PHILIP, DUKE of ENDING BURGHERS or peasantsTHE MIND OF THE ROYALS The real, full monte TATTLE on the INSIDE of  the royals' minds is presented from a few choice and candid words from the inside of Prince Phillip's SKULL. The mind of the elitist. First, he's a candid fellow. The man who said "you can do anything you want as long as you have good manners." Second, he's like all royals, totally uncaring for the rest of us, Totally into "LIFEBOAT THEORY" which is "I'm alright Jack, screw you." He once said that he wishes he were a VIRUS who could kill off FOUR MILLION of us.  So he wouldn't have to double park the Rolls Royce when he goes into the RITZ for ten desserts. A nazi from the gitgo and much more.  AT LEAST HE IS CANDID. We know where he's at. Not so QEII. His wife. Shuttered like an ancient,unoccupied house. Adrift in centuries of DUST. But this is no QUEENIE's Day, let's get back to hubby's nazi leanings.

Prince Philip was trained in the Hitler Youth curriculum, Nordic and Aryan myth, and eugenics. His four brothers-in-law, with whom he lived, were all German who all became high-ranking figures in the Nazi Party. Another relative of Philip was the Prussian Prince Bernhard von Lippe who joined the Nazis while studying at the University of Berlin in 1934. Bernhard resigned from the SS, in 1937. Philip and Bernhard remained not just distant relatives but close friends and in October, 1961, founded the World Wildlife Fund.

Today, relics of the heyday of the British Empire, such as Crown Associates and the Corps of Commissionaires, are directly running the affairs of state and are deploying private armies made up of "former" British SAS officers, now employed by companies such as Executive Outcomes, Defense Systems, Ltd., KAS, KMS, etc. Under the new imperial mandate, the agenda is now explicitly the depopulation of the globe

" The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those not behind the scenes."
Benjamin Disraeli, First Prime Minister of England to VICTORIA

Well, that's not quite true. THE QUEEN has to pull the handle. The Queen has the power to carry out anything her hubby or her controllers might suggest to her. You have no idea how much power!!  

OK, Hubby has the Nazi ideas. Wifie has the black box and red telephone. VIRUS AND KILLER FLUS and TROPICAL DEATH ROTS? Will they use these tools when the UK gets reallly crowded? Really poor? The answer is yes, absolutely. https://www.prisonplanet.com/prince-philip-implies-world-needs-95-population-reduction.html

Here is the genetic reason why they despise us ordinary folk so:

"The 13th Illuminati Bloodline involved with the first CONSPIRACY and it is TRACED THRU A LINEAGE BACK TO CAIN " (found online)

The 13th Illuminati Bloodline also known as the Merovingian (or the Atlantean), is the purest Satanic lineage of all from Cain to Antichrist. The descendants of this most ancient of occult bloodlines have given birth to some of the most infamous occult world leaders as well as shadowy fraternities steeped in odd, if not deadly, secrecy all around the planet. Not all are known by name yet some are known by their historical titles or works such as the Celtic Druids, Witchcraft, the Mystery Schools in Europe, Knights Templar, Illuminati, and the Scottish Rite Freemasons. As their own history states, they are all the direct descendents of Satan's first son, Cain, the first murderer and builder of earth's ancient cities. When God banished Cain from the area of Eden's east, after killing Abel, He placed a unique mark upon him that no one should harm him or his offspring for all time, allowing for them to carry out their 'Great Work,' a 6,000 year endeavor which ends in reign of Antichrist and was first prophesied in Genesis 3:15-16. One source has it thusly: 'Some of the earliest attempts to account for (and trace) this seed of Satan were books written which did extensive research and genealogy on the decendents of Cain.' (See also the Cainite's Cross of Lorraine).

