have direct rent deposit monthly so maybe they won't have to.

My landlord was a friendly taxi driver and he's not afraid to come to my door. He brings me a donut and I make coffee and we chat while he fixes something. Or while I show him things that need fixing. Currently naked light bulb in dining room ceiling is a drag. The globe just fell on the floor one day. He'd left it screwed in with two out of three screws!

I know how to manipulate guilt. I always keep him owing work! Out of guilt he sometimes brings a can of cat food for the gang, or a small bottle of ampicillin drops his vet gave him for his animals. On Easter he gives me a box of hand dipped chocolates. I've had beaux who treated me worse.

A little about Dick Delaney's history. He bought his first home in 1960, the one I'm living in. They had no bed. The honeymooners slept on the floor here, were really broke. The house cost him nothing down as he was a W.W.II vet but 15k price tag was a lot of bread back then. This was before anyone called money ' bread! '

He bought one house after the other, for the next five decades, totaling TWENTY TWO family homes! Three bedroom houses always rent well as people coming out of an apartment want one more than before. Such acquisitions will pay their own way especially if you know how to renovate, put good paint on the inside, cheap linoleum that looks like hard wood through out, paint all exterior wood surfaces, fence and house, once a year, switch plugs to grounded occasionally fix plumbing and LANDSCAPE for pennies making YOUR OWN HOME into a REPLICATION NURSERY.

If you're super cash strapped, you might start out buying a four unit building with a Fannie Mae loan, you and three friends, five grand each, fix each of your four units up then sell the bldg., that will get you into four homes, next time around. Or you do it alone, live in one unit and rent the other three units. Get a cosigner for lower interest rates.

Have less cash on hand than the five grand you'd need?  There's a way to snowball some short sum of money like one or two thousand into the five grand that you would use to buy that 4 unit bldg. with three pals. Wait for a dynamite astrological day and when you find such a day, go to FOREIGN IPO WEBSITES   -- THAT MONITOR FOREIGN IPOS, and see what emerged for the first time that morning, buy a few shares if it makes sense. A lot of online stock services charge very little for this service. You want to avoid a broker. IPOS triple first week if they're good ones. Especially VIETNAM DRILLED OIL.

Then, sit down for an hour and write a PROSPECTUS. DEAL MEMO, PROFIT SPLIT, DESCRIPTION OF BIZ AND ESPECIALLY THE WORK YOU WILL DO and WHAT QUALIFIES YOU TO DO IT. Give it to three people. ONE will invest! Proven fact! So give it to a hundred folks, that means thirty will invest and you can do the business of your dreams with that start-up  money.

Pursue a HUI, a family biz link for the BUSINESS ITSELF and also for attaining family-communal land ownership, I have great interest in all the things we can do to avoid being slaves of the IRS and IMF. The best idea is to own a quarter acre property in town with a good orchard, nuts, avocados, lots of protein trees and fruits too. Have chickens for eggs, not meat, a goat for milk and a really big vegetable garden, and a separate one for the goat who can eat any yard out to the fences in a week. And a huge vegie garden for your family who will go more slowly with the vegies, make it last a year. And then, the retirement villas for you and a dozen families, described in "OWNERSHIP", above. With more chickens, goats and orchards.

Everyone should be self sufficient, now? And oh, yes, -- stick in a few solar panels on the roof, put your PC and reading lamp on a small generator or fuelcell or solar power. Maybe a fridge and t.v. on another solar panel set. And oh yes, some solar panels that hold and heat the hot water. Who needs a roof anyway?

I have three Taurus planets in the tenth house, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus, also pars fortuna and the midheaven point itself. Five elements up there, plus Neptune in earth sign Virgo and Mars in Capricorn so Iím into everyone creating an earthy, comfortable existence, and NOT being a wage slave of the state and not trapped working 40 hr weeks from age 16 on 'til youíre 65 (A HALF CENTURY!) and then having the gov take your home when you go into an old age home! WHICH THEY DO by the way. They pluck it from your kids to pay YOUR medical bills! I like the DICK DELANEY trust solution. The OWNERSHIP solution although that is in rural farm area, so may not be what your working stiff kids want, though who knows what the 22nd century will be like?

MONEY is earned in the now, SAVED in the NOW but provides enjoyment in the future.

