and meet the CEO's of every big CORPORATION IN TOWN
                      GIRL meets CEO. How to meet EVERY CEO in town, a
                      CHARITY for daycare latch key kids

I watched Heather do it and Marry the BEATLE PAUL.  And I got this great idea for a small, easy to do, but STILL very IMPRESSIVE charity you can do to MEET EVERY RICH MAN  CEO IN TOWN.

FIGURE OUT WHAT GROUP YOU SAW around you in town that's conspicuously needy. SKid row latch key kids? Homeless guys in the park? Find PEOPLE who are already helping, PASTORS are the best ones. Extant daycares, Churches. USE CRAIGS LIST to get small things SENT to pastors, with whom you pre-arrange DISTRIBUTION like TOYS to children. or SCHOOL SUPPLIES. You collect clothes, toys, books for families at your living room group. YOUR CHURCH can locate and select an even larger group of poor families. Do this for months until preacher trusts you. NOW, propose to take his charity even bigger. To be his secretary and raise the funds, and he will go to SECRETARY OF STATE and make it bigger. "WHAT DO YOU GET OUT OF IT?" he asks. BLISS, you answer. I clean up my karma. Also, it just needs doing. So give him your ideas for making his charity bigger.

BULLETIN BOARDS about SERVICES to enlarge his flocks. SECRETARIAL WORK BY YOU, Say you  need craigs list for ads. You'll write and post the ads go there, now. See where it sez FREEBIES? Call those people, ask them to bring the FREE BOOKS or OLD CLOTHES to the church for a SWAP MEET. Help him run his SWAP MEET. CRAIGS LIST lets you do a few ads a day per category. Next, is the church all fixed now? Then YOU FIND an orphanage or church or kindergarten or daycare that needs books, toys, clothing, children's shoes.

CHARITABLE COMMERCE is another avenue. ROBERT REDFORD did a TELEVISION SERIES on PBS about charitable busienss ideas. Their website is looking for people to do a LIVING ROOM GROUP for the NEW HEROES ORG . And they give you free DVD's of their SERIES. This was a fabulous series of TV SHOWS on PBS that showed people who'd done incredible things for the planet, ordinary people and it had the stories of individual heroes who'd raise money for good work, HAITI RESCUE or DAYCARE CHARITIES for slum children or BICYCLE PUMP IRRIGATION inventions needed by dry, African villages. 

Find a local special need group. REMEMBER, this project is going to be easy and fun. YOUR FRIENDS will find that FORWARDING emails/files/ can be done with a single push of the finger --Just say please and ask them.

What they do is visible on the Craigs ad email, clear as day, is nothing it's a no brainer. " VOLUNTEER TO BRING FREE DAYCARE TO WORKING SINGLE MOTHERS. COME TO A MEETING. SALARIES FOR ALL WILL BE IN THE NEAR FUTURE." Push the forward button.

Your pal will write your name and i suppose their automated mail transponder automatically puts their name in, not sure if your pal uses the automated feature that all mail clients offer us.

THE PAL forwards the ad to you. YOU PUNCH "PUBLISH", yourself. You KNOW HOW TO FORWARD!!!!!!!! ????? Of course you do. And they do. That part is simple!

THE AD's "in like FLYNN" as they say. Every morn while you watch GOOD MORNING AMERICA, make a new AD.  I change the wording in the BANNER HEADING slightly, or add a new INTRO to the ad itself.  I use Mozilla Firefox browser as it saves form info so you don't have to retype. And naturally cut paste carries the TEXT for ad inside the mouse, sort of. All that info is at THE NEWBIES' WEBTECH training.

THIS AD below was for australia, and you know what? Did it in all American cities, then European, then finally did it in every city in Australia. Under many headings, GROUPS, creative gigs, financial INVESTMENTS that people seek out. Why I do that is cuz AUSSIES have natives starving in the interior. living out on the sand. They really need an INDIGENOUS PEOPLES BOOK TRUST.

So, YOU PUT the AD UP. CRAIGS sends it back to address and there's a Live link which is CLICKED ON...then activated, it turns from brown to green when it's greenlight, you are in! the ad is UP!

WHAT HAPPENS is that PEOPLE in FIVE AUSSIE CITIES get their brains "inseminated" with an idea they never had before. That the artisanry of some starving NATIVES out on the sand is worth big bucks. It's good to have new ideas, right?! You are a JOHNNY APPLESEED, sowing ideas instead of trees.


Exactly what status do I need to have a real charity? USA GOV status? STATE? CITY?