The 13th Bloodline has been traced as far back and east into Ancient Egypt, Sumeria, and Persia, as well as in Rome. This is important and makes a vital connection as this so-called "sacred symbol," the All Seeing Eye above the Pyramid, which is seemingly of Egyptian origin is actually traced even further back directly to one mythological island nation (Atlantis; whose existence in the ancient Atlantic is entirely believed in the Occult world). In addition, the Occultic number of thirteen (13) itself (being the last upward step of their pyramid) represents the last, yet unfinished goal, to the Great Work, this work being to place Lucifer back to his former status as (a) God of this planet. This is to be accomplished thru their grooming society toward Occult belief and ultimately place a "Sun possessed" King (the Antichrist) upon the world throne at Jerusalem (*see also thirteen's connections to the number 666. The disembodied eye hovering above the 13 stepped Pyramid depicts the Egyptian solar deity Horus, the Son of Osiris (Lord of the Underworld), equating Horus with the the Son of Satan. With this, many determine that the Eye ultimately represents the Antichrist. It is also said the entire symbol itself most seen on the back of the US Dollar denotes the Satanic Trinity with the Divine Couple; Father Osiris, Mother Isis, being the progenitors of Horus, the ultimate magickal Child [the same three archetypes are found with Satan, Diana, and William] making the Eye belonging to the One King who is to rule all others.

What has all this to do with America, the Masonic-led country built from the beginning with a Merovingian blueprint to create a super-nation that would (temporarily) defend both Britain and Israel ensuring their place in final events? Apparently everything. Start with American leaders who are easily traced back having a unique British lineage making them all related to a European tree that is not far removed from its Merovingian branches...and this same lineage has roots further traced into Eastern Europe, and further back in history; Rome, Egypt, and Sumeria and the area called Nod, east of Eden. More interesting still is some of the infamous people sharing their unique heritage, many of which were the most heinous, ruthless, and bloodthirsty tyrants in all of history. So why are these unusually connected modern descendants seemingly granted the highest powers in the world? Answer: Because regardless of their own intelligence they do have the 'Royal Blueblood' of Merovingian Kings flowing in their veins, a cursed lineage not of Christ, as it is falsely touted, yet one that is protected since the time of Cain so that they may carry out a very ancient Will. Helping them are their own kind belonging to more secretive positions hidden from view which are placing them in certain key positions ensuring their ultimate agenda is brought forth.

"The Bloodline of 43 American Presidents from George Washington to George W. Bush go back to European Royal and aristocratic families who have interbred...to keep the gene pool "pure". Their geneology, and that of today's key politicians, banking tycoons, business leaders, and media owners, continues back even further into the distant past through those European Royal and noble (Aryan) families to the ancient kings of Sumer and its empire, not least Egypt.

Throughout history the right to rule has been decided by Bloodline. For thousands of years it was done openly, yet today it is achieved through covert manipulation and the secret society web called the Illuminati." -Children of the Matrix, David Icke

The Illuminati and it's occult symbology denoting the hidden truth behind it's magickal origins can be found in the most powerful nations on earth, these being the modern Atlantic nations of America and Britain, yet in ancient times, Britannia, Egypt, Sumer, and Babylon. With the addition of all the lies being propagated worldwide to Jews and non-Jews alike, through the use of (Cainitic) "Jewish" mysticism, Qabalah, Zohar, Talmud, etc., and with the equally destructive parallel witchcraft eminating from such Anglo-Israelist, Masonic fringe groups as the fast growing Salt Lake Temple belonging to the so-called Latter Day Saints who are also better known as "The Mormons" as well as their more radical counterparts within violent Anglo-Israel groups such as the Aryan Nations, White Brotherhood, the Christian Identity Movement and the infamous Ku Klux Klan, all of these groups truly believing the Lost Tribes of Israel are literally Britain and America (very dangerous thinking given how Satan has used Nazi-type doctrines of supremacy before). With this level of grand deception already underway, the Serpent worshipping Illuminati therefore lacks nothing to bring forth their Antichrist onto the world scene, an Anti-Christ who will be possessed by Satan himself and deceive the nation of Israel to her later peril and own near destruction. It only now depends on God's timing and the coming great destructive Catalyst that ushers in the time of the Beast. The new world it produces after will certainly see Great Britain and Europe at the helm of world events as the United States will have certainly been removed by that point to make way for the Antichrist and his own world policy and domination. Britain, the mother country of modern Satanism, the British Royal Family and it's Societies have long been involved with the Occult. Scottish Rite Freemasons even refer to present day Queen Elizabeth II of England in one of their own Satanic rites as "The Queen of Babylon," Babylon being that spiritually-called, non-literal, and allegorical reference in Revelation denoting the ten-nation confederacy where the Antichrist arises out of, the revived Roman Empire.(see Revelation 11:8).

