I'm new at this website stuff But I need a WEB
PRESENCE NOW! So I GOTTA figure this stuff out!

We all need a web presence, scooter. We don't only need a web presence for our new cottage industry, we need it to teach, share an evolutionary view, maybe anti-war, maybe anti-Masters of the Universe, Sink the Galactic Overlords... and INDUCE  REFORM....  "The Fix for Planet Earth."

A commercial cyberspace 'web host' service is the first thing you will need to do any of it!  You FTP articles to it in 10 seconds with free FTP (file transfer protocol) software, found online. A 10 year old could do it.

Park articles on back pages not on main index like blogs do... and you can do both at once for the tiny pricetag of sixty bucks a year or thereabouts.

 I NEEDED a WEBSITE FAST when I started. I was doing astrology in Hollywood but I wanted to go international. Only a website can do that for a business. Step by step, I wrote up the process. Click on this file HOW TO MERCHANDISE YOUR COTTAGE INDUSTRY and you'll see why YOU need one now, too. My first three sites (earlier) were freebie ones that Earthlink Gives you. They all start ' ---" which isn't very professional. Then I was going to be on JUDGE JUDY, national TV so my daughter gave me a 5$ a month site, LUCK IN LOVE.COM where a million viewers could read the teachings that got me in the HOT SEAT on that show. (I won the case!)   Encouraged, I got my own, first website, The TEACHINGS OF THE MASTER JULES  (which I transcribed from my Guru's tape-recorded talks.) Later, when Jules' webhost DOMAINMONGER went up to 8$ a month (to me outrageous) I wanted to switch. I wrote my tekkie pal, "You're the expert, how about a CHEAPER WEBHOST maybe which is a dollar or something. The Tekkie winced. "Anita, your material is a little on the edge for them. You talk up off the wall themes like guerilla capitalism, how to launder money, how to not be taxed and licensed to death by Uncle Sam while you start the biz up first few yrs,  how to marry a billionaire, holistic medicine, every one of those things is going to ring bells over there and GoDaddy penalizes you big cash and cuts you off, both. They use extortion-like methods. Say that someone complains about your site, they disable it and hold it for ransom. You want those files, you gotta pay them $200 to get them back but they already took the money from your bank account by automatic debit ... as they know where your money is. They will cite "contract infringement", so frankly there is NO getting it back! That has happened to quite a few people !!!!

Reasons to avoid GoDaddy. (google this, many articles!)

Most of the cases I heard of involved spam complaints against YOU so that a competitor can close you down. I heard that they weren't even valid complaints. But that didn't matter. THEY listen to that person and TAKE a huge cash penalty out of your account, right from your bank. 200$ was reported.

ALSO if the GoDaddy snoop doesn't like your content, again, they take money out of your bank and close you down. With GoDaddy, if someone complains you are presumed guilty. And there's no reasoning with them. Like a robot, all they can say is "WE TOOK  $200 out of your bank account, fool. Try gettin' it back, huh?"

It doesn't have to be spam complaints, though. If you have what their president considers to be objectionable content on your web site and they find out about it, they could hold your domain name for ransom. Lots of people love GoDaddy, but I won't do business with them because of this." GO DADDY will edit your content, FINE you 200$ and shut you down if they don’t like what you do. No arguing, that money is taken from your accounts.  WHAT SERVER DOES THAT? GO-DADDY does. AVOID THEM like the plague: read thsee FACTS ON GODADDY and their outrageous, criminal penalties.  Read how one subscriber was handed a bill for  seven thousand bucks  by Go Daddy which should be called GRAB DADDY.  ALSO these creeps at GD came out in favor of SOPA, the gov bill to shut down websites that even reputedly have copyrighted material. GD's subscribers left them immediately they day they said they were WITH THE GOV...... and inside of a week, GD had to reverse that notion & eat their words! Fab win by the Aaron Swartz crowd!!