THE STATUS WITH the STATE IS called CHARITABLE EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION. That's what you want. City may require a license if you're out on the street raising cash.

Does this mean I am starting a tax exempt, nonprofit organization?

YES. Boy, are you quick!

And when I go to CEO's, I am asking them for a donation that will allow them a tax write off, correct?
CORRECT. For them it is a gift they can deduct from their taxes as you are 'street legal.'

Any specific amount? No, but ASK them for a thousand each, rounded off number. Tell them that's a year of daycare for a latch key kid.

FIND OUT what a DAYCARE would charge the mother of a latch key child for 5 days a week of childcare for a year. YOU must investigate that number and in every case, give a mother at least a year of breathing time to do a job. Tell the CEO's that they can buy a week at a time for a child. 52 weeks would be multiple by 52. If a month of daycare is 350$ then that's nearly 4k a donation! The last time I took a baby to daycare was 1969 so what do I know. I saw weeping children in the daycare, staring out the window, saying 'mommy' a thousand times. Man, I  turned around, shot out the door with my babies & stayed home with those 4 kids for 20 yrs. Did a cottage industry, so don't ask me about going rates on daycare!

And how do I organize the allocation of funds (per child, per daycare, etc.)

YOU first talk to owner of the DAYCARE that you are raising cash for, (or multiple daycares. Find out the going rate. Then, SHOW on your books that you gave X daycare a sum for THE KID named AND YOU GOTTA HAVE HIS NAME. JOSE GONZALES. CHILD OF MARIA, ADDRESS, PHONE, SS# if there is one, got 3000 worth of services in 2006.

When writing myself the salary I am doing this in the proposal?

STATE I AM ONLY ONE NOW. I NEED this much to live. Or this much per hour
that I dedicate to this work. (as I am not free for my other job, etc)

Am I seeking funds from the government as well?
NOT NOW, but you do see that YOU CAN LEARN TO WRITE GRANTS and get huge
cash allocated you by city, state and federal gov!!!!! It helps to have
newspapers and nightly news cover your daycare gambit.

YOU HAVE our resource, women in every city --are available, gals who
would handle the same game of daycare funding in their city. OR if you
want to do what I DID.....CRAIGS LIST will find you contenders. But, as
we have 400 girls in every city, we could feel this list out to see
who's gung ho.

CAN I WRITE myself a big salary?

A: Not at first, just an appropriate amt of money for hours spent 'charitizing.' Keep books with hours. See, If you are the first recipient...and you're taking  all the receipts, ouchey that looks bad. The concept is, you want the money to go for TUITION COSTS for those women who are LEAVING CHILDREN UNDER LATCH KEY NOW. Ethnics who make sub sub normal salaries, who are waitresses or MAIDs -- or t shirt seamstresses in factories whoneed to be given 52 weeks at a time as a gift. The daycare actually hands that gift to them. So there is very little work for you to do. A big  salary for you is out of place unless you can prove by appt. book that you spend 45 min in transit to X corp and 1 hr with the Executive. Then the going rate of 20$ the hour is OK for your check.."SAW MR CEO, THIS DATE/ HOUR/ 50$ for me. Raised scholarship for JOSE JIMENEZ AGE 4 (mother at this phone, 505-339-5511 at HAPPYLAND DAYCARE, Phone...etc." All neat and backed up by exact data.

IF IT EVER got out that you were the FIRST and ONLY recipient......makes whole project look bad bad bad.

BUT not if you say, I SAW that daycare was impossibly costly yet very
very helpful to the child's IQ building or.not IQ, you can't build IQ
but talent, whatever, I am no educator, I don't know what it builds besides

Think this out carefully and talk to the daycare owner.
IF YOU ARE IN A POSH AREA of suburbia, this may not be your first and
best and most dramatic DAYCARE to work for. GO TO THE SLUMS.
Where are you? THE POSH CENTER OF THE CITY?  Take a drive some aft. thru the slums. Find little hole in the wall daycares. Talk to the gals who run them. KEEP track of mileage, time, names of employees. This justifies your taking a share of funds you raise as your salary (IF YOU WENT TO SECRETARY OF YOUR STATE FOR NON PROFIT STATUS)

Bring this info to CEOS you meet with so they FIND OUT what daycare market place is like out there. Have the CEO write the check directly to the daycare for a while.
Distance yourself from the donations as much as you can until you are a proven proven phenomenon. THEN they checks can go to THE CHARITY and you can cut yourself a small salary. Small at first. As this grows, you will have a recession proof job.