For more information on Satanic lineages within Britain, there is a detailed examination in the book 'The Prince and he Paranormal -the Psychic Bloodline of the Royal Family' by John Dale (1987), the same book that was banned outright by Queen Elizabeth herself. His work and others explicitly proves beyond all doubt, that the British and Scottish Royal Families throughout the centuries have been not only participants, but playing a major role and actively involved with ancient societies such as the Knights Templar, Scottish Rite Freemasonry, Tamar, and more recently the Order of the Garter, with an initial history going back to before the Crusades (a history showing it's true origins in the tribes of Cain's). Bringing this all to bear, around, and up to date, the secret societies of Britain and now America control and protect Zionist Israel and it's future despotic King (Antichrist) having divisions well hidden within British Intelligence MI5, MI6, American CIA, and as some say, even within the Israeli Mossad itself. It is these four, along with others, who have been systematically used as a major vehicle for the Satanic hierarchy working behind the secret veil to control world events thru their many assassinations, sabotage, and intrigue. Merovingian Dynastic history was once only thought by most scholars to be the history of France, yet now many such as Sir Laurence Gardner and other royal genealogists are revealing its previously hidden connections into Scotland and currently, with the children of Diana. For centuries, Merovingians (and it's 'Lost King') were central to the marriages of all French and English kings, and it remains so today with respect to English monarchy. Yet there is much more going on here than most historians will ever know. The marriage of Charles to Diana was so extremely important because Diana brought one aspect of the Merovingian bloodline back to the English crown: Greatest among the princess's forbearers were the Stuart kings, Charles II and James II. "In marrying Prince Charles, she has unwittingly given this Bloodline to the current Royal Family in England, and thus, her son Prince William is the first child to claim the 'Blueblooded lineage' from every British king who has left descendants."

The Death of a Merovingian New Age Goddess: Shortly after Princess Diana was murdered, an anonymous source called and stated that the place where Diana had been killed was the site of an ancient Temple devoted to the pagan Goddess Diana, and that the 13th pillar where she met her death was explicitly chosen to be the exact point where the altered Mercedes would impact. Add to this the witnesses hearing a large explosion before the actual impact of the car which initially led them to believe a bomb may have been detonated causing the car to steer out of control, killing the driver immediately. It has been determined on the one hand that the car was driving anywhere from 65 to 90mph, yet the extreme level of the car's destruction knowing it was heavily reinforced with armor plating has caused much confusion, how could a Mercedes that heavily armored look like it was literally destroyed at 65 mph? Other "investigations" then quickly tried to subdue the original 'lower speed-great damage' report and stated the car must have been traveling in excess of 120mph or more in that short distance from the Hotel to the tunnel. It was the French police who claimed that the speedometer inside the Mercedes had frozen at a very high speed, supposedly showing the driver (Henri Paul) had been speeding thereby seemingly absolving any other blame than his own. Mercedes quickly countered this claim saying that the police are lying as it is impossible (or unlikely) for their speedometer to freeze upon impact. One of the most obvious signs of a conspiracy directly involving the French authorities was that the Paris security cameras in and around the tunnel were all switched off just before the accident, with the official word being that they were shut down for repairs. Very soon after the deaths, other reports surfaced that Henri Paul, the driver of the Mercedes must have been intoxicated, the media stating there was found a blood alcohol content of 0.25% in his body yet this too has been proven to be a lie of the French investigative teams because like the entire event itself from the French ambulances 'getting lost' to the scene, the many hours it took to get Diana to hospital, to her dying from something she would have otherwise survived, the blood and autopsies were seriously mishandled in the resulting chaos.

