Quickie breakfast in a glass good for you and tasty too? YES! Just so simple/ Pick your favorite proteins and blend them with something sweet, a half banana works, per glass of drink.

My fave proteins to throw in there:
pre-soaked, peeled almonds
coconut juice 3/4 cup in average coconut
milk (soy or cow or goat)
soft tofu
blend of all the above

SPICES: nutmeg, cinnamon, maple extract (or coco, almond, vanilla,)
I don't like the costly extracts at healthfood store done up in glycerine
NO FLAVOR. Give me SCHILLING! Maple, rum, brandy, wow!
BLACK COFFEE is a great flavoring agent. In the A.M., you're entitled.

OTHER FUN STUFF. DATES ARE INSANE! WONDERFUL! BE SURE to get seeds out and mail them to pals in desert weather areas. To plant. COCONUT MEAT, gets chewy like an ALMOND JOY BAR You have to chew the drink. Almonds same thing. I like to chew a drink


Don't let coconuts put you off. IN STORE: pick heaviest one, with most juice inside.
Shake it. Get to know your local nut. You want to hear a big oceanic SLOSH!
They are cheap! I pay $1.19 at ethnic grocery. 2$ at posh supermarket.
Try getting that much challenging fun and protein out of a cantaloupe.
Screwdriver set against eye, HAMMER twice, driving tip in.
Then do the other eye. POUR FROM ONE EYE. Set it on coffee mug
just let it drain in. 3/4 cup usually. TO LOOSEN THE COCONUT MEAT,
freeze the nut for a few hrs. FREEZING dries things up a bit.
Take out the cold nut, shake. Meat has shrunk loose gotten smaller & falls out of the shell. Failing that, throw it at cement.



Now, if you want to enjoy that famous coco flavor, add coconut extract cuz it
really ain't there in the fresh nut. TOASTING grated nut works better for flavor!
But in my book, heating things isn't the most nutritious for the body.
So buy your coconut extract, or almond flavor.


I DO NOT RECOMMEND PROTEIN POWDER! Even ones that say 'natural.'
because what powder, tell me, is natural? They are air blown pasteurized milk powder,  having been heated then dried, then beat into powder. Back in the sixties, I read Adelle Davis  and went on a kick of her TIGERS MILK, a dried heated casein glue powder  you could have used to prime painter's canvases.  Glue noses on space ships. Big vogue in the sixties when she was a famed nutritionist.  Sold in every store.

Well, I got MORGUE level SINUSITIS. I had to have SINUS irrigations at a CLINIC. The SIDE OF MY FACE felt as if there were a permanent NAIL STUCK IN THE BONE between eye and nose. Know how I cured it? FIRST I stopped using Tiger's Milk! DUHHHH.  Then I did a papaya fast all day, until sunset. Broke the fast with sliced onions up my nose and  as fasting loosens everything including phlegm, I blew out a yellow plug the size of a walnut. Reoccurences or even a SINUS TWINGE, or a head cold should always be treated with onion  slices up the nose, sniffing the juice into sinuses, over a boiling pot of water with steam. This makes  you sneeze like crazy and blow out wads of pluggy phlegm. (NOTE: Shape onion like a large  toothpick!)

NATURAL INGREDIENTS go in protein shakes or else!