SERIOUS PREPPERS -- The Most Often Forgotten Survival Preparations are Listed Here!

By Brandon Smith  (Posted by Anita Sands Hernandez)

I think it’s safe to say with some conviction that  the concept of survival prepping is NOT an alien one to most Americans.  When National Geographic decides there is a viable market for a prepper TV show (no matter how misrepresentative of true preppers it may be), when Walmart starts stocking shelves with long term emergency food storage kits, when survivalism in general becomes one of the few growing business markets in the midst of an otherwise disintegrating economy; you know that the methodology has gone “mainstream”.  There is a noticeable and expanding concern amongst Americans that we are, indeed, on the verge of something new and unfortunate.
  SERIOUS PREPPER arms himself, belts
                    himself. What do those pockets contain? PEMMICAN?
                    TOBACCO? WATER PROOF MATCHES?
   Danger. All kinds. Gotta be ready.  Prepared. Armed.

What has America all scared? THE POLS PUTTING US INTO ENDLESS WAR, SINCE 2000, JUST TO SATISFY THE OIL TYCOONS? Or  THE BANKSTERS and WALL STREET putting us in a DEPRESSION? The bad voodoo of PUTIN, ISIS suddenly surging up as enemies? Or the damage done to us by BY MUSLIM SYMPATHIZERS here in AMERICA?  Is it all those APOCALYPSE MOVIES?    We don’t need to believe in magical prophecies to know that there is a catastrophic road ahead; all we have to do is look at the stark realities of our current circumstances.  It does not take much awareness anymore to  notice looming fiscal volatility, social unrest, the potential for endless war, debt and the totalitarian  boldness of our government.  No longer does it look democratic. All those unconstitutional wars to pirate other little cave man countries' resources. I’ll take the wrath of ISIS AND PUTIN any day over the manure storm that is  approaching us currently.

With some estimating a count of 3 million prepper families and growing in the U.S., the motto of “beans, bullets, and band-aids” is finding a home amongst legions.  However, being closely involved in the survivalist movement during the past six years and speaking with literally thousands of preppers, it has become clear to me that we still have a long journey ahead of us before we can claim true efficiency and mastery.

Sadly, having a stockpile of food, weapons, and some slick tactical gear is not enough to ensure a high likelihood of survival, at least not in any of the social collapses that have occurred in the past century around the world.  It’s a start, but only just…

There are a number of detrimental weakness to the survivalist movement and considerable holes in
prepper knowledge that must be addressed now while we have the time and relative safety to do so.  The
greatest threat to the common survivalist is not economic collapse, roving bandits, Blackwater
mercenaries, or predator drones; those dangers are a piece of cake compared to the threat of an
overblown ego, which will get a man killed faster than the most sophisticated smart bomb.  If we cannot
accept that there is always more to learn, and room to improve, we have been defeated before we have

The following is just a short list of the many areas in which there is obvious and acute inadequacy in the
movement overall…

Secondary Retreat Locations

Never put all your eggs in one basket.  I hear a lot of tough talk from some survivalists who claim they
would rather die than leave their property.  Of course, I suspect they will see the error in this brand of
bravado when the legitimate chance of death actually arises.  There is no harm whatsoever in having a
backup plan.  I’m not sure any survivalist who doesn’t is really a survivalist.  Stand your ground when
necessary, but don’t let pure pride and stupidity prevent you from living to fight again another day.

Physical Fitness And Health
You may be the Bradley Cooper-like master sniper of your particular county, but if you can’t run a hundred
yards with your rifle rig without going into coronary thrombosis, then you aren’t going to live long during
a collapse scenario.  Even those preppers who have age as an excuse…don’t really have an excuse.  I
personally know survivalists and homesteaders in their 60’s and 70’s who could physically outmatch
numerous other preppers of the same age or younger without much effort.  The difference?  They make a
concerted effort to take care of their health.

Sometimes certain wise-cracks made by the insipid yuppies of our modern era against suvivalists are true,
and we should take serious note when this occurs.  The primary insult being that many of us are far too
fat to outrun or outfight a paper sack, let alone a determined opponent.  I have, to be honest, seen chest
beating antics from more than a few clinically obese “preppers” that were truly embarrassing.  On the
bright side, this does not have to be a permanent hindrance to our success.

The solution is simple:  Eat less.  Eat healthier.  Exercise more. Know DISEASE PREVENTION.

A person who has attained a high level of knowledge of herbs, supplements, diets for physical
fitness has done more than prove his prowess.  He has also proven he has the will and
the passion to pursue a directed goal and achieve it, regardless of
difficulty.  This is where the adults are separated from the children in this world.  Are you willing to
endure extreme difficulty to win something of legitimate value?  Do you have the self discipline to forgo
certain luxuries and comforts to gain long term advantages?  Or, would you rather take the path of least
resistance and certain doom?  Personal health is no joke for the survivalist.

