THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES have glass blowers, every city has them. You can find a lot of artisans and
get a utilitarian design made, something every family needs. A LAMP A LANTERN.

THE SIMPLE OLD FASHIONED DESIGN IS BEST. Glass that is Mottled is very ITALIAN in feeling and ok. I prefer bubble glass, opaque, not shiny, like lake water.
Go on a search. Google "venetian blown glass and a + sign and lamp base, look at the many modern designs. the one that is best to start is a simple lamp base, UNELECTRIFIED, you do that WIRING FRESH when it gets to the USA Regulation parts. Not some third world country lamp wiring.

SCONCES are beautiful. Blown, natural, organic

So big you have to click on it..

True VENETIAN GLASS is BUBBLY, that's the look,
not pattern like this. But the concept is, make the base in
third world, pack in straw, ship to usa. Must be hollow
so wiring can be put in.

LOOK at the work of LINO TAGLIAPIETRA Nice, very nice. and
You can see it by googling his IMAGES. Here you can see him (below)
but not any of his work.
Which I'm not going to show you, but imagine this artist making
lamp bases. You'd get your MONEY out of them.

MEXICAN GLASS is almost there. It
has the bubbles, it's strong, it's just not
LAMP SHAPED. A pitcher can retail
for 50$ but a LAMP can retail for $400.

That's why a little attention to shape, design
purpose, utility, you can make more money
with lamps than pitchers.

BUBBLES ARE GOOD. Swirls, added to functional lamp.

You can see how if you turn it into an ASH TRAY, you get fifty bucks, but puff it up a little into a lamp base, wire it in USA, you get 500$

Tanner glass does vases for 38$ retail.

Turn it into a lamp base, 500$ SEE: MEXICAN GLASS CRAFT

You want to visit TLAQUEPAQUE ten minutes outside of Guadalajara. ORDER THE LAMP SHAPE.
TEADROP, flat bottom, hole somewhere at bottom, side is best.

A BASE IS GOOD, just leave a hole
SEE MICHAEL --he's tripped out but thrilling. Audacious. Sassy
THIS IS ONE OF HIS TAMER creations. He's in OHIO.