SOMEBODY grabbed my browser from outside my PC. My middle name is paranoia, so at least, I felt that they had, (as I write Gov/IMF/ Oligarch/CIA/NSA conspiracy articles for cyberspace.) I may have been wrong. This was in the days when we had hands on access to the DOS SYSTEM on the drive and the alarming symptom was that I could no longer scan and defrag which happens when something is moving in the background of your system!

A tekkie pal told me: "I have had zone alarm for several years and will not have my computer on without it since sometimes there are many attacks one right after the other. I also love freebie software you can download online, called "ad-aware".

I am a very careful person and still the first time I ran that program it removed 384 files I did not know were there. I try to do that one every month. The last time there was only 1 nasty spyware program to delete. I'm no tekkie so I do not know if these are relevant to today's fixes. But today, 2017, I download FREE AVAST ANTI-VIRUS SOFTWARE and it protects the PC. No more need to clean files and send a cleaner into its directories. Cuz of AVAST. One day I turned it off by mistake and in a minute and a half, the very next email killed the PC DEAD. I respect AVAST and it's FREE. DOWNLOAD it yourself easy even if, like me, you are no tekkie. Google "FREE DOWNLOAD AVAST".

Back in 2001, I found that Norton would mess up my email if I put the scanner on so am just extra extra careful not to open attachments unless I am expecting one or can verify that the sender intended it. I goofed once and spent over a week trying to get rid of the nasties attached which installed themselves in my boot files where ordinary virus removal programs cannot touch." (MANY PEOPLE complain to me about NORTON screwing up their PC's.)

Steve Manning, a  PC EXPERT  said "If you have a high speed connection (cable/DSL) then a firewall is the first step, hardware is best but software like ZoneAlarm can also work ( Updated anti-virus is of course another necessary step. Some other good apps for scanning and removing bogus stuff is Lavasoft Ad-Aware ( and Spybot - Search and Destroy ( CCleaner ( is another good app for cleaning stuff up that was left behind.

SARDAR a dedicated activist said: "COUNTER SPY is  great but not FREE, it  is $19.95 a year or you can get Webroots Anti-spyware program it too costs but they monitor in real time and stop attacks as they happen which free versions don't. Webroots anti-spyware got PC World's highest marks for spyware protection. I use Counterspy because it does a great job and it is cheaper than Webroot's. I also use both free programs Adware and Spybot. That gives you great coverage. It is worth the 19.95 a year for the protection you get. ZoneAlarm Pro also has a anti-spyware program that is good".
VIRUS chasing PC
Nah Nah, you can't catch me! I'm loaded to the
\gills with something called COUNTERSPY!!!

Stan FARLEY (a pal and a fan of my ole TV westerns, who's tech savvy)  said: The three main things I use -- and they're all freebies -- are AVG for  anti-virus, Ad-Aware for spyware type stuff, and Zone Alarm for my software  firewall.  They have all worked very well for me -- as far as I can tell I  haven't had any intrusion problems.

If you don't have a hardware firewall ("router") you probably want to get one, although they're not free.  I use a Linksys router, which is a pretty  common choice.  It was about $100 when I bought mine, but I think they are under $50 now.  It's a hard-wired type because I'm not a believer in  wireless connections, although wireless would be SO much more convenient at  times."

I wrote the first expert, Steve Manning, not only a conspiracy researcher but a guy  who does PCs for a living. QUESTION: "Do I need some firewalls or something? I note Something seems to be operating in my pc when NOTHING IS ON! When you cannot defrag and you've turned off all the little icons in lower right hand corner, you know something is operating."

I went on: "Naturally I do SCANDISK first. HIT START button, Hit RUN. Pick Scandisk. Piece of cake, it went well, so I then chose DEFRAG from same menu. IT tried and failed to be able to defrag. I tried three times. Defragging will freeze on the 13th sector in, the 13th about 8% and freeze completely, mouse doesn't work. Must hard exit. Reboot, go into windows, try again. I can acesss info on D. But as you know, Scan and Defrag require nothing else be moving in the background. What's up?"

MORE ME, Very talky I am "I used Ztree to look at d: and got no further. There was a 24 million something or other as a temp file. Is that the limit? HOW did that get there? Izzat what they call a spy program? Dunno but I erased the thing completely, gone, down the drain. 24 million bytes of SOMETHING. Tried again to scan /defrag. Got a freeze up crash and had to hard exit.

"I went into DOS, got NORTONS disc doctor, booted up as DOS, (OUT OF THE WINDOWS environ), sitting on the c drive, using DOS COMMANDS to check the D. Naturally NORTONS balked at finding so many html file extensions, it wants HTM only....(HTML is too long a file extension for NORTON.) Next, way too many files with over 8 characters. Started going thru a thousand files, one by one, to rename them, with ztree, my file manager. Got to the F's and said F THIS! Any other ways to deal?"