They taxed you the entire time you were alive, took a third of everything you earned. They used you like a human meat supply. IT RANKLES ME that they get the house, too and your children are thusly forced to do the same thing YOU DID! Work fifty years to get a house and lose it an hour later before the ashes are cold. It's as if the state were engineered for one thing only, to squeeze you to death. I'm sensitive to that kind of thing.

My parents went through the depression in the worst circumstances, Dad in Germany where it took a wheelbarrow of cash to pay for a loaf of bread, so bad was the inflation. And Mom went through it in San Luis Obispo, California where her mother (a spinster nearing age 43,) turned the home into a boarding house to survive. Grandma Elena cooked and cleaned for this gang of strangers and at age forty, married one or I wouldn't be here to tell of it, so there's no ill wind that doesn't blow SOME good..

The memory of riding the horse the way it's going and rolling up your sleeves and searching for bigger bucks than you were allotted, contained in these memories which are, (I swear) in my genes has made me super primed to be aware of financial things. Usually, I'll give people a whole stack of investment tips even if they come to me for romantic astrology.

For the time being, I see wisdom in acquiring sturdy, old, fixer upper homes with over 8k square feet of land, as orchard and vegie garden really take space! Buy a property dilapidated enough to be bought for a bargain price -- and paying it off fast. No big amts owing. After you have that for yourselves, a 3 bedroom house you can rent to another family would be your smartest investment bet or a 4 unit bldg.

If youíre a single person, for investment combined with personal living, a 3 bdrm. house filled with roomers who take care of the monthly payment, is an excellent bet, or a 4 unit bldg. And then a family home and then a string of them.

Once you have your pied a terre in the city, then get a luxury piece of LAND in a rural area, one gas tank away from the city that you can create as producing food where you and the gang can retire. You want to create huge compost piles first, then as soil becomes available and beds are created, Orchards, nuts, avocados, citrus, apples, and fields for vegies, berries. Some timer-generated watering systems that you lay into the beds yourself. You go back to the city, return to the country, come and go, come and go and slowly each time you visit the country rustic retreat, you dig in a septic tank, those irrigations pipes, maybe a small pool, and slowly you build a farm house there maybe out of organic ingredients. Adobe, lumber you plane there on site, for a log cabin, combined with thatch. Study library books on how each zone of our country has a different type organic style. Wattle and daub, adobe, straw bales that are plastered over.

Create the land purchase as a group, work the land in cooperative ways, with pals. A communal farm. To read how to do that, go to my web site, to the article on how Social Security will not be there for you in your old age.

LEARN to live frugally, now. Learn to save money. Instead of eating at restaurants, cook that food yourself. Instead of buying produce grow it yourself. That will give huge huge savings, every day of the week so next, invest that surplus cash in real estate, repeating the idea of a 3 bedroom family home but this time to rent out.

Buy wrecked, unsightly houses at discount prices. Then do your chic camouflage. The house gets painted pale blue, every piece of trim white. I did a whole house in 2 days with Pedro's help and Iím sixty years old.

Build your own, chunky rail fence on the outer edge of property, next to curb, with a flower bed on BOTH SIDES as this is very very pretty when finished. That means the rail fence is set IN from curb. You leave a small bed. Itís important to get all the weeds out of the soil before hand. No weed can be left there, so roto-til the area well, dig in amendments, wet the soil well for a week and donít plant anything at first, see what sprouts. THEN kill all that. Water some more, no sprouts? Ok, now compost. COMPOST contains seeds so again, water and see what sprouts. When youíre sure nothing is sprouting, then insert your fast growing cheap plants on both sides of rail fence, in that bed. (I provide you all the seeds you need, for free, write me). I like morninglories all around the perimeter. Four oclocks, calendulas, snaps, stocks, hollyhocks, easy to manage, long lasting. Self sowing these guys!

In the front yard, dig out wide holes for a few few fast growing trees. You want hybrid fruit so take cuttings from good trees or buy fresh from the nursery. Home Depot trees ar 15$ each. Except for citrus and apricots, planting pits/seeds doesn't work as they are never true to the top stock.  As you get close to the house itself, grow food-bearing vines, raspberries, chayotes, passionflower vines. Send them up the house walls with more morninglories. Surround house with lime, lemn, orange trees. Start now on that one, pulling orange and lemon seeds from your eating fruit, planting in small pots. Get those trees a few feet high right now. Cuz soon youíll have saved the cash for the investment. This is going to happen!