So this 'TAKE MONEY from your ACCOUNT" GRAB DADDY manuever -story was posted on my website and an EX AOL subscriber told me: I don't think that story was an error at all; its like the electronic voting machines that can be programmed in a particular way. I had a similar problem with AOL broadband when I left them in 2008 for another service provider. I had been with them since 1998, first paying by the minute, as it was at that time, and then later by monthly standing order. When I moved up from London to Chesterfield in 2003, retaining AOL, I then got broadband. There was never a contract and nothing signed, just a monthly account to come and go as I pleased. Their broadband service was an abomination with many technical problems, frequently requiring support. In early 2008 I started looking for another supplier and found one, who asked me to obtain the MAC code,  which I then got from AOL and passed it to the new supplier. Having signed up with the new firm I cancelled my direct debit with AOL; there was a period of ten days between the closure of the AOL connection to receiving the broadband box from the new one. After about six weeks I started receiving demands from AOL, which went on for several months; the first letters I tore up and threw away, believing they were a technical error. Then they started sending RED warning letters with pending legal action. That got my back up!   Eventually I proved to them that they were wrong with their demands, but they never sent an apology. I realised later that this was a ploy they used with customers who ditched them sending demand letters, and keep on sending them; most people get fright with kittens and pay up.  AOL had set up a special debt collection organisation to take over this role - I discovered this after doing research; a big facade of a debt collection agency to send terror down people's spines. That's the name of the game in modern corrupt business.

I know that one reason GO DADDY takes your seven thousand bucks is CONTENT IS EDGY! Well --I talk about GUERILLA CAPITALISM, HOW TO MARRY a BILLIONAIRE, if you're gorgeous, how to launder money, work under the table and all kinds of EDGY STUFF so that wouldn't do for me! But probably it would be OK for you. Get back to me on what they charge now so I can update this. astrology at earthlink. net


"I have used GoDaddy for years.  Ironically GoDaddy owns most of the other web
hosting services also. Some people buy the smallest hosting program that GoDaddy has, which is either free or about $4 a month, and then not pay attention to how much
space they are actually using.  As she said in the blog you linked to, "...for a
simple $7 more I could have avoided the big charge when I exceeded the
bandwidth.  I check my site once a month to see how much space I am using.  I've only
gotten close to going over once, so I upgraded to unlimited size.  GoDaddy has
the BEST customer service and will walk you through almost anything, which
was great when I first got my websites.  Their terms are right there and you
agree to them before they host your site".  I am not sure why that other girl is
blaming GoDaddy for something she read and agreed to.  She is not paying
them to monitor her site, she is paying them to host her site. SHE has to monitor it!

This is another example of why people need to READ the terms of any
agreement they make, and when they are trying to keep costs down they also
need to remember to make sure they are staying within the boundries of the
lower cost plans. " OK. CAVEAT EMPTOR  and maybe you'll be OK!

 PHIL C. my TEKKIE pal complained that many webhosts have ads only tekkies can understand. Ferinstance "SHARED HOSTING?" WHAT IS THAT/ I just want to know how much for my website, what size? PLAIN SIMPLE ENGLISH. There wasn't one phrase on that page I could understand!

I had that problem at every webhost page I went to. They need to do NEWBIES LINGO one one page.

One used to be able to put up to ten domains on  this one webhost at their least expensive account ---back when I started on the NET. I actually did PR in my 'articles' for them as a pal recommended them.

I personally use a 5$ webhost  I LOVE 5$ a month, 60$ a year, endlessly big websites. I have used one there for 10 years. Another pal told me that she'd been with for 7 yrs, perfect experience. 3$ s month, 36$ a year and the tekkies were girls and very nice though they got bought out by some surly gent and then disappeared. Prob cuz the girls who owned it went to the caribbean and a guy took over, a rude cuss, too. Used to be if you wanted 3 websites price went down to 5$ a month for all three. That is  less than 2$ each website per month! First time I wrote them a letter at their website. THE girls who owned it and started the host server off ANSWERED a mere ten minutes later. I realized that they do something NO HOST DOES. THEY ANSWER immediately. Though now it's a guy but they do have attentive online TEKKIES 24/7. Perhaps that comes from it being an all woman staff owners as women would never hear you talk and not respond. They structured their mode of operation. Then, one day, their prices went up. I called and got a RUDE MAN. He'd taken over the joint. I dismissed all thughts of signing up with them. But hey, you try them. See who answers you. RUDE BOY OR SMART POLITE GIRLS. But no problema; remember, is your back up position.

Another Pal tells me to investigate  He thinks highly of them.

Maybe you have some suggestions of webhosts you like... to give me? I'm astrology at earthlink net that's an email addie.

I found this 3$ webhost, Wonder if this is current.

