NOW is the time,the holiday season to gift yourself with the PRESENT every beautiful girl needs. AN EVENT: MEETING and GETTING ENGAGED TOA BILLIONAIRE.

NOW is when you want to visit DUNHILL in town, (the shop where billionaires go....) ABERCROMBIE AND FITCH, BARNEYS, BROOKS BROTHERS. And be there regularly. One week at Abercrombie, the Next week at Brooks, etc. If you need a great gift for a man, study the POKER sets there, (chips, cards,) and box and see what it costs there vs. at the LOCAL MACY's or ROBINSONS. And which really looks better. Studies like that take time, ---TIME for a handsome man to spot you and watch you chatting with the clerk, then walk over. OR hey, YOU TARGET a nearby man, nothing like the man Fate place there, and say'Sir, which would you rather get for XMAS?" (OF COURSE it's for your FATHER!!!!!! NEVER EVER cop to a beaux!)

XMAS is about gifts, TO YOURSELF, like 'how to upgrade your socializing by being in the right places where billionaires are. Besides DUNHILLS, how about YACHT CLUBS, areas where big boats are moored..... on a Saturday or Sunday morning of course! Borrow your brother's fishing rod. HIS TACKLE BOX too. Bet you get invited on a yacht with a real bait tank, taking off for a day's cruise and meeting a whole CREW of billionaires!

REMEMBER your LUCK IN LOVE studies. KEEP paging thru the website at http://home.earthlink.net/~astrology/index3.htm (that is the index, not

the starting page which you give to new students, your galpals http://www.luckinlove.com/

New articles come to me all the time so study a few new pages each day.

170 gals so far have signed up to be members of the LUCK IN LOVE group. I have pictures of some of you. Stored, Send me a pic if you didn't already.

One day we will attract gals from IRELAND, ENGLAND FRANCE, INDIA and they will come to America needing rooms to rent to launch their marital tries. YOU will have someone interesting to share the rent! And new friends.

Reason to stay motivated and keep this ticker tape going thru your frontal lobes? Cuz beauty _doesn't last_. Gorgeous MODELS come and go. It is important to make it into the HIGHEST TIERS of society (which your looks can carry you to ....) now while you're young. Not to just do modeling jobs again and again which lead nowhere. And then you're too old and it's over with. NO. SHOOT for the real prize now! A BILLIONAIRE HUBBY! A XMAS GIFT to yourself! AND TO THE PLANET! SO your future home life can be peaceful like this gorgeous picture below. Imaginea country home in New England:


OF course,you will have the NYC BROWNSTONE ANTIQUE HOME, the modernpenthouse CONDO in PARIS,then in LA the big ENGLISH STYLE mansion on an acre of green gardens and of course, the MAUI mahogany and glass cabin at the top of the waterfall. Three or four or five basic homes. And the yacht for sleepovers. And still, you will go to AFRICA to set up villages making replicas of the ancient, brass BENIN heads. Did you google up that word yet? BENIN HEADS" c'mon. You're going to get a D in the course !! Signed ANITA SANDS HERNANDEZ who invented this whole blessed Luck in Love Seminar thing! WHICH basically is the MOTHER TERESA COURSE!