Nobody sleeps well post forty!

by Anita Sands Hernandez, astrology at earthlink dot net

Who can go to sleep early or easily? We've all got residues of the morning's coffee in our lower bowel at ten p.m. Or that four pm cup of java is still traveling in our bloodstream at three a.m. Then, as dawn approaches, the thundering, ambrosia hours of Hindu Spiritual fame, designed by heaven to alert lifeforms to the coming day, knock at the front door of sleep. And then dawn barges right in!

Many of us have that low blood sugar, trick pancreas that wakes us a mere three hrs after hitting the pillow, with lowgrade, subliminal munchies that do not allow sleep. A sleeping potion or herbal tisane which goes after all those items can make sleep deeper. Brew your own with a base herb like the products at this website:

This formula is 15$. So I don't advise buying it and anyway, if you use capsules, they go through you too slowly, are likely to make you zone out the next day! BUY BULK HERBS, Make a tea, it hits you instantly with no residues at all the next day. Buy bulk leaf or root forms of valerian, hops, passionflower. And add your own, homegrown POPPY BOLUX and child, you will DREAM IN CHINESE! I mean literally see emerald lyre-tailed  birds and pagodas! You see where Chinese birds & architects got those designs! THE POPPY had it inside the bolux,in the milk! A real example of 'you are what you eat!' Add licorice or fennel and pancreas munchies are stopped in their tracks. Those six herbs attack insomnia from all sides and really do the job.

GROW YOUR OWN herbs, of all these things. Fennel is a delicious herb used in Italian cooking, its seed is used in cookies. Valerian a bush. Passionflower a vine. Hops are a dried flower with a tiny, small fruit. Poppy is a flower but bolux is its seedpod. Take the active parts of each plant, dry them, bag them up, keep in a tin tea cannister over the stove, tightly sealed. Your sleep magic is much better in tisane than in those costly pills! Much! For one thing,Tea is absorbed instantly. You wake, reach out, take a swig and sleep goes on, uninterrupted by a trip to the kitchen or waiting for caps to take effect. Instant slumber. Plus you can grow fields of the formula & Sell baggies or film can tins of it for l0$ each or why stop at ten, twenty? Whatever you want.....This formula is really worth a few bucks if you add poppy bolux. An E Ticket disneyland ride!*

But ya gotta have a small 20x20 meadow of poppies to get enuf bolux to lastyou the entire year. Ya got fertile plots of garden space? Now is time to compost a sunny spot w. all leaves in the area, bagged on folks' front driveways, take em all! Ya need three solid feet of leaves, dug in. all winter wet, rain, by spring fertile field mega worms. Oh yeah, bring worms from other shadier areas. Worms find the only fertile areas, congregate there, often in shade under pines. Lift shovels full over to your meadow. And needles, too. PINE NEEDLES are the best material for compost as they are acidic. Make a Primo fertilizer. Maui Wowie of the Plant Kingdom!

What I do when I run out of herbs for tea is take a  single unisom tablet at bedtime, reading a minute or two, then next to bed, a 5 oz glass of beer. NOT LIGHT, full on beer. IF I WAKE UP, take a slug of it. next time i wake up, slug piss each time rinse mouth so not cavities, do all three things in a sleep stupor without waking myself up. back to sleep may wake five times during nite.

* one possible downside of poppy bolux is that depression hits next day, 4 pm mild withdrawal even from one use

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