Recently I googled a LIST of the "BEST WEBHOSTS" noted one was 3$ a month! WAY TO GO! I'm always shopping for an inexpensive webhost as I'm currently thinking up names for my next WEBSITE. "FRUGAL LIVING.ORG" is for that side of my personality that pinches pennies. "How to Marry a Billionaire" is my other zebra stripe.

ANITA SANDS HERNANDEZ has remained a total NET NEWBIE for all of her l9 years on the internet. Yes, she  has 10,000 articles on the internet on HOW TO LIVE ON A DIME WITH A COTTAGE INDUSTRY YOU RUN AS GUERILLA CAPITALISM and YES, she knows how to FTP and URL- CHECK always eradicating DEAD LINKS in her  published pieces, and yes she can write in HTML (with her NETSCAPE COMPOSER software) and yes she can CRIB GRAPHICS ONLINE so quickly she is called the queen of RIGHT CLICK .. but she says anyone could learn those minor skills in twenty minutes. Come to her house and she'll show you! And THOSE ARE ALL HER SKILLS! Except she gardens for free and makes good chile rellenos.



ANITA SANDS HERNANDEZ has dozens of free webinars in the LIFE 101 series.... See the PORTAL TO ALL HER CLASSROOMS

 CREATE YOUR OWN  VULTURE SANDWICH. ORG ) click on that website to see how you'd start a charity.  Give parties to raise funds. Legally you can salary yourself 36k a year and raise funds for NEPAL.

Learn "HOW YOU CAN START A FAMINE FIX CHARITY" or a "THIRD WORLD IMPORT/ EXPORT ARTISANRY " charity for small villages or a TAX EXEMPT NON PROFIT FOUNDATION which gives parties, charges at the door, sends it to EBOLA nations.

 CLICK to see how real vultures find all these orphaned children and eat them.
That happens in Africa these days.  See

Give it an easy to remember name.  VULTURE SANDWICH. That refers
to the big birds that pick starving orphaned infant children right off the grass in AFRICA. They sit there next to the child until it dies. Then eat it.

WHAT WE REALLY NEED is a charity that goes around like UNESCO and promotes BIRTH CONTROL METHODS in INDIA and AFRICA where children are used as a social security pension. Maybe these countries NEED SOCIAL SECURITY for seniors? HUH? Better than VULTURES.

I do a pretty neat RECESSION TECH 101 SEMINAR with GUERILLA CAPITALISM. Those themes need to be welded into their own website. Problem is I had a lot of poverty lately myself. Even cutting back on catfood doesn't seem to help and our neighborhood has no mice.

Then there's my political site needs its own
domain name. I'm thinking MATRIXBUSTERS.ORG! It has Snap Crackle & POP!

THIS JUST IN: EARTHLINK offers a STARTER sign up, you pay 39$ a month for the SERVER EARTHLINK and get TEN FREE WEBSITES, Small ones, here are mine and and
3 free websites nobody can prounounce or recall, and 39$ a month is Wayyyy too expensive, yet I've been with them 17 yrs paying that rate, as three of my free websites are with them. Can't crash them at this point but I do that to KEEP my fab email address astrology at earthlink . So I GOT TRAPPED BY EARTHLINK. but I still recommend them: Great tech support. The best. Complain about anything you get rebates. I believe an ad about ELN (as we insiders call them,) said they offer:
     Free domain name for 2 years — $40 value
     Free setup — $25 value
     Free site builder — get online in under 1 hr.
     5GB of web hosting storage
     20GB of monthly data transfer
     100 email boxes Give them my name astrology at earthlink and I get a free month!

So three of my websites are the freebie ones, they look like this

and THESE are site names that you cannot easily give to a friend or client but at one time they were the only kind of URL you could put in a CRAIGSLIST ad and put them in as written-out text or EMAIL to your list in an HTM file (what you're reading now is an HTM file) as a live link. My "FREE SEMINAR" series of ads features these URLS. Folks click on them, they're up and they're live links at Craigs. My articles contain them, dozens of them per article. I never LISTED MY URLS at search engines but those search engines FIND my sites, deliver them to searchers, cuz I have META TEXT in the coding. You also want to edit your meta text after you finish an article. And every so often use an URL CHECKER to make sure all your links are alive. My fave is this one..........   ^



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