Community Building And Networking

Organization is not the strongest suite of the survivalist movement for a number of reasons.  The first
being that our paranoia completely impedes our ability to work with others.  Now, to be clear, it is not
paranoia if they are really out to get you, and with multiple leaked documents  alleging if not
proving some serious “right wing OLIGARCH driven extremism”, it is not as if our paranoid
concerns are unfounded.  However, the movement needs to realize that the primary object of labeling us
as “extremists” and categorizing us as potential threats to national security is to create crippling fear.
Their main goal is to condition preppers to censor themselves, and to stifle their own organizational

Solid community, even open formation of community, is necessary for countless reasons.  The more we
isolate ourselves from one another now, the more alone and vulnerable we will be tomorrow.  Calls for
“OPSEC” should be embraced to a point, but they can also become an excuse for laziness and inaction.
No prepper who goes it alone during crisis is going to come out unscathed, if they come out alive at all.
This is the great forgotten lesson of survival, from the Depression and Weimar Germany, to Argentina
and Bosnia; those persons and families who were isolated simply did not make it.  The wide spectrum of
skill sets and supplies needed to establish a survival foundation are far too many for any single prepper to

The logical fallacy that usually prevents survival networking is the argument that if you are a bigger
group, you are a bigger target.  This thinking shows a lack of prioritization.  During a social or economic
collapse, EVERYONE is a target.  National chaos does not make distinctions between those who never
shared their survivalist tendencies and those who did.  The DHS might, but they are not the biggest threat
to the common prepper.  The most dangerous environment for the prepper, no matter what the
circumstances may be, is one in which he has no support.

If you do not have ample neighbors and friends on board with the prepper lifestyle, and who can be
counted on in an emergency, then you are not ready, nor are your chances very good.  Period.

Barter Markets And Trade Skills

We Guerilla capitalists relentlessly promote the idea of decentralized trade markets because, to be frank, they
are going to spring up one day soon whether the IRS, the DOJ, or the Federal Reserve likes it or not.
The crisis in the EU has proven my position on the inevitability of the barter dynamic conclusively.
These private trade networks are becoming the new foundation for countries like Greece, Italy, and Spain,
and it should be noted that the financial instabilities in America far outweigh any of the problem in those
places.  If we know that economic danger is on the horizon, and we know that barter markets will be the
immediate result, then why not build them now, instead of waiting and scrambling after disaster strikes?

Any survivalist that does not know who he will be trading for essential supplies, and who does not know
what skills he will use to garner those supplies, is in for a world of hurt.

Overlooked But Vital Items

 There is a saying in the survival movement:  You’re never done prepping.  I absolutely agree.  Unless
you are a millionaire with a highly organized brain, there will always be some other piece of equipment
that you’ll discover you need down the line.  That said, there are some things every prepper should have,
but many, from my observations, do not.  I have also heard every excuse imaginable and some
unimaginable when such people are presented with the recommendation that they obtain these items, lack
of money being the usual suspect.

Yes, many of us are broke, or feel broke, these days  Invariably, though, when most survivalists examine
their financial situation carefully, they will discover a host of peripheral expenses that are unnecessary or
outright extravagant.  I once had a would-be survivalist make the argument that he could not afford a
year’s supply of food, then admit that he had just went on a Carnival Cruise to the Caribbean.  This is an
extreme example, but it illustrates a common hang up.  Now is not the time for people to live beyond
their means, or to shrug off their preps so that they can have a new La-Z-Boy, cable TV, an internet
gaming account, a high priced vacation, a six day a week stockpile of beer (hey, cut back a day, guys!  Try
it out and see how it fits) etc.  Times are changing, and they will definitely change without us if we are not

There is always a way to get the preps you need, if you are motivated enough to make it happen.  Here
are a few items that seem to escape from people’s lists:

Extra Survival Clothing: Clothing is a real pain for a lot of survivalists because it is one prep that they
must absolutely purchase doubles and triples of.  Good durable shoes, pants, even socks, can get
expensive.  Base layer clothing like Smart Wool sometimes costs in the range of $100 or more for a single
set.  But at the thrift store, you will find genuine wool items, (occasionally) and with a mothball or two,
maybe a little darning, outfit the whole family in superb, (if not spanking new,) duds. Bite the bullet, and get
the absolute best clothing you can find in multiples.  These items may have to last you quite a long time
without replacement, especially the artificial fabrics.  Imagine having to wear the same vapor producing
sweat drenched crusty duds day in and day out while sharing a retreat location with some less than
amused buddies.  They may end up coming after you before the looters do.

Body Armor: This stuff is going to be at a premium in the near future.  I have already seen price spikes
in good body armor in the days after the Aurora Theater shootings.  Why?  Because the fear is that the
establishment will move to try to ban said gear in response, causing a rush to purchase.  That fear is not
misplaced.  Plus, I would imagine a bullet to the gut, whether accidental or intentional, is not an event to
celebrate with a rootbeer float.  Believe it or not, body armor rigs that include rifle plates are extremely
sparse amongst preppers right now, and this simply can’t continue.