Consider that once youíve camouflaged the house that way, with trees, all around it, vines climbing up walls painted in blue paint, trimmed out in white, itíll look terrific and it's zoom-up in value will occur when you and your roomies fix the interior of the place up. Every room a spiffy bright pastel, apricot, turquoise, blue. NO WHITES or beiges on walls, but ON TRIM, YES! Very spiffy White or pale trim in every single room! Spotless looking, fresh!

You can sell this fixer upper as a trial investment and double your money. Remember, you'll always make a huge profit if you are not tempted to buy anything but fixeruppers. A very 'yar' house costs you hugely, is never very charming, is high maintenance, and could go WAY DOWN in value during a price low cycle (oh yes, price lows come every once in a while). Youíd be surprised how bad you feel when you're paying high house payments on some low price value-deflated house. BUT wrecks do fix up fine and are guaranteed cycle proof and will increase in value.

SO YOU SAW THE U.R.L. above on plant replication for all the homes you will own. TRY A FEW GARDEN CARE TIPS which are low maintenance so you let things bloom and get a lot of charm for no work and no cost. ANY kind of house fixing work is easy, or havenít you watched my fav, house and garden cable?

When there is a period of many foreclosures, if you have a lot of greenbacks, you can buy a few well priced homes or rural lots.

Double down on earnings now and keep the money in the bank where you can't get at it. Stop eating out. The 6$ for a restaurant meal would buy 6 lbs of turkey burger you can freeze for enchiladas one night, meatloaf the next, stuffed zucchini a third night, etc., i.e. food for a week, for a family of FOUR! Make every six dollars feed four for a week!

YOUR SPENDING habits are where youíre headed. Take a look at them now. Either up into land ownership and wealth or  down the drain. Learn to make your own bread, jam, grow your own greens, fruits, have the chicken give you her eggs. Make your own omelet. Later, when you get a big farm, you can get the goats. Make cheese. Have milk for free and bank the 2$ for each quart. Bank the 4$ for eggs. The l0$ for cheese.

HANDLING MONEY: Do the work yourself. Learn to do your taxes yourself. When paying rent, remember to write rent checks yourself, off your own personal account. That means collect the 400$ each from your roomates, then YOU write the rent check. Fannie Mae looks at your cancelled rent checks --so have the group of boarders or family members pay you cash, which you put in your checking acct so cancelled check is in your name. It is your credit that matters here. Your cash profile. Not theirs unless you are going to be buying property in tandem with one of 'em.

If the chronic recession deepens, remember that FDIC doesn't have cash to cover more than 1% of the deposits in this country. If you're in a bank, you could kiss your bucks goodbye as generations did back in 1929-1941.  My mother went thru the bank closures in CALIFORNIA, my DAD in GERMANY where it was totally brutal!

Your path out of the cash free zone is to stop spending, cook and grow your own now, get those savings into property, doing so as soon as you feel housing prices have dropped as far as they can. Today, September 2003, we are at a peak. NOT time to buy. Next MAY will be time to buy as the real estate bubble will pop.

If you own property during a housing price peak, like the one we're in now, sell it at top dollar getting out of the real estate market entirely for a half year to check the wind. Gov lets you hold on to your profits for a year. Wait until after a dip or crash when real estate is cheap. THEN BUY a fixer upper again. Get your team together, paint, landscape. Repeat the sale.

I know a gal who wanted out of her marriage. She knew she could survive as she made a lot of money under the table. Matchmaking. NOT escort service but true date fixing. Different. A thousand bucks paid by the man brings him ten dates with ten beauties. This smart lady had stacks of thousand dollar bills lying around under her mattress.

So with a measly l8k down, which she told the lender was just mattress money, which is why it wasn't in a bank, and mattress money is legal....she bought a $180k little Victorian cottage, a band box of a house. It still had gas lamps in the walls. It was the real deal VICTORIAN!