In the case of the driver, Henri Paul, and his own autopsy, no heavy amounts of alcohol or even the smell were recorded to have been in his organs at the time of death despite the 0.25% ratio made. Moreover, his blood was determined to have been 'switched' even 'lost' by the time the Paul family wanted their own investigation opened. They were instead met only with further inconsistancies and mishap, their own questions never being answered. As the few investigations that were 'allowed' went absolutely nowhere, and as those who attempted their own personal independant investigations, such as Mohammed al Fayed, or even security advisor and veteran of Scotland Yard, John McNamara, all discovered they were met by hostile forces within British government. McNamara himself was threatened with arrest and imprisonmentif he continued any further investigation, citing his alleged "crime" to be obstruction of justice, etc. Since the time of the accident, all government sanctioned investigations have since come to a definite halt, even closed, leaving the public with less than zero to research. Some of you may remember the variety of reports of a white Fiat Uno that was seen by more than a few witnesses as it sped away from the scene just after the underground crash, it's paint even found on the front passenger side of the Mercedes. The same people who were there that night claiming to see the white Uno also had it impressed upon them that this vehicle was the actual perpetrator in causing the "accident." Some even heard to them what sounded like a bomb, a deep thud of a dual explosion before the actual sound of the wreck.

One witness, Tom Richardson, has gone on national American television in his own account of hearing of an explosion before the car's impact, however, there was one lone witness of a man in particular who was seemingly never heard from again that became the most intriguing witness of all. His recollection of events being so eerily vivid, so strikingly different in comparison to the rest that it perhaps makes him the only true witness to the deaths which took place that night. He stated that he saw a dark car, not a white one, driven by an indiscernable figure or figures having in their hand a 'radar gun-like device' which flashed a series of beams, a much different light than that of a flashing camera out of the driver side window and in the direction of the Mercedes containing Diana, and that this occurred just before the impact, just before the sound of the crash hitting the thirteenth pillar at Pont de L'Alma. All witnesses agreed there was absolutely no sound of breaks being applied before the wreckage. It is this unique retelling of the events which should have been given its airtime and immediately placed at the top of every media coverage yet it was never reported at all, as a matter of fact, it was supressed and seriously misinterpreted giving way only to the flashing lights of the paparazzi, who were more than easily blamed. Many questions are left there back in Paris on that late August night in 1997, seemingly buried for all time yet perhaps not, although it is clear that the initial investigations were fraught with widely-varied inconsistencies which in early 2004 have only been further covered up by the latest report of the French inquiry.

In light of this, and the countless other strange events that followed immediately before and after the accident, such as every city camera in and around the scene of the wreck (and only those cameras) were mysteriously switched off just before the crash. French ambulances and authorities "getting lost" to and from the scene when they were only a few miles away, and the later fact that was reported of Diana having been immediately drained of all blood and embalmed (mummified) at the hospital before having a proper investigation, that has given rise to the many varied conspiracy theories, and perhaps rightfully so. The number thirteen, for example, a single pillar out of many apparently chosen (or predestined as an act of God) for many reasons, every one of them linked to the occult in origin and all relating directly to the Knights Templar and their ongoing revenge against the Christian Church and Christianity in general. Pont de L'Alma, as it is written by their own hand, is theirs. The source went on to say that this very site at Pont de L'Alma (translated as the "Bridge of the Soul," or Stairway to Heaven) was to make one seemingly Divine in the eyes of the world, yet in this case, it was to re-create a Goddess. The word "Almah" was also the ancient title given to the priestesses of the Temple of Diana. Diana was an extremely ancient pagan Goddess that preceded Abraham, Jesus, and Mohammed. The belief in Diana was the major religion of the middle-eastern nations as well as in Europe at the time. Her unique fame, importance, and adoration has since been forgotten by most today even though mention of her is even recorded in the New Testament - Acts 19:27-28: "...So that not only this our Craft is in danger to be set at nought; but also that the Temple of the great Goddess Diana should be despised, and her magnificence should be destroyed, whom all Asia and the world worshippeth. And when they heard these sayings, they were full of wrath, and cried out, saying, Great is Diana of the Ephesians." Many have never known how much the Goddess Diana was worshipped or how much she is still revered by those in the Occult today, most notably by the Knights Templar, the "true nobility of Europe who are sworn to protect the sacred lineage," the Templars themselves being the spiritual descendants of King Arthur's Knights.

