Got two NEVER BEFORE emails this morning. First, the EARTHLINK SERVER/ WEBHOST that I use wrote me a sassy Email (from a robot, however,) saying that my http://home.earthlink.net/~astrology/ website account which they host for free (to get us to pay an outrageous 40$ a month )  had too many visitors.

75% of my monthly alottment had been reached, and if it went to 100% they'd shut down the site 'til end of month. I couldn't figure what was up. I never had all that many visitors. The second letter explained. This one came from a new fan, who said that she loved the frugal living, garden, offgrid living, farming website I do and had given the EARTHLINK URL to her yahoo LIST or group!

I instantly realized the yahoo group must be a crowd of thousands and that was why the Earthlink WARNING. MY WEBHOST account had never before been hit that hard. It was like the trampling feet of a buffalo herd.

SO I REALIZED that if one had a product or service to sell, one should sink your baited hook in the YAHOO LIST OCEAN on the Clubs/ Groups Lists beach. (Only don't have a stingy webhost like EARTHLINK's FREEBIES as your website!) THE WISDOM OF LISTS works two ways. ONE, you can make your own work known, as others read your posts/ URLS. AND, (providing that list and that service that you render aare based on your career, passions, interests,) you will learn more about that world you are in. 

That very day, I spent the rest of the day changing WEBHOSTS on my many index pages. Same articles but placed at the other two webhosts I use, 5$ webhosts and DomainMonger or the MASTER JULES site and the LUCK IN LOVE sites. And that means FTP the article in question to those two sites. So if folks are on your index pages, and I have a dozen or so, main ones, another dozen subsidiary indexes... definition of an index being that it has many live links, dozens! All related by theme.

As  I cannot outright ASK fans to prais me over at their LISTS, I visit lists myself, having found a way to "TOOT MY OWN HORN." That is a phrase Clark Gable used to my friend Andre, (the out of work actor) suggesting that if he wanted to make it as an actor, that was the way.

I created a web presence and then a scatter your business card around lists. Get a list presence
by anita sands hernandez