WHEN a man eludes you, tries to push your buttons, even when he fights you, or has a different view, evades you, when he doesn’t call, --- don’t push. DO NOT REACH OUT TO THEM ONE BIT!LEARN to go YIN in an instant. In a fight, just smile,nod, abandon your position, nod some more. Take his hand and kiss it. Then, after he takes you home, disappear off his radar.Don’t answer the phones. Don’t be in when he knocks. MYSTERY Enshrouded in ENIGMA wrapped in IMPERMEABILITY!Take the pussy off the market. They’ll have a breakthrough alright!

I mean, either THEY WILL see and do as pleases you .. or they won’t!If they aren’t a pleaser, better you know now. And if they can’t won’t or don’t, you sure don’t CARE or FRET because then they’ll do what they’re doing even worse. By letting someone be himself.. eventually either you’ll see what he’s made of and LEAVE him or they will come around!!! 

MEN ARE DIFFERENT FROM WOMEN. The more you ignore a man, the more they’re attracted to you. And if this man is in love, TRUST that fact and just stay in YIN non movement. Drive him to his senses!

The more you don’t go after them, the more they want to come after you.‘THE MORE YOU ARE STILL the more they are active! Those are the secrets of attraction and repulsion. What you go after runs away from you every time. YOUR YANG creates his being YIN. YOUR YIN creates his being YANG. There’s a wonderful old PERFUME company ad that reads, ‘want him to be more of a man? Try being more of a woman.”

What you seduce, entice, WONDERFUL WORD, ENTICE..... and “allow” to come to you CAME UNDER ITS OWN POWER -- that person will never leave! YOU DO THE WORK, they may come for a second but reluctantly. They come with attitude. 

NO YANG forgives a pushy YIN! THE GREAT Women know that and use that rule of “WANT HIM TO BE MORE OF A MAN? THEN BE MORE OF A WOMAN.Want him to act? Then be still, silent, sweet, soft. INVISIBLE, quiet.NOT lurching up on his radar. That frightens him worst. DISAPPEAR! 

SINCE TIME IMMEMORIAL, soft sweet silent women catch the greatest strongest most powerful men! If they don’t chase or want THAT MAN, THAT MAN WILL want them. HIS INTEREST captured, --and that first kiss proves it, -- her stillness puts him INTO A FURY of wanting her!

A Man can use the same thing with a woman. The more HE wants the woman, salivates over her, the more she doesn’t want HIM! As soon as he’s not paying attention to that woman, and she begins to believe that he does not care, shewants to know HIM. The girl will want HIM.”

A WISE MAN SAID, THE LASTING LOVE AFFAIRS are where both people fell in love at first sight. So be especially wary of any relationship that starts off with the man fairly oblivious to you. I spent thirty years loving a man whom I met at a party. He was with a group. HE NEVER LOOKED at me after the introduction, not once! Lost thirty years on that bad boy. HERE IS A QUOTE FROM the MASTER JULES: “Maybe the easiest thing in the world to understand and very difficult to get clear, see the paradox, the enigma is the PHYSICAL LAW of “Resistance”. Do not resist what is in front of you, whether it’s information, knowledge or clues. Cultivate an open loving, peaceful, surrendered mind and being. Until someone surrenders to a music teacher or a spiritual discipline or to a massage, until you surrender to that, you cannot reap the fruits, the enjoyment, the lesson and the result from this teacher or this therapy. If you are on a massage table and tense up, your body doesn’t relax and let go and surrender. You get nothing out of the massage. If it’s information your brain is processing when you’re watching another person, do not resist that information. Letting go and being a PROCESSING GOD who is OPEN, in the moment and fully watchful and enjoying what he sees so that his brain does not turn off and get into denial….is the preface for the real work”. The Master Jules said that and about two hundred other discourses on love. Wish you’d met him while he was alive. I have 200 tapes, have transcribed 50. Files are all online at First twenty or so that I transcribed and edited are at THE MASTER JULES WEBSITE, GREATEST PHILOSOPHY EVER WRITTEN.