Pont de L'Alma had been the ancient place where a Temple venerated the pagan Goddess Diana and where it had been used for human sacrifice. Pont de L'Alma was also where the Merovingian Kings of Europe came to fight enemies to the death knowing if killed there, they would be taken directly to the 'Throne of Heaven' in a Ray of Light leaving the drowned world behind in hope to return again (for even the Knights Templar's themselves were directly connected to King Arthur and his own eternal Quest for immortality - as well as protecting the ancient Temple in Jerusalem). As in any of the Templar's other workings of intrigue, the scene of the murder, or "accident," contains the real clue to what is dubiously afoot: the ancient tunnel of Pont de L'Alma, dating back to the time of the Merovingian kings (ca. 500-751 A.D.), and before, is to tell us that they are in control of world events and that they will use any means necessary to achieve their planned and final goal. The connections yet continue. [see The Hidden Evidence]. Princess Diana was descended from Merovingian Kings, and their legend has it that the Merovingian dynasty was descended from the Royal House of Israel, of King David, of which Christ also belonged and that Jesus supposedly had illicit (or even marital) sex with Mary Magdalene which later begat the Merovingian Dynasty, the same lineage that later finds its way into Scotland thru its secretive Merovingian counterparts and protector, the Knights Templar, ancient precursor to today's Scottish Rite Freemasons. These then become the Scottish House of Stuart of which it is true Diana is certainly descended. After Diana was killed, noted conspiracy theorist and author, Rayelan Allan, wrote an article titled Diana, Queen of Heaven [see also this Magdalene book of the same title]. The article was picked up by numerous newspapers across the United States and Europe. Several authors who have written books about the death of Princess Diana used her article as a major reference, however, no one fully understood the deeper meaning of the article. Therefore, Rayelan decided to expand it into a book. Her book Diana, Queen of Heaven tells about a secret cabal of powerful men who had sought to control Diana and lead her into marriage with Prince Charles (for the sole purpose of bearing a son), which fits what we've been later led to believe that Diana, even from her own admissions. It was only later discovered that she was constantly being watched, followed, recorded, harassed of British Intelligence agencies, all of which which would later prove to cause her much public distraught.

Certain rumors arose before she was killed which hinted at her being with another child, pregnant, after a string of men she brought into her life in the course of five years since her divorce (and before). We can only fathom to wonder what plan was already in place in just such an event, it being known the Templars were not about to have further Merovingian prodigy coming from her. Her task in life was already completed, her destiny therefore sealed. In addition, they also knew if she had lived long enough with "the opposition," (as the Fayed's were well known to have set themselves against the Royal Family in the past), with their help, she would have had the courage and ability to speak out to the world, bringing a new revelation that would have exposed little known details within the Royal Family itself, perhaps as some say even exposing its rather strange connections to Zionist elements such as the Templars, even that of both the British and American Intelligence factions who constantly monitored her. In either case, in any event, she eventually became a liability, a direct threat to the 'Great Work,' the course and events she took after her divorce only hastened her own final destiny. Some believe that when the secret cabal of men who control even the Royal Family realized that Diana was a direct threat to everything according to their ancient plan, they decided to kill her as 'she posed a threat to the very preparations made.' It is true that the Knights Templar, as well as its more secretive wing and mirror faction called 'Tamar,' are well hidden within both Scotland and Britain yet it is their dark power and influence which is felt more than seen. It is interesting that Queen Elizabeth II knew well of these factions, even calling them "dark forces," obviously knowing of their past intrigue when conferring with Paul Burrell (Burrel being Diana's close confidant) in 1997 - the same year Diana was killed. Her exact words being "...be careful, Paul, there are dark forces in this country which we know not of..."), the latter part "know not of" possibly meaning not knowing of their exact identities or of their exact agenda, yet their obvious evil influence and manipulation felt all the same. Both the Knights Templar and Tamar are known to have sworn their protection over the ancient Merovingian Bloodline at all cost [for obviously one reason], that is to say specifically over its future King, to the point of using any manner of malevolent aims to achieve that goal.