I shoot that letter off to the East coast. Wait.  A while later came

THE ANSWER: "Try installing a 32-bit windows version of Norton Utilities. These earlier versions have problems with long filenames, etc. Plus, Norton Utilities is a much better product than the utilities (scandisk/defrag) built into Windows. Norton's equivalent of scandisk is Disk Doctor and the equiv of defrag is Speed Disk. Remember those as they're user codes DD and SD.

Also, whenever you are running any utility program such as these, it is a good idea to close down and/or disable any and all programs that you can, including things like the MS Office Toolbar, any firewall, any 'calendar' that tells you to do things (even if you don't use it and haven't programmed it), any programs you might have open, plus disabling your virus scan program! and closing anything running in your system tray that you don't need.

Any program running in the background can frequently cause these utility programs to freeze up and/or restart themselves. For example, if you are trying to defrag the disk and some other program is making changes to the disk, defrag will restart every time it detects that a change has been made to the disk. Always a good idea to have Windows running at bare minimum before running utility programs.

So when you can't scan disk like you used to. When the thing tries, windows does.... ten times, says SOMETHING IS MOVING IN THE BACKGROUND, you  cannot do a scan bite the bullet. If you never get to go near defrag your machine is going to slow down! DEFRAGGING is like sanding barnacles off a yacht hull in drydock, to keep it yar."

Now, I'm no dummy. When I tried to scan and defrag, I had of course already turned off my ZONE ALARM and the windows little DAYRUNNER thingie and my FIREWALL and my Virus protector and everything else I knew about.  There was nothing ELSE THAT I COULD SEE on deck!  So I gave up. I really did. I don't own Nortons 32 bit version. I figured, hey, I cleaned weekly for years, how dirty could it get if I stopped for a while. A week goes by.

Then I see THIS ON CNN: Might the moving shadow be.........(drum roll)

INVASION OF THE BROWSER SNATCHERS story. It's all about invasive hands coming into your PC. Something loaded by an alien hand into my box for immoral purposes? Like ADS or SURVEYS or SNOOPING? EEEK! VIOLATED! Well here's the deal checkkitout!  The supposed fix, for you new machines, not my old l995 EDsel.

And the fact is, if I do have someone else jamming up my works from the outside, how long can I go without being able to scan disk and defrag? Do not know. I bought a new PC, installed a firewall and never had any problems again. Now when I scan, it works and while it does, I  wash the dishes then set it on  defrag and while the PC restacks itself, I watch TV. By bedtime, it's all done, a last look at email and I go to bed happy. Never will I be home invaded again thru a hole in my PC.  Could anything like that get past zone alarm?

I did wonder. What freebie ware did I go near recently that enabled spyware to get inside my machine? NOTHING. Netscape 4.75 had to be reloaded a few years back; that's it. WHAT DID I INHALE?

Next day, I WRITE My tekkie pal AGAIN: "your advice primo. saved it to cache, rewrote it in fact, keeping the urls you offered to send to other people when they ask/require same. Help me out on this issue. I send him the URLS for cnn article.

He reads them and answers: Glad to be of help :) I forgot, one more *really* helpful utility to keep your computer as fresh as you rebooted is analog X's MAXMEM, which does for RAM what Defragging does for your harddrive. You can download here:

Make sure to right click and set the option to 'aggressive'. This is a *must* have if you jump in and out of programs alot. (even opening and closing browsers leaks memory)

First of all, ScanDisk hardly ever works right when windows boots normally because processes are *always* running in the background...even opening up a new window while the program is running will make it start over.

The best thing for you to do is to reset your computer and right after the computer goes through it's primary tests (memory, hard drives, etc) is to press F8 repeatedly until you see a menu which goes something like this...

1. Normal
2. SafeMode
3. User Selected (or something like this)

Select 2 for SafeMode. This will load windows with the absolute *bare* minimum of drivers and is most recommended for scan disk and defrag.

When windows boots up, run scandisk, defrag, and any other harddrive  tweaker you like secure in knowledge that no nasty program hidden in the background will mess it up.

An *EXCELLENT* program that spiffs up your defrag, by the way, is a program called POWER DEFRAG, it piggybacks onto your microsft defrag program and puts it into TURBO mode. This little gem is also reputedly FREE!  Google to find it.

