Being a mother and a wife is a full time job, It is doubtful a woman could
have both a marriage (with the TEN MAJOR RESPONSIBILITIES that we will be reminding you of below,) and still carry off a career! I'd estimate that not even a 40 hr work-week  could fit into and not interfere with doing what needs doing for a family.

A busy mother and wife could run a cottage industry though. The chores of family life allow her time off to go to her desk and work on her PC/ and message machine in order to handle clients. As an astrologer, I had clients come into the home a few times a week while children were at school. The professional level wife and mother will probably find that her responsibilities fall into the following areas:

1.) Pregnancy, lactation of infants, raising babies, then toddlers. There are all the games that teach, during the mornings and afternoons spent with them, Games that teach them, that develop their IQ. And at bedtime, telling stories.

2.) HOUSEWORK. Costs 100$ a day for a maid now, so doing the cleaning oneself saves money.

3.) ENLIVENING home decor. Painting her own house interiors, sewing and hanging curtains, laying lino. Hanging pictures, shopping garage sales on weekends. Garden work, vegie garden and orchard both.

4.) Care of Domestic animals. Pets inside but often on larger properties, some animals are outside, the sheep for wool, goats for milk, chickens for eggs. Vets' visits, grooming of pets.

5.) GIVING PARTIES, celebrating holidays, festivals, birthdays, Saturday night movie watching parties. Sports games parties for the men in the den. This is something that makes life with this wife so much fun that this husband
never thinks of another woman! When you have the HOPE DIAMOND do you chase glitter?

6.) Teaching crafts and artisanry to the youth group (children of all ages,) It
is a kind of meditation, a teaching of patience for a child to get so engrossed in
making Christmas Tree Ornaments, paintings, sewing Christmas gifts that he
focuses for hours without boredom or restlessness. We teach our teen girls
clothing sewing skills, sewing, knitting, crochet! Rhinestone dotting, beading.
Jewelry making, bead stringing.

7) SCHLEPPING kids to lessons, ballet, dance, sports. And to parks and
camps for weekends and vacations. Mommy-Driving. Hockey Mom stuff.

8) CUISINE! Three times a day, there's cooking, efficient feeding, providing food
for school lunches or work to save money and give better nutrition than fast food
at less cost. Another thing that draws a man to cherishing his wife:  he opens a
lunch box and there's a fabulous egg salad on toast with lettuce arranged so that the
toast doesn't get the least bit soggy. Olives, relish, powdered mustard in the eggs.
WOW~ He's gonna enjoy saving l0$ on a cafe lunch! And cherish his wife in his mind
while he digests it! Next day turkey sandwich, Third day, steak sandwich. CHERISH

9) Religious training. Goodness is better inculcated not with harsh  rules and boring
tedious admonitions but by the inspiration that all kinds of spiritual prayer, lives of
the saints in the Bible inspire, ethics training that comes via church, Sunday
school, or synagogue. That's how parents escape the gang mentality of hormonal
teens: LOFTIER childhoods! Ergo there's a visit to a church once a week.

10) ROMANCE! All the above plus recreational downtime with a husband do not allow for
a tiring career. The professional wife has recreational down time in SEX which she welcomes
more than the TYCOON WIFE will as she is in a state of cash dependency on her man.
Some might aruge that she is in STOCKHOLM SYNDROME,
i.e. the prisoner of the GUY.  But why quibble? She has dependency plus gratitude.
These two combined generate passion and need especially in cultures where
she cannot go back to her parents, India, Asia. Muslim world. If she
loses him, she and her children lose their rice, their bread, their
very roof. That woman is showing both her gratitude and her emotional need in a constant
caring that he find her attractive, love her. She is flirtatious. She excites her own as well as his
sexual passion. Or at very least she is motivated to give very competent SERVICE.

*     *      *     *      *     *
Any thoughts on this? I'm not simply being controversial slapping Woman's
Lib on the hands. What I'm saying is that the woman who wants
a career simply shouldn't expect terrific kids and a lasting marriage. Nor should
she self remonstrate for not having these things.

Are we fools to ignore the new two career family & working wives?
Hey, CONSIDER the cash value of being a professional wife...
You save your family maybe 35 grand a year with these TEN ACTIVITIES
and you end up teaching kids how to do those things, which permits them
to more easily be a millionaire in the NEXT GENERATION so the wealth-
generating talent will soak down into children, grand children and down through

DO NOT GET DONE if you are a career girl. BUT THE CAREER GIRL
can MARRY! When and  if she does, generally the man is more feminine as
a macho type can't cherish a TYCOON IN SKIRTS! The union is not a  40 year long,
drawn out affectionate, lasting arrangement.  The highly revved up, brilliant
career woman pays dearly for her choice. If she has children,  her tots will be
raised by the TV and a nanny by day and TV and teen babysitter by night.

She also loses out on grandchildren who are crazy about her as be certain that
her children live in cities far away. They're not magnetically attracted to being in
the city where a closely knit mother and father live.

These career girl marriages don't last. They end up being sequential monogamies,
basically legalized affairs. The tycoon girl doesn't expect to get emotional juice and
bevies of children OUT of them. You cannot get OUT what you never put IN.
Being highly intelligent, she probably won't expect to get all that out of a union
or even try, as A high degree of expectation invites disappointment, wound and rage!

Women who are career girls shouldn't  hit themrselves over the head about not
being traditionally MARRIED. CLARK KENT is NOT YOUR MIDDLE NAME!  You will
have other joys. Once you're a dyed in the wool career girl, you will find that you are
much more able to affect strangers' lives, society, the community. You can
teach your trade. You can become a celeb, create prosperity in the city around
you, 'mother' the orphans of society. And have sequential monogamies
without housework! Surely that has a kind of Dionysian appeal.

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