I am excited by progress, dissidence. I listen to the latest MSM NEWS and transfer it in my mind to what's really happening. Somebody sets fire to DUBAI's tallest skyscraper, I don't think candle or stove, I think ISRAELIS. (They want Saudis to join the anti ISIS coalition, are motivated arsonists.) To always sniff which way the wind is blowing I  listen to KPFK-FM all night and dawn. This radio show comes out of L.A's best journactivists and is carried on the INTERNET via Sound ARCHIVES in very efficient fashion! They offer the LISTEN LIVE NOW feature, a meadow of sheaves of golden grain from radical activists, as nutritional as it gets. Created by hosts: Eben Rey's SHOW is Radio Alchymy, Dave Emory, Roy Tuchman's "SOMETHING HAPPENING" is the best of all, my fave. Roy  USED to carry GARY NULL every Tuesday nght, (really Wednesday morning as these shows start at midnight pacific time but GARY became a diva money machine and left.) Also 2 hours after Roy gets off, Monday mornings only, LILA GARRET's CONNECT THE DOTS show which had eminence gris ROBERT SCHNEER on a few days back. Too far to the left for the L.A. Times, got fired, Streisand took out ads protesting.  FASCINATING man.

And they even have a lot of famous dead guys talking: Krishnamurti, Alan Watts. And every single morning and afternoon, RADIO PACIFIC has AMY GOODMAN. You can listen to the archives of shows taped the day before at THE ARCHIVE AREA of the STATION. Now, all the different hosts at each show are talking about this BIG PICKET, this MILLION MAN protest, a demonstration, A PROTEST MARCH today across entire USA. So I go to all the radical websites I can think of to seek details. NADA. BUPKIS, RIEN, ZILCH.  WHERE IN THE HELL IS THE PROTEST GONNA BE?

It's unpardonable that AMY GOODMAN herself mentioned it and said the info would be on her own website, and it wasn't.

I then went to  ALTERNET (supposedly one of the better JOURNACTIVIST WEBPAGES) to find out about the protest. NOTHING THERE! So I write them in their little COMMUNICATION BOX! "DEAR ALTERNET: Why NOTHING on your site related to today's "NO BAILOUT FOR CASINO CAPITALIST BANKERS" protest?  One of your writers, AMY GOODMAN went on radio saying it would be held in every city of USA today, and she has her own national television news show and you ignore her and call yourself trendy? Liar Liar!

YOU WANT TO COVER BAILOUT PROTESTS now thru ...election day WITH A SPECIAL BOX ON TOP!. NADER spoke on AMY GOODMAN's am. Radio show today about HOW naked & PITIFUL their W.Street GREED is, and how ludicrous, their backing a GOV UP against a wall? This little band of THIEVES? From what I see reading the WEB all night, EVERYONE IN the USA agrees. It's RIDICULOUS TO BAIL  these rats OUT!

And to neglect to move quickly and efficiently against the remoted possibilities BUSH or CONGRESS would accept the 'offer' is scary! Especially when the entire country has been activated, yeasted by this perilous MOMENT IN TIME. Folks are roused, ready to spit on both candidates if they so much as start to bend over. The activists have mobilized nicely but not on all four PAWS. Cuz there are no clear boxes on any website in Christiandom saying HERE IS date/hour of Seattle's protest, here is LA's protest, the hour, etc.

JOURNALISTS on these WEBSITES properly apprehend that the CITIZENRY is l00% against bailout and there's this mobilization going down and naturally, PROTESTS, demonstrations and pickets and MILLION MEN MARCHES are CRANKING UP. But my point is.. they are not 'advertised' properly

FERINSTANCE: I saw this ad (below) at a very obscure website, BIKER BLOG "Let's rally against the bailout in the heart of the financial district! Gather at 4pm, this Thursday, Sept. 25 in the plaza at the southern end of Bowling Green Park, which is the small triangular park that has the Wall Street bull at the northern tip.

WHAT: The Say NO to the Wall Street bailout
When: Thursday, September 25: 4pm
Where: Southern end of Bowling Green Park, in the plaza area
What to bring: placards (SECRET OF THEIR DESIGN < HERE)  Banners, noisemakers, signs, leaflets, weird PROPS for STREET THEATRE.)

I put this on "CONTACT US" at alternet. So this is pretty much what you have to do as a couch potato activist who's going to save the world. Figure out what to do to have a more evident, ubiquitous ALERT out there on every activist webpage related to time/place of BAILOUT PICKETS, demonstrations, PROTESTS. First day of demonstration, yo get video of it and share that with webmasters and your lists.

 Myself I can't watch VIDEOS on my 20 yr old PC but I FOUND THIS:
a video.

Well folks, bottom line: this is the biggest issue that seems to have come along in one big WAD and it could be very mobilizing to a populace that basically slept through four world wars and a million pillorized economies.

IRAQ I & II came at us in cautious stages so we missed the activism boat. Too much foreplay isn't good in this JOURNACTIVIST business. You want an ATTEMPTED rape on HIGH and a lotta PERIL! That's the word. Capitalist PERIL as opposed to RED PERIL. And I feel this is it. It's got us all by the wallets! 1929 stretching out over our GRANDKIDS' lives is terrifying. So let's all nag every radical website to carry the PROTEST BOX at TOP LEFT of every main page.


PS. So guess what? I send this very letter to my political Sagittarius friend a magazine writer and she writes back cooly: "I don't know where you were googling, I found material on OCCUPY  immediately!  I used two search terms, bailout and protest.