Part the second: 

Zone Alarm is an OK Firewall, but there is a far better one that I've found and have used for the last year or more (and hapilly trashed ZA) called TINY
PERSONAL FIREWALL, which catches a heck of alot more than ZA ever could. The Personal Firewall is also an integral part of the Tiny Software Centrally Managed Desktop Security (CMDS) system selected by the US Air Force for its approximately 500,000 desktop computers. Best of all, this program is also FREE! :)

Part the third: As far as ad's and cookies and other such beasties:

I heartily recommend several things. #1, get the program AdAware, it's up to version 5.7 I believe and you can get it ONLINE FREE.
MAJOR GEEK USED to be far the BEST software for finding
any spyware you have in your system and best of all, it was *FREE*
There is a professional version out but it only adds a cookie killer and
other utilities you can get through other programs for free as well...More
on this later. Running it right now, it found 14 spy keys in my registry and
7 files! And I thought I was clean!

Window Washer is an *excellent* program to clean out your internet history
and delete any trace of where you've been...*HIGHLY* recommended...I've
attached a file to this message that will remove the time limit off the demo
version ;)

(If you *really* want to be protected, I highly advise getting evidence
eliminator.. It works. It costs around a hundred bucks, if you don't have a
problem 'borrowing' software, I can send you a keygen that will generate a
registration key to unlock the full version from the trial.) Whoops? That means he's a hacker, right?

If you are afraid of catching a virus, another FREE utility that has so far
outshined programs that you normally pay 50 dollars or more is AVG
anti-virus, you can download it here:

Hope this helps you out, if you use all these programs in conjunction with one another, you can rest assured you will be fairly armed and protected against info-gathering and spying. Bye.

 I went into a chat room and this came up. "Anita, about the wail you gave re the corruption of body politic, no hope of every murdering enuf politicians to get it pure. Well, I can take a little bit of corruption, but what is going on right now is absolutely ridiculous. The ANCIENT ONES perceived that the LORDS of this earth were demons, they called the head DEMON "KAL", said that this whole planet is in the domaine of KAL, this IS the dark domaine. THIS IS HELL. We are in it. This is purgatory. NOBODY ever said THIS PLACE EARTH would/could be a rose garden as the saying goes.

I always believed the buddhists when they said the earth was hell. It makes sense, Lucifer being the lightbringer, the morningstar, ie THE SUN... I am so beyond any religious beliefs now that I am ready to comprehend what *really* happened because I sure as hell don't believe most of todays 'religious' teachings because the more I learn, the less I know and the more I dig, the more it appears that nothing is as it seems because the good guys wear black and what is labeled as evil looks damned healthier to the psyche and the soul than the alternative which appears to be eternal slavery and needless theocratic spiritual bullshit. DON'T BE surprised or anguished when people are genocidal as in the case of the politicos in charge and their cabals...... THIS place is not where you get sitcom kisses and fudge. It jest aint. THIS IS PLANET earth and the overlords studied with HITLER, The GEHLEN Organization (gestapo only it crossed the ocean thanks to Allen Dulles) and the main guys in it were brought to USA in 45 to join the OSS and lead it out of D.C. and they trained all the guys who were doing the Phoenix program in Vietnam in sixties, assassinations and invasion in Chile in 70's, genocide of Indians who might be supporting guerillas with corn in the 70's, 80's in El Salvador, Guat, etc. I hope things will get better but I will expect them to get worse... Still, there is a slight chance things may change...but I sincerely doubt it....what would you call that? Optimistic pessimism?

EXPECT THAT it will be l00% awful. There was once a coed at YALE who wrote up her private sessions with her prof who worked for the CIA and had all kinds of fabulous bed talk on gov scams. She was murdered. Poor girl shoulda gotten a reality check. She hands that in -- to the man who gave her so much skivvy -- and the CIA killed her. She thought it was cute, her turning his martini sessions with her into a thesis. Those are the scenes for a flick. He tells her nat'l secrets cuz he wants to get in her pants. You write it babe I can sell it.

Interesting...It would make a good docu-drama...I'm keeping tabs on the story...What do you think of the congresswoman who's challenging Bush? I really admire her, except I have the feeling they are going to throw her into the buzzsaw for it. Another case of shrubbies 'power'...but the wheel of time and fortune keeps turning, and now that shrub's hand is completely on the table... :) only, use an assumed name, like sign stuff "Madame A!" . I'll get back to you on this one. and he fearlessly wrote his name. Which I won't write here.

So, if you've read this far, GET A ZONE ALARM TYPE  FREE SOFTWARE NOW. AVAST is the best. SMALL PROGRAMS, EASY TO DOWNLOAD and  Free is the key word !  In addition to Zone Alarm also  try Browser Hijack Blaster and Spybot. With these 3 free programs, you are as well protected as "free" can be. Try now,  SpywareBlaster - Prevent spyware from ever b  eing installed --