Upon their seeing Diana choosing her seeming course of action with her Egyptian lover, the couple's fate was quickly sealed and the spot chosen was Pont de L'Alma. It has been made known by certain documents that British Intelligence tried to enlist the help of the American CIA, even the Switzerland based death squad of the Israeli Mossad's "K-team" in the murder of Diana, yet it is still unclear which intelligence faction actually completed it although it is rumored that one rogue faction in MI-6, connected with the occult underground and the Knights Templar specifically, arranged for the deaths of Princess Diana and Fayed to happen at Pont de l'Alma. A document sent to the CIA cites Prince Philip as wishing to prevent Diana's marriage to Dodi Fayed, yet little more is said as to who the actual person or persons might be who wanted Diana dead. (view document) To this day many still ask what possible reason would Princess Diana have been killed, what type of threat could she have ever caused anyone then, or in the future? The question remains a valid one. It is this author's feeling that Diana was murdered because she was moving away from the Windsor's watchful presence, eventually into another family where she could openly talk about her knowledge about them, which is why some believe she was watched carefully by British Intelligence on order from the Royal Family itself, specifically Prince Philip. She may have also been informed of her own genealogy and that of her children being the last of a dying breed of Merovingians, and in so doing, possibly discovered for herself the very things which you are learning in this site. It is clear she consulted with several Occultists shortly before she died, some of them saying she was shocked at what she learned from their information. Shortly after this her death was quick and sudden, admidst rumors of it being Britain's "dark forces" involved, therefore it is highly probable she was made into the most well known Satanic sacrifice ever, starkly reminicient to the ritualistic 'killing of the divine King' years before.

As a result, the death was purposefully enshrouded in mystery to cause further worldwide shock, grief, and the psychological longing for her as well as inciting an unprecedented global outpouring of adoration and love toward her, a love that has now shifted towards her two living sons, the elder of which being England's future King. What will the people of the world feel for him? He was certainly well placed in the hurting world's overly sympathetic minds and hearts, yet even moreso today as he matures in age. CNN is constantly airing updated specials hosted on Larry King's hour long program (on the average of once per month), soley devoted to the British Royal Family. If you watch and listen carefully, each one is still eerily fixated on Princess Diana, obviously to keep the wound of her death fresh while finding yet another excuse to broadcast the latest information about Prince William, keeping the world up to date of his life. Even after eight years since her death, the psychological effects of her untimely demise remain and the conspiracy that ultimately killed Diana has been rendered a still ongoing success. The world has been deceived for the future and the conspiracy behind her death has only further promoted his life. One has to wonder if anyone else can sees this, the near cult-like adoration and unwavering love for someone who is directly related in bloodline to some very interesting if not infamous villains of history, Vlad the Impaler for one. After spending years researching the mind control tactics of these same unseen and 'dark forces' within Britain and America, even of cults themselves, it has become clear to me why this was, and still is, being done, why she was removed, why the ongoing and obvious cover-up, and even why people still feel the way they do about her legacy left behind...in William.

In 2004 came a startling revelation from the French Government through their more recent investigations on the matter. Even though she was killed in their country, the French government are now exclusively blaming the British Intelligence Agency, and more specifically, the British Royal Family themselves for the deaths of Princess Diana and Fayed as if to say even they knew of the connection between the Royal Family and British MI-6 involvement in the deaths...even though Diana died waiting two hours for a French ambulance to arrive in the metropolitan heart of Paris. Currently, in this latter part of 2005, we are now just beginning to see how William is taking a lead role in all things humanitarian with Queen Elizabeth II in full support and standing behind him. In a scene not unlike the Omen, we are witnessing William grow in prominence and strength and gaining more responsibility as he is traveling a seldom walked path which ends in him sitting upon an ancient Throne, yet still much work is to be done. Indeed as every day draws nearer to that global deception where Satan's chosen King appears as an Angel of Light, we can also contrast what he will finally become with the current emotional turmoil within the man himself while still in his youth. We all remember just how Prince William handled his anger before after a photographer attended one of his hunting trips (again strangely reminiscent of the Omen III). One by one the old Monarchy falls away giving rise to the inevitability of the future King, and with that same inevitability, how Prince Charles will also be removed from his succession to the Throne, either thru his own death or another obvious attempt at a Royal scandal. No matter how it plays out, it will prove interesting in the coming years as another layer of the conspiracy is put into motion, yet one scenario is certain, Charles will be removed and he is never to ascend the Throne of England.