She fixed it over a leisurely two year period, and lived in it, which assures she won't pay taxes when she sells it. Primary dwelling law. Her taste is lovely, mostly it was cute paint colors; landscaping; she sold it for twice what she paid when she spotted another bargain giveaway house that relatives were selling after the wake of an old lady. She turned around and sold it within a week at twice what she paid. Now she had a lot of cash on hand, a real real lot. With that cash, she bought a huge immense Spanish Mediterrenean mansion, slightly delapidated, but a RUDY VALLEE or RUDOLPH VALENTINO type palace, right in the center of L.A. She fixed it up to the hilt (M.T.T.M which is more taste than money,) and the thing quintupled in value as the market surged. Now she is enjoying the fruits of her labors. From nothing, not a penny to a mansion in a little under a decade!

My landlord was a cab driver in the 50's. One of his rides was a man who told of losing his home. Cab driver who then had bought a small house, (where I live today) asked his fare if he (the driver) could assume the payments. The guy said sure. My landlord's wife screamed, what do we need a second house for? To rent out said he. Give me a way to stop risking my life in cabs every day. She screamed. He bought and having wet his feet, he went on and slowly one by one, bought 22 houses. Rents  all of them.  He has a 8$ an hour worker, a geriatric Mexican mozo named Pablo (old, but he can climb a palm tree and cut its leaves, install dry wall on a ceiling, and a lot more, and they go from house to house (his houses, all of them) fixing stuff --- about five days a month. Pablo works for contractors the rest of the time. My landlord kicks back and lives very humbly for a man worth 11 million dollars.

They laid the worst laid linoleum on the planet but I can deal with it cuz the rent's $995 a month for 4 bedrooms, huge 8,000 square feet acreage, fenced gardens.  Dick personally rings the doorbell first of the month and I happily fork over the rent. My rent is half of what it would be in L.A. 995$ for 17 yrs then up 20% to 1200$. And in 2017 it's 1540$ so my tenant pays 540$. And Iím 20 miles north of Beverly Hills. You too can attract happy renters who pay off your properties for you. Be like Dick Delaney. Lay linoleum with the help of a Home Depot rent-a-Mex. Just use twice the glue and don't let the Mex keep the glue can.

So bite the bullet and DOUBLE down on earnings now while youíre young. Look for co-signers, relatives, propertied bosses who like you and will co-sign. That makes the loan process real easy.

And donít spend. It's real important to save greenbacks, not spend on frivolities.. BUY a 3$ can of coffee you get about 100 cups so each cup is 3c cost. Buy those cups at Starbucks itís $2.50 a cup. 80 times as costly! You just blew $250 dollars, a thousand a year and for what? I get genuine Colombian with a coupon, for 2$ a can, and can have 2c a cup of coffee. PUT the thousand in your ROTH-IRA and it turns into $400,000 when you retire.

Scrimp in any way you can. THE LITTLE scrimps add up. There's a SCIENCE TO IT. Check out the FRUGAL INDEX, learn how to get chicken eggs for free. Make your own jam from fruit from my trees. Once every few years you enjoy a handcranked freezer of ice cream. We can make our own whole grain bread though since I found BIBLE BREAD, I don't. If I had a vitamix to triterate soaked grains, I would make my own Bible Bread. (it's flour free, just soaked grains, drained next day, then triterated into dough.) NOTE : BY 2017 BIBLE BREAD was 6$ a loaf. I switched to the DAY OLD RACK, 99c. loaves but seeking WHOLE flour not enriched flour.) BIBLE is pre-soaked rinsed grains ergo No phytic acid, so it's good for you, unlike whole grain flour bread. Phytic acid disturbs bones. You can learn to grow your own salad, broccoli, swiss chard, oranges, lemons, grapefruit, peaches, apricots, nectarines, loquats, arugula, mint for grapefruit juice. Just on these food items, you may save a few thousand a year. CHEAP EATS page.

Let these mental pictures motivate you to save on food and get together a hefty supply of greenbacks for when the recession planets get dire so you can buy piles of real estate! What are we going to name the GOAT?


Our POSTER is ANITA SANDS HERNANDEZ, Los Angeles Writer, Mother of 4 and career Astrologer. Catch up with her websites  TRUTHS GOV WILL HIDE & NEVER TELL YOU, also The  FUTURE, WHAT'S COMIN' AT YA! & HOW TO SURVIVE the COMING GREAT DEPRESSION, and Secrets of Nature, HOLISTIC, AFFORDABLE HEALING. Also HOW TO LIVE on A NICKLE, The FRUGAL PAGE.  Anita is at ). Get a 35$ natal horoscope "my money/future life" reading now + copy horoscope as a Gif file graphic!














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