Gas Masks And Filters: Not long ago I wrote about the revolutions and rebellions that took place in
Russia after the formation of the Soviet Union against the abuses of communism.  At that time, the more
successful the rebellion, the more apt the Soviets were to dump chemical weapons over entire towns,
mountains, and valleys, to erase the problem.  Never expect that a tyrannical government is going to fight
fair.  In fact, expect that they won’t.  Even if you don’t foresee such an event taking place in the U.S., it is
imperative that every person owns not just a gas mask, but extra filters as well.  Plan on dealing with
multiple incidences in which your air will be unsafe to breath.

NBC Alert Items: How many preppers do you know with a Geiger Counter?  I know three, out of the
hundreds I speak with regularly.  This is not a good sign.  If the Fukushima disaster has taught us
anything, it is that radiological threats are not just relegated to the realm of nuclear bombs.  Every
community should have several Geiger Counter devices handy, along with chemical warfare strips which
change color when exposed to an offending airborne agent.  Remember the panic buying that ensued in
Japan for these kinds of goods after the reactor meltdown?  Don’t overlook radioactivity.  Knowing what
has been hit by concentrated fallout and what hasn’t is a tremendous advantage.

Thermal Countermeasures: Firewood, a cord or two, stashed where the neighbors cannot see it. A yard dog with a good, throaty BARK! A box of road flares, IR flashlights, and IR floodlights, should be in every survivalists home.  With the advent of predator drones armed with night vision and thermal vision, as well as numerous other nasty weapons platforms, the need for countermeasures that create false thermal signatures to confuse an attacker with this kind of technology is a must. So ... blow up women with electrically heated coats and pants. NEW HOBBIES for the kids!

Extra First Aid Supplies: During a collapse, you become the hospital, and no amount of Obamacare is
going to help you especially as you will be unfiched, most likely, an outsider to the INNER CIRCLE of
those who can pay a thousand a month per person for ObamaCare which is really ROMNEY CARE.
Mitt premiered the system in MASS. ---Google that theme!

Almost every prepper has a first aid kit, but few have one that a.) can get serious with appendix removal, sutures, hypodermics full of anaesthesia, or b.) will really last through a prolonged crisis.  (The kind where you need an I.V. on a stand to keep someone hydrated and alive.)

Collapse brings with it all kinds of injuries and sicknesses we never think of facing in our current comfy atmosphere, with more frequency than I believe many would like to admit possible.  A sterile bandage may be as sought after and as rare as a warm shower in the near future, so stock an ample supply.You can make your own with cheese cloth. Once a week boil a few ounces,hang in sun til dry. Give it a baggy, in the first aid kit it goes.

Solar Panels: I am astonished at how many preppers still do not have any solar power capability today.
It’s FREE off grid power, for god’s sake!  Pay the initial costs, and at at least buy a system that is capable
of charging and running batteries and essential electronics that will aid you in your survival. There are
solar lights you can leave in garden all day, bring in house all night. CHEAP! Get some! You think you
can go on paying your ELECTRICAL BILL after inflation hits? In this jobless world?

Greenhouse: When discussing the idea of relocation, I sometimes hear the assertion that places like
Montana are terrible for growing food (usually from people who have never lived in Montana).  In fact, a
survival garden could be grown almost anywhere, regardless of region or climate, if you use the right
methods.  One of the best methods is the use of a greenhouse, which many preppers do not have.  Set
aside your preconceptions of what gardening is, and do what works.  Even in winter, some plants can be
grown in a greenhouse environment to provide you and your family with precious vitamin rich food.  Just
build it. And SPROUTS? A perfect food, are you prepared with SEED?

Raw Building Materials: Do you have a stockpile of lumber and nails?  What about raw iron and steel?
Sealants to repel pests and maintain your home?  Bags of concrete to reinforce a new addition?  Think
about how much you will need to build after the final shoe drops.  Probably a lot more than you have
ever built in your life…The aunt and uncle? Their bath? The nephews. Granny and Granpa? Their goats!
That's a shed. Rabbit cages? Oh, you're going to get your meat at the supermarket? Think again, Roseglasses.

No Room For Error

Time is running short, and if we are to succeed as a movement, we must be ready to hold a candle to
ourselves, admit where we are lacking, and fix the problem while we have the luxury to do so.
Ultimately, the most important and most ignored aspect of prepping is our own mindset.  Do we have the
correct sense of urgency, and are we acting on it?  Have we prepared ourselves psychologically for the
difficulties ahead?  Are we ready to make sacrifices for survival and victory?  Will we have what it takes at
our core to see this thing through?  At this very moment, many do not.  But, they have the potential to
rise to the occasion.  The decision is theirs to make…