Clothes, Hair, Makeup and the PERFECT SUIT for Holiday parties

It is NEVER too early to think about capturing hearts at Christmas. Flip through TOWN AND COUNTRY MAG. Go thru it on the news stand. NO super market carries it. ONLY BIG, pro newsstands or BIG BOOK STORES, fawncy ones! VOGUE is another good one. GLAMOUR maybe. BUT T&C is really ritzy yet not as BIZARRE as BAZAAR. Vogue is also good.

THEN when you’ve seen all of this seasons looks, the new cuts, colors, hemlines, jewels, go to the discount fabric store and get a vogue designer pattern for a suit that has a super tight indented waistline and cleavage. The butt will be in a tight,  pencil skirt, short, like almost to knee. That's a T & A suit.

Do it in tasteful Christmas cranberry red tissue wool. Do it in emerald green too, two suits to get you thru life in winter time. IT can be done in cut silk velvet or velveteen, also. A double strand pearls at neck. button pearl earrings. Dime store stuff not quite good enough, but maybe Macy’s .RITZY HAIR is silky. SAVE ALL TOILET ROLLERS and when freshly shampooed, a little stale beer on your hair, comb thru, put on toilet paper roller. (Paper can be left on it, just a last layer,) the BIG CURLER gives silky smooth hair.


The polished swing of hair is great. Healthy! Young. ALWAYS have a hair style that shows the ears. IF YOUR EARS ARE AWFUL just show lower half but when you look in mirror straight ahead, note how ears need to be seen.


A FAMOUS BEV HILLS PORTRAIT PAINTER told me this. ANY hair style that goes down over ears, covering them entirely is not gorgeous. Steals the beauty of a woman. See the girl above? Great suit but you need a little ears to show.

SEAMSTRESS should interface suit fabric in entire jacket. THE SLEEVES get interfaced with lighter material, organza weight. THE JACKET usually is lined with thinnest silk. INTERFACE is not the same as LINING. INTERFACING has naked seaming so it must be hidden. LINING is always on top of the INTERFACING and while it feels good, it adds girth. It’s softer silk. And we do not see any seaming, it’s turned to the inside. But if you want to be thin, don’t LINE, just interface fabric so it’s stronger.

THEN try for the 'little frock, or cocktail dress. A DEEP V. coming from edge of shoulders down to lowest cleavage. SMALL waist, skirt can be slightly a, bias or pencil thin. ALWAYS show legs. IF KNEES are good, leave half knee in sight. No need to go shorter. SKIRTS that show thighs are a little tarty and rich men are afraid of tarts these days. They will marry outside their CLASS, that's ONE point they're welling to cede, but TWO? That she's outside his class and also slightly tarty? No WAY JOSE.


Bull. This is my Xmas Party Dress and I get l00

dates off it, every time I wear it. SO BUZZ OFF!


No, dear, much too obvious and not going to get you a husband. It will get you a lot of men but not a husband. You’re better off in something elegant, perhaps a semi casual outfit, velour top and pants maybe. Tight at waist. The Waistline should be there. Stripes are good if one has a round pair of firm, high breasts.


VOGUE PATTERNS Corp. has MILLIONS OF SUIT designs, no need to line them, just interface each section so you can have firm fabric and curve that waistline IN and not get it collapsing in wrinkles…GET SOME CHRISTMAS GREEN or WINE RED VELVETEEN or real silk VELVET and the perfect color would be cranberry not red...and sew it up yourself.

I like the lines of the beige suit though perhaps it WOULD BE more spirited and PRETTIER IN BRIGHT RED, TIGHTLY CINCHED WAIST, SHORT PEPLUM, THINNER ARMS THAN THOSE BELOW and NARROW AT THE WRISTS, and real tight at knees, AND NOT OF SOFT LACE but A FIRM, THIN SILK, shiny, brocade or silk velvet. PIZAZZZ!



This suit is one that every girl needs for the holiday season --the suit that will make every man at the party drop his eggnog, his wife, his cookies and run over to you!