The 1999 Solar Eclipse, King Arthur, 11:11 and the Antichrist Knowing the well recited Quatrain of Nostradamus presented above, many have asked 'did that ever happen' or 'what happened' during the months of July to August 1999 that relates to this seemingly overt, dire, and catastrophic event mentioned in Century X Quatrain 72. In fact a very strange event did occur at the right timeframe, exactly matching Nostradamus' words despite the 'experts in prophetic research' believing it to be a prophecy yet unfulfilled, they not knowing what to look for. This "fourth Stargate" opened on the morning of August 11, 1999 at precisely 11:11 am [GMT; London time] in the already blackening skies over England, when a dark shadow from the "last Total Solar Eclipse of the Millennium" first cast itself upon earth over Tintagel, Cornwall in England.-Now, this would mean very little to anyone if it weren't for a few things. First, the Solar Eclipse itself is a powerfully wrought and ancient occult portent relating directly to the omen of Satan's Antichrist. Second, 11:11 is a Satanic number relating directly to the Antichrist. Third, and perhaps the most interesting of all is where the Total Eclipses' shadow was first cast upon earth... Tintagel, the legendary birthplace of King Arthur.

Notwithstanding, their are several more things to consider, one of them being the Grand Cross Alignment appearing exactly one week later on August 18 1999 in the skies over Britain within the astrological signs of the Lion, Eagle, Bull, and Aquarius/Man. Take careful notice at those, as they are the same four (1+1+1+1) Holy Beasts of Revelation (chapter 4:7) who later pour out Hell on earth. The actual Cross shape itself formed was an equal sided 'Celtic Cross,' the Solar Cross of Britain at the time of King Arthur and found everywhere throughout the ancient British isles. Many in the occult attribute this cross to not being a Christian symbol at all, yet a very ancient pagan rune of their Sun God. Others have likened Grand Cross Alignment to an imperfect 'crooked cross' or solar Swastika, therefore relating it to the Antichrist (interesting, as those seemingly dually opposing views are both correct). The reference to Mars reigning supreme before and after the 1999 event alludes to the fact that in both 1988 and 2003, Mars was closer to earth than ever before in modern history. The recent years of 2003-2004 saw Mars closer than it had been in the last 60,000 years. In the occult, Mars being so near represents a sign of great change about to take place, catastrophe, upheaval, war, and in the ancient world, the Devil himself. Mars being this close is said to signal the time of Satan and his Antichrist King being chosen. This in combination with the recent 19.5-Mars research that has been done relating the specific area known as Cydonia to England easily provides the identity of the nation this King shall ascend out of. You will come to learn as I did that England, Scotland, and Wales are time and again at the very center of paranormal activity.

In summary, we have the 11:11 synchronicity and a Total Solar Eclipse directly relating to King Arthur's birthplace, connected to a celestial Celtic Cross, linked to the Apocalypse of Revelation and the Antichrist King enigamtically called Angolmois, whose own ominous return is heralded by Mars (the Devil). Renowned occult author and practicing witch, Kathy Doore has stated... "In addition, the August 1999 Cross in the heavens will form the Egyptian [or Hebraic] Tau which is the emblem of the Initiate who has triumphed over death. It also signifies the 22nd and last letter of the Hebrew alphabet denoting the end and perfection of the Kabbalistic Great Work, and the Return of the Grail King." Another well known occult author, Joseph Mason, has stated: "The Tribes of Israel correspond directly with the Grand Cross Alignment that is cast over a people (the British) who are thought to have the Royal Blood of the Ancient Hebrew Kings." All in all, these celestial events on August 11, 1999 were many and clearly meant to be noticed, leaving no more question as to the meaning behind the now infamous Quatrain above about the 1999 Eclipse 'the Great King of Terror'(Satan) who comes to bring back the spirit of "King Angolmois," other than who or what is 'the Angolmois'? (Note to reader: remember, to the Occult mindset, Satan is the Sun God; Diana is the Moon Goddess, and their union together is represented by the symbol of an Eclipse, which is the symbol for their offspring, the Antichrist.

Eclipses/events in Diana/William's Life/Death
Prince Charles and Diana married July 29, 1981: Solar Eclipse
Prince William born at St. Mary's June 21, 1982: Solar Eclipse
Prince Charles and Diana announce divorce Dec. 9, 1992: Lunar Eclipse
Princess Diana killed in suspect crash August 31, 1997: Next day Solar
The King Arthur Solar Eclipse: Last Solar Eclipse of the Millennium: August
11, 1999
Here] *

"...As in King Arthur's Lady of the Lake: his sword, his empowerment...and Diana of Wales, we cannot just give it to you. You must